Woman For God Council (WFGC) by Aussie Greg

Chp 1 The Will of God

Nga's jaw dropped to the floor after reading the notice board at the St Ignatius Roman Catholic Church in Melbourne's western suburbs.

The notice was the result of the recent election the Presidency of the Church's WFGC (Women For God Council) for the next 3 years and in bold letters it stated

Pilar Tabares President
Nga Nguyen Vice President

Then her face turned ashen as she turned to me.

"How could it happen? There are 14 Vietnamese and only 11 Filipina sluts on the board. I should have won the vote 14 to 11."

Nga was a Vietnamese woman of 43 years and my current lover. Like 10% of the Vietnamese population she was Catholic not Buddhist, and that meant she was extremely devout by Western standards.  Something I had put up with because she was such a good fuck with absolutely no inhibitions, and after her divorce she equated being fucked often with security and she needed a lot of security. In fact I had taken on the honoury position of auditor of the WFGC books.  Me doing Accounting work for free!  What had the world come to?   

The WFGC controlled the large finances of the Western Suburbs Catholic churches donations to Charities, and general administration of the Churches WFGC groups. Since the 70's it had been a Filipina dominated council, and they had redirected most funds back to charities in the Philippines.  But now the Vietnamese women outnumbered the Filipinas and they knew with the Presidency theirs they knew they could completely control the council and channel the funds back to Vietnam as well as reap the glory and rewards of obtaining the best jobs in the administration.  There was a deep seated dislike between the two groups.  The Vietnamese considering the Filipinas to be low class illiterate peasants: mail order brides with little or no femininity, elegance, clothes sense or class.  The Filipinas considered the Vietnamese women to be cock teasers who were interested in their own appearance and money more than family or friends.

Her faced hardened and contorted with anger.

"That bitch Pilar. Somehow she's rigged the vote.  I'll kill the old, overweight, ugly, Filipina mail order bride slut"

"That's no way to talk about your president for the next 3 years," said a Filipina voice from behind us.  "Come into my office, Vietnamese whore and we'll discuss your resignation from the board or how you'll work under my authority." 

I managed to restrain Nga from attacking her and then followed her and Pilar into Pilar's office.  From behind I compared the 2 women. My 43 year old Nga, 5 foot 4 inches, 105 pounds 34B 27 34, long straight shoulder length hair, her attractive face accentuated by her exquisite makeup and her expensive diamond ear studs as well as the long gold bar earrings with 2 diamonds at the end dangling from her ears, 4 inch heels, elegant tailored black slacks, cream blouse and tailored jacket. The 45 year old Filipina Pilar was 2 inches shorter, 14 pounds heavier, had a 36C 32 39 figure and wore her hair short. Her face was rounder, larger and fuller than Nga's and lacked her expertise in makeup.  Like most middle aged Filipinas she had short legs attractive to the knees, then very solid thighs and buttocks and a full belly. She was wearing 2 inch heels, a short very tight navy blue skirt which ended a few inches above her knees and showed both her shapely calf and ankle and the power in her solid thighs and arse. Her old fashioned blouse was also tight and her prominent nipples stretched and strained against the material.

Inside her office Pilar sat on the edge of the desk facing us and cut off Nga as she stared her verbal tirade. 

"It's useless complaining. Father Mulchay and Monseigneur Price counted the votes and that result is final. There was no cheating or my 2 boys Dominic and Francis would have told me. They are on leave from their priest training at the seminary and Francis was sitting on the priest's lap with his cock up his arse while Dominic had the Monseigner’s cock tickling his tonsils.  Its amazing how attached the 2 men are to the young men, something I have actively encouraged", Pilar said as she laughed and smiled condescendingly at Nga. "When I want something I'll do anything to get it."

"Now as to you and your position on the council."  Putting her legs on the desk,  Pilar spread her legs and as she spoke slowly spread her legs wider. The short skirt and no panties revealed her shaved pussy and as we both stared at the huge gash, she began flexing her cunt muscles which made her lips open and close as they became drenched with her hot pussy juice. 

"You can hand in your resignation now, because I as president have 5 votes which means there will be 10 Filipina votes plus my 5 against the Vietnamese 14" she stated, and while we watched she continued to tighten and loosen her gaping sex organ causing the oversized pussy to drool like a dripping water faucet. 

"Or you can stay on council and be responsible for cleaning the toilets at all the car parks of our churches. A job that should be suitable for you". 

She calmly slipped her hand between her chunky thighs, and after taking a deep breath she slipped her index finger into her hot wet cunt and began moving her finger in and out of the hot pussy. With each stroke the Filipina would tense up as her orgasm neared, until finally she managed to gasp out just before she came, "or you can challenge me here one on one with the better woman to be president and have an hour of uninterrupted victory time with the other"

Pilar pulled her hand from underneath the dress, and as she did our nostrils were filled with the unmistakable aroma of fresh pussy wafting gently through the air. Then the Filipina ripped her skirt up above her waist and in an even hard voice ordered, "Okay, bitch, now since we're alone with a single witness, are you woman enough to take care of this "old overweight ugly Filipina mail order bride slut's" pussy and clit with your pretty little mouth. Are you ready to eat pussy till one can't continue"

This was more than Nga had bargained for, as she liked to dominate proceedings make the other woman feel inferior and then issue her challenge, but she could see no way out that would save her face.

"Agreed."  Putting on a confident face she added "It will be the shortest presidency ever by the ugliest president."

She started to get up and prepare, but before she had a chance to move Pilar had grabbed her by the arm, and with a vice like grip pulled her hand to the obscenely bulging lips of her excited pussy.

"A side bet first. Hands only. I cum first and this year's charity money goes to Vietnam. You cum first and I fuck your man."

Again Nga had no choice but to agree or loose face and have the news spread like wildfire.

After Pilar released her grip on Nga we went into the self contained apartment that backed onto the office and into the bedroom. Stripped the two women exhibited their differences.  The lighter skinned Nga was obviously in far better shape: her muscle tone, longer leaner legs, taut buttocks and pert still firm breasts contrasted with the dark skinned, shorter, wide hipped, rotund, full bellied, cellulite thighed Filipina. 

The greatest difference however was their cunts.  Nga had an extremely prominent mound which stood out from her pelvis like a round hill on a plain and was extremely obvious when she wore her slacks which she had tailor made to fit skin tight like they were painted on round her hips and cunt. Her pussy hair was unusual fine and straight above her small lipped slit. Pilar's pussy was shaven and was like a broad long gash that extended onwards out of sight. Thick dark pussy lips disappeared into her wide cavern and long dangling slightly lighter coloured inner lips hung past these outer lips with her entrance and clit visible. Her breasts hung down, not standing out hard like Nga's, and reminded me of my youth devouring  National Geographic magazines. Large stubby brown nipples far bigger than Nga's rose from her dark areolae which were the size of the palm of Nga's hand.

The two naked women knelt facing each other on the bed. They pressed their bodies hard against one another. Nga ground her firm tits into the Filipina's larger, but hanging breasts and ran her hands up the Filipina's inner thighs, and sought out her cunt.  Both women were breathing heavily, the sound of which was amplified by the closed room.

"You're too old you Filipina hag to take on a Vietnamese. Your tits have been sucked by too many kids and you've fucked yourself too many times. You're going to swallow my piss this afternoon".

I was always amazed by how Nga would change from an elegant sophisticated woman to a coarse foul mouthed whore when she had sex.

Pilar let Nga's hand have free access to her cunt and moaned loudly as the Vietnamese woman’s fingers cupped her sex, slipping inside the tight, juicy slit with practiced ease.

"Mmmmmmmm! Yeah, that feels so good", murmured Pilar, as she hunched her slick pussy up around The Vietnamese woman's fingers. The sensation of the experienced hands exploring her set Pilar on fire and she replied by parting Nga's cunt lips and her fingers entered my woman's pussy. Soon she had a stream of warm, fragrant cunt juices bathing her hand and Nga's fluttering vaginal muscles grabbed at her fingers as she stroked her sex. 

Both women worked at each other for about five minutes, their wet fingers exploring each other, arousing seeking, finding, extracting and exploiting the most reaction. Nga concentrated upon Pilar's larger clit, kneading, stretching, caressing it, rolling it between her fingers, pressing and rubbing the swollen wet nub against Pilar's own cunt. Pilar focussed on fingerfucking Nga with two fingers varying both her speed and depth, sometimes deep and fast, or slow and steady, sometimes barely entering the prominent yet small tight lips but with the speed of a hummingbird in flight wings. 

"Jesus Christ, your pussy's so wet and you're so easy, slut!" Pilar whispered, inserting a third stiff digit into Nga's quivering hole, "and I'm going tooooooooo AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …

Pilar threw her head back opened her mouth and uttered a gut wrenching roar. Nga had used her left hand to roll one of Pilar's stiff dark engorged nipples between her fingers and was simultaneously massaging both her nipple and clit. She stroked both from base to tip between her fingers extending and distorting the swollen sensitive organs.  With her fingers at their base of both, the head of Pilar's clit and half of her nipple were exposed above her fingers, and then she dragged her fingers along the two organs trapped between her fingers until Pilar's nipple was stretched 3 inches from her areola and her clit at least 2 inches.

Victory was within her grasp when one of Pilar's three fingers inside found her G spot.

After only a few seconds Nga began to buck under her enemy's assault as her oncoming orgasm gripped her.  Nga felt the orgasm build up in her loins.  Hungrily her pussy muscles contracted around the Filipina's deeply probing fingers. 

Despite being in a contest she found herself yelling.  "Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Stick them in and fuck me hard". 

Pilar held her tight so she couldn't get away and continued to fingerfuck her rival, guiding her towards her orgasm. Her breath coming in excited gasps, Nga no longer cared that she no longer was fingering Pilar. 

She broke free falling sideways on her side but Pilar followed her, her fingers still inside working on the G spot.

 "Oh Fuck!! I'm cumming, I'm cumminnnnnnnnnn... Unghh ... FUCK!!"

"That's right Vietnamese slut cum for me. Cum for the Filipina president," Pilar urged in a hoarse whisper, "Cum hard for me. Feel my fingers deep in your cunt you little slut as you cum."  Pilar roared her triumph like a lioness over its prey as her Vietnamese rival came in her arms.

Moving quickly she moved the prostrate Vietnamese Nga into the classic Filipina control position.  She spreadeagled Nga face down on the bed and tied her outstretched hands to the sides of the bed.  Next she pushed the defeated Vietnamese woman's legs into a kneeling position so she resembled a Muslim at the prayer mat with her arse thrust upwards.  She put a belt around the 43 yr old Vietnamese's waist, and attached cords from this to the bed sides, restricting Nga's upward movement.  Forcing Nga's legs apart she sat and slid between them with her breasts touching Nga's cunt and arse.  Finally she placed a firm thick pillow between her lap and extended her legs under Nga body and locked her feet behind Nga's neck.  Nga was immobile with her head buried in the bed and her open cunt just in front of Pilar's tits.  From this position Pilar could caress or lick Nga, reach around and play with her nipples, or if necessary inflict pain with her teeth or hand on her cunt, tear at her nipples and tits or deliver kicks to Nga's face.  Total control.

Leaning forward she lightly traced her tongue along Nga's slit enjoying the shudder it sent through Nga.  The second time her tongue parted Nga's cunt lips and slowly played with her clit at the end of its short journey.  Her third passage along her slit was rewarded by the taste of Nga's renewed wetness.

Pilar's hand undid my belt and trousers and pulled them and my boxers to my ankles. When she'd gotten my underwear free, and tossed it aside, she reached up again, using one hand to stroke my balls, and the other to hold my penis as she licked the underside and mouthed it again. When a couple drops of pre-cum appeared, she got a delighted look on her face, stuck her face in my crotch, and started slowly licking me from the bottom of my balls, along the bottom of my penis, and out to the head, where she 'flipped' her tongue to catch the pre-cum. She made a little smile, and said.

"Good! Sweet and salty, at the same time. No sign of Vietnamese cum. I see you haven’t been fucking her lately. I like it".

She stroked my hard on which was quivering at excitement at what I had seen and anticipation of what the Filipina had in store for Nga.  Dropping her head down, Pilar stuck out her tongue and softly stroked it across the glans where her fingers had just been. My stomach muscles trembled in reaction and a soft moan escaped my lips.

Her tongue extended flicking and licking the swollen glans before she slowly swallowed and swallowed.

Growling deeply in her throat, Pilar took my cock head in her mouth and then plunged her mouth downward, engulfing over half my cock. Her tongue swirled around it and stroked over its head and then gently laved my glans.  She slowly raised her head, allowing my cock to escape her mouth inch by slow inch.  Her cheeks caved in as she applied suction to the hard shaft of my masculinity.  She raised her head until only the head remained between her lips and then she dropped it back down, once again taking my cock within the warm interior of her mouth.  She continued her up-and-down strokes, applying suction to my cock as it pulsated within her mouth.  My cock was now meeting each of her downward strokes with an upward thrust of my hips.  I groaned in ecstasy as the pleasure of Pilar's oral love built higher and higher.

Half moaning, I said, "Oh, God, Pilar. I'm getting real close. If you keep that up, you're gonna have a mouthful of cum."

My words of caution served only to make her intensify her actions. She wrapped her hand around the base of my shaft and pumped it up and down in unison with the in-and-out motions of her mouth.  Having warned her, I gave myself up to the pleasure she was giving me.  I felt my orgasm coming nearer and nearer, and even though I would have liked for the pleasure to last forever, I could do nothing to delay it.  I wanted to come, to come in Pilar's mouth and feel her tongue and mouth draw my sperm from out of me.

Pilar took her other hand and probed her fingers between the cheeks of my buttocks.  She delved a finger in until she found the little crinkled rosebud of my anus.  She rubbed her finger in little circles around my anal entrance, and that coupled with her oral and hand actions, drove me over the peak.  Groaning in ecstasy, I thrust my groin upward, driving my cock fully into Pilar's mouth.  I felt my cockhead enter her throat just as my cock jerked and a spurt of semen shot out. Pilar gulped and swallowed the gush of cum.  She then pulled her mouth up and swirled her tongue over the gushing head and down over the now super-sensitive glans.  The muscles of my stomach spasmed and my cock continued to jerk and contract, each contraction causing a new spurt of seminal fluid to shoot out into Pilar's mouth.

Even though I had gushed out large quantities of cum, after her first deep swallow Pilar managed to keep almost all of it in her mouth and only a few dribbles leaked from her lips and down my cock. When I finally stopped spurting, Pilar lowered her mouth all the way down on my shaft and using her lips and tongue succeeded in recapturing all the sperm that had escaped her mouth.

Pilar turned her attention back to Nga, and her skilful tongue rapidly brought another 2 orgasms from her captive challenger. She leaned forward and allowed some of her cum to dribble into a small puddle into the palm of her right hand, which she then laid at the top of the crack of Nga's arse, and tipped her hand a bit to allow the cum to trickle down between Nga's cheeks. Nga writhed as the cum seeped down the crack, and then slid over her anus.  Using another, smaller, amount of the cum, Pilar repeated the action, but this time, after letting it roll out of her hand, she spread Nga’s cheeks slightly, and worked the cum around a bit, making sure it was well distributed.  Then she pulled Nga closer so that her arse tilted up more, and brought her pucker hole more into view.

Pilar allowed a little bit of cum to drip from her mouth, directly on Nga's arsehole, causing Nga to flinch, then moan. While her left hand expertly worked over the Vietnamese woman's cunt, she started to use her right forefinger to explore her arse first, then, with a little more pressure, farther and farther into her rosette, until, finally, using both her forefinger and middle finger, Pilar started working them into Nga's opening. Applying a little more pressure, she eased further and further into her hole, until, finally she had both finger inside. Meanwhile her left hand was stroking and kneading Nga's clit and simultaneously finger fucking her wet pussy at a different speed. Nga was moaning constantly now, and rocking herself back toward Pilar, so Pilar didn't hesitate to drip more her cum onto her fingers and work it in and out of her sphincter, getting her well lubricated. When Pilar judged that she had enough cum to last the duration, she pulled her fingers back out of her rectum, twisting it back and forth as she did so causing a muffled plop as it popped free.

Spiting the rest of the cum on her hand, and satisfied that she was ready as she could be, she formed a cylinder with her right hand fingers bunched together straight out and eased their tips into Nga's pucker hole. Redoubling her efforts on the Vietnamese's cunt with her left hand she soon had had catlike mewlings coming from Nga. Pilar's fingers slithered up and down the throbbing length of her secreting pussy hole. At maddening intervals, a digit member darted up her slick vagina, or arse, or teased her clit driving her wild with passion.

“Gonna cum! Gotta cum Gotta cum Gotta cum Gotta cum " Nga gasped her body bucking against the restraints and Pilar.

"Help me Mother of Mercy I'm cumming again, Christ I'm cummmmmmmming"

Nga shook and thrust her arse backwards helplessly self fucking Pilar's fingers in her cunt. Her orgasm turned into a scream of pain as the Filipina triumphantly thrust her other hand covered with my cum deep into the Vietnamese woman's arse pushing aside the tight but thoroughly prepared sphincter muscle to bury her hand wrist deep in Nga

"First Blood to me," Pilar gloated fucking herself wildly with her left hand as she pumped her right fist mercilessly before withdrawing it and allowing Nga to slump prostrate on the bed,

She untied Nga and screamed, "Now for the main event."

She rolled Nga over onto her back and went down on her in 69.  Immediately Pilar spread her legs, exposing the hairless lips of her throbbing cunt.

"Jesus Christ, I'm really horny and ready for sex. Show me what you've got bitch"

Nga lay along the bed, sprawling on her back between Pilar's spread legs. She shook her dazed head wonderingly as she looked at Pilar's pussy slit. The Filipina's now aroused cunt was the wettest she'd ever seen. The thick lipped pussy gash was foaming with fuck oil. So much had drooled out of Pilar's pussy that her inner thighs were completely wet, even the crack of her ass. No wonder the whole house room smelt like pussy! Nga shook her head as she saw how stiff Pilar's clit was, popping out of the folds at the top of her cunt.

"Lick me." Pilar ordered. She reached down to peel apart her pussy folds with her fingers, exposing the full size of her clit. "Can't you see how horny I am? I want a contest Vietnamese slut. Lick my clit!"

Nga moaned and thrust her hands around Pilar's hips, cupping the full round cheeks of her rival's arse. Then she lifted her face to Pilar's steaming pussy mound, pressing her mouth to the creaming lips of her enemy's cunt. Digging her tongue into Pilar's pussy hole, Nga eagerly sucked the fuck juice up making little slurping noises as she savoured the taste of Pilar's pussy cream.

"Lick me! Lick my clit!" Nga gasped. "Oh fuck, I love it," she moaned as in return she swirled her warm tongue up and down the entire length of Nga's oily slit. She let the pointed tip of her tongue jab and titillate, darting among the crevices lining the younger woman's pussy. She let it slide up the Vietnamese's oozing vagina, moving in vigorous circles before quickly withdrawing to travel down to the unsuspecting ring of her tight little anus. She drew lazy circles around the sensitive sphincter muscles, feeling the split-legged 43 year old's hips jerk at oral caress. Pilar's own hot pussy was palpitating wildly as she tongued the dark-haired woman's widespread cunt. Wet slurping sounds filled the room, accompanied by Nga's heavy breathing. A soft whimper escaped Nga's throat when Pilar's tongue returned to her heavily secreting split, pausing to apply sudden pressure on the swollen nub of her clitoris and causing Nga to sob as she came again.

Meanwhile I toyed with my once again hot pounding prick as I sat watching the two naked women perform. The sight of the Filipina devouring my woman's cunt and the wet slurping sounds of her swirling tongue had my balls churning as the open glans of my pulsating rod dribbled with excitement and started to harden again. Christ, look at Pilar eat her pussy, I thought, my face flushed. And look at the way Nga can't stop responding. I grinned knowingly at the frantic jerks of my woman's pelvis, the erratic sounds of her breathing. I saw the way her delectable nipples had risen into bright rigid nodules and knew, without a doubt, that Nga was being totally aroused by the Filipina's voraciously lapping tongue. Just as I knew that later, when Nga had regained her senses, she would be thoroughly humiliated by the knowledge that I had observed her unrestrained response to the Filipina peasant. Her orgasms started to happen regularly and noisily, about every minute and a half but after about 15 minutes her own tongue was starting to affect Pilar.

Awwwww!" Pilar Jerked around frantically, fucking her cunt all over Pilar's face. "Suck it for me! Lick it, suck it, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Nga continued to lick and suck The Filipina's pussy gash, trying to clean up the dewy drops of pungent fuck juice. But it seemed to flow out of Pilar's pussy as fast as Nga could suck it up. Finally she pushed her mouth up Pilar's fuck hole and wrapped her lips tightly around the straining clit.

"I'm cuuuuuuuumming!" Pilar heaved up, lifting her horny ass nearly a foot off the bed. "I can't staaaaaaaaaaand it! I'm so fucking horny!  

I'm cuuummmmiiiinnggg!"

The spasms gushed through Pillar's nakedness, making her clit twitch in Nga's mouth, making fuck juice gush out of the depths of her cunt. Nga alternated between probing licks and prolonged sucks on her enemy's clit. Pilar came for near a full minute, gasping and groaning as she rolled off the bed. Finally her thrashing about finished and her sweating, burning ass fell back to the living room rug. 
Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator "If it bleeds it can die", Nga now had hope.

Again Pilar had Nga cumming regularly but this time it was only 6 minutes before, despite her breath coming in excited gasps, and being weakened by the numerous times she had come, Nga had Pilar reacting strongly to the sensations tearing through her naked body, and another massive orgasm had the Filipina's body going into rigid spasms for over a minute 

Nga whose beautiful face, now streaked with her makeup and mascara, was nestled between Pilar's lewdly splayed legs. The Filipina's steaming cunt was swollen and throbbing, leaking profusely. Her creamy nectar flowed from her palpitating open gash to be quickly lapped up by Nga's exploring tongue. Nga continued to suck and kiss Nga's pussy, savouring the taste of her weakening opponent's creamy cunt.

Although Pilar came four times in the next three minutes Nga gave her no respite.  She took Pilar's cunt firmly between her lips and sucked hard, puckering her cheeks just as she did when sucking my cock at home or the office or while I was driving. Her tongue flicked out, teasing the huge sensitive clit tip. Pulling one hand out from under the older woman's wildly humping ass, Nga insinuated two fingers deep inside Nga's throbbing, and gooey cunt and she was rewarded by the Filipina cumming even more strongly than before. For over a minute Pilar had no control of her body as it went into seizure and paroxysm.

The shortness of time for the last orgasm gave the tired Nga hope and she redoubled her efforts. Nga was so eager to give her another shattering orgasm that she nearly choked such was the amount of cum flowing from the Filipina. But she didn't want to give up control, and she fought back the reflex, flaring her nostrils so she could breathe around the swollen cunt.

Wet slurping, smacking sounds filled the living room as the two competed for the final knockout. Another massive orgasm rocked the Filipina when without warning Nga pulled away holding her face. Her jaw muscles had cramped and the President of the WFGC took control. Immediately Pilar spread Nga's legs, fully exposing the hairy lips of her aching cunt and moving from their 69 position she again shifted Nga into the Filipina control position. This time however she had Nga on her back on Pilar's lap, her legs draped over the sitting Filipina's shoulders with her ankles trapped under Pilar's arms. Pilar's ankles were wrapped around Nga's throat immobilizing her.

Taking her time she went to work on the open cunt in front of her face. Pressing her lips on the juicy cunt, squeezing her clit with her lips, Pilar made obscene gurgling sound as she slowly brought prolonged orgasms from the increasingly distressed Vietnamese who could from her immobile position only look up along her thrashing body at the triumphant Filipina deliberately eating her cunt. Her belly was a feverish mass of hot physical sensation. Her split legs trembled and her hips moved in sporadic jerks. Digging her tongue into Nga's pussy hole, Pilar eagerly sucked the fuck juice up noisily lapping it up as she devoured Nga's pussy juice. Fiery bursts of pleasure shot through her naked body as Pilar's talented tongue continued to treat her pounding cunt. Every cell in the distraught Vietnamese woman's body responded to the skill of the triumphant Filipina whose face was buried between her trembling legs.

When Nga recovered she was bent over an armchair with Pilar facing her. Her eyes dropped downwards and she saw the threatening black rubber10 inch strap-on that jutted from below the Filipina's still heaving belly.

"Victory hour and I'm going to fuck you until your man comes in me, loser"

Inches from Nga's eyes Pilar jacked off my prick slow and hard as she ran her lips and tongue up the knob and shaft, planting wet kisses on the flesh of my cock. Skilfully Pilar puckered her cheeks, remembering how I had enjoyed her cocksucking before. Up and down her head bobbed, lightly fucking my boner down the back of her throat. Pilar closed her eyes, inhaling the cunt warming aroma of my prick and balls. She pulled one hand from my hotly jerking cock shaft. Pushing her hand between my thighs, she cupped the sac of my bloated balls, rolling the cum-congested globes on her fingers.

The sounds of the blow job were now very loud as Pilar feverishly worked out on my bloated prick. She bobbed her head farther down she took a full three quarters of my prick between her lips. Hungrily her tongue swirled around my cock, skirting the flared tip to lap up the prick juices bubbling up from my balls. Her fist tightened around the root of my cock.

"Time to start", she screamed in triumph.

Pilar's pussy as she anticipated her victory was still creaming, sloppily soaking the leather harness of the strap-on and caking her thighs as her cum dried. She moved behind Nga holding my throbbing cock in her hand. Out of sight of Nga she raised her other hand to me and unclenched her fist. In the palm of her hand was a Dr Johnson Mark II cock ring. 

Her eyes met mine and I nodded my agreement. Why did I betray my partner? What had she done wrong to me? What did it say about me as a person? I'll leave it up to you to decide what you would have done. She slid the red cock ring down my prick to the base and adjusted it's tightness.

Nga was drained completely and Pilar was controlling her with her grip on the Vietnamese’s hair and arranged her so she was kneeling on the edge of the bed. She stood behind Nga placing the artificial head at the end of the dildo against Nga's exposed, wet, vulnerable cunt. I placed the head of my cock against her cunt, but she was too short to enter. Reaching down she slid on Nga's 4 inch platform shoes and that made the difference as my cock now rested against her cunt, doggy style.

"Fuck me then! Stick it in and fuck me hard! I want your big, fat cock baby!" Pilar pulling my rigid prick into her cunt like a woman possessed.

"Oh fuck yes. . . so good. . . feels so fucking good. . . yes. . . oh yes. . . fuck me. . . fuck your Filipina slut. . . fuck yeah. . . give it to me. . . need it so bad. . . so big up my cunt. . . so good. . . so gooooooood. . Spurred on by Pilar's obvious desperate need, I wasted no more time in driving my cock into the tender, delicate, hungering flesh of the Filipina's cunt. She teetered on Nga’s high heels standing behind Nga who was bent doggy style on the bed. She stained and her short legs swept higher, capturing my cock. I felt the walls of her cunt spread apart, moulding around my invading cock like a glove as I slid easily into her, my shaft impaling her until my balls came to rest against her.

"Arhhhhhhgghhh! Jesus! Oh, God you're hot and sweet baby" she gasped, as her clinging flesh enveloped my prick. "FUCK! OOOOOOH, DO IT! FUCK ME, BABY!" whimpered Pilar, screwing herself urgently into Nga so that her own clit rubbed deliciously against her internal shaft of the strap-on. I braced myself with both hands and pulled out of her hole, only to plough back down into her tightness again with added force, thrusting in and out with all my strength.

"OH! OOHH! FUCK, YES! That's it! Throw that hot cock into me baby!" she grunted, ramming her thick strap-on into Nga with eager thrusts. Nga bucked her aarse up off the bed in time with Pilar's savage thrusts, moaning with pain at each deep penetration.

"Unnnnnggghhh! Ohhhhh! Fuck! Oh, baby! That it! Yes, harder! OHHHH, YESSSSS

Pilar released her hands which were tangled deep into Nga hair holding it like the reins of a horse and placed them into the corner of Nga’s mouth so she was fish hooking her just like on Ultimate surrender.  She plunged the 10 inches deep into the Vietnamese. Such was the force of her lunges that Nga's feet were being lifted from the bed and I was having a hard time staying inside Pilar.  Then her frenzy passed as she settled into a rhythm. I would push deep into Pilar's arse, she would shudder with pleasure then continue the forward movement impaling Nga against the sofa. With Dr Johnson cock ring performing its magic we fucked Nga for 50 minutes, ignoring, no, enjoying Nga's groans, moan's and sobs of pain as Pilar sought to split the Vietnamese woman's womb with her weapon. Six times Pilar orgasmed with her cunt muscle contractions causing me so much pleasure that Dr Johnson nearly didn't do the trick.

Finally Pilar reached behind herself and released the cock ring. With an almighty moan I filled and filled the Filipina. She pulled the strap-on roughly out of Nga who rolled off the bed to the floor.  Standing astride Nga who was curled up fetal like on the floor Pilar flexed her cunt muscles and allowed my cum to drop from her cunt onto Nga's face. 

"A gift from the president," she gloated. The hardness of Pilar's nipples suggested it. And the look on her face confirmed it. This strap-on fuck wouldn't be a one-time exercise in power.