Women For God Council by Aussie Greg 

Chp 4 Extraordinary General Meeting

Pilar played it to perfection. She had called an Extraordinary General Meeting of the WFGC, short for the Women For God Council. There must have been about 300 women in the Si Ignatius hall. They were split almost 45 55 Filipina and Vietnamese, with the Vietnamese now in greater numbers. Although only 7% of Vietnamese are Catholic, a left over from the French colony days, they are very devout. The Filipinas were to a woman God fearing women. 

The WFGC was in charge of the distribution of funds raised in the western suburbs to overseas charities, and of course both nationalities wanted the lion's share to go to their respective country. Control of the executive committee and the presidency ensured this. I was involved because my partner, the Vietnamese Nga enlisted my voluntary help to maintain the Accounting books of the WFGC

Previously the Filipinas had held control of the committee and fully expected to get the presidency at the last election. However Pilar, a Filipina, had won in a close contest when the votes, tallied by Father Mulchay and Monsignor Price were announced. Perhaps the fact that Pilar’s two 19 year old twin sons who were in the seminary training to be priests were the favourites of the two men of the cloth had something to do with the result. Who knows?

After the result she had goaded Nga, the runner up, into a sexual contest. As I watched Pilar had defeated Nga, fucked her and then taken an aroused me in front of Nga before “promoting” Nga to be cleaner of the car park toilets.

Pilar took to the podium. She was 5 ft 1, 127 pounds, with a 36C 32 39 figure, dark skinned with a large round face framed by short black hair. Like most middle aged Filipinas she had short legs attractive to the knees, then very solid thighs and buttocks and a full belly. She was wearing 4 inch heels, a short very tight navy blue skirt which ended a few inches above her knees and showed both her shapely calf and ankle and the power in her solid thighs and arse. The old fashioned blouse she wore on our first meeting was now replaced by a tight cream camisole and her prominent nipples stretched and strained against the material.

Her voice quavered. I could see a tear forming in her eye. “I have called this special meeting because nothing must interfere with our sacred duty: the looking after of the needy suffering orphans in Manila and Saigon. That is our duty as the WFGC and nothing must come before that or interfere with it”.

She paused dramatically. “And yet I have heard that there are divisions amongst us. There are accusations that certain things have occurred improperly. The voting was not correct. Yet it was counted by our own Father Mulchay and Monsignor Price. Even misuse of our scared funds we merely hold in trust for those poor wretches overseas who cannot fend for themselves. Yet Greg, our trusted Accountant and partner of Nga has not found this to be true”.

Not quite true as I had discovered her attempts to cover up the excess funds going to the Philippines in place of Vietnam, but her willing sex quickly put that as an oversight. In fact I had set up a system to do the same but with no chance of an audit finding where the funds ended up.

Pilar continued. “This must end and we work together as one. No more divisions between Filipina and Vietnamese. We are all speaking with God’s one voice. When I heard of these disquieting rumours I could have reacted like Donald Trump as dismissed them as Fake News. But I prayed to the Lord and looked within. I have done no wrong so I must fight the good fight and pluck this serpent of evil from our breasts”.

Her voice rose. “We know that the one with the biggest grievance and spokeswoman for the Vietnamese is Nga Nguyen. I challenge her to come on stage and prove her accusations. Not with words that can be twisted and poison, but with the truth within”.

She pointed to Nga. “Nga Nguyen, I challenge you woman to woman in front of our membership. I know you Vietnamese do not catfight as we Filipinas do, so I challenge you to a sexfight here and now. Refuse and you are saying there is no problem in my administration and you will remain quiet in the future. Fight and we will let the truth decide who is right”.

Cornered in front of the Vietnamese membership Nga had no choice. She had to fight Pilar. Nga was 43, 5 foot 4 inches, 105 pounds with a 34B 27 34 figure. She strode onto the podium on her 4 inch heels, the elegant mid calf length, split to high on her thigh black skirt opening at every step. Her long straight shoulder length hair surrounded her attractive face which was accentuated by her exquisite makeup and her expensive diamond ear studs, as well as the long gold bar earrings with 2 diamonds at the end dangling from her ears. The shape of her still firm breasts was clearly visible against her cream spaghetti string halter top.

As she stepped onto the podium to the cheers of the Vietnamese Pilar had ripped off her clothing and stood nude as 4 Filipina’s brought a double bed onto the podium. She stood there proudly displaying her shaved pussy and as the WFGC members in attendance looked at the huge gash, she began flexing her cunt muscles which made the lips on her prominent Filipina mound open and close as they became drenched with her pussy juice. She was ready.

Pilar smiled triumphantly; to her it was clear that, as far as she was concerned, this contest was over before it began. For Nga, however, the struggle had only begun. She was after both fairness and money for the Vietnamese charities and personal revenge for her earlier defeat by Pilar. Her eyes locked in rage with Pilar’s, and Nga reached up and undid her halter top. Her trim taut tits stood free, golden globes of tight, bouncing flesh, topped with large cocoa brown areola and thick, pulsing nipples. Nga’s tits were not as large as the Filipina’s but probably more impressive than Pilar’s hanging orbs and both women knew it. A moment later, Nga pulled the thong away from her wet pussy, and tossed it aside. Now, she stood in all of her naked glory in front of Pilar and the crowd. Her body seemed to glow with sexual power; her swollen pussy dripped with vaginal juices and was surrounded and protected by a shaven triangle of damp pussy hair.

Pilar watched this for only a moment, and then leaped into action. With a primitive yell Pilar moved forward to confront Nga. The two women’s flashing eyes and snarls of anger were enough to convey their feelings. They pushed up to each other and leaned forward so that they were nearly nose to nose; their tits between them, both sets of breasts burning with arousal. 

“Mine!,” Pilar shouted to the crowd. “I am the rightful president of WFGC.” 

“Cunt!,” Nga snarled back. “The votes are in. Its mine!” 

The two women paused, panting with rage. Their tits rose and fell, both women clenched and unclenched their hands in anger. The scent of hot, aroused womanhood wafted up off their glorious bodies. Their eyes locked; a look of understanding passed between the two mature Asians. Pilar and Nga went to the bed, and with snarls of lust, the two women entwined into a pure sexual contest. 

Both sets of tits had nipples that were now erect hard and proud, and the Filipina and the Vietnamese writhed together nipple to nipple, cunt to cunt. A shock of pure pleasure exploded in both women’s bodies, burning down into their bellies and filling their hot cunts. Nga and Pilar cried out in pleasure, their feet digging into the mattress as they thrust their tits against each other. Their tits locked up like the antlers of two battling deer.

Their cunts were now joined with clit against clit and the two began a continual humping. They powered into each other, the weight and power of their bodies focused in dominating and defeating the other woman. All the power of their backs and legs went into grinding their bodies together. The taut tit flesh, throbbing with the power of arousal, crushed and mashed and pulsed, sending shivers of raw pleasure through both combatants.

Their pussies oozed love juice as they fucked each other scissor style.
As the women struggled, however, Nga began to feel herself weaken. The throbbing pleasure in her burning tits began to turn to pain; her rock hard nipples slowly began retreating under the pressure of Pilar’s even harder brown nubs. Her clit was being raked by the Filipina's. The battling women were grunting and groaning, crying out as each experienced orgasms.

When Nga’s moaning began to turn to short gasps of ecstasy Pilar moaned with pleasure and a sense of power. She could feel her nipples slowly overpowering those of her foe, she could feel her clit overcoming the Vietnamese’s. Moving from their side by side position she mounted Nga slowly grinding Nga’s into the bed. Pilar smiled with joy; she was proving herself to be the more sexually powerful and dominant woman in front of most of the WFGC members. Those that weren’t here would soon hear of it.

She pulled her hands from Nga’s hips and quickly wrapped her arms around her back. She squeezed hard, crushing the other woman in a bear hug, trying to drive her tits even more firmly against her enemy’s smaller breasts. 

Nga gasped, driven to panic and confusion by the unprecedented feeling of having her tits crushed back. Her breasts were her pride and glory, the firm young symbols of her womanhood and her sexual power. They were renowned for their beauty and firmness and they had never been conquered before. Yet, now, incredibly, her nipples were being pushed back, her tits were being slowly overwhelmed by an even stronger set of tits.

Nga frantically placed her hands on Pilar’s shoulders and tried to push the Filipina back. This sign of weakness, however, only redoubled Pilar’s efforts. She pushed harder with her legs. Nga’s cunt opened wider and Pilar forced her clit deeper and longer along the sodden slit. Their naked bodies were slapping together as Pilar leaning hard into Nga fucked her. Their nude torsos were plastered together with sweat and cum, bellies pushing, navels sucking at each other as the women writhed in each other’s arms.

Pilar swung her hips and slapped her thick pussy lips into Nga’s cunt, and Nga groaned at the volcanic heat that rippled up from between her legs as she came again. Pilar was letting the entire membership know which of them the dominant bitch was. Nga drew on her last reserves, drew on her pride and struggled back, bucking up with her hips, slapping her wet pussy into her enemy’s driving cunt. But she was being overwhelmed by a more powerful sexuality, and both women knew it. 

Suddenly, the women cried out together, Nga screaming in yet another forced orgasm and despair, Pilar shrieking in pleasure and victory. Nga turned her face away from Pilar in shame and despair. She started to cry in anger and frustration. Pilar leaned in, cheek to cheek with her foe, and squeezed harder, thrusting forward with her tits. She grunted in pleasure and victory, her back muscles rippling with effort, her hard belly rubbing into Nga’s muscled abdomen. Her hips worked hard, smashing her cum soaked pussy into Nga’s now accepting cunt.

Every thrust brought an answering gasp of defeat from Nga as she was bought to orgasm after orgasm. With a final pussy punch to Nga’s wet cunt, Pilar at last released the Vietnamese, then stepped back. Nga was left curled on the bed in a fetal position, panting in anger and despair. Pilar stood before her, her hands on her hips, grinning in triumph. Her eyes blazed with power, her powerful nipples jutted proudly away from her twin globes, her cunt drooled cum in long sticky strands.

The women locked eyes; there was no question as to which of them was the more powerful woman, which of them had the stronger sex. Nga looked away in shame. Pilar smiled in pleasure. She was overjoyed; she had proven her superiority to the one woman in the WFGC who could have challenged her position of power. Her defeated foe was no longer of consequence. She turned away from Nga dismissively and faced the audience. Now, she intended to enjoy herself with the spoils of her victory.

 She turned to the members of the WFGC

“I will take on any challenge to the legitimacy of my presidency”, she bellowed, but next time it is a catfight and think of what defeat means”

Pilar went back to Nga and began licking her arse crack. Her tongue made long strokes up the crack, almost but not quite touching the arsehole. She bent Nga forward and pulled her arse wider apart." As she spread her cheeks with her hand, her tongue made contact with my anal ridge. She burrowed like a pig looking for truffles. Pilar machine-gunned her tongue up Nga’s arsehole, moving it as fast as a vibrator. When her face was far enough up her butt that it wasn't about to come out, she let go of the arse cheeks and started playing with Nga’s pussy, teasing the clit into full arousal. The fingertips trailed up and down, slowly moving closer to her swollen pussy lips. Pillar was driving the beaten Vietnamese crazy with her cunt skills. No man would have taken it for so long before going in on the clit.

Then she went for the cum. With one hand Pilar held open Nga’s pussy lips. With the other she beat a tattoo on Nga’s clit that started a huge series of orgasms. Between the tongue up the arsehole and the fingers in her cunt, Nga was reducing to a wailing, continuous series of cums. From deep inside she started to buck and scream. "I'm coming! Suck my arse! Suck me! Oooh! Oooh! Oooooooooh"

Pilar stopped and then lightly brushed the cum craving clit of the Vietnamese, then stopped again. Over and over, again and again. She whispered to Nga “Tell them what you what”.

Nga screamed out “Make me cum”

Pilar stopped again and Nga all dignity. She pleaded, she moaned, she cried out for Pilar to make her cum. Finally Pilar pushed on the Vietnamese’s arsehole and cunt, as if she were trying to bring them together. She hung on to Nga’s twisting, shaking body, never letting her tongue out of her bunghole or taking her fingers from her cunt. One, two, three massive orgasms rocked Nga. A series of aftershocks kept her helpless in Pilar’s grip before Pilar let go and Nga slumped to the floor.

Dragging Nga off the podium into the members, she laid her on her back and straddled her. She opened her own shaved pussy, and within 30 seconds released a stream of hot yellow piss on the defeated Vietnamese. It bounced in the same way heavy rain does on a road on Nga’s face tits and cunt.

Pilar stepped back. “I give her to the members”.

It took a minute or so before they caught on. The first was a young Filipina about 18, probably a bar girl bride, who removed her jeans straddled Nga and then hosed her. She was quickly followed by others, some holding Nga’s head to their cunts forcing her to drink.

As Pilar led me away I looked back to see some Vietnamese had joined in and were in the queue blaming Nga for letting down the Vietnamese. I accepted Pilar’s thanks for writing the speech she had given and for the pre meeting efforts where at Nga and my apartment I had slowly fucked Nga not letting her cum but leaving her horny and needing to cum. I probably wouldn’t be sleeping there tonight.