Boss Fight Triangle 1 by Justlooking9000

Wife Lan Rong and Secretary  Mao Chun and ex girlfriend Wen Mei

Lan Rong felt trepidation as she entered the office. In theory she was there to visit her husband, a ritual she started a few months back. In practice, she was coming to see another person as well: Secretary Mao Chun, her bitter rival for her husband’s affections. 

The 25 year old Sichuan beauty rued the day she had agreed to an open marriage as a condition to tie the knot with Deng. She had some reservations over the issue, but at the time she had to agree to win him over from a rival girlfriend. She was ok with her husband’s occasional lovers, as they had proved to be short lived. That all ended a few months back when Deng hired Miss Mao. Lan’s feminine intuition told her that unlike the other women, Mao Mao was not going be satisfied with just a casual affair. No, the secretary wanted to replace her and thus represented an existential threat to her marriage. 

Entering the room, Xiao Lan quickly discarded her trench coat to reveal a very short miniskirt that showed off her long legs and a red long sleeve blouse that left her shoulders exposed. Across the room, her opponent sported a very brief one piece dress that had a zebra design that exposed Mao Mao's fantastic legs. They were dresses more suited to nightclub whores than professional women. But by this time, the office was hardly a professional environment: it was yet another battleground between two young women competing for the affections of the same man. Barely acknowledging the brown haired temptress, Lan Lan made a point of swaying her hips more than she needed to as she walked past Miss Mao and into her husband’s office. 



“What a pleasant surprise”Said Deng as his wife closed the door to his office. He was aware of the sexual competition his secretary and wife were having over him. He tried to be aloof, but couldn't help to be thrilled as the women vied over his cock. Instead of passively accepting the affair, or recriminating her husband for it, the temperamental Lan, true to her Sichuan heritage, had told Xiao Mao that she better keep off her husband or else. 

“You know, you shouldn’t keep escalating this silly war with Xiao Mao”suggested Deng. However, secretly he was hoping for Lan’s visits to continue. Rather than feeling intimidated, the secretary tried harder to steal Deng away from her rival. Shorter dresses and less subtle attempts to gain Deng’s favour soon followed, making Deng quite a happy man. 

“Some prostitute is trying to steal my husband. Should I just give him up without a fight?”Lan smiled as she saw a significant bulge under Deng’s pants. Lan Lan was pretty but not dumb. She had known her husband for a long time, and was well aware that he liked his lovers competing for him. So she used the language of sexual competition to excite his imagination. Occasionally the language would turn violent…


The 26 year old Mao Chun had to suffer through the moans as she heard her lover and his wife having sex in the other room. The secretary was outraged at Deng’s wife’s audacity. The office was Mao’s dominion and that Sichuan whore insinuating herself in her territory was an affront Mao Mao could not let pass unpunished. The moans stopped as soon as Lan Lan was done with the business of pleasing her husband. A few minutes later, Xiao Lan opened the door, sporting a somewhat messed up hair and smirking at Mao Mao as she exited the room.

“You can come all you want, but I’ll still going on that trip with him. And he’s going to eat a lot of Hunan dishes”Of course, Mao Mao wasn't referring to spicy dishes. 

Lan Lan hips stopped undulating in a suggestive way, as she turned around and confronted the taller woman face to face, so close they could feel their chests pushing each other in a very feminine challenge. 

“Hunan cuisine is second rate compared to Sichuan food”Deng’s wife engaged Mao Mao in an intense stare down.

“Well, Deng sure likes to eat a lot of Hunan dishes…”Deng’s employee returned the stare down with a smirk.

“Maybe you should try some Sichuan cuisine then…but might bite more than you can chew”the black haired beauty made sure to push the secretary 

back with her chest.

“I’m pretty sure Sichuan has nothing I can’t handle. Maybe you should come with us…we could do a lot of cooking and find out which style is better…”Mao made a point of pushing back.

 “I’m telling you Hunan dog. Call off that trip with my husband or else”

“Or else what? You going to hit me? I’d love the chance to mop the floor with you.”

The black haired girl was about to slap the impertinent secretary when she saw her husband opening the door. 

“You’ve been warned”a visibly upset Lan Rong turned around and left the office.


The next night…

Wen Mei waited patiently for her date to arrive. Spotting Deng, now the boss of a middle size company, she waved to catch his attention.  

“You’re as handsome as ever” said the 23 year old beauty as she hugged her exboyfriend in a tight hug.

“You aren't too shabby herself”Deng recalled the many nights of passionate love making he had with his exgirlfriend. He wondered what had become of her since he married Lan Lan.

“Do you ever wonder what would have been of us?” Mei asked in a melancholic voice. She couldn’t help but to feel paws of regret. Deng had been a wonderful lover. She had tried hard to get him to propose to her, but she faced an obstinate rival lover for him: Lan Rong. She and Xiao Lan engaged in all sort of tricks and plans to win him over. They even went through rough threesomes and some orgies in their quest to upstage the other. Although at times their tensions threatened to spill into physical confrontation, their conflict never went past strong shoving matches. Wen Wen found Deng’s proposal for an open marriage too much to stomach. Lan, on the other hand, accepted to that condition.   

“What’s in the past, is past. But I certainly do wonder”Deng had some suspicions of what the Shandong girl was really after. The excuse she gave him was that she needed to find a job somewhere. He was happy to pretend to believe that fiction, but it was likely that she wanted to rekindle their connection. Which was fine, because he *too* was keen to rekindle his romance with Xiao Wen.  

“So, to the business at hand. Miss Mao will help you get settled in the first week, then you’ll be working 2 days with her, 2 days alone and 3 days of rest per week"

They had pleasant conversation over dinner, carefully avoiding to mention Deng’s wife. They would deal with her later. That said, Xiao Mei knew what she really wanted to do. She had had some time to wonder over the last year, and she decided she couldn't really just let go of Deng so easily. She had to fight harder to get what she wanted in life. And if she had to stomp all over Lan Lan to get him, so be it. 

Lan was not happy as she thought her husband was with Mao Mao that night. Mao on the other hand, believed her boss was home with his wife. They didn’t know that he was in fact enjoying the pleasures of Lu cuisine in Wen’s bed that night.


One week later…

Mao and Wen’s introduction to each other was a mutual shock. Even though Xiao Wen was dressed conservatively, Mao had an uneasy feeling about her co secretary. She hadn’t expected Deng to find such a beautiful and young woman for the position. She could not help but to feel the Shandong beauty would prove to be troublesome later on. 

Wen Wen on the other hand, was pretty sure the secretary was trouble. Just looking at Mao short dress, it was obvious that she was aiming to bed the boss, if she hadn’t already done so. Rather than make a move for Deng in the open, the Shandong girl decided to hide her intentions and gauge the situation. Deng finally told her all about Xiao Lan office antics, Mao Mao’s attempts at stealing Deng, the charged verbal exchanges between the two beauties…it all took her back to the time she and Xiao Lan were competing for Deng. Except this time she had two rivals. 

The first day she had a chance to work alone at the office, she decided to wear a tight long sleeve blue blouse and a white miniskirt for the benefit of her exboyfriend. It worked; Deng was distracted and couldn’t keep his hands off her whenever she came over to his office. She teased him all day long; the sexual tension was high, and hopefully they’d end up in a hotel later that day…

Xiao Lan opened the door to the front office. She was decked in a strapless top that showed a generous amount of skin and a stripped miniskirt. She was furious. She had just been told who Deng’s new secretary was. Not only she had to confront a husbandhungry secretary, but now she had to battle an old sexual enemy too. But that was ok. Lan Lan had a generous supply of fiery temper she could(and was willing) give any slut wanting to steal her man. She made a beeline to Xiao Wen’s desk. 

“You just can’t accept you lost him can you?” – said the wife as leaned forward and loudly smashed her open palms on the table.

“I didn’t lose him. I decided to quit. If I had decided to continue competing for him, I’d be his wife, not you”replied the Shandong girl as she stood up to meet her adversary eye to eye.

“HA! That’s rich. We both know you couldn’t compete with me in bed.”The Sichuan siren when around the desk to confront Xiao Wen chest to chest. The brown haired woman made a point of puffing her chest as they met.

“Really? Because he was at my house one week ago and he seemed rather…hungry.”

“You whore!” Lan Lan grabbed Wen Wen’s top to draw her close to herself “I didn’t rip you to pieces in the past was because MY husband asked me not to. This time I won’t be so accommodating.”

Instead of backing away, Deng’s exgirlfriend came even closer, tilting her head to whisper into her rival’s ear. “As I’ve told you before Lan Lan. We can fix this argument anytime anyplace. After I’m done with you, I’ll fix that secretary problem for you…” –The implication was obvious. The black haired siren released her grip and an uncomfortable silence set in as the women glared at each other. Then Xiao Lan walked away.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“As we won’t be solving this with words, I’ll use another method”replied the wife as she opened the door to Deng’s office and proceeded to fuck her husband while Xiao Wen could do nothing but listen and let her anger simmer. That day she didn’t spend the night with Deng. Xiao Lan had managed to ruin her day, but the Shandong seductress swore was going to get even.

3 days after Lan Rong and Wen Mei's confrontation in Deng's office...

Mao finally arrived to the hotel in Ko Kood, Thailand . She was all smiles, as she knew she would have Deng all for herself, away from his meddlesome wife. Her encounters with Xiao Lan had become testier as the day of the trip got closer, the women hurling more and more violent threats at each other. Secretary Mao had even mentioned the hotel she and Deng were going to be staying, basically daring the wife to come and do something about it.  

The first two nights on the island went smoothly, and seeing no signs of her romantic rival, Mao was confident she had called Lan’s bluff. 

“That Sichuan whore didn’t come after all”Noted Xiao Mao with marked satisfaction.

“You sound as if you’re really want her to show up”Deng came from behind and sensually kissed his secretary while slowly undressing her.

“Well”Mao turned around to reciprocate in the undressing“Her showing up would allow me to scratch her eyes out and decide who gets you”

“Oh come on…”Deng slowly removed each piece of clothing as he continued foreplay.

“Come on what? Your cxnt wife has been taunting me with her visits to the office. The snide remarks. Having sex in my workplace. There’s only so much I can take. We’re bound to…fight”

“What do you think will happen if Xiao Lan really showed up?”Deng prodded for details. Mao Mao knew what her lover really wanted to hear. And she gave them to him in spades.

“Well, we’d battle for your huge dick…I imagine we’d on the beach…”Removing her boss’ underwear“I’ll be with you and your wife shows up”naked, boss and secretary engaged in light kissing “I expect us to…pull hair…“She pulled his short hair and started French kissing him“I’ll bite her nipples out”She proceeded to suck Deng’s nipples, making him moan“she might scratch my tits in return.”Deng knew Mao Mao wanted him to massage her chest“It will be a terrible and messy struggle, in which we’ll roll around the sand…”the lovers rolled around the bed“she’ll scratch my back….I’ll bite her ears…for a long time…”

“We’ll separate and clash tit to tit over and over, trying to see whose tits are better”She embraced her lover as she used her tits to massage his chest“After a while, I’ll emerge victorious in the tit contest. Humiliated, your wife will go all out in and we’ll roll around on the sand…”They settled for a missionary position“She’ll be on top of me, but I’ll be fighting back like a tigress.”Deng cock found Mao Mao’s vagina and started pounding away“As we hit each other*Moan* with wild abandon *Moan* our cxnts*moan* will clash *moan*back and forth …. *moan*for a *moan*long time *moan*…until *moan* I *moan* win…..”Mao orgasmed first and after a while Deng did too.

“It seems Lan Lan won this time around”teased Deng, be he received a disapproving glare from his secretary.

“In real life, I’ll win…and after the fight, I’ll claim you as my prize right there on the beach.”

On the third day, Deng was called to the lobby of the hotel and was surprised to see his wife waiting for him. Before he could say anything, Lan hugged him and kissed him passionately.

“Please dear. We agreed that you’d let me take care of my affairs without making a fuss. This is way out of line…”

“I did agree …”Lan was prepared for this line of reasoning. She took her mobile phone and showed Deng the conversations she and Mao had been having“But your bitch secretary wants more than a casual affair. She wants to replace me. She’s been daring me to come and do something about her advances.”

“Should I tolerate her insults? Shouldn't I have the right to fight for my marriage?”Deng could see her point of view. He had been thinking of the problem himself. Taking his arm she prodded him to follow her upstairs. She mischievously explained, “I booked a room in the same hotel.”

“Ok ok let’s not get carried away, let me think about it and I promise I’ll try to find a solution…”

“No. That won’t do. At this stage I need to confront her myself. She needs to know who’s the better woman…”She said as she opened the door to her room“And now that you're here, I’ll show you Sichuan food is way better than anything coming from Hunan”.

“Xiao Mao won’t like this one bit…”

“I don’t care if what that cxnt thinks…”Xiao Lan started hungrily kissing her husband and ripping his clothes off. 

“She mentioned that if push comes to shove, she’ll fight you”warned Deng as he reciprocated his wife’s attentions. 

“I’m not scared of fighting her. I think I’d rather prefer we fought. I’ve been wanting to rip that whore’s tits off for a long time…” –Lan finally undressed her husband. She knew Deng would love to keep hearing what she had to say about Mao Mao. And she was no shy of providing details as he finished undressing her.

“I guess we’ll charge violently at each other”she hugged her naked man“we’ll hug in a tight embrace”She continued the heavy petting“But it won’t be a loving embrace. It will be a hateful and full of spite.”Husband and wife explored each other’s body as if it was the first time “We’ll scratch each other out, leaving red marks on our young bodies. Would you like to watch that? She’ll stumble and I’ll follow. We’ll roll around as we continue our struggle for you.”Lan and Deng felt onto the bed and made passionate love making.

“She’ll try to go for my tits, and bite hard”Deng expertly sucked and licked Lan’s chest“I’ll scream*loud moan* in pain….but I’ll *moan*bite her chest…”Xiao Lan reciprocated the nipple licking“until I rip it off...”

“I’ll rally and pin her to the floor”Lan ended in a reverse cowgirl“She’ll struggle but I’ll humiliate her with my clit.”His wife pressed her vagina onto his mouth and he knew what she wanted“As a last resort, she’ll savagely bite my cxnt, I’ll scream in *moan*pain…Seething with fury*moan*, I’ll go for a 69 and *moan*destroy *moan*her cxnt” She completed the 69 position and started giving her husband a blowjob“We’ll try to destroy*moan* each other’s *moan* cxnt and *moan* scream…until *moan* one of us *moan* can’t resist the *moan* pain any more…”Lan Lan felt a rush of warm white liquid inside her mouth. She orgasmed just a little later. Looking at her husband in the eye, she greedily licked any remaining cum off her mouth. “Emerging victorious, I’ll fuck your brains out in front of her”.


Mao Mao was seething. She was wondering why Deng was taking so long when her mobile phone received an audio message from Lan Lan containing Deng’s and Lan Lan’s increasingly rapid moans and a marked relaxation after a while. Mao immediately realized what had just happened, and called Deng’s mobile phone. A torrent of insults and threats ran through the line when Lan picked the phone.

“That’s it whore. I don’t care what Deng says, the next time I see you, I’ll leave you bald.”

“The only thing happening next time is me teaching you not to mess with my man”

“Talk is cheap. You dare to say that in front me?”

“I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow at 5am on the beach with my man. If you’re woman enough…”That finally quieted the argument down.

“Fine! I’ll enjoy fucking your husband’s silly after I rip you to pieces” And with that, Mao Mao hung up.


The next morning at 4:30am.

Mao wore a tiny black bikini for her confrontation with Lan. She walked around the small island until she spotted Lan, in an equally tiny red bikini, stroking Deng’s cock into ecstasy. Incensed with rage, Mao ran to break up the couple. Lan wasn’t expecting Mao so early. She worked really fast on Deng’s dick as soon as she saw Mao coming and managed to make him cum just in time. She then got as much cum as she could get in her hand and greeted Mao Mao with a slap full of cum.

The slap didn’t stop the brown haired girl from crashing into Lan Lan and sending them both crashing into the white sand. Rolling around, high pitched screams filled the otherwise empty beach as the sexual rivals pulled huge chunks of brown and black hair. The older Mao Mao could feel the white liquid dripping from her cheek, as the smell of her lover’s semen overpowered the battlefield. Months of pent up tension and threats were finally being acted upon. 

Deng watched as his lovers exchanged the top position over and over in their battle for dominance, but they could only manage to hold on for a few seconds before her rival used the hairpull to reverse the position. Lan knew she had to win this fight or her marriage would be in dire straits. She had fantasized for so long to do more than just compete sexually for Deng: She wanted to let him know she was willing to fight for her man. Winning would raise her status in front of his eyes. 

Managing to reclaim the top position, the Sichuanese stunner changed tactics and bit hard on Mao’s shoulder, as her hands blindly scratched Xiao Mao’s slim body. Deng could hear his secretary’s outraged screams, as she franticly kicked and punched to get the shorter woman off her. Mao then changed tack, hurling dry sand at the wife’s pretty face. Some of the sand got into her eyes, allowing the Hunan woman to dismount the housewife. Mao quickly got up and went after the black haired siren in a flurry of punches. –“PAYBACK TIME BITCH”

Lan used her arms in a defensive fashion to withstand a rain of hits as she tried to get the sand off her eyes. Eventually she charged at the good looking secretary and engaged her tight clinch, where they proceeded to use their long legs to knee each other like thai boxers. They hurled insults like WHORE, PIG, cxnt as their bodies desperately rose, bent and crouched, trying to connect and evade knee hits, especially to the groin. In the struggle, the bikini tops became dislocated, revealing each woman’s perky tits.

Mao knew this fight was a golden opportunity to finally achieving the sexual supremacy she desired. The Hunan native *knew* she was better than her Sichuanese rival in every aspect, but for a long time the younger Lan had the advantage of being Deng’s wife. Defeating her intimate rival here would give her grounds to demand Deng to prioritize her over his wife, and ultimately convince him to divorce her. 

Mao tried to use the clinch to force the wife into the ground. The black haired beauty stumbled but quickly regained her foot. She did the same to Mao but the secretary stubbornly refused to fall. Grunting as they tried to overpower each other, the Hunanese was the first to fall as a failed knee attack unbalanced her. Lan followed her, pinning her down in a shaky hold. –“GET OFF ME COW” Mao Mao agitated her legs in order to get the wife off her. –“Right after you leave my husband alone!” Instead of hairpulling, the younger beauty used one hand to punch whatever target she could find, while the other hand was engaged in trying to take off the assistant’s bikini top. 

–“HE’S MINE!”Mao also reached for her rival’s bikini top and tried to punch her way out of the hold. Weathering a shower of punches, Lan was more successful in this endeavour, but her success was her undoing: The force of Mao’s top coming off propelled Deng’s wife backwards. 

Deng’s secretary quickly got back in her feet and took advantage of Xiao Lan still being on the sand by trying to take off the wife’s tiny bikini thong. Lan Lan wasn’t keen to have her cxnt exposed in the open, so she desperately tried to cling onto the red gstring.

“LET GO YOU HAG”Deng watched as the vigorous tug of war over the flimsy thong stretched it to amazing proportions. Using her long legs, Lan Lan kicked upwards to get the taller woman to desist, but the secretary wasn’t budging. He could see the gstring gradually coming apart despite Lan Lan’s best efforts, until it finally broke, propelling his brown haired lover to the wet part of the beach.

“LET GO YOU HAG”Deng watched as the vigorous tug of war over the flimsy thong stretched it to amazing proportions. Using her long legs, Lan Lan kicked upwards to get the taller woman to desist, but the secretary wasn’t budging. He could see the thong gradually coming apart despite Lan Lan’s best efforts, until it finally broke, propelling his brown haired lover to the wet part of the beach.

“YOU FUCKING BITCH” Now it was Xiao Lan’s turn to turn the tables, and jumping onto the secretary, she helped herself to some of her opponent’s brown mane and banged Xiao Mao’s head repeatedly into the wet sand. –“How do you like eating sand you whore?” gloated the black haired warrior as her romantic rival struggled vigorously to get the young wife off; but her struggles gradually petered out until she was knocked cold. 

Satisfied she had left the secretary unconscious, Lan Lan took her foe’s bikini gstring off, leaving her totally bare. She had taught that Hunan slut a lesson and now her husband knew who was the better woman. The black haired woman was horny and her wet pussy required satisfaction NOW! Too horny to be shy about anyone seeing her. And she was almost naked now anyways, so she took off her bikini top and sauntered towards her man, proudly strutting her naked body. –“I think we need to finish what we started before we were rudely interrupted”she said as she guided her husband’s cock inside her.

5 minutes passed before a wave woke the unconscious secretary up. Gagging from the salty water that got in her mouth, Mao Mao recovered consciousness. Quickly remembering what had happened, she scanned the area and found Lan Lan riding Deng into an orgasm. Enraged, Deng’s Hunan lover rose up, ready for round two.

Lan Lan was almost reaching orgasm but her husband suddenly stopped his rocking motion to point out behind her. Turning around, Lan Lan could see the hated secretary coming at them. 

“Hold that for me dear” Pissed off at being interrupted a second time, Lan Lan stood up to face up against the secretary again. Deng watched as his naked lovers furiously walked towards each other, eager for another clash. 

“Why don’t you just stay down and let me fuck my man” cried the Sichuan beauty as she drove backfist after backfist onto Mao Mao’s lithe body.

“This ain’t settled yet bitch. I’m here for round 2”Mao Mao defended herself with her arms as she charged directly at the wife. In close range, Mao Mao drilled punches into the Sichuan girl’s side abs. Lan Lan responded by mauling and scratching Mao Mao’s exquisite chest.

Wailing in pain, the brown haired secretary retaliated in kind. Xiao Lan remembered how she had promised Deng she was going to “rip that slutty secretary’s tits off” one day. Pulling and twisting for all they could, the women tried to annihilate each other’s sexual weapons. Screams accompanied tears of pain as the two sand covered beauties engaged in this grim contest of femininity as they fell into the ground. 

Deng was excited for having two women fighting over him like this. The high pitches and the insults let Deng know they were giving their all in a frenzied struggle. Each wanted to prove herself superior to her adversary for his affections. In the intimacy of the bedroom, each had expressed a desire to have him witness this erotic struggle, if it ever happened. They had confessed a violent desire to physically harm her love rival, especially whatever asset made her appealing to her man. This was a war of sexual destruction. 

“Let’s see how you this!”Mao Mao got some sand in her hand and rubbed against Xiao Lan’s pussy. The wife screamed at the pain the friction caused by the sand caused, but she was more than willing to return fire. 

“I can fight dirty too”said Sichuan stunner as she grabbed some sand of her own and rubbed hard against the taller girl’s pussy. This taboo now broken, the women used their sand covered hands to rub as much as sand as they could into the enemy cunt. Sand inside a woman’s vagina is at the very least irritating; at worst, it could make it very painful to walk. The young Chinese women, aware of the dire consequences of losing this contest, tightly closed their legs as they attacked. As the battle raged on, they slowly drifted towards the ocean. 

Although the actual damage to their vaginas ended up being very little, the struggle was frantic and furious. When a woman competes for a man with another woman, she despises everything about the other woman. She’ll want to ruin whatever made her adversary pretty and sexually appealing to her lover. She would want to destroy her femininity. And what could be more feminine than her vagina and tits? 

One particular big wave covered the attractive women, forcing them surrender their holds and getting to their knees. The wave had left them completely wet and sandless. The ladies couldn’t resort to sand chicanery anymore. No. Now it was going to be a “clean” woman to woman fight until one of them couldn’t go on.  

Xiao Mao couldn’t help but to ironically recall one night when she had incited her boss into a lovemaking frenzy by telling him a story of his wife and herself duking it out on a beach two weeks ago. The story ended in an epic struggle, where they would end on the water, on the knees, and their sexy wet bodies clashing in a free for all until Mao emerged victorious and claimed Deng for herself. 

On their knees, the topless beauties charged ahead in a final clash for the man they loved . “You should have never tangled with me”Mao Mao rejoined Lan Lan in a passionate struggle. 

“You should have never messed with a married man” Xiao Lan was wondering what would take to get her rival to finally give up. She had been giving it her all and the Hunan slut just kept on coming back for more. She tried to ignore the burning sensation she felt inside her vagina, no doubt because of the sand inside. She asked her body for the strength she needed to finally beat the pretty secretary into submission.

 “Your marriage is OVER!” Mao Mao was putting a tough front, but she was crumbling inside. The pain inside her vagina was excruciating, indicating her younger rival was very successful in her sand rubbing. Losing the fight would mean that Sichuan whore would taunt her no end in the office, and eventually find a way to get her fired. Her blossoming relationship with her boss would be effectively over 

“I’m the better woman!” The feistiness of the women was gone as more energy was concentrated in slugging it out. To Deng it seemed as if he was watching a movie in slow motion. His lovers’ slim bodies threatened to collapse at any moment, but the Chinese girls endured painful blow after painful blow. Slowly, Mao Mao seemed to be getting the better of his wife. The younger woman was trying to retaliate as best as she could, but she was so exhausted she let more and more hits go unanswered. She tried to finger the secretary’s cxnt to get out of this terrible situation but she was ultimately unsuccessful. 

Mao Mao, realizing she was gaining ground, was reinvigorated by the prospect of finishing her rival. The spent black haired beauty clinched Mao to avoid falling but all that did was let Mao Mao knee her on the abdomen one…two..three…each time Lan Lan's body convulsed violently and horrible screams came out of her pretty mouth, but she held on until her wet body could finally take it no more and dropped, making a splash on the water.

Heaving heavily, Mao Mao got up and pulling her younger foe by her arms, dragged a screaming Lan Lan out of the water and into the wet sand.   Seeing her naked boss, Mao Mao smiled at him. She was going to claim him, but first, she needed to take care of Lan Lan. Not wanting to give her enemy the chance to recover as she fucked her man, she searched and quickly found the tiny bikinis that became lost in the savage fight. She then used them to tie the Sichuan bitch down.

Confident now that she could enjoy the fruits of her victory, Mao Mao cleaned herself up. As she had predicted, she had won for him. And as she promised, she was going to enjoy on the beach. Mostly because she wanted the powerless Lan Lan to see her do the deed but also all the skin contact and rolling around had made her very horny. Kissing her boss she said –“Your bitch wife is watching, so let’s put a good show”. She eagerly performed a fellatio on him for a long time until Deng was about to cum. 

–“I promise I’ll finish this tonight, but right now, I need to do something else”Instead of finishing him with a blowjob, Mao Mao stopped and used a handjob to finish the job. She then hungrily took all the white liquid she could with her hands, and then walked at the defeated Lan Lan.

“So you like to slap people with my man’s cum?”Mao said as she used her cum filled hand to slap Lan Lan over and over again“How do you like this? It’s now all mine!” The Hunan girl agitated her legs in desperation, but was too weak to resist the humiliation. But far from being cowed, the Hunan beauty hurled insults and threats, promising she was going to get a rematch.

“If you want a rematch, I’ll give it to you anytime. But tonight you’ll leave this island and let me enjoy my holiday with my boyfriend” Mao Mao then punched her bitter enemy one last time and groggily stood up. Months and months and tensions between her and his boss’s wife had finally been solved to her satisfaction. Giving a broad but tired smiled she collapsed on her man. Although she wouldn't be able to immediately eliminate Xiao Lan from Deng’s life, Mao Mao could marginalize the wife and then remove her completely. Her problems were over.

Or so she thought. At the time she couldn't have imagined it, but the “Lan Lan” problem would prove to be more serious than she had imagined. And she was to have another unwelcome surprise called assistant secretary Wen Mei.