The Battle for Azuma's Bed by JustLooking

Chapter 2

One month had passed since the two girls battled for the exclusive right to Azuma’s bedroom. The sexy Michiko was able to barely edge the sultry Chiharu after a long and arduous struggle. She won the man, and was now in an exclusive relationship with him. Azuma wasn’t so sure if he was happy. Sure, the sex was good now. But when he had these two sex kittens competing for him, the sex was mind blowing. He just loved to hear these girls trashing each other in a daily basis, each jealously trying to prove to him she was better than her sexual rival. And the catfight. Oh god, the catfight. The hairpulling, the biting, the clawing, the punching: he had loved every minute of it. He got hard every time he thought about it.

Chiharu on the other hand, was spoiling for another fight. As a matter of fact, she had asked for a second round the very next morning after the fight. She remembered standing naked chest to naked chest, in a heated exchange with the gloating Michiko. While Azuma would love to see a second round, he had to be reasonable. He had given his word to go the winner. The girls needed a rest. One girl won fair and square. He allowed her to gather her things and leave. Seeing Chiharu’s defiance in the face of defeat, Michiko wasn’t sure she had seen the last of Chiharu. Her instincts proved to be right...

Right after the start of the new semester, Chiharu started shamelessly flirting with Azuma again. She wore short dresses that titillated him. He could feel her exquisite perfume that screamed “sex” all over it. She used every chance to rub her chest on his body. Her tits were soft and perky, but they were a lethal weapon at Azuma’s ever weakening commitment to his pledge to be exclusive with the winner. Chiharu knew Azuma tried his best to honour his word, but she could detect his hesitation: She just needed to keep pushing his buttons and he’d eventually fall under her spell again.

And fell he did. The temptation was too great after Michiko and him got into a heated argument over some silly topic. There were tears, raised voices, and threats to walk away. When Chiharu heard of the argument, she wasted no time in coming to his place and re-live the good times. He offered no resistance to her advances this time... That was the best sex she had in a long time and she just keep having orgasm after orgasm till the next morning. For Azuma, his dick just seemed to be hard the whole night. God, he had missed Chiharu. Michiko was not inferior in bed, but Azuma craved variety, something just one girl couldn’t give him.

One week later, Michiko was ready to forgive Azuma, but she was outraged when she found out her bitter adversary was sleeping with her boyfriend again. While the Japanese girl was angry at Azuma for giving in to temptation, she was angrier at her rival for shamelessly trying to steal her boyfriend a second time. She knew confronting Azuma was pointless, because the source of her problems was Chiharu and her insatiable hunger for her boyfriend.  

Chiharu wanted Azuma back, and Michiko wanted to reaffirm her exclusive right to Azuma.The Japanese rivals had a long and hysterical shouting match in his apartment, trying to decide who was the third wheel. They wanted another fight to determine who got her wish. He said that if they wanted to fight so badly, they could, but not in his tiny apartment. Maybe they could fight three weeks later? Azuma was currently working at one of the seedier clubs in Tokyo, which was going to be closed for one day three weeks from now. It was furnished with a 4x4 meters mat that was used for oil fights and would be perfect for their purposes. They all agreed to a no-rules oilfight where the only thing the girls would wear was a g-string. Winner took Azuma.

In the meantime, Michiko decided fight fire with fire. She needed Azuma to come to her because he wanted to, rather than because he felt he had to. She started spicing up their sex life again. She told him what she was going to do to that brown haired slut for trying to steal her boyfriend, not once but twice. She started calling Chiharu’s phone number when Azuma was around -knowing he would hear everything- to remind her of her humiliating defeat and to “stay away from my boyfriend or else”…Chiharu was not at all intimidated by Michiko and told her she would do whatever the hell she pleased “If you can’t hold on to your man, that’s not my problem”. She also started to call her sexual rival in the middle of lovemaking sessions to let her hear her moans of pleasure. Not surprisingly, Chiharu started doing the same in retaliation. Each time they bumped into each other at university, they could not help but to put the other down. For those three weeks, Azuma was back in heaven.

The fateful day came finally came…

They entered the club and proceeded to remove their clothes until they were wearing nothing but a thong. Michiko decided to wear the pink g-string she took as a memento of her first fight with Chiharu.

-“I always wear these whenever I want to re tell the story of how I humiliated you the first time. He gets quite hard…”

As expected, as soon as Chiharu recognized her thong, she lost her temper and lunged at Michiko “You little WHORE”, but Azuma was able to hold her back as Michiko maliciously smirked at her.

A naked Azuma proceeded to oil Chiharu’s fine body first. As he was doing so, Michiko unexpectedly started walking towards the couple until she was nose to nose with the other woman, startling Azuma and Chiharu.

-“What do you think you’re doing?”-

-“I’m just watching you being oiled. That’s all. If you feel intimidated, I can back away..." – Michiko said in the sweetest fake voice she could muster. Chiharu could feel Michiko’s tits bumping into hers, in a show determined to intimidate her. She pushed back with her own tits to show she wasn’t scared at all.

-“No problem. It’ll make it easier to remember what your face used to look like before I rearrange it today”-despite her bravado, Chiharu knew she was being beaten in the psychological war and had to hit back hard.

Azuma could feel the tension in the air. His lovers were in a staring down contest, nose to nose and almost naked. He knew they would be disciplined enough not to start the fight without him saying so, but in the meantime they were hurling threats at each other and getting angrier by the minute. They were keenly aware he was listening to their verbal catfight, so each made a point of besting her rival in this war of words. When it came to oiling each girl around the crotch area, they would moan erotically and encourage him to go deeper… he spread the oil generously as he listened the girls taunting each other.

-“Thank you so much Azuma. Now let me help you oil you”-Michiko was trying to seize the initiative again. She snapped the bottle of oil from Azuma’s hand and started to put oil on his back. Chiharu sensed an opportunity to upstage her sexual rival. She just went chest to chest with Azuma, and started grinding him with her perky tits. She could feel his hard manhood in between her legs and the evil stares Michiko was directing at her. Michiko knew she was being outplayed. She had to match her sexual antagonist, but she could only grind against the back of Azuma’s body. Michiko tried very hard, by sensually using her hands to roam through his body and dick and grinding his back with her chest, but Chiharu had the enormous advantage of being in Azuma’s line of sight. And she was using her advantage to put one arm around his neck and passionately kiss him, while her tits rubbed Azuma's chest. The only area of competition was his dick, where she was battling Chiharu’s left hand for his cock.


Azuma was aware of the tug of war happening around his cock, and he was excited by the competition. Michiko realized she had to change tactics. So she went around Azuma and tried to push in between her boyfriend and her rival while resuming her battle for Azuma’s cock. But Chiharu was not going to be displaced. They used their bodies to try to push the other out of Azuma’s line of vision. Azuma could now feel 2 pairs of breasts stabbing his chest and arms. He was having so much fun, but when they started pushing a little too hard, he knew the fight had to start.

-“Alright girls that’s enough. Let’s start”- He said as he separated the heated antagonists.

They came to a 4x4 meters mat that Azuma was talking about and had just put generous amount of oil to. Azuma sat close to the centre of the mat the girls were kneeling just beside him. By now all the trash talking and pent up anger over the last three weeks of non stop sexual competition had worked its magic in the two girls. The Asian girls wanted to jealously rip each other apart and show Azuma who was the better woman.

-"Alright ladies. May the best woman win"-

As soon as they heard him, they clashed tit to tit and started wildly slapping bare flesh, with a preference towards the breasts and face of her antagonist. This contest was short lived, as Michiko charged into Chiharu and both hit the mat with a thud. Unperturbed, they spent no time in going for her rival’s hair and sought to establish a dominant position. Their exposed breasts engaged in their own battle for superiority and they were drilling punches on whatever vulnerable target they could find. Due to the oil, their skin was incredibly slippery, so their holds were tenuous at best. Each time one of the girls was able to come on top, her enemy was able to easily squirm free and battle again for the top position.

Tiring of this back and forth that seemed to lead nowhere, Chiharu started using her nails to cruelly attack Michiko’s unprotected breasts. Azuma heard Michiko’s moans as she struggled to stop Chiharu from clawing her pert tits. Every time she was able to free her tender bosom from Chiharu’s hands, her foe went for them again. The next time she tried to maul Michiko’s breasts, Michiko was prepared, and hit her antagonist with an uppercut that was so unexpected that Chiharu just fell to the side covering her head. Michiko wasted no time securing a firm grip on Chiharu’s hair, and with her right knee, repeatedly hit her antagonist’s delicate breasts. The shrieks coming from Chiharu were music to Michiko’s ears.

-“What’s the problem tramp? Can dish out but can’t take in?”- taunted Michiko as she kneed Chiharu’s bouncy breasts again.-“No wonder I was the one to claim Azuma that night. And tonight, I’ll wear the same flight attendant dress as I ride him all night long”

-“YOU cunt!”-Chiharu’s hands blindly found Michiko’s pussy, threatening to actually bring a world of pain to Michiko, who quickly kicked her away. However, Michiko intended to give her no rest. Right after the kick, she charged straight for Chiharu like a tigress pouncing on a wounded deer. But Chiharu was more like a lioness ready to fight back for her territory. Chiharu reflexibly used her knees to trap Michiko by the waist, but could not prevent her from clawing her exquisite chest.

Chiharu retaliated by grabbing Michiko's hair, pounding her face again and again and applying pressure through her toned legs. After a while, Michiko realized she was losing this exchange: Not only was the tit hold dulled by the oil, her browned haired foe was attacking her from three fronts. Chiharu could feel her hair dark haired opponent get more and more desperate in her attacks. To ramp up the pressure, she turned her body to the side, and using her hair pull, she hammered Michiko’s head against the floor. Though the mat somewhat softened the impact, Michiko was still dazed. She abandoned the tit mauling and desperately clawed her enemy’s strong thighs in vain. Sensing an opportunity, Chiharu let go of Michiko’s hair and immediately went for her tits again. Now it was Michiko’s time to wail in pain.

 -“What where you saying about dishing out but not taking in?”-Chiharu drew pleasure in hearing her adversary suffer-“Tonight, I’ll be the one going home with Azuma. Maybe I’ll wear that little flight attendant uniform you like so much for him.”

Now in a grim situation, Michiko combined her two hands to make one big fist, and drove it down on Chiharu’s chest with brutal efficiency. The effect was immediate: Chiharu screeched in pain, covering her brutalized chest and releasing her lethal leg hold. Michiko proceeded to take advantage of the situation by applying a head scissors on Chiharu and using her free hands to get a solid hold on Chiharu's hair. Chiharu was feeling her air supply being slowly being cut off by Michiko's slender legs and furiously tried to scratch her foe's white thighs to get out of the head scissors. Sensing her desperation, Michiko, tried her best to ignore her own pain and continued choking her rival. Eventually Chiharu used her white teeth to bite Michiko's left inner thigh. Howling in pain, Michiko rapidly abandoned the headsccisors and got away to avoid more bites to her inner thighs.

After a brief respite, the attractive girls clashed again on their knees, using one hand to yank hair and the other hand to drive punches against the other woman in a rapid succession. They didn’t let the pain distract them: They just wanted to ruin her antagonist’s attractive physique. Emphasis was on the face and breasts, each jealous girl wanting to diminish the aesthetic worth of her sexual rival to Azuma. The sound of fists making contact with the nubile flesh of his lovers made Azuma’s dick grow bigger and bigger. He was busy stroking his cock as he watched this erotic show his girls put for his benefit. Incredibly, the Japanese girls insisted on this sensual battle of attrition until they were too tired to keep on punching and started erotically leaning on each other, gasping for air at a rapid rate. He was amazed that even now they kept up with the trash talking. He felt he was about to cum.

The girls were frustrated. Each had worked her body religiously to make herself more alluring to Azuma, but it also meant each could withstand lot of damage. It was beginning to dawn on each of them that the oil was dulling the damage they could do to each other, thus prolonging the fight. A small, tiny, little fact that the ever crafty Azuma had forgotten to tell them about.

Chiharu started moving again…towards Azuma. This puzzled Michiko, as she kept a wary eye to whatever Chiharu was going to do. As soon as Chiharu got to him, she started mounting and banging him a “lap dance” sex position, giving Michiko a haughty look! Her enemy was taunting her, moaning extra louder to add insult to the injury. Outraged at the brown haired girl play for her man, she quickly covered the distance between herself and the copulating couple, ready to get Chiharu off her boyfriend. As she was almost there to punish her brazen rival, her face was greeted by an uppercut that started just below Michiko’s right tit and went up her jaw with authority. Just before Michiko fell, Chiharu landed another hard punch to her face from the right. The force of the hit sent Michiko 2 meters away.

Chiharu felt Azuma’s dick pop inside her at the same time. Even though the whole point of the gambit was to lure Michiko into a trap, Chiharu looked at Azuma askance.

-“I confess I’m slightly disappointed in you honey. I hope you perform better tonight, because I plan to ride you all the way into the horizon”-

Chiharu wasted no time to get on top of her dazed opponent and rain punches into her pretty face and tender tits. Michiko courageously tried to match her antagonist blow by blow, but she was slowly being overwhelmed by Chiharu’s offensive. Michiko knew that if you were on the losing end of a woman to woman fight, you just fought dirtier. So she grabbed onto Chiharu’s purple panties and pulled really hard. Chiharu quickly abandoned her punching and went to the side to get away from the wedge, but Michiko gave her no quarter. Moans from Chiharu’s pretty lips confirmed the attack was very effective. Not to be outdone, Chiharu quickly responded in kind, and soon, they were using both hands to tug her rival’s panties in order to inflict the most pain.

Azuma was watching his two girlfriends in awe. Wow. He knew the jealous girls had a competitive side, but the amount of erotic violence he had seen so far astonished him. Watching it happen in oil just made it hotter. He was really digging the panty wedges and watched as his girlfriends were in an increasingly desperate fight for him. These girls were so attuned to sex that even their moans of pain were incredibly arousing.

Chiharu understood that from now on, the fight was probably going to degenerate in a sordid all out cxnt fight. They were so exhausted that cxnt attacks were pretty much the only attacks they could realistically muster to win the fight at this stage. She welcomed that womanly challenge. She wanted to prove to her lover that her pussy was stronger, better than her sexual rival’s pussy.

Michiko decided to turn up the heat again by going after Chiharu’s shaved pussy (Hers was the same. Azuma liked shaved pussies). Chiharu knew what she had to do: Her hands started exploring her foe’s pussy, trying to find an opening she could exploit to harm her opponent. Each Japanese girl could feel her rival’s wet pussy and tried to deal devastating blows to the enemy cunt. They knew the significance of doing so. Even if she was defeated, or the fight ended in a draw; if her enemy’s cxnt was incapacitated, she would be unable (or it would be very painful) to have vaginal sex for a long time. So this particular part of the fight reached a furious pace. But they were both each very good at evading the enemy fingers, so very little harm was done. Michiko was finally able to bypass Chiharu's defenses, and Chiharu knew she was in trouble when she began suffering from the cxnt attack. She tried to punch and claw Michiko’s tits but her foe just persisted with her cxnt attack. She was eventually able to free herself when she bit Michiko’s delicate breasts. Michiko pulled away, and Chiharu rolled away to recover.

They were very exhausted by now. Michiko could smell of Azuma’s cum on coming from her hand and was puzzled. Chiharu realized what was happening.  

-“You like it? Don’t worry, after I mop the floor with you, I’m going to let you taste my pussy, because that’s as close as you’re going to get to tasting his cum after today” – Michiko was red with anger as she realized what Chiharu was referring to.

-“He only cums inside me BITCH”- Michiko exploded in blind fury as she charged at Chiharu, sending them for another round of fighting on the mat.

The sex kittens rolled around, trying to establish some sort of dominance, and using their shapely legs to kick the enemy crotch and evade one herself. Their upper bodies were in a brutal frenzy; where they slapped, punched, clawed, and bit with everything they had, attacks on tits and cxnts being a priority.  

In this wild contest, they somehow ended in a 69 position, where they could see each other’s cxnts right in front of them. Seeing a way to quickly finish the fight, Michiko went right for Chiharu’s cunt. Chiharu got the picture of what was happening when she felt Michiko’s fingers around her g-string, and reciprocated in kind. Sensing danger, the girls simultaneously trapped her rival’s head in between her slender legs while she herself tried to bite and maul the enemy pussy. Soon, cruel fingers and teeth were ravaging each other’s cunt. Michiko was outraged as she smelled Azuma’s still fresh cum inside her romantic rival. Chiharu felt her pride could not take yet another loss in front of Azuma and she fought like an alley cat in heat.

Sensing the end was near, Azuma came closer to witness the sordid affair the fight had turned to. Michiko felt Azuma’s rock solid dick touching her ass, while Chiharu was able to see it from her position. Sensing Azuma’s manly scent emanating from his body as just two women in heat could possibly sense, energized the romantic rivals. Having the man they were fighting for so close witnessing their sordid cunt biting drove the Asian girls into a savage final outburst to show she was worthy, better than her opponent. Just as Chiharu felt she could take no more pain, she heard Michiko screaming in pain and releasing her leg hold on Chiharu and as she tried to get away. Chiharu didn’t give her that luxury. She knew she had to finish off her opponent now, or she herself might collapse from exhaustion.

She tackled Michiko and bit her right breast, while using her left hand to keep attacking Michiko’s cunt and her right hand to pull Michiko’s hair. The triple attack was just too much for Michiko’s body to take in all at once and she was paralyzed in a fetal position. Knowing she had won against her opponent for Azuma’s bed, Chiharu fell to the side to catch her breath. Azuma could see her chest heavily heaving up and down as she gasped for air. She looked at him looking at her and faintly smiled. She could see his manhood promising many nights of pleasure from now on, and she was going to hold him to that promise. But first, she needed to deal with Michiko. She went to her knees to the still moaning Michiko and pinned her in a schoolgirl pin.

-“Michiko, I just want to let you know one thing”

-“HE”- slap

-“IS”- slap

-“MINE” –slap

Michiko was crying as Chiharu used her wet sex to demean her in front of Azuma. This could not be happening. She could still smell Azuma’s cum mixed with Chiharu’s wet pussy. She felt humiliated knowing her man was watching her being defeated in a fight for him. How could she live with this shame?

“By the way”-Chiharu said as she removed Michiko’s pink panties-“this is mine. I’m going to enjoy wearing this in front of Azuma after I get rid of the foul stench”. Chiharu then used a piece of clothing to tie Michiko up so she could watch her enjoying her victory with Azuma.

Chiharu then turned her attention to his prize. She felt his adoring gaze on her ravaged body. She knew oil made for the hottest sex ever, and she was covered in oil, so was him…her cunt was still in pain, and it was unlikely she’d enjoy intercourse tonight, but she just wanted to do one performance for Michiko. She had one final question for him:

-“Where is her flight attendant uniform?”-

Michiko watched in despair as she saw her sexual foe having intercourse with the man she loved in the middle of oil. She swore to herself she wasn’t going to let matters rest. If there was one thing that characterized Michiko was her doggedness in getting what she wanted. And she wanted Azuma in her bed. The next time they fought, it would be Chiharu tasting her pussy juice combined with Azuma’s cum. Only then, she could wipe out the stain in her honour and truly have her man back.