The Battle for Azuma's Bed by Justlooking

Alternate Ending

The battle for Azuma's bed Ending 2

By Justlooking9000

Chiharu understood the importance to keep on attacking Michiko’s pussy no matter what: a break in the attack would make her lose momentum and cost her the fight. Michiko was face to face with her hated rival, and could see a grim determination in her eyes. The older girl was fighting through the pain in her pussy but she was at her breaking point. Although she was still inflicting significant pain on her sexual rival, she knew she was losing this contest. At first, the difference was slight, but gradually Chiharu’s advantage snowballed. How could she lose this feminine contest? Was her desire for Azuma inferior to Chiharu’s? It couldn’t be. She thought of Azuma and went for Chiharu’s face in a last ditch attempt to change the course of the fight. But she never got to do that as Chiharu crooked her finger inside Michiko’s pussy and abruptly pulled it out. Michiko’s screech filled the room as the pain became unbearable and her hands went to her pussy... Chiharu pushed her crying adversary off her and looked at her incapacitated rival for a few minutes, too spent to immediately capitalize on her victory. Seeing her rival for Azuma’s love stir however, spurred Chiharu into yanking her by the hair and pounding her head until Azuma’s dark haired girlfriend stopped moving.

Chiharu then stood up and went straight to Azuma. There was no sexy sway or erotic antics anymore. She was just too tired for that. She just wanted to officially claim victory. Forcing a tired smile, Chiharu addressed her lover “I guess our friend won’t be applying for the position anymore.”

The brown haired victor proceeded to French kiss Azuma, and felt he desperately wanted release from his hard on. Her cxnt massively aching from the cxnt fighting, she gently had him lie on the bed, used her ravaged boobs to tittyfuck him. “Which tits do you like better?”-asked Chiharu as she massaged his cock with her tits. “I like the tits of a winner”-moaned Azuma as he felt her chest teasing his hard dick, helping him get closer and closer to orgasm. While Chiharu was busy claiming her victory, Azuma hopefully gazed at Michiko’s unconscious body, half expecting Michiko to pull a miracle and get up to continue the fight. But no miracle was forthcoming from Michiko. Chiharu felt a change in the pace, so she increased her speed to match his mood. In between moans of pleasure, Azuma encouraged her to finish him and Chiharu kept increasing the speed until he exploded on her tits. Chiharu had officially won the fight.

Chiharu, now Azuma’s official lover, proceeded to the next item on the agenda. She opened her suitcase and produced an electric razor, which she put just besides Michiko’s stirring body. She then pinned Michiko, who was just regaining consciousness.

-“Hey slut, guess whose cunt Azuma is going to be smelling every day for the next year?” –gloated Chiharu. Michiko was sobbing. No this couldn’t be happening.

-“That’s right bitch. It’ll be me feasting on his cock while you rot away in here”- Michiko new what was coming when she saw Chiharu rubbing Azuma’s white cream on her tits. “This is for biting my tits before”-said Chiharu as she rubbed her semen covered tits on Michiko’s face –“How do you like his cum bitch? And it’s all mine now”-Michiko wanted to resist, but her body was totally spent. Not surprising, considering the vicious and long catfight that had just ended.

If dark haired ex girlfriend thought her humiliation was going to be short, she was wrong. Picking the razor on the floor, she yanked Michiko by the hair: ”Guess what’s going to happen to your hair”. Michiko’s eyes widened in shock as she realized what was going to happen. She was proud of her long silky hair. She had spent years in growing it and took great care of it. It was at this point when she tried to mount another show of defiance but it was pointless: Chiharu’s dominance was complete.

-“Please no, I beg you! Azuma is yours!”-Azuma heard the proud Michiko’s cries for mercy as Chiharu mercilessly cut all the hair she could. He felt sorry for Michiko, but she wasn’t some innocent and naïve girl: She had known the stakes and accepted them. She fought 3 dirty and nasty catfights for him, and now one woman had emerged victorious. He didn’t feel she was in any way inferior to the Chiharu, nor any less desirable now that she lost the fight, but he needed to stick to one girl for now. It was not a big matter. Considering how jealous his now girlfriend was, he thought it wouldn't be hard to encourage a new rivalry with another girl later on. Who, knows, maybe in a year or two he would meet the Michiko again...

Chiharu knew what she was doing. She knew that Michiko had a big presentation coming up soon. She’d be forced to go bald or risk her degree. Just in case, Chiharu had also arranged for a mutual “friend” to make it know to their friend circle what had happened. She hoped this would totally ruin Michiko’s social standing in the university. Finally satisfied she had cut all the hair she needed to ruin her enemy’s aesthetics, Chiharu couldn’t help but to rub salt on injury by declaring that “maybe I’ll send you some photos of me travelling around Southamerica with my boyfriend. And unlike you, I’ll have still have my long brown hair with me…” –Chiharu threw one final punch and the Michiko was finally knocked out. She groggily stood up, hugging Azuma for support.

-“Do tell me Azuma…who was really your favourite?”-Chiharu felt ok to ask the question now, because by now the answer didn’t really matter.

-“My favourite…my favourite was the girl who showed me who wanted me the most. And that turned to be you…”-

-“Off course I wanted you more, silly!. Let’s leave and go to the hotel. I still have her flight attendant uniform with me…”