The Battle for Azuma's Bed by Justlooking

Chapter 3

Michiko and Chiharu have been competing over their mutual boyfriend for most of the year. The love triangle has led to a heated sexual war and two brutal catfights already. The first one which Michiko won, and a rematch that went Chiharu’s way. Being at a stalemate, neither girl was willing to give up her claim on Azuma’s bedroom; each claiming the high moral ground. Chiharu, now 22 years old, argued that despite losing the first catfight, she had won the rematch and therefore was now Azuma’s legitimate girlfriend and exclusive lover. Michiko being unwilling to accept the result just meant she was a lying bitch that couldn’t keep her promises.

Michiko’s argument is that the first fight the girls had for Azuma was meant to decide who was Azuma’s legitimate girlfriend. And Michiko had won that fight fair and square. The fact that Chiharu went behind her back and chose to disrespect the initial result meant that she was in fact, the lying bitch that couldn’t keep her promises. With Azuma refusing to take sides, the women kept seeing him and trying to convince both his big head and the small head of her point of view. But deep in their hearts, Azuma’s girlfriends knew they would have to clash woman to woman once again to defend their rightful place in Azuma’s life.  

Azuma had been building up this sexual competition up for a long time, careful to never pick up a clear favourite. It didn’t escape to him the fact that his love life was at its best when the two girls were on a personal crusade to outdo each other sexually. And to be frank, he loved watching the two girls getting physical over him. As a matter of fact, chances were that if the Japanese girls talked to each other, and seriously thought about why their rivalry had gotten so bitter, they would see Azuma's role in instigating it. Luckily, they didn't; as far as each of the Asian ladies was concerned, the other girl was the root of all her love problems. This allowed Azuma to slowly escalate the rivalry until it reached fever pitch. As great as things were, he knew he couldn’t keep the charade going on forever. Eventually, even the bitter cloud of sexual competition would not hide his role in pitting them against each other. So he decided to quit when was ahead in the game with a grand and epic finale.

Wanting to prolong the period in which these girls continued vying for him sexually, but knowing a final physical showdown between the sexy young women was inevitable, Azuma stalled for time. Azuma told the girls that he was planning a 6 months trip to South America. The trip was going to start 3 months from then and he would take his girlfriend along. The operative word being “girlfriend”. He would let the girls decide who he was going to take in his trip, but not now. He explained that fighting now would be pointless because either way, the loser would just try to get a rematch before the trip started. Rather than constantly fight for three months, why not wait until one week before the start of the trip and decide everything in a definitive manner then? The winner would take him to a hotel of her choice where they could not be found, and then he and the winner would go to Latinamerica together, while the loser stayed alone in Japan.  

The girls quickly realized the value of such an offer. The victor would have Azuma all for herself for 6 months in the steamy and sunny Latin America, while the loser would be stuck in cold and wintery Japan, unable to interfere with the winning girl’s relationship anymore. Each girl was planning to use the trip to Latin america to totally wipe out any traces of her romantic rival from Azuma’s memory. While each was aware that the previous catfights had been a pretty savage back and forth that could have gone either way, they were cautiously optimistic of coming on top in this last encounter. They had more experience now, their bodies were more resilient, and each was confident her desire for Azuma would see her through the ordeal.

As that was surely going to be the last fight between them, they needed a contest that would prove one girl clearly superior in both lovemaking and catfighting. Therefore, it was agreed (with Azuma’s subtle prodding) they would engage in a “fuck fight”. It meant that the winning condition for the fight was to make Azuma cum 2 times with a blowjob, tittyfuck or intercourse. They could do whatever they wanted to do to each other so long they didn’t use any weapons and they didn’t tie the other girl while they were still fighting.

In the three months until their final clash, the young women once again were back to their sexual war over Azuma. Azuma spent 2 days of the week with each girl. Each girl used her feminine charms to the fullest to carve into Azuma’s mind that she was the better lover. Each left her love marks on Azuma to make clear to her amorous foe that Azuma was hers alone. This time though, they didn’t fool themselves: They knew their man wanted to see them fight and he wasn’t going to pick a favourite until after the fight, which suited them just fine. On their free days, they went to the gym to prepare their bodies for their final clash.

To add even more gasoline to the fire, after each girl had used up her two days, Azuma would pick the “best lover” of the week. He would tell the loser of the weekly contest what the winner had done better in bed, and what she had said about her foe in the privacy of his bedroom. He then would spend the other 3 days of the week with the winner. He just wanted to sexually pit them against each other to keep the tension at high levels. The losing girl would fume over “losing” that week and try harder the next week. More than anything else, these weekly competitions inflamed the passions (again) to almost unbearable levels.

The week before the trip starts…

The day had finally come. Azuma had rented one secluded house away from Tokyo proper and let his lovers in. The girls, each confident in her victory, had brought her suitcases, ready to go as soon they beat her opponent for Azuma’s love. They not only intended to win Azuma and the trip to South America but to obliterate her self confidence and social standing. They also had a special "surprise" for her young rival in love after the fight was finished. Each girl had a favourite roleplaying game she played with Azuma. So Azuma stipulated they would model the mini dresses they used in these games for him and then fight in the mini dresses. For Chiharu it was “Boss and secretary” and for Michiko it was “Chinese emperor and concubine”.

To fire up the girls before the fight, Azuma decided to have a “threesome” with the girls before the fight. The girls, barely being able to stand each other as it was, were of course not planning to share him at all, so in reality it was going to be a sexual fight to try to make him cum and score some bragging points. The only stipulation that Azuma put was that they could only use their hands to pull hair, and nothing else. They could use their sexy bodies to push the rival around though.

Michiko was first with her light pink qipao, which showed her fantastic legs and barely covered her back. The thin straps wer holding the dress together. She got close to a naked Azuma and then put her arms around his neck and passionately kissed him. “My emperor. It’s an honour you’ve allowed me to compete for your sex. I’ll show that peasant whore that she has no place in your imperial court”. Azuma proceeded to untie the knot on her back as she rubbed her body against his. “I don’t think Chiharu plans to be beaten…”-prodded Azuma as he felt his dark haired lover’s wet panties. “I’ll rip her to pieces for thinking she can compete with me. I’ll main her tits. I’ll prove to you I have the stronger pussy. She’ll realize the foolishness of her pretensions”- All was said within an earshot of her romantic rival. Michiko was softly biting his ears and leaving her mark on his neck. Successfully untying the knot on her back, Azuma proceeded to pull up his lover’s tiny dress, revealing a black g string. ”Remember this? I was wearing this the first time I beat the crap out of that vulgar tramp. And after this fight, I’ll enjoy wearing this as I relate to your majesty how I beat her a second time…”. Azuma helped his dark haired lover take off her pink high heels and pulled down her panties, leaving her totally naked. They embraced and shared one more kiss before he gently dismissed her and called Chiharu in.

Chiharu was dressed in a black secretary uniform that exposed almost all her smooth back and delicious legs. She also wore a necktie and a belt which was used to hold the dress together.

“Good morning boss. Today I’ll prove myself against the other candidate for the vacancy in your bedroom…and I’ll prevail.” – Chiharu said before doing a slow erotic dance, where she first took off her belt and then her tie. Still with the tie in her hand, she sensually swayed towards Azuma and wrapped the tie around his neck, gently pulling him towards her.

She french kissed Azuma for some time, letting him feel her hard nipples. “Your competition for the job seems pretty confident she’s more…qualified than you”-said Azuma, looking forward to his brown haired lover’s reply. “Ha! I’ll rip apart her trashy dress and destroy her tits. I did it once, and I’ll do it again. She’ll regret ever thinking she had a place in your bed”. She then pulled out from her reluctant boyfriend, leaving the tie on his neck and swayed back to her original spot. There, she continued the sensual striptease, starting from the bottom part of the dress, she pulled it up until she took it off, revealing the pink thong she had recovered from the second fight with Michiko “I hope this reminds you of all the wild sessions we have had after I beat that cheap slut...”. Then she walked back to Azuma and let him have the honor of taking off her black high heels and pink thong.

Both girls thus naked, Azuma grabbed Chiharu and Michiko by the waist and led them to the hotel bed, Chiharu to his right, and Michiko to the left. As soon as the girls lied down, Chiharu decided to start hostilities by kissing Azuma and used her hands to travel his sculpted body and into his manhood. Michiko, instead of making a directly play for his cock, decided to use her hands to turn Azuma’s face away from Chiharu and into her luscious lips, making out with him with impunity. Annoyed at being robbed of Azuma’s sweet kisses, Chiharu gently started biting his neck, intent in leaving her love marks. As she licked his ears, she taunted Michiko “Enjoy him all you can now, because this is the last time you’ll see him”

“It’s so cute you think you’re going to win” –Michiko interrupted her making out session with Azuma to hatefully glare her rival.

“Last time we fought, I ended using my pussy to rub my man’s cum on your face”-Chiharu twisted the knife in Michiko’s devastating humiliation.

“Tonight I’ll be the one leaving with Azuma after I use my cxnt to rub his cum on your face whore!”-Michiko angrily answered as she got on her knees to challenge her rival.

“Try it bitch! I’ve been waiting a long time to teach you a lesson on trying to steal my man!”-Chiharu didn’t disappoint, rising to meet Michiko face to face while Azuma was in the middle. Seeing what was transpiring, he rose up, ending up in his knees between the two girls and licking Chiharu’s ear gently. Chiharu allowed herself a grin slyly at Michiko

“After I’m done with you, not only you won’t see my boyfriend again, but you’ll be ashamed to show your face around the university!”-Michiko said as Azuma switched from Chiharu’s ear to biting Michiko’s neck and grabbing each of his lover’s asses with his hands, bringing them closer together.

The girls started kissing Azuma and biting him in intimate places while they glared and hurled insults at her foe. It was an erotic yet intense contest, the girls especially keen to put themselves in front of Azuma in order to monopolize his dick and mouth. They tried pressing their bosom against his muscular chest while pushing the other away, occasionally clashing tit to tit. Their hands sensually transversed his body as they rubbed their wet pussies on his leg. Unable to maintain his balance due to having both girls ferociously vying for him, Azuma fell back to the bed, bringing the girls down with him. However, the young women hardly missed a beat, continuing their intense lovemaking competition with each other.

Seeing a gap between Michiko and Azuma, the brown haired girl leaped over Azuma’s body and landed between him and her rival lover, practically leaving Michiko out of Azuma’s reach. Thus sandwiched between the two, Chiharu was able to break Michiko’s hold on Azuma’s lips and assert her own control. “Go away bitch”-Michiko tried to yank her rival away from her boyfriend, but Chiharu just tightened her grip on Azuma- ”Not a chance in hell”. Deciding this was a pointless struggle, Michiko opened a new battlefront. Her boobs already expanded due to the excitement, Michiko went down to Azuma’s knees and used her tits to tittyfuck his dick. Azuma warmly welcomed Michiko’s play, immediately feeling her soft tits massaging his manhood. Noticing the advantage shifting back to her again, Michiko could not help to gloat “You like it? I bet Chiharu only do the same old tricks every time”. Chiharu was not happy to see her man paying less and less attention to her and more to her sexual rival.

“Well, see how you like this trick!”-Intent on leveling the playing field before she was left hopelessly behind, Chiharu used her whole body to forcefully pushing Michiko out of the way, and rather than a titty fuck, Azuma started reciving a blowjob from Chiharu! Michiko wasn’t pleased of being pushed away and she fought to regain control over Azuma’s manhood! The girls butted heads as the their tongues and mouths went aggressively for his cock.

-“You dirty whore!”-Michiko started pulling her sexual antagonist’s hair while trying to blow her man.

-“Piss off Michiko! He’s mine to please”-Chiharu wasn’t budging and decided to yank Michiko’s hair too to get her out of the way.

-“Over my dead body!”- The end result was a pitched battle lasting several minutes as the girls tried to finish the blowjob while pushing the other away. They have would start using their punches and claws were it not for the limitations Azuma had pit out beforehand. Feeling Azuma getting closer and close to orgasm, Michiko realized it was time to forget all the niceties and get really mean. She momentarily backed away and using her whole body, pushed Chiharu out of the way. Chiharu, still licking Azuma’s dick, fell out of bed. Taking advantage of the situation, the dark haired girl then mounted Azuma in a cowgirl position and started banging away. Chiharu, aware of what was happening charged at Michiko, dismounting her rival, and impaling herself into Azuma’s dick!

-“Get off him skank”-Michiko used her two hands to pull her rival away from the man in dispute.

-“No way bitch, I won this! Go AWAY!”-Chiharu used her legs to hold onto Azuma’s waist, hopping to make him come before she was dismounted but at the end she was again pushed off Azuma. The sensual struggle gave way to a forceful competition, where the girls used hairpulls and their bodies to push the other around while their pussies fought over Azuma’s dick. His lovers’ bodies grinding against him in the struggle, Azuma was getting closer and closer to cumming as his cock went from Michiko’s pussy to Chiharu’s and viceversa. The closer and closer he got to orgasm, the more frantic the battle for possession of his dick turned, each girl keen in seeing him cum inside her. But it was not to be, Azuma’s manhood finally cumming when outside either girl’s womanhood, his white cream landing on both girl’s cxnts.

The women stopped their struggle as they felt Azuma’s warm white liquid come out of his dick. Seeing that no one had really “won” this contest, the girls immediately started slapping each other and throwing punches, in clear disregard to the rules Azuma had out in place.  

-OK GIRLS THAT’S ENOUGH!”-yelled Azuma, hugging both girls to prevent them from fighting before it was time. However, the girls were not listening to him as they clawed and pulled hair. It was only after much effort he was able to separate them.

-“She stole the cum that was mine!”-The girls’ hair was a mess, and some of the make up they had put on was ruined.

-“No way whore, he was about to cum inside me!”- Michiko tried to re start the fight, but Azuma held her tightly, preventing her from doing so.

 -“GIRLS! The sooner you get dressed you can have it out!” -Jealousy thus inflamed, the girls tried their best to straighten their hair.

-“You’ll never interfere with my love life again”-Michiko shouted across the room as she slowly put back her tiny qipao.

-“Your love life? I met him first!”-Chiharu screamed back as she picked her secretary mini dress.

-“Whatever. You only knew him two weeks before I did. And even you couldn’t hold on to him. He’s not that into you!”

-“Ha! You seem to have forgotten I’m his girlfriend and you’re just a pretender?”

-“Really? Because I won the first fight fair and square. You just used some pathetic tricks to try to steal him away”

-“That’s called sex. And he came back to me because I’m better at it than you’ll ever be!”

-“Dream on whore! You’re past history, and I’ll be going with him to Southamerica.”-said Michiko as she finished tying up her attire.

-“Wrong! Not only I’m going to be going with him, but I’ll teach a lesson in humility!”-Chiharu was also finishing tying up her tie. Seeing both girls signalling they were ready to fight, Azuma said “FIGHT!

-“You fucking BITCH”- Unable to control her rage any longer, Michiko fired an explosive slap to her brown haired rival’s pretty face. Chiharu cried out as her head was turned around by the force of the slap. She rubbed her cheek and stood still processing what had just happened.

-“You fucking cunt” - Chiharu erupted like a volcano, angrily slapping Michiko with equal force. Having fired the first salvos, each coed immediately went for her opponent’s silky hair with one hand, and started wildly slapping her adversary’s lovely face until their cheeks were so red they looked like tomatoes.  

“I’m gonna leave you bald COW”- Chiharu, still feeling the sting of the first slap, decided to change tactics to a two handed hairpull and toss her foe around the room. Michiko’s scalp burst in pain as her hair was yanked.

-“Not if I do it first PIG!”- Not one to take her smooth black mane being ripped apart kindly, Michiko reciprocated the hairpull. Azuma watched brown and black hair being ripped apart as his Japanese lovers pulled and pushed each other around the room. Their sexy bodies grinding against each other, they could feel their nipples clash through the thin material of their dresses. Their toned legs were barely able to keep their balance as they stumbled around the room. Each girl was proud of her long hair, so the more hair was yanked, the angrier they became.

As the combatants landed on one of the walls in the room, Michiko reverted to a one handed hairpull, and used her free hand to drive punches into her rival’s vulnerable targets. Chiharu didn’t take long to return the favour as their lithe bodies rolled around the wall. The barely adequate dresses they wore to arouse Azuma sagged and stretched from the fighting, giving him the chance to see several inches of bare thighs. The Asian girls kept pummeling and rolling around the wall until they reached the corner of the room.

Taking advantage of Michiko being trapped at the corner of the wall, Chiharu kneed her foe’s pert anatomy several times. To get out of her predicament, Michiko wrenched her rival’s tie to pull her in, and smashed Chiharu’s body against the wall. She followed with somewhat ineffective punches at the younger woman’s pretty face. Chiharu tried to fight back but the tie-pulling threw her off balance several times as she weathered more hits to her sultry body. Michiko then pulled her down, quickly driving her shapely knee against Chiharu’s toned belly. And she did it again. And she was going to do it a third time when Chiharu grabbed her knee, pressed it against her chest, and used her free hand to attack Michiko’s now exposed pussy. Wailing in pain, Michiko franticly rained punches into Chiharu’s back to get her to desist in mauling her inner thigh and cxnt. Concluding this exchange of pain was probably not going to go her way, Chiharu decided to pull Michiko around, tossing her to the other side of the room, and making her land on her ass.

Chiharu hastily got rid of her tie, to avoid it being used against her later. Seeing her adversary rising again, Chiharu made a beeline to Michiko. Their bodies clashing once more, each lady focused on taking off her enemy's provocative attire. They vigorously pulled and tugged her rival’s mini dress, but their dresses were relatively sturdy. “Let go off my dress you skank” “Make me stupid whore!” -Losing their balance, the clothes ripping catfight continued unabated on the floor, where finally Michiko had some success in ripping a big hole in Chiharu’s secretary uniform, giving her just enough access to Chiharu’s perky breasts.

The sight of bare breast was like seeing a shiny object that Michiko just had to claw. She used her advantage to sit on Chiharu’s stomach and run her sharp fingers through her enemy’s breasts. Azuma could hear Chiharu’s tortured screams as she tried to dismount her rival, trying to claw her way out of this quagmire. His brown haired lover was like a wild bull, trashing and bucking in a desperate attempt to dislodge her Michiko, but the older girl just hanged on her tits for dear life. Finally, on the way down from one “jump”, Michiko’s head naturally went down due to inertia, and Chiharu was able to pack a wicked punch through Michiko’s cheek, dislodging her immediately. She pounced on her romantic foe at once, thirsting for revenge.

-"I should have ripped your puny tits off long ago"- screamed Chiharu as she finally broke the black strings at the front of Michiko's qipao, giving her full access to her enemy's tender bosom. She wasted no time digging all ten claws into Michiko’s tits.

-"You couldn't back then and never will"- shouted Michiko as she resumed her own tit mauling. Azuma heard the screams coming from his girlfriends’ luscious lips, each beau doing her best to ruin the other girl’s pair. Hearing their tortured moans as they rolled throughout the room for several minutes, he wondered who was eventually going to win the heinous tit scratching. Soon afterwards Michiko’s moans grew louder and louder, tears streaming from her sweet face as his brown haired girlfriend proved to be the more vicious tit mauler. Understanding her predicament, Michiko head butted Chiharu on the head, distracting her enough to get away and regroup.

Azuma could see the pockets of perspiration through his sweethearts’ uniforms, making the already tight dresses hug their young bodies even tighter. Starting to get somewhat winded, the combatants checked their bodies for damages as they panted from the exertion. Chiharu, knowing she had bested her rival this time, wasted no time in gloating. “I guess we know who has the better tits”. The thought of Azuma thinking her feminine attributes were somehow inferior to her competitor’s infuriated Michiko. Her womanliness was being insulted in front of her man, and she was not going to take this laying down.

-“Let’s see if you keep boasting after I fix your face!”-Michiko went in a straight line towards her enemy. The love rivals started swinging fists, each giving as good as she got. Chiharu, knowing she had made some damage to Michiko’s breasts, focussed on pressing her advantage there. Michiko retaliated by throwing left and rights to Chiharu’s face. When hitting breast was not possible, Chiharu would drive punches through Michiko’s face, who would then counterattack with hits to Chiharu’s toned belly. Their legs were not idle in this struggle: They used their impossibly long legs to try to launch and block attacks like kickboxers, making them wobble as they bashed each other.

Azuma was sure they’d lose balance on their precarious heels, but somehow they held on. Chiharu yanked Michiko’s messy hair, now hanging by her breasts, pulled her down and kneed her belly. Michiko, still wanting to get payback from the earlier tit damage, head butted Chiharu’s tender bosom, slamming her against the wall at the same time. The older woman then went for another helping of Chiharu’s perky breasts by viciously biting her. “AAUCH LET GO MY TITS cxnt!”- Chiharu was screaming and furiously punching and kneeing Michiko without result, until she finally put her two hands together to make one big punch and hit Michiko’s back. The pain was so great Michiko collapsed on the floor, but not before Chiharu also kneed her on the face, stunning her.

-“So you like to bite? Two can play that game”- said Chiharu as she crawled towards groggy Michiko, her head on the direction of Michiko’s legs. That meant that Chiharu’s mouth was on top of Michiko’s breasts, ready to bite her rival. But she didn’t realize that it also meant Michiko’s mouth was under her breast. Michiko immediately exploited this mistake. Before Chiharu could do anything, Michiko bear hugged her opponent to pull her in, then bit her left breast hard. Chiharu wailed in pain, but quickly followed the suit. Azuma was amazed at seeing his young lovers rolling around the room in this sordid hold, their shapely legs shaking from the pain. Their dresses had risen up to the waist level, letting Azuma witness the girls’ tiny thongs.

He could see the girls sobbing as they gnawed harder and harder into her sexual rival’s tender breasts. Each jealous antagonist was intent on ruining her romantic rival’s feminine attributes, neither seeming to care whether her own pair of breasts would remain intact after the fight. Each felt the pain was unbearable, but they didn’t want to give up the cruel hold in front of the man they were fighting for. That would be admitting her own breasts were inferior. Even if she won whole fight, how could she explain she had lost this womanly contest in front of him?  

Reluctantly, Chiharu decided she had enough and wanted to get out of the depraved tit biting. She stopped biting and desperately used her hands to claw Michiko’s face. Michiko wisely allowed her escape the tit biting hold, but leaped at her right away, taking advantage of her confusion to overcome her feeble resistance and pinning her down in a schoolgirl pin on her.

-“What were you saying about tearing my tits off bitch? No wonder Azuma came back to me, your tits are no match for mine”- Michiko proceeded to pound Chiharu’s face.

-“Get off me dirty whore!”-Azuma could see Chiharu trying to get out of the hold, her long legs vigorously trying to dismount the black haired woman as she was being savagely punishing. After what seemed like an eternity, Chiharu stopped her tenacious resistance. Azuma wasn’t sure whether Chiharu was unconscious or not, but Michiko sure thought so, because she decided to stop punishing Chiharu and got up. It was time to claim her victory. Michiko’s hair was a bloody mess; her chest was scratched and he could see Chiharu’s bite marks. She was sweating heavily, her ruined qipao drenching in perspiration. Azuma imagined Chiharu was in no much better condition.

-“Morning my Emperor. I have taken care of that barbarian whore who wanted a place in your imperial bed.”- Usually, she would need more foreplay and intercourse to be able to cum, but the brutal fight for her mate had left her incredibly horny. Specially since she had just knocked her rival senseless. She was pretty wet at this point, so Azuma’s dick penetrated her with ease.

As her hands run through his chest, and she decided to go down on him missionary position. There was no time for cute stuff, she just needed something quick to claim her first cum round. It felt so good so roll around the bed with him, feeling his chiseled chest on her ravaged tits, and running her hands through his back. It was a nice feeling that she always enjoyed. She really wanted to take off her qipao in order to enjoy sex better, but she knew better: however ruined it was, the qipao could offer her some protection against Chiharu's attacks later. Taking it off now would put her at a disadvantage. And anyways, she reasoned that having sex clothed wasn't so bad. After a while of vigorous humping, he could feel a tide of excitement rising through her body as his hard dick drilled her.

Michiko also felt Azuma’s dick was also getting ready to declare her the victor of the first round. She knew it would be best not to succumb to her own orgasm, so as to conserve energy to keep fighting Chiharu. Nevertheless, her body was screaming to continue. The rational part of her brain could not match the raw sexual desire she felt for her mate. They started to pick up the pace, with Michiko begging Azuma to go faster. Which he did, until Michiko’s trembling body indicated his dark haired lover had finally orgasmed. Azuma keep on pounding her cxnt anyways, in order to magnify her pleasure. He himself came a few seconds later, then collapsed to her left side, leaving them both panting and catching up their breath.

-“And this is why I’m fighting for your cock.”-She said as he looked at him in the eyes.

The lovers were drenched in sweat, but Michiko didn’t care. She just hugged him tightly, drunk in his manly smell and took some time to relax. She was aware she still had to win a second cum from Azuma but first she needed to wait for Azuma to get a second wind. And she herself needed some rest.

Chiharu was beginning to stir and saw with horror her rival had claimed first cum. Overflowing with fury, she raced towards the source of her outrage. Azuma’s dick was beginning to harden again due to Michiko’s verbal encouragement. She was distracted by the aftermath of her own orgasm and was wondering if she could finish a second round before her sexual rival woke up. Her answer came in the form of an angry Chiharu yanking her messy black hair with her two hands and then pulling her out of the bed. The pull was so forceful that Chiharu hand’s ended with a chunk of black hair in her hands. She tossed them aside with disgust and began to pound Michiko “HE ONLY CUMS INSIDE ME!”

Michiko was not relaxing anymore; she had a savage she-devil yanking her qipao and using punches and knees on her scratched body. The qipao's holes got bigger and bigger as Chiharu tugged Michiko like a rag doll around the room. At last the tiny minidress could not take more punishment, practically disintegrating in Chiharu’s hands and sending an almost naked Michiko to the floor. Throwing the remains of the qipao at Azuma, Chiharu continued the punishment, using her black high heels to kick the left side of Michiko’s stomach and step onto her breasts. The dark haired girl’s tormented screams filled the room as Chiharu rubbed her heels on her chest. “You aren’t bragging about your tits anymore are you?”

Still raging from all the damage Michiko had done to her boobs, Chiharu dropped a knee to her chest to inflict even more damage. Michiko was able to roll out away *just* before the knee was able to hit her. Chiharu let a scream of pain as her knee hit the floor and clutched her knee, too distracted by the pain to do anything else.

Michiko used the opportunity to recover from the cobwebs. Her scalp was aching, she still felt the pain of the stomping and she was facing a reinvigorated rival who would stop at nothing to maim and humiliate her in front of Azuma. Michiko was naked except her tiny thong and her pink high heels, but she was ready to match her sexual rival blow by blow in the fight for her man.

Quickly getting over the pain in her knee, Chiharu went again at her still recovering rival. She grabbed Michiko’s hair and pushed her against the wall, then proceeded to drive punches to her beautiful face. Using her arms as a shield, Michiko was able to block most of the blows and as soon as she saw an opening in Chiharu’s defense, the dark haired girl forcefully head butted Chiharu in the face. “AUCH bitch”-wailed Chiharu as she felt the pain of the unexpected attack. “You should have just let me keep fucking my man!” - Wasting no time, Michiko practically jumped at her romantic rival, slamming her with her weight and onto the floor. Azuma quickly went to the border of the bed to get a clear view of what his fighting lovers were doing. Chiharu seemed to have regained her senses, and was able to match Michiko evenly in a terrible frenzy of slaps, scratching, and hairpulling. The action was so fast, the only way he could see who was doing what was by the little tiny dresses. Or in Michiko’s case, lack of dress. The girls exchanged the top position several times, each using her time on top to punish her rival. When one girl was at the bottom, she promptly latched on her rival tits to get out.

After a time, Chiharu seemed to establish a somewhat stable (If precarious) dominance. “*YOU* should stay down and let me fuck my man!”- Chiharu mercilessly pounded Michiko face and breasts. Michiko hands were free and used them to hit Chiharu back. Azuma witnessed Michiko’s sexy legs struggling to dismount Chiharu. There was a flurry of hits going back and forth, but Michiko realized she was at a disadvantage and Chiharu would slowly overwhelm her if she didn't get out of the pin. So the black haired girl resorted to pulling the long hair that was hanging below Chiharu’s chest and savagely bit her shoulders, making Chiharu shriek in agony. She tried punching Michiko’s head but Michiko just held in there. Finally a kick to the cxnt did the trick.

Though painful, the kick wasn’t strong enough to slow Michiko down. As her adversary was rolling away, Michiko chased after her and executed a sleeper hold on her. Chiharu felt her air supply dry up and desperately tried to claw her way out. From the distance she could see Azuma attentively watching them. –“Too bad this is the last time you’re going to see him. Tonight I’ll feast on his cum”-Chiharu desperately used her elbows to punish Michiko's abdomen. Michiko moaned as her belly burst in pain, but held because she felt her opponent was about to slip into unconsciousness. Finally, the unrelenting attacks on her stomach were too much for Michiko to take in and she abandoned her hold.

Chiharu was on four, coughing and gasping, trying to take in as much air as she could. Michiko was nursing her belly, but she understood she had to keep the pressure on her rival lover before she could regroup. Michiko stood up, and yanked Chiharu’s ruined dress upwards. On her knees, Chiharu ran her sharp nails against Michiko’s toned legs to get her enemy off her dress. However, Michiko was unrelenting, using her knees to hit her face as she dragged Chiharu around the room. Finally the top of Chiharu's dress gave way, momentarily separating the rivals and leaving Chiharu completely topless. Stumbling slightly but quickly regaining her balance, Michiko was determined to use this opportunity to finish off her opponent, who was still laying on the ground. She tried to stomp Chiharu with her stilettos, but Chiharu franticly rolled around the room to avoid Michiko's lethal high heels until she hit the corner of the room with no room to escape.

-"I got you now bitch"-gloated Michiko as she again tried to trample her foe. Chiharu met the lethal high heels with her hands and used her grip to twist Michiko's ankle, making her fall back to the floor with a shriek. Taking advantage of her momentarily stunned adversary, Chiharu went for Michiko's still remaining g-string, trying to pull it down with one hand, and attack her pussy with the other hand.

Knowing what her foe was planning, Michiko used her shapely legs to kick her rival away, while with her hands she tried to keep her gstring in place. The little black panty stretched to great lengths as the girls fought over it. The tug of war ended when Michiko was able to kick her rival in the face, pushing her away, but not before Chiharu was able to inflict some damage to her cunt.

On her knees, she grabbed Chiharu by her hair and pushed her into the wall. Acting by reflex, Chiharu used her hands to prevent her head hitting the wall and rebounded back directly into Michiko in a bearhug. Naked tits clashing, they used their pretty teeth to bite onto the other girl’s shoulder and punched it out, going after the side abs, back and face. While each sexy rival had every intention to put hard hits, their close proximity blunted the force their punches could muster, making it a long slug. After the initial frenzy, there was a lot more leaning on each other and less punching. All this facilitated by the sweat, making them slide like oil fighters. Being so close afforded them an avenue to trash talk

-“Give up while you still can and I’ll let you watch while I fuck my man”- Every few seconds, one of rival lovers would drive a punch towards a vulnerable target.

-“No way, I’m beating you so badly he is already mine”- The girl on the receiving end would cry in pain, but more often than not would she be the one throwing the next punch.

-“You can barely stand up, you’re finished tramp”- Each sexy lady just hung in the belief that she just needed one more punch to win.

-”No way, I can do this all day long if you want” - Azuma was watching mesmerized, the pained moans of his girlfriends driving him insane with desire.

-“I’ll cum so hard after I’m done with you”- Michiko needed to make Azuma cum one more time to win the fight. She just had to outlast her rival this time and it was all over.

-“You have that backwards bitch. He’s cumming inside me”- Chiharu knew she couldn’t lose this round, or she would lose Azuma forever. Each girl was hearing Azuma encouraging to “Fight back”, “punch her in the tits”. He wasn’t saying any names, but each girl *knew* he was rooting for her. And neither lady was planning to disappoint him.

-“He’ll never cum in you. You’re a starfish in bed”- Michiko hit Chiharu on the face, making her head turn to the left. For a moment, the older girl allowed herself to feel ecstatic as she swore she saw her formidable foe collapsing in defeat.

-“You cunt” – mustering her willpower, Chiharu refused to go down and drove an uppercut into Michiko’s chin, giving the dark haired girl a harsh reality check. She tried to stop her backwards momentum, but at this point she was dazzled and was unable to keep her posture any longer. An immense sense of relief took over Chiharu as she watched her opponent finally fall. Seeing her rival collapse reinvigorated Chiharu, “Guess who’s going to play boss and secretary with Azuma now?”- taunted Chiharu as she proceeded to quickly put a sleeper hold her rival “See how you like a taste of your own medicine”. Michiko wasn’t saying anything as she was busy elbowing Chiharu’s abdomen and trying to wedge her panties to make Chiharu desist. After a spirited resistance, Michiko’s struggles grew weaker and weaker until she finally passed out.

Smiling at Azuma, Chiharu got rid of the remains of her ruined dress, then sexily swayed as she walked towards her man. Azuma's cock was ready to receive the victorious pussy. But first, Chiharu allowed her sweaty body to collapse on the bed, arms stretched on the comfy bed to rest for a while. Azuma admired her ravaged body; full of scratches, the bite marks Michiko had left on her heaving breasts, the dishevelled hair covering her face. Chiharu was perspiring heavily, but she knew that to make the round count, she had to make Azuma cum. The good thing is that all the fighting had made her horny as hell. After deciding she had enough rest, she looked at her man.  

-“Hello boss. Your secretary got rid of the mediocre tramp bothering you. I request some time in your office to consult some... private matters”-

She made out with him, wasting no time in trying to make him cum. She eventually settled in a “spoon” position. Chiharu loved the secure feeling Azuma’s strong arms gave her, his chest grinding against her naked back. She enjoyed the undivided attention he was giving her, as opposed to the competition she had with her sexual rival before the fight. His tongue was playing with her ear, driving her crazy. His hands were massaging her tortured breasts while his cock –bypassing her thong- was pleasuring her clit. She allowed herself to moan in pleasure as he pounded harder and harder, and she herself got closer and closer to climax. She felt a warm feeling inside her cxnt and a profound sigh from Azuma. She had won her second round, but she was still unsatisfied. Luckily, Azuma was not a selfish lover. He knew how much she loved him going down on her. She weakly tried to refuse, knowing that an orgasm would leave her even more exhausted. But just like Michiko, her raw sexual desire overwhelmed her reasoning. At that point she felt very good. She felt could fight Michiko again and again and not get tired. Her burning desire for Azuma would see to it. Pulling down the pink gstring to her knees , Azuma’s experienced tongue caused her body to spasm violently until she climaxed, and just collapsed on the bed to enjoy the moment.

-“I’ll never accept your cum in her. I’m the only one allowed to have your cock.”

Michiko was starting to recover as he heard a loud moan from Chiharu and knew she had just lost the second round. Understanding that it would be some time before Azuma would be ready to cum again, she pretended to be still unconscious to replenish her energy. This was hard to do as she jealously saw her rival engage in some heavy petting with Azuma and demean her in front of her man!

Just as Azuma’s growing manhood indicated he was ready to declare a winner right then, Chiharu decided to check on Michiko, so that there would be no interruptions. She turned around was shocked when she was tackled by a screaming Michiko, making them both crash to the ground screeching. Chiharu exploded in pain as her slim body hit the floor and felt the weight of her opponent slamming onto her.

-“Let go bitch”- Chiharu, blinded by her own hair, was using her nails to scratch Michiko’s tits and punch her stomach.

-“No after I rearrange your face cheap whore”- Michiko was trying to unload every she had onto Chiharu in an effort to overwhelm her and win the fight in that instant. The plan was going well until Chiharu caught a break and bit Michiko’s side abs. It was enough to distract the dark haired girl and allow Chiharu to get a very good hold on Michiko’s left breast. She proceeded to pull Michiko in by the breast and repeatedly punch her face before Michiko rolled away to regroup.   

Seeing her all out offensive crumble, Michiko struggled to get up. She had done more harm to her rival in the latest exchange, but she had used a lot of precious energy in a failing effort. Michiko was aware that even after resting, the drawn out fight had greatly sapped her stamina. She started wondering if she was going to be have enough energy to beat her adversary. She calculated that Chiharu was in no better shape herself, and hoped her own orgasm had depleted her even more.

Chiharu was no better. After 2 rounds of back and forth fighting and an orgasm, she was feeling incredibly exhausted. The only thing she wanted was to lie there and drowning on Azuma’s manly smell. But she knew that to have him, she had to settle things with her sexual foe in one last round of fighting. Panting heavily, the rival girlfriends willed themselves forward into her amorous antagonist for fear they were going to collapse anytime soon if they continued resting.

Michiko decided her best chance to quickly end the fighting was by tugging Chiharu’s tiny panties upwards. This had an immediate effect on her, who stopped everything she was planning to do and howled as her pussy was being indirectly punished. “Two can play the same game!” -To get back at her foe, Chiharu also got her hands onto Michiko’s tiny thong and pulled up.

The two sex kittens were shrieking in agony as each pulled harder and harder, trying to deal as much damage as possible. Azuma saw them sensually leaning, their scratched chests brushing against each other as they pulled and pushed. Balance was very difficult, as they tried to tip toe in the hopes of lessening the pain to her cxnt as the punishment went on and on. While the girls were clearly hurting in this depraved contest, to Azuma this scene was incredibly erotic. He knew his girls were exhausted. After all, that was the purpose of forcing them to make love to claim their victory: To give more time to the rival woman to recover, and to make it harder for the winner of a round to win by tiring her with an orgasm. With some luck, the fight would be a draw, forcing yet another brutal rematch to decide things. Chiharu tripped and fell to the floor, abandoning her panty wedge while Michiko landed on the wall: Each looked surprised and puzzled as they saw the remains of Chiharu’s pink panties on Michiko’s hands. Neither of them even knew a g-string be torn apart like that.

Pushing herself off the wall, Michiko was ready to mete more punishment to the naked Chiharu, who was still on her knees. “Eat this fucking shank” –The older girl kicked her rival with her right leg, but Chiharu withstood the savage kick and grabbed her leg with both hands. Weathering the pain all across her upper body, Chiharu’s teeth went straight for Michiko’s still remaining g-string and chomped her hated rival’s cxnt. Michiko shrieked in anguish at the unexpected attack and collapsed on the floor, hands instinctly covering her pussy.

Remembering Azuma was watching his lovers fight for him, Chiharu slowly and erotically pulled Michiko’s thong with her teeth from the still moaning Michiko for his benefit. She felt Michiko’s hands weakly trying to pull her thong back, but she just pushed her hands away, taking the g-string and leaving her rival naked.

Trapping Michiko into another schoolgirl pin, Chiharu slapped her. She wanted her rival weak enough not to fight back, but not stunned enough to be unconscious. At least not yet. Her rational self was warning her to knock Michiko out now, but her female instintics demanded her to humiliate her sexual rival. Again, she decided to put her pride as a female over any logical considerations. She was intent of giving her rival the worst humiliation a woman could give another. Yanking Michiko by the hair, she rubbed her naked pussy on her adversary’s face.

-“How do you like the smell of Azuma’s cum? Don’t worry, after I fuck him again, I’ll give another taste… just like last time”-Chiharu was delighted in humiliating her bitter rival one more time. Michiko was disgusted when she felt Chiharu’s cxnt juices wet her face, but she was still hurting from the cxnt biting to do anything about it. Judging she had done enough for now, Chiharu pounded Michiko’s head onto the floor until she thought Michiko was unconscious.

Chiharu triumphantly walked towards the bed to claim Azuma once again and win the fight. She dropped Michiko’s thong on the bed as proof of her victory over her vanquished enemy. ”How did you like that? I’ve fought dirtier and harder than her.” This time, she chose a cowgirl position. The prospect finally beating her rival and having a steamy summer holiday in Latin America while her love rival withered alone in the cold Japanese winter was making her excited again. She verbally encouraged Azuma to cum for the fourth time in less than 2 hours and let his dick adjudicate the fight.

After a while, Michiko was able to recover and was horrified to see Azuma drilling into her hated rival. They must have gone at it for a while, because she could feel from Azuma’s moans and speed that he would soon release his cum. Adrenaline levels shooting up like crazy, she ran towards the couple to prevent that. Chiharu saw her coming and was ready to fight her right there.

-“GET OFF HIM SLUT”- Michiko violently yanked her by the hair and hit her in the face.

-“NO I WON’T”- Chiharu tried her best to retaliate but she was distracted by the pounding she was getting from Azuma. Azuma was enthralled as he heard his lovers screech like animals in heat fighting for sex, which they were at the moment. It was incredibly erotic for him.

Chiharu just kept begging him “keep banging, Keep banging” as she was getting pummelled, knowing he was close to cumming. However it was not to be, as Chiharu was ripped off Azuma by Michiko’s two handed hairpull, both girls hitting the floor with a loud thud.

The perspiring girls swiftly clashed again on the floor. The Asian girls were running on fumes but they knew if they could stun her rival fast enough, they could make a run for Azuma’s cock very quickly and win the fight. So using all the little energy they had at their disposal, they mauled, punched, bit and pulled with everything they had in order to bring an end to the terrible fight.

For the first fight minutes of the onslaught, they were about even, but slowly it became clear to Azuma that Michiko was landing more and better punches. At this point Michiko was running more on her hatred for Chiharu and a burning desire to prove herself to her man. Engaging Chiharu into a schoolgirl pin, Michiko grabbed her hair and held her head close to her wet pussy. Just like Chiharu, Michiko’s rational side was demanding a quick knockout, but her feminine honour demanded payback for the humiliation she had just suffered at the hands of Chiharu. She wanted to show to her rival that whatever was done to her, she was going to repay double.

-“How do you like my wet pussy? Smell it right bitch, because this is what Azuma is going to smell every day for the next year”-Azuma could see Chiharu trying to avoid the humiliation but her efforts were pointless.

–“I’ll take delight in telling my man how I beat you two times”- said Azuma’s dark haired lover as she soaked Chiharu’s face in cxnt juice. Then she quickly pounded Chiharu's head onto the floor until she stopped struggling. Thinking Chiharu was done for, Michiko sauntered towards her man. “I’ve won Azuma. Now I’ll show you I’m better not only in catfighting but lovemaking” Knowing Azuma was very close to climax, she forgot the pain in her cxnt and mounted Azuma’s manhood right away. Azuma understood what he had to do and started pounding Michiko.

Chiharu recovered from her cobwebs and saw Michiko riding Azuma to victory. Furious at her rival trying to steal her win, and went after Michiko in a desperate offensive to get her off Azuma. “Faster, faster” Michiko was trying to hold onto Azuma’s dick for as long as she could while she fought off her brown haired rival, but it was futile: Chiharu lifted her off Azuma’s manhood with a bear hug and they fell to the ground in the ensuing struggle. Azuma was left unsatisfied.

Both girls were now breathing hard as they rolled around the floor. Azuma could see their chests heaving up and down as they gulped as much as they could. After the adrenaline rush subsided, each felt the pain from all parts their supple bodies. They knew they were about to pass out if the fight didn’t end soon. Give up? Each girl was too proud, they had come so far, their rivalry was so bitter to give up or let the fight to end in a draw. They had to put everything on the line in one last desperate attack. But would it be enough to defeat her stubborn rival?

They knew they were too spent for punches to be any good. No, this had to be resolved ladies. At this stage, only one contest could do enough harm to make her rival give up and win the admiration of their mutual lover. So they simultaneously committed their hands to destroy the enemy cxnt, while at the same time trying to avoid such an attack. But they were spent, and didn’t have too much energy to defend themselves against the attacks. cxnt fingering required very little effort but done correctly, it produced devastating results. Each tried to maneuver her legs to hold off the enemy nails as long as she could. They could hear Azuma egging them onwards and they planned to do just that.

They understood the importance to keep on attacking the enemy pussy no matter what: a break in the attack would make her lose momentum and cost her the fight. Michiko was face to face with her hated rival, and could see a grim determination in her eyes. The older girl was fighting through the pain in her pussy in this desperate contest. While for Azuma it seemed the girls were doing an equal amount of damage to each other, little by little a gap was developing between the girls. At first it was very almost imperceptible, but slowly Michiko was able to make out a look of growing desperation in her amorous rival. Sensing victory at hand, Michiko steeled her body for one more push…just enough to beat Chiharu off. Chiharu’s moans grew louder and louder. How could she be losing this feminine contest? Was her pussy inferior to her rival’s? She could hear Azuma’s pleas to keep on fighting, asking the girls to show him who wanted him more. The thought of Michiko stealing her man was unacceptable to her and tried change the course of the battle once again. But it was pointless. She didn’t want to give up, but the pain was unbereable. Her body was begging her to give up. Finally, Chiharu a pitiful screech that filled the room and suddenly went limp. The naked Michiko was on top of Chiharu. She was barely conscious and just looked at her defeated rival for a few minutes as she herself nursed her hurting pussy. Seeing the brown haired girl stir, and fearing she would recover, Michiko quickly yanked her by the hair and pounded her head until Chiharu sexy body stopped moving.

Michiko then stood up and limped towards Azuma. There was no sexy sway or deliberate acting up her role as imperial concubine anymore. She was just too tired for that. She just wanted to officially claim victory. Forcing a tired smile, Michiko addressed her lover “I’m yours, if you’ll have me”

The black haired victress proceeded to French kiss Azuma, and felt he desperately wanted release from his hard on. Her cxnt massively aching from the cxnt fighting, she gently had him sit on the edge of the bed, as she got on her knees and her mouth covered his manhood. Azuma felt her skilled tongue teasing his hard dick, helping him get closer and closer to orgasm. While Michiko was blowing him, he looked longingly at his other girlfriend, somewhat hoping that Chiharu would get up and continue the fight. Michiko, feeling a change in the pace in Azuma, increased her speed to match his mood. In between moans of pleasure, Azuma encouraged her to finish him and Michiko kept increasing the speed until an explosion of sperm fill her mouth. She had officially won the fight.

Azuma was puzzled when instead of swallowing all his cum all as was her custom, Michiko used her hand to wipe as much as she could from her mouth and instead rubbed it around her pussy.

-“Just a moment”-said Michiko as she opened her suitcase and revealed a digital camera. His now official girlfriend went to Chiharu’s stirring body, taking photos of the beaten foe as she turned her around and sat on her in a schoolgirl pin. She slapped her until she was awake.

-“Hey slut, guess who’s going to South America with Azuma” –gloated Michiko. Chiharu was sobbing. No this couldn’t be happening.

-“That’s right bitch. He’s mine now, and you’ll never interfere with my relationship again”- Chiharu knew what was coming. She could feel her the smell of her rival’s wet cxnt mixed with Azuma’s semen –“This is revenge for the little number you did to me the last time”- Azuma could see Chiharu’s feeble attempts to get free, but her sexy body just didn’t have any gas to run on. Not surprising, considering the vicious and long catfight that had just ended.

“Take this bitch! How do you like a taste of your own medicine?”-He heard her crying as the victorious girl degraded and smeared his semen on her face. He could hear clickling sounds as Michiko took photos of Chiharu’s wet face then stood up as she took more and more humiliating photos of her naked foe while not showing her own face in the photos. The photos would be posted in the internet for everyone to see. Every would recognize Chiharu from the photos, but only those with intimate knowledge of the little war the girls had been waging over Azuma would know who was the other girl humiliating Chiharu. Chiharu would be completely destroyed and shamed into leaving the university, leaving Michiko Azuma’s uncontested lover.

Azuma felt slightly sorry for Chiharu, but she wasn’t some innocent and naïve girl: She had known the stakes and accepted them. She fought 3 dirty and nasty catfights for him, and now one vixen had emerged victorious. He didn’t feel she was in any way inferior to the Michiko, nor any less desirable now that she lost the fight, but he needed to stick to one girl for now. It was not a big matter. Considering how jealous his now girlfriend was, he thought it wouldn't be hard to provoke a new rivalry with another girl later on. Who, knows, maybe in a year or two he would meet the Chiharu again...

-“Maybe I’ll send you some postcards from South America. But for now, I need to start packing up with my man” –Michiko threw one final punch and the Chiharu was finally knocked out. She felt Azuma helping her get off Chiharu’s body and she hugged him tightly.

-"Will this be enough to make her stop?"-Azuma whispered the question.

-"I hope so. If not...I'll fight her again and again if I need to. You belong to me, and I'll fight her and any other skank who wants to take you away from me..."-replied Michiko without missing a beat.

-“It’s done lover. Let’s leave and go to the hotel. My dress might be ruined, but you can tell me where the slut left my favourite flight attendant uniform…”