Women for God Council by Aussie Greg

Chp 3 Church Service

With the unrest over the close vote on the WFGC  election results, spot fires were breaking out everywhere.  The Filipinas revelling in the continued power control while the numerically superior Vietnamese felt robbed.

Rosario Cual finished arranging the altar flowers at St Ignatius, stepped back and observed her efforts, knelt and made a small prayer. She was 31, married to an Australian aged 67, and had swapped her small town on Cebu Island for life in Australia 4 years ago. So what if she had no romance in her life. So what if her husband was too old to make love and she had to use her vibrator and fight off the advances of her husband's son. She had security and her religion. It gave her strength and peace.

As she went to the toilets to clean up her eyes roamed the church and came to rest on two women sitting at the back of the church. A late 30ish Vietnamese woman in a jacket and skirt was talking with another young, fine boned, extremely attractive Vietnamese about 19 dressed in designer jeans and blue halter neck. Because of the rivalry between the Vietnamese and Filipinas to control the church finances she realized she was staring and quickly averted her eyes out of habit.

But Rosario instantly jerked her gaze back to the pair because her eyes had spotted one of the younger Vietnamese woman's hand was on the older Vietnamese's thigh keeping her legs apart while her other was working over the older woman's pussy! Rosario stared in awe. "God! Don't they realize people could walk in at any time people around?!?" she wondered.

Feeling guilty, as if she were a voyeur, Rosario took a quick look back at the two women she had first noticed. Rosario's heart jumped and she couldn't breath: the older Vietnamese woman was looking directly at her as she held the now kneeling teenager head between her widely parted legs. And she was smiling! Out of nervous reflex, Rosario smiled back and then quickly looked away.

Rosario felt ill and her knees went weak.

 "Ohgodohgodohgod!" Her mind was reeling. "She probably thinks I'm a lesbian or something," she thought in panic. "I'd better get out of here!", and rushed out of the church.

But she became acutely aware of the growing pressure in her bladder. "Damn! " Rosario thought in frustration. "I'll never make it home." She weighed her embarrassment and discomfort against the steadily increasing pressure in her bladder. Her bladder won. "One quick pit stop and them I'm outta here," Rosario promised herself as she headed for the public toilet in the car park.

Rosario pushed heavily against the swinging door to the restroom, now cleaned by Nga, as she rushed to relieve herself and get out of the church grounds quickly.

Inside, the room was small, dingy, and smelled like urine. The peeling wallpaper looked beige, but in the light of the single dim yellowish bulb, it could have been almost any color. There were no stalls, just a toilet, a sink, and a paper towel dispenser.

Standing with her back to the toilet, Rosario unbuttoned her suit jacket and slid her panties down around her ankles, preparing to seat herself. "I'm glad the light's so bad," Rosario thought, "if I knew for sure how dirty this thing is, I'd bust before I used it."

Rosario heard the soft sound of a door opening. Rosario looked up to see the Vietnamese woman pushing the bolt lock into place. Rosario's mind froze. She never expected anyone else to enter the room - it was a in the Church grounds on a weekday for God's sake!

The Vietnamese woman's voice was smooth and confident. "Hey Filipina, You like what you see because I notice you couldn't take your eyes off me. You got a name?"

Rosario 's ribcage felt too small for her lungs. "The door had a lock! I should have used the lock!" The pressure in her bladder was evolving into an actual pain. "Not now," Rosario tried to will the feeling away. Rosario looked at the intruder again, summoning her strength for a possible confrontation.

"Rosario," she replied. Her voice sounded high and tight, even to herself.

The Vietnamese woman smiled. "Rosario ," Rosario said. "I want you to call me 'Doa.' Rosario just looked at her stupidly, wishing the pain in her bladder would go away -- at least until a less inconvenient time presented itself.

"Perhaps you'd like to see more," Dao continued, slowly removing the short, dark jacket she 'd been wearing. Even in this dim light, Rosario could see the well toned body clearly revealed by the tight spring pink tank top the other woman wore. "When you smiled back and then came here, I knew what you wanted." Dao had been moving forward slowly as Rosario 'd been talking and was now only a few inches away. Rosario stared at Dao like a deer gazing at the oncoming headlights of a speeding truck.

Dao's hand reached out and gently stroked Rosario 's blouse-covered breast. "I've got what you want, baby," Dao purred. "A lot of these Vietnamese women hate you Filipina mail order brides. I do too because you're inferior, but I'll still enjoy a Filipina's tongue up my arse." Dao was grinning like a predator, running her tongue along her lip in obvious anticipation.

This was enough to snap Rosario out of her trance. Rosario angrily slapped Dao's hand away. "Leave me alone, you Vietnamese dyke! I'm NOT a lesbian!"

Dao regarded her coolly. Then Rosario smiled. A confident smile that unnerved Rosario .

"Oh," the other woman grinned. "So THAT'S the way you like it!"

Rosario looked at the Vietnamese woman in confusion, and decided Rosario was crazy. "I'm leaving," Rosario decided. Rosario strode purposefully toward the door. "All you have to do is be assertive," Rosario thought. "I'm glad that's over." Rosario glanced at Dao as Rosario passed.

Like a snake, Dao's hand shot out and grabbed Rosario by her shoulder-length hair. In a smooth motion, Rosario jerked Rosario backwards, into her arms. Using the handful of hair as a handle, Dao pulled Rosario 's head back and kissed her, fully and deeply on her mouth.

Rosario was too surprised to react. Her head was still pulled back hard, allowing the Vietnamese woman free access to her mouth. Rosario could feel the Vietnamese woman's tongue probing and exploring her mouth. She felt helpless and violated by this intrusion and tried pushing ineffectively against her assailant.

Dao's other hand slid inside Rosario 's blouse and under her bra, roughly fondling the Filipina's breast. Rosario squirmed desperately. The hand slid lower, sliding up her skirt and coming to rest on her womanhood.

"Why you little slut," Dao husked. "No panties!" Rosario realized with fear that her panties were still around her ankles. The roaming hand forcibly parted her labia. Rosario twisted frantically, trying to escape.

"Yessss," Dao hissed. "You like this, don't you, you little lesbian. Everyone knows Filipina's fuck each other if they can't get a man, so that means they're fucking each other most of the time . Vietnamese women always have a man." Rosario realized with growing horror that she had, indeed, reacted to the aggressive treatment: her crotch was damp and heated. "No!" Rosario insisted to herself. "I'm NOT a lesbian! This can't excite me!" But as Dao's tongue swabbed the inside of her mouth and as the Vietnamese woman's fingers probed deeper into her, Rosario 's struggles became less forceful. Rosario found herself letting Dao's tongue and hand have free reign.

Dao pulled her hungry mouth from Rosario 's. "I knew it," Rosario murmured. "You do like it rough! Well, baby, I'm here to oblige you." Without warning, Dao swung Rosario around and slammed her back into the wall. Immediately, the Vietnamese pressed herself against Rosario , pinning her to the wall. Again, the Vietnamese woman's thin, lips enveloped Rosario's fuller lips. Dao pinned the smaller woman's wrists and used her thick tongue to pry Rosario's teeth apart. The Vietnamese woman again invaded the soft, moist recesses of her victim's defenseless mouth. Rosario moaned helplessly, fighting against the pleasurable wetness she could feel growing between her legs, as well as the now-intense pain in her bladder.

Without warning, Dao released Rosario 's wrists and took a step backwards. Rosario started to open her eyes, but found her head rocked by a vicious slap to the face. Another hard slap stung her other cheek. "I hope you enjoy this as much as I do, bitch, because I like to control the fuck" Dao hissed. A series of hard slaps rained down on the stunned Filipina, rocking her head back and forth. Dao was an exception as most Vietnamese while extremely willing to belittle another woman in public by outdressing her, seduce her man or sexfight her, value their looks too much to catfight. With a moan of pain, Rosario lost control of her bloated bladder. She leant heavily against the wall as she felt the warm wetness spreading across the front of her skirt. She could feel the shame burning her cheeks and didn't dare open her eyes. The slapping ceased.

"Well, what have we here?" Dao asked in apparent surprise. "That puddle looks too big for you to have come. Did you piss yourself, Filipina? Huh? Did Dao make you piss yourself?"

Rosario didn't answer. The last of her resolve fled before the growing stain on her skirt. Her knees buckled and Rosario slid to the floor, hot tears welling up in her eyes.

"Had enough, girl? You need any more 'play' or are you ready to give up what we came in here for?" Rosario whimpered.

"What's that?" Dao demanded. "What'd you say, bitch? I didn't hear you! Are you ready to put out and pleasure Doa?"

Rosario 's tears burned in her eyes. This Vietnamese bitch! What right did she have to do this to her?! Rosario was SOMEONE! She had a good job and commanded respect! She had the important job of keeping the church beautiful. No horny Vietnamese lesbian was going to control her like this! With a shriek, the enraged Filipina launched herself at her tormenter, intent on clawing her eyes out and regaining some self-respect.

Instead, Rosario caught a fist to her pretty face. It felt like running into a door. Rosario's legs turned to water and she fell back on the floor, clutching her bleeding mouth and nose. Rosario rocked on the floor in pain.

"I guess you need some more foreplay," Rosario heard her assailant laugh. "Baby, I got all you could want. Nothing gets me hotter than beating the living shit out of a Filipina girl before she eats my pussy. Most Vietnamese won't fight"

Rosario felt herself being lifted a few inches and realized that Dao was sliding one of her muscular legs under her. "You want to hug , bitch?" Rubbing her abused face, Rosario wondered what the woman was talking about. Rosario soon found out.

Intense pressure began squeezing her stomach and lower back. Her eyes shot open. Dao's muscular legs were wrapped tightly around her victim's midsection. With an audible grunt, Dao lifted her ass off the floor and squeezed. Rosario felt like her guts would be forced out her mouth and her vision dimmed. God, was this woman strong! Rosario 's hands rested helplessly on the well-muscled thighs that held her prisoner. They felt as hard and as unyielding as the tiled floor. Another squeeze: Rosario would have screamed, but she had no air. Rosario could only give a short-lived grunt as the painful pressure made tears stream down her cheeks.

"Feel good, baby?" the Vietnamese woman taunted. "You like being between my legs? Let's you know who your mistress is!" Rosario could feel her consciousness slipping. Rosario tugged futilely at the two meaty bars of her prison. To her tired surprise, the legs came loose. Rosario collapsed on the floor in relief. But her relief was short-lived. Rosario felt a thick leg move under her head, and another draped itself over her head and came to rest on her neck. Even as Rosario realized the other woman's intent, the two limbs began squeezing her neck in a devastating scissors.

If the body scissors had been bad, this was worse by far! Rosario bucked helplessly against the killing pressure. Her air was easily cut off and the blood pounded in her ears. "I'm going to die," Rosario thought wildly. "This crazy Vietnamese is going to kill me!" Her fingers dug into the hard, unyielding flesh, marveling at their firmness even as shy tried unsuccessfully to pry them loose from her neck. Rosario could feel herself weakening. The room was getting darker and the walls swam before her eyes. Her nerveless fingers slowly slid from the Dao's woman's legs and she surrendered to unconsciousness.

Rosario was awakened by a stream of warm water in her face. She opened her eyes and discovered herself on her knees before the Vietnamese. Dao was holding her head close to her crotch by a fistful of hair and directing a forceful stream of piss into her upturned face.

"You back, baby?" She asked, allowing the stream to slow to a trickle. "What about it? You ready to give?" "Or do want more?"

Rosario 's shame and humiliation burned sharply in her. "No," Rosario whispered. "No more. I'll do whatever you want."

The Vietnamese woman smiled and gave her a hard slap to her damp face. "Took you long enough to get worked up, Filipina," she sneered. Rosario fell back heavily on the floor, wishing the floor would open up and swallow her. Dao stepped over the prone Filipina and, grabbing another fistful of hair, pulled her to her knees. "Pull my skirt up, slut," she demanded.

Slowly, as if hypnotized, Rosario lifted the Vietnamese victor's skirt. Dao had no underwear. Rosario only now realized this. The beaten Filipina gazed at the trimmed, thatch of fur she had exposed. A heavy, musky smell tickled her nostrils. Mingled with the sharp tang of urine.

 "Another woman is forcing me to humiliate myself to give her pleasure," Rosario realized dully. The revulsion and shame threatened to overwhelm her.

"I can't do this," Rosario whispered.

But the choice was never presented. Using the fistful of black hair as a handle, Dao crammed Rosario 's face into her crotch. "Do me, Filipina," Rosario commanded. "Please me and I'll let you walk out of here."

Rosario couldn't breathe; her face was jammed into her dominator's dark, musky cunt. The heavy odor filled her nose. Her mouth. Her head. Her head spun as she breathed Dao's essence. The smell was so intense Rosario could taste it. She could feel the slick wetness dripping between her own legs, in response. Instinctively, without stopping to think, Rosario poked out her tongue and took a tentative lick. Piss and cunt juice. The taste of total subjugation. Final proof of just how badly she had been beaten and how completely she had been dominated.

The taste became even more intoxicating than the smell. Rosario found herself eagerly licking her conqueror, pushing her face even deeper into the hot wetness that smothered her. However, her molester was evidently not satisfied with merely having the Filipina service her on hand and knee. Dao pushed Rosario onto her back on the cold tile floor and, turning to face her prey's feet, quickly straddled the Filipina's face. Again, the
Vietnamese woman's hot, wet cunt smothered her mouth; but now her assailant's arse brushed repeatedly against her nose. Dao moved her legs to pin Rosario 's arms and then sat back purposefully.

The Vietnamese woman's full ass enveloped Rosario 's nose and face, as that relentless, sopping pussy continued to grind against her mouth. Rosario gave up trying to tongue her victor and submitted to the violent face fucking to which Rosario was being subjected. Dao was obviously beyond reason as she bucked uncontrollably on the Filipina's face. Rosario tried to stay conscious for as long as possible, but the Vietnamese woman's smothering arse and cunt were too much: starved for air, Rosario sank into oblivion.

The first feeling Rosario was aware of was "cold." She opened her eyes. She was lying on a hard, tiled floor. A dim bulb showed a small, dingy room with peeling paint. Startled, Rosario recognized her surroundings. The public toilet in the church car park!

Flushing with shame, Rosario recalled her humiliation at the hands of the dominant, Vietnamese lesbian. Rosario touched a hand to her chin. Her fingertips felt something cold and tacky. Drying cunt juice, marking the conquest by Dao.

Rosario pulled herself up, leaning on one arm. The urine on her skirt had almost dried. If Rosario left quickly, perhaps nobody would notice. Rosario scrambled to her feet and found her purse in the corner. "Bitch probably stole all my money," Rosario thought bitterly, quickly perusing the contents. Rosario stopped short. All of her money was still there. But so was a note. With shaking hands, Rosario opened the page. Something was scrawled on it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I got your address from your license, slut. Consider yourself a replacement for the girl you saw me with before when I need a Church service. And I'm very religious and attend Church often.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Rosario found herself trembling uncontrollably. Dao knew where she lived! She would be back. Again and again. Gaining satisfaction from the continued sexual humiliation of the Filipina. . Rosario nervously licked her lips. The salty, pungent taste of old cunt juice brought back the intense memories of her humiliation at the hands of the Dao.

Could she ever go to Church again?