The Battle for Azuma's Bed By JustLooking

Chapter 1

The tension had long been building between the two coeds ever since they knew they were sharing Azuma’s bed. He was calm about it when confronted, and explained in no uncertain terms that he was going to keep seeing the both of them, and if they were not happy with it, they could always leave. “Unless….”-almost as an aside-“one of you proves clearly superior to the other”.

What he really meant by “superior” was left unsaid, and the girls did not ask for clarification. They *knew* it meant proving themselves a superior lover. Those words sparked the competitive fire in two females that were not used to being outclassed. In one corner, black haired, 22 year old Michiko sporting a B cup and 50 kilos. Her adversary, Chiharu, light brown hair, 21 years old, B cup breasts and around 50 kilos too. They played this game for Azuma’s bed until the summer holidays.

The summer holidays were coming, and with it, the usual heat waves in Tokyo. Azuma had been playing the females against each other for some time already. He had told them of his plans to be alone for the holidays alone, in a secluded area 2 hours from Tokyo. Each girlfriend saw a golden opportunity to get an edge over her amorous rival. Sure enough, the day just after he relocated, Chiharu knocked his door, ready for a hot and steamy summer. After a vigorous session of love making the next morning, Michiko knocked on Azuma’s vacation house. She lustfully kissed her boyfriend, and just as she was about to pounce on him, she saw Chiharu staring at her in disbelief.

“YOU!”-both screamed in unison.   

-“I guess we both had the same idea, but it’s too bad I got here first. So you must leave”

-“Really? Says who?”-She walked pass Azuma to confront Chiharu.

-“Me. You have a problem with it?-She also got closer to her opponent to show she wasn’t intimidated.

-“Don’t make me laugh. Azuma came here to have a good time. You’re spoiling his vacation. I came to give him all the pleasure he needs”

-“Ha! How can that be? I’m clearly better in looks, class and sex.”

-“Why don't we let him decide?"-Michiko appealed to Azuma- "Let’s hold a competition, and the best lover stays. The loser leaves”

Azuma was willing to hold such a competition, and said he wished only for the best lover to win. Both beauties were content with the challenge, as each was sure of being able to sexually edge de other. They took daily turns in Azuma’s bedroom. Each would do her best to convince him that SHE was the better lover. But Azuma was taking full advantage and intensifying each encounter. When Azuma was with Chiharu, he would describe to her what Michiko did with him in vivid detail, and subtly suggest that she was getting an edge. This would spur Chiharu to raise her sexual game. Then Azuma did the same with Michiko. He would also tell the girls about the demeaning things her rival was saying about her and vice versa. This usually ended in them confronting each other in the living room or the kitchen. Sharp words were exchanged. The angrier they got, the more insults flew back and forth, but because Azuma always stopped their arguments, they could never find release to their pent up rage. The sexual tension was off the charts.

Gradually, they began to realize that their sexual contest was dragging on and on. They had proven to be a very even match. It seemed like the only solution was for the other girl to quit her pretensions. But how? The solution presented itself when Michiko was watching a porn movie that had a scene where two girls competing for the same guy came to blows. She was mildly interested on the fight while stroking Azuma’s manhood, until she saw one girl edge the other, beat her enemy into submission and then fuck the guy, now hers exclusively.

She had an epiphany: To get rid of her romantic rival, she had to force a fight between the two of them and defeat her. Not only she’d stop interfering with her relationship, but Michiko would also get payback for all the insults and slights suffered. She asked Azuma whether he’d like to see her rolling around with Chiharu for his benefit? She sensed his hesitance, but she knew that deep down he wanted this. She had seen how turned on he got every time she threatened to fight her rival. So it was just a matter of time before he agreed.Azuma also watched the movie with Chiharu and told her of Michiko’s proposal. She accepted without hesitation. The hatred she felt for the other woman overwhelmed any reservations about getting hurt: She just wanted to destroy the other girl and claim Azuma for herself.

Azuma selected a date. Taking a page from the movie, each one was going to fuck Azuma before the fight in the presence of her opponent to spice things up. Each preened herself and was in an outfit designed to drive Azuma crazy.

They held an arm wrestling contest to determine who would go first….

First was Chiharu. Her “battle gear” was a sexy two piece pink dress, with doubled laced pink high heels. She was wearing no bra and Azuma’s favourite pink g-string... She started by softly biting his ear and whispering to him how she was going to claim what was rightfully hers. In between kisses she loudly proclaimed, so Michiko could hear, how she was going to rip her rival’s tits and cxnt apart so that no man would want her again. She used the back of her sexy body to sensually grind against Azuma’s naked body while defiantly looking at Michiko. She then used her hands to momentarily free her twat from the constricting influence of her g-string and invited him to insert his hard dick inside her, which he did. Then she processed to bang him on the spot until he released a fountain of semen. She slowly pulled out and you could see Azuma’s semen flowing from her legs.


 “Your cock is mine, and no tramp will take it away from me”- she said as she and Michiko were jealously eyeing each other. Azuma admired Chiharu’s fine ass as she was swaying towards the wall.

Then was Michiko’s turn. Her fighting attire was a two piece flight attendant uniform, sporting doubled laced red high heels to match her miniskirt. Just exactly the kind of outfight you wear for an all-out catfight for sexual supremacy. As Chiharu, she had no bra and the black thong that drove Azuma crazy. Because her top was transparent, Azuma could see her hard tits. She made out with Azuma and grabbed his flaccid manhood. By now she was skilled in the arts of love making, so he was up in no time. She turned him around so she could look directly at her rival while fucking her man. In between kisses she told him she was going to win for him. She grabbed Azuma’s hard dick and moved her thong, so she could inserted it into her wet pussy. She then backed against the wall and jumped into Azuma, her legs using his waist to hold herself up. While riding him in that position, she looked at Chiharu and mentioned how wonderful it will be to maul her cxnt and then screw him raw right after that. Azuma came a second time. ”Your cum will give me the strength to win”.

After a brief moment, Azuma explained the rules of the fight: No weapons, everything else was allowed. Victory could only be achieved by submission or when it was clear one girl couldn’t keep on fighting.


As soon as Azuma said ‘fight’, the pretty Asians rushed towards their foe and unleashed all their pent up fury: They grabbed huge chunks of hair while trying to precariously maintain their balance on their stilettos, which proved impossible. Chiharu lost her balance, pulling Michiko with her. They continued their hair pulling contest on the floor. Their miniskirts started riding higher and higher as they rolled around. Realizing this was going nowhere, Chiharu quickly changed tactics by slapping her rival, who quickly returned the favour. They slapped back and forth with the right hand, while the left was engaged in the hair pull. Finally, Chiharu was able to stay on top for a moment and mercilessly punished her rival, while Michiko tried to defend herself and gain advantage using her sexy legs. She was able to reverse the pin and returned the favour. They exchanged the top position several times, each using the opportunity to punish her sexual antagonist.

On one of those periods in which Michiko was on top, Chiharu was able to use her hands to grab onto Michiko’s fake tie, pulling her forward and sinking her white teeth to savagely bite Michiko’s bosom. Michiko’s flimsy top was barely able to reduce the pain of the bite. As she howled in pain, and tried to punch her way out. But Chiharu was not to be denied, and kept on biting until Michiko hit her hard enough on the cheek to stun Chiharu long enough to get away. As she recovered, Chiharu smiled at Azuma. She knew she had come on top on their first exchange, thus making her antagonist look worse in Azuma’s eyes. She knew that the dirtier she appeared to fight, the better she looked in front of Azuma. But this was just the first stage of what could be a long fight.

They clashed again, focussing on the sexy tops barely covering the rival’s tits. Because the tops were made for sex rather than fighting, each was able to tear the tops apart in no time. Michiko, simply by pulling the little string that precariously held Chiharu’s top together, and Chiharu by tearing a big hole in Michiko’s top. First Chiharu, then Michiko put one arm around the rival’s neck and with the other arm punched and clawed at the enemy breasts. Due to the mutual stranglehold, they were face to face, and each used to opportunity to insult the other young woman’s lovemaking skills and looks. There were moans each time one girl was able to punch or claw particularly hard. Their short miniskirts were already at waist level, letting Azuma witness the strain on each pair of legs as they both pushed and pulled around the room.

Chiharu was relieved when Michiko stopped mauling her tits. She shouldn’t have: Michiko then used her hand to pull the loose top that was still dangling on Chiharu’s neck and then let go of her neck and use the other hand to hit her on the face several times. Chiharu was not expecting that the sexy dress she wore for Azuma’s benefit would be used against her so effectively. She tried defending against Michiko’s onslaught, but Michiko just tugged on a different direction to punch another vulnerable part of her anatomy. On a particular hard pull, the very thin string that was barely keeping Chiharu’s top around her neck finally gave, making both girls fall from the inertia.

The Japanese girls quickly arranged their messed up miniskirts and got back to business. Michiko was pleased with herself. Michiko removed her ruined top and could feel Azuma’s admiring gaze on her. She knew it was important not to only physically defeat her rival, but to win the physiological battle for the man they were fighting for. Soon, she would also have the exclusive rights for his cock.

This time they came at each other swinging fists. No defense, all offense, just two jealous girls fighting for their mutual boyfriend. It seemed as if their nubile bodies were impervious to any pain. The just wanted to hurt each other badly. Michiko landed a mean left to Chiharu’s cheek. Chiharu responded by punching Michiko’s stomach. Michiko kneed Chiharu just above her pussy. Chiharu doubled in pain but then threw a brutal uppercut. Azuma was impressed at how savage these sweet girls turned out to be. He could see their beautiful breasts swinging right and left as they hit and got hit. This vicious cycle of attack and counter attack continued until Chiharu succeeded in cornering Michiko towards the wall, where she had no room to maneuver. Michiko realized too late her predicament: Chiharu took the opportunity knee her on the stomach several times. Then, without giving her the chance to recover, Chiharu pulled Michiko by the hair and started rearranging Michiko’s lovely face with her fists. Azuma could hear each hard punch as it connected with Michiko’s face. As Chiharu was attempting another punch, Michiko was barely able to evade, making her punch hit the wall. Hard. Chiharu released a silent scream as she was nursing her hand.

Michiko tried to get away, but Chiharu quickly tackled her to the floor. She then used one arm to grab her from behind and other to claw at Michiko’s breasts for all they were worth. Michiko was doing everything she could, but she was unable to effectively to retaliate against her rival. Michiko’s shrieks filled the room and Azuma sensed this was the beginning of the end for his dear Michiko. His brown haired lover’s sustained offensive was proving too much for Michiko. And as far as he was concerned, it was fine by him: So far, Chiharu had proven to be the dirtier and meaner of his two lovers. Chiharu knew it was her golden chance to defeat her rival, so she went for a cxnt attack. Michiko was desperately trying to move her legs to avoid Chiharu’s pussy attack. Chiharu was able to see Azuma smiling at the spectacle, and she knew she was winning not only the catfight but also their battle for Azuma’s bed.

Michiko was not so happy. Her tiny thong was pretty much useless against the brutal attack on her pussy. Chiharu was whispering all the fun things she and Azuma were going to do once she beat the crap out of her. She entered the fight dreaming of beating her sexual rival to a pulp and winning Azuma for herself. But this was turning in a nightmare. She didn’t want to lose, especially not in front of Azuma. In either an act of desperation or inspiration, Michiko was able to turn her body in such a way she was seeing the ceiling and Chiharu was below her, used her strength to pull her upper body up and instead of trying to free herself, she pulled her upper body BACK as hard as she could, the back of her head clashing with Chiharu’s face. The shock and pain from the attack made Chiharu release her advantageous hold on Michiko, as her hands went up to her face as a natural reaction to the unexpected hit.

The black haired girl ignored her pain and quickly punched Chiharu on the face. This elicited a groan from Chiharu. And one more time, just to make sure. She then groggily stood up, and grabbed Chiharu by the hair and using her knee, brutally hit her face. And she did it again. Azuma was surprised at this turn of events. Just a few moments ago it seemed as if he was going to spend the rest of the summer with Chiharu.

-“I’m so horny Azuma. Hold for a little while and I’ll be able to satisfy you in no time”- said Michiko as she removed what remained of Chiharu’s miniskirt and pink panties off. She felt that barring her rival in front of Azuma would amplify her victory over Chiharu.

-“I just have to rip her tits off for good. That will teach her not to mess with what is mine”-added Michiko.

Chiharu could not believe this reversal. She had Michiko almost beaten. Now she was on the verge of being defeated herself. And worst of all, in front of the man they were competing for. While she was grabbed by the hair by Michiko, she was able to look at Azuma’s face. He was now looking longingly at Michiko. She was losing the battle for his heart. She could not allow that. She was tired and in pain, but she was determined to win.  

Michiko was ready to knee Chiharu one more time. She was keen to finish the fight, as she was exhausted as well. But most importantly, horny. To her surprise, Chiharu, she used her chance to punch Michiko on the abdomen. As Michiko reflexibly doubled in pain, she grabbed her hair and used her knee to hit Michiko’s face. She just dropped in pain, covering her beautiful face.

Chiharu gingerly got up, fully intending to repay her foe for she had done to her. She kicked Michiko’s face with her pink high heels. Michiko released a pained grunt as and her head hit the ground again. Then she did it again, just to make sure the black haired girl wouldn’t be able to recover too soon. She removed her adversary’s thong and miniskirt. Now they were both naked except for their high heels. Then she threw the black thong at Azuma.

“After today, this is the only thing you’ll ever see of her, lover”.-She herself wanted to keep Michiko’s miniskirt as her prize.  

"Rip my tits off right?”-she mocked Michiko. –“Let’s see who tears whose tits off”

She proceed to grab Michiko’s breasts, but by then Michiko had somewhat recovered. With a warcry that momentarily startled Chiharu, she jumped forward, spoiling for another tit clawing contest. Chiharu was not going to back down, so each used her nails to scar and destroy the other’s chest. The screams of pain filled the room, but none wanted to give up the tit hold. They both knew they could edge her inferior rival. Only one of these ladies could be right...And this time around Chiharu was in the wrong. But she was proud, and didn’t want Azuma see her defeated in this very feminine contest, so she used her forehead…and hit Michiko's forehead. They both grimaced in pain and let go of their holds. They stood meters apart, resting on the same wall.

By this time they were very tired, and no closer to claiming victory over her foe. They looked at Azuma’s throbbing cock waiting for the victorious pussy, and they knew that they couldn’t quit until a one woman stood proudly over her the defeated body of her enemy. They hatefully glared at her rival and prepared to go against each other again in what they knew would be the last supreme effort in which one would win…or lose.

Although their hair was all messed up and their naked bodies were full of scratches, Azuma thought they were both incredibly hot with only their high heels. He hadn’t been able to predict who would come on top before because they had very similar builds. He never imagined it would be this close... but who would be sharing his bed for the rest of the summer? Truth be told, he liked both girls very much, and would be happy with either girl. Happier still, if he could keep seeing the both of them. But alas, he knew only one could come on top. They would not allow for any other result. Finally, he saw Michiko giving him a final look and move towards Chiharu, using the wall to support herself. Chiharu also looked at him one last time before going for her final clash with Michiko. She also used the wall to support herself.  

They kept walking until they were tit to tit and simultaneously clinched each other’s neck with one hand and with the other hand punched each other. Azuma just saw a lot of leaning, both on each other and on the wall. He saw Michiko’s knee hit Chiharu’s cxnt. Chiharu wailed and almost went down…but she didn’t. His brown haired lover stubbornly held onto Michiko and retaliated with her own knee strike directed at the other Asian girl’s cxunt. Again, Michiko wailed in pain and he could swear she was done for. But she held for dear life too. Michiko tried another cunt attack again, only to meet Chiharu’s equally determined retaliation. He knew the problem was that the wall was providing them the support to keep on going despite the otherwise devastating blows. He could see the fear of losing and the anguish in their faces. Each time one girl was about to collapse from a cxnt attack, managed to rally just enough energy for an equally viscous cunt attack of her own. Each just hung in there in the belief that she just needed one more attack to win. The thought of the other girl winning and having Azuma all for herself pushed them onwards the brutal cycle of attacks. It was like watching a movie in slow motion and the suspense was killing Azuma.

Finally, he saw Michiko deal one blow Chiharu could not return. He saw his brown haired lover collapse: no leaning on the wall or on her hated rival could help her now. Michiko sighed in relief, and allowed herself to gracefully fall on the wall and looked at her fallen enemy. After she recovered some energy, and fearing her tenacious foe would rekindle the fight, she sat on top of spent Chiharu.

Somewhat disappointed this epic struggle for him had finally ended, Azuma decided to come closer to witness the end of the fighting. He saw a haughty Michiko ridiculing her beaten rival: “Who’s the better woman now, whore?” “What happened to you threats?” “Weren’t you going to rip my tits off?” “Stay away from my boyfriend or I’ll give you a worse beating”.

Chiharu was sobbing uncontrollably. She could not believe this end. It was so unfair. She had used all her feminine tricks to try to win their sexual competition and then she fought tooth and nail for her man. Now her black haired opponent was smearing her face with her wet sex. She felt incredibly humiliated, but her young body had no strength left to continue fighting.

Michiko was ecstatic. The war for Azuma’s bedroom had ended, and after many trials and tribulations, she was the victorious woman. Winning was like a shot in the arm for her exhausted body. Michiko grabbed something to tie her opponent to a desk and smiled at Azuma. She needed his man, NOW, to satisfy her rising sexual hunger. They would spend a night of pleasure while her defeated rival could do nothing but watch. He would hypnotize him with the retelling of her mighty struggle against Chiharu, the tricks she used to beat her into submission, and under the faint light of the room, watch him admire her battle worn body.  

Seeing Michiko readying herself to claim her prize, Chiharu promised herself this was not going to be the last time they met. She was going to recover and challenge Michiko again for Azuma. The next time, her black haired opponent will lay defeated and Chiharu would reclaim what was taken from her.