Boss Fight Triangle 2 by Justlooking9000

Wife Lan Rong and Secretary  Mao Chun and ex girlfriend Wen Mei The battle continues

Mao Chun was ecstatic. After long a long simmering dispute with Lan Rong over the affections of the same man, the young rival lovers finally had it out on a solitary beach in Thailand. In the bitter back and forth, the secretary was finally able to beat the persistent wife into submission and claim Lan’s husband for herself. Winning the fight, Mao Mao proceeded to humiliate his wife and then make love with her new man on the beach. The Hunan temptress then proceeded to enjoy a steamy holiday with her boss.

The older woman spent no time in claiming the benefits of being her boss’ primary lover. She still had to agree to an open relationship (Just as Lan Lan had had to), and the defeated Sichuan wife would still be around. However, she got Xiao Lan kicked out of Deng’s house and her access to her husband much reduced. As the victoress was moving in, she got into a tense shoving match with Lan Lan, who wasn’t willing to give up her husband just yet. Only Deng’s intervention prevented another fight. This encounter signaled to the secretary that the Sichuan beauty had not been completely cowed, and another conflict would be needed to put her in her place.

Lan Lan was devastated. In a bid to save her marriage from a sexual rival, she bet on an all out catfight and lost. She would have been victorious if she hadn’t made a critical mistake. She was out of the house she shared with her husband, could not visit his office (To prevent the women from starting another fight), and could only see him once a week. It was as if she was just a common mistress. However, it was not all lost. Xiao Lan knew that the open relationship arrangement that the secretary had used against her could be exploited by her too. 

Wen Mei was shocked as her exboyfriend retold her about the incredible series of events leading up to Xiao Lan’s humiliating expulsion from her own house. Ever since she had met the secretary for the first time, Deng’s exgirlfriend sensed Xiao Mao was going to be an obstacle. In the past, Wen Wen had considered the possibility of fighting Lan Rong over their shared boyfriend. Although Deng was happy to see his girlfriends competing for him in the bedroom and overcharging their sex lives with fantasy catfights, he was adamant that he didn’t want to see his two lovers fight. So the women never got past shouting and shoving matches, fearing Deng would think less of them if they came to blows. 

It was now clear that despite her exboyfriend protestations of the contrary, the goalposts had shifted. But not by much. Deng would still have reservations about his women fighting over him. No, she’d have to gradually ratchet up hostilities until tensions inevitably led to a catfight. Only after he was presented with a fait accompli would he accept the outcome of such a catfight.

Back to the office….

Mao Mao was totally unprepared for what came the next time she had to work with Wen Wen. The main secretary, thinking that her struggles to win her boss’ heart were over, came to work dressed as a professional and respectable woman. She opened the door to her Queendom only to find her new co secretary dressed in a ridiculously short dress. Xiao Wen couldn’t help but to smirk at Mao Mao’s shock. Up to that point, the Shandong girl had been careful to hide her true intentions, content to let Mao Chun and Lan Rong battle it out as they competed for Deng, but now it was the time to openly declare her intentions. 

The older woman, knowing that her boss would not tolerate a physical confrontation his office, couldn’t do anything but to give dirty looks at her co secretary. She fumed as she saw Deng frequently calling Xiao Wen to his office. She couldn’t see what was happening inside, but her imagination ran wild.  

“Listen Shandong cunt, if you think you can just come in and whore your way into his bed, you’re dreaming.”said the taller beauty as she approached her younger foe.

“Trust me, having his cock inside me the other night was no dream. I think he really liked to see what the northern cuisine had to offer.”Deng’s exgirlfriend smiled mischievously as she saw the secretary’s cheeks visibly reddening. 

“I’m warning you bitch.”Incensed at Wen Wen’s audacious admission “I might not control what Deng does outside here and the house yet, but this office is my Queendom, and if you think you can insinuate yourself in front of my man here, you’re dead wrong!” 

 “This isn’t your office. It’s Deng’s; and if he wants me to please him here, I’ll do it with pleasure.”Xiao Wen made a point of getting closer to her romantic rival. Mao Mao was not intimidated and got closer still. Almost whispering, the Hunan secretary warned “Listen you cheap skank! If I ever catch you fucking my man here, I rip you to pieces, just like I did with that Sichuan bitch”

“Oh please. You barely win one little scrap with some girl from the South and think you’re top shit. You think you can handle me?”whispered the Shandong upstart as she stared down at her foe.

“Is everything ok ladies?”Their boss interrupted this intimate discussion. Disengaging from the chest to chest action, Mao Mao walked to her boss and gave him a passionate kiss. “Everything is just fine honey”said Mao Mao as she gave one final glare to her new enemy.

_The same night Deng sheepishly confessed that Wen Wen was his ex. Which in Hunan native’s eyes, made everything worse. Nothing was more dangerous to a woman’s bid to make a guy fall for her than friendly exgirlfriend on the sidelines. A woman who had been on intimate terms with her lover. Most often than not, the ex had been unwilling to break up, and had stayed on friendly terms with her exboyfriend hoping to win him back in the future. Now with rose tinted glasses of the past, the man would be reminded of an idyllic past, always comparing his current lover to his ex, imagining what could have been if he hadn’t broken up. And Wen Wen was a super friendly exgirlfriend. The secretary knew she had to act quickly and decisively if she wanted to keep her hard earned relationship intact. She was ready for carnal war, and she was going to win!

From that day on, the secretaries were on a warpath. Deng found it hard to focus on working, as the two women concentrated more on winning his attention with their feminine charms than in productive work. Whatever one woman did, his other lover wanted to one up her. That said, Mao Mao still had the advantage. She got to keep Deng’s company four nights a week, while Wen Wen only had two and Lan Lan only one. 

Two days later….

Deng opened the door to his apartment. Mao Chun was outside and wasn’t coming back until very late that night. He sighed as he thought about his two secretaries. Lately, the Hunan beauty has been trying to persuade Deng to fire Xiao Wen. The Shandong girl on her part, lobbied hard for more work time. Deng saw through these naked power plays and let their argument simmer, happy to just be drowning in pussy.

He could do whatever he wanted really. It was China, and young, handsome, rich guys like him could have his pick of women. He could have just keep playing the field for a long time, but regrettably his family was less understanding. He was told in no uncertain terms to pick an acceptable wife or else. At the time he was dating Xiao Wen and Lan Lan on a routine basis, so he wasn’t in the mood to settle down. He wanted freedom and variety. So in a flash of brilliance, he said that whoever agreed to an open relationship would become his wife, and his black haired lover accepted. Marriage achieved, Relatives satisfied, he could still sleep around. QED. 

Who could have imagined at the time that one year and a half later, he’d have 3 women openly competing over him and have had witnessed one catfight over him?

His thoughts were interrupted by a “Hello handsome”. He recognized that voice. Deng looked around the living room until his eyes settled on a young Chinese woman in a short semitransparent negligee. “What are you doing here?asked Deng as his beautiful wife stood up and greeted him with a hug and a passionate kiss. He could feel her delightful anatomy rubbing against him as her hands were busy roaming his back.

“I’m here to please my husband of course”smiled Xiao Lan. She had managed to make a copy of the house key before being kicked out. Her amorous rival had made the critical mistake of not changing the locks of the house. While Mao Mao and Xiao Wen were battling it out in the office for his affections, the Sichuan seductress started her guerrilla campaign right at where the secretary thought her hold over Deng was the safest. 

“You shouldn’t be here…what if Mao Mao finds you’re…”Deng’s wife smiled as pressed her finger against her husband’s mouth.

“I don’t care what she thinks. And if she finds me here….well I guess that’s too bad. But I’m not backing down. Now, I think you’re tired, and you need a good bath to…relax…and maybe I’ll tell you all the terrible things that would happen if that Hunan cxnt found us in the shower…”

When Mao Mao came back home that night, she found her boss incredibly tired and unwilling to engage in intercourse as was their custom. The Hunan stunner felt something was amiss, but let the matter slide. She had bigger problems to think about.

The secretary was anxious. She was keen to removing Lan’s remaining hold on Deng but she was busy fending off her Shandong rival’s bid for her man. The secretary decided that further escalation was necessary: Either the exgirlfriend backed off her pretensions or they were going to have a serious “talk” about who was Deng’s main lover. This strategy had worked wonderfully against Xiao Lan, and Mao Mao was confident she could come on top in any altercation with the Shandong seductress.

With that in mind, the Hunan woman turned on her laptop and opened a folder with a stash video files she had made without Deng finding out. She had originally planned to used them in her campaign against Lan Lan, but recently she had made a few videos specifically targeting her Shandong competitor. She sent an email to her coworker. Already at her own apartment, Wen Wen opened the file attached in the email; it was a video of Mao Mao initiating sex with Deng by telling him “how cute it is that your exgirlfriend thinks she can win you back”. It seemed that Deng didn’t know he was being filmed. Clothes got torn off, marks of sexual excitement became evident. As their encounter became progressively more heated, Mao Mao reaffirmed that she was going to defend what was hers and if she had to fight to keep her man, she was going to do it again. In between moans, the secretary incited her man even further by stating that if Wen Wen didn’t stop her flirtations, she would rip every little piece of hair cxnt the Shandong whore had, main her tits and then have her witness Xiao Mao claim her man, just as she had done with Lan Lan.

The “Shandong whore” was incensed, but she also knew that this was her chance to escalate things further. The response from the shorter girl didn’t take long. Two days later, Mao Mao received a video file showing Wen Wen undressing her boss in the front office. She heard Deng warning his lover that Xiao Mao was out for blood. The Shandong girl replied she wasn’t afraid of what some Southern bitch had to say, and that if that “old hag from Hunan” wanted a go at her, she was happy to oblige Xiao Mao in a clothes ripping, tits scratching, cxnt mauling catfight over Deng. The Northern girl took the man in dispute to Mao Mao’s desk, getting Deng to hop on top of the desk. She aroused her man even further by telling him a story of his two lovers fighting over him in the office, with Wen Wen obviously winning the fight and fucking her man on Mao Chun’s working desk!

After the video, there was a message from Xiao Wen stating: “The building will be empty on Sunday. I’ll be with my man that day at 10pm, rocking his world on your desk. What are you going to do about it?” 

Mao Mao had been expecting such a video from the Shandong rival but the fact that she had the gall to have sex in *her* office and in *HER* desk infuriated her. No wonder that Shandong dog had this knowing smile as they were working today, Thursday. Another woman wanted to take over her Queendom and Mao Chun was not going to let that happen. She replied “I’ll come to check on Sunday the office and I *better* not see you there with my man!” The stage was set. Neither girl chose to tell Deng about the fight, because they knew he’d just get in the way.

Sunday night, 9:30pm….

Mao Mao entered the office, catching her naked boss and a fully clothed Wen Wen engaged in coitus on Mao’s big working desk. “Fully clothed” meant she was wearing a tiny black dress that left most of her back exposed and had a deep V neck showing a generous amount of cleavage. It was clear she was wearing no bra and the dress was held together around the neck. The exgirlfriend had rolled up her skirt and put her black thong to the side to allow Deng’s cock easy access to her cxnt, but still wore her black, double laced high heels.

Mao Mao hastily removed her trench coat, revealing she had come ready to fight her sexual rights in a short sleeveless white and pink dress that showed off her long white legs. Her right shoulder was exposed and the only thing holding her the dress together was a thin strap around her neck. She wore no bra and had considered not wearing a panty, but at the end decided on a pink thong. Her white high heels, also double laced completed her look.

“How DARE YOU!”As soon as the trench coat hit the floor, Mao Mao raced towards the copulating couple and pulled her opponent’s brown mane to get her off the boss. 

“Leave us alone!” Xiao Wen reciprocated the hair pull but her angle was awkward, as she still had her lover’s cock inside her and she was on the wood table. The Shandong woman was expecting Mao Mao to come later, and had decided to enjoy some time entertaining her boss. Pulling hard, the Hunan temptress got the exgirlfriend off the table. Although the fall was painful, Wenwen didn’t let go of the hair pull, forcing the secretary down with her or potentially have her neck broken. 

In an upside down position, the women continued to awkwardly pull hair while they slapped each other cheeks. Deng was on the desk naked, amazed at how these two young ladies were fighting it out like they were prostitutes fighting in a dark back alley. Just as the fight between Lan Rong and Mao Chun, his better self was imploring him to stop the fight, but his primal nature was keen to do…nothing at all. He felt incredibly guilty, yet incredibly turned on by the thought that these ladies thought he was so desirable that they’d be willing to have a catfight over him. He had gotten a taste at how savage Mao Mao could be when she had fought his wife on the beach. Wen Wen was from the North, its people reputed to drink heavily and get into fights frequently. Would his exgirlfriend be able to handle the spicy secretary or would she become another victim to her fighting prowess?

!ARGH!!screamed the younger beauty as her Hunan rival ripped out her hair. Though painful, Mao Mao now didn’t have a hold on her brown mane, so Deng’s exgirlfriend was able to stand up and use her toned long legs to brutally kick the secretary, while still maintaining a two handed hair pull on her curly brown hair. 

It was now time for Xiao Mao to wail in pain. She tried to get out of this difficult situation by frantically biting and scratching Xiao Wen’s sexy legs. Unable to keep kicking, and hurting from the biting, Wen let go of the hair pull and took a step back to regroup and re start the kicking. Rolling away, the secretary barely dodged a powerful kick. The force of the failed kick made Wen Wen lose her balance and fall. Seeing her chance, the young Hunan tigress jumped at her prey and the two young women started scratching each other with wild abandon on the floor. The hemlines of the dresses started their inexorably march upwards as their long legs trashed wildly, revealing their tiny gstrings. 

Xiao Wen was aware of how fighting Lan for Deng had improved Mao Mao’s standing in front of Deng. She also knew she needed to prove to him she was more savage and determined than his secretary if were to have a shot at ultimately winning him for herself. Sensing an opportunity to do just that and tilt the odds on her favour, the Shandong girl went straight for a panty wedge.

“Auughh! You dirty whore!”exclaimed the taller woman as she went to give the exgirlfriend a dose of her own medicine. High pitched moans were coming from the young Chinese women’s pretty mouths as pulled the tiny panties as hard as they could. Deng just watched amazed as his two attractive young lovers engaged in this dirty kind of fight. He wanted to feel disgusted by the whole spectacle, but the sight of the women stretching the tiny thongs they had wore for him to their limits made his cock even harder than before. Each woman knew how erotic her man would find this exposition of sexual violence, so they pulled eagerly, each wanting to impress the man in dispute.

Feeling she was getting the worse of it, the Xiao Wen extricated herself from the heinous wedging and rolled away, giving both warriors the chance to get up. Instead of attacking, each woman heaved heavily as they tried to catch their breath. They were starting to perspire heavily due to the exertion, which was evident in the wet spots on their short attires even as they tried to re arrange them. Wen Mei showed some horrible scratch marks on her sexy legs, while Mao Chun’s marks were mostly on her back.

“Ready to leave man alone?”The secretary had twice assumed that the women she was dueling for Deng’s cock were either be cowed into giving him up or even if there was a physical argument, she would be able to easily beat them into submission. Twice she had been unpleasantly surprised, but she was not going to let the disappointments dissuade her from her final goal of claiming her boss all for herself. 

“Why should I? We’re enjoying ourselves before you came”The Northern beauty was defiant. She might have miscalculated the Hunan woman’s willingness to get down and dirty, but she was not going to let a mere secretary tell her what she could or could not do.

“Because this is MY office and he’s...MY man!”Belled out Xiao Mao as the women grabbed brown patches of brown mane with one hand and used the other to slap each other silly. Their alluring bodies contorted as they attacked and defended against the onslaught of slaps. Soon, their flawless white skins were sporting bring red patches. 

“I work here too! And what I do with Deng is...NONE of your business!”Their hemlines rose and fell again, revealing a generous amount of ass. Trashing around the room in this fashion on high heels, the women would have fallen if they hadn’t crashed into the wall. Knowing they could use the wall as support, the stunners used their knees to try to place hits to the crotch as they rolled along the wall. 

Tiring of the slapping, Wen Wen went for a two handed hair pull and banged her rival’s head onto the wall. BANG! BANG! BANG! Poor Mao Mao was dizzy, but she was damned if she was going to take it laying down. Her hands found the exgirlfriend’s petite tits and scratched hard. Wen Wen’s dress’ flimsy material hardly offered protection. The Shandong beauty screamed, abandoning the head banging to concentrate to get the Hunan whore hands’ off her precious chest. 

“Two can play the same game”Unable to get Mao’s hands off her tits, Xiao Wen changed tack, going after Mao Mao’s chest too. Abandoning the wall, the women tried to continue attacking each other’s feminine assets but they only succeeded in pulling the dresses’ scant fabric. The outfits were designed to impress a lover, not for fights over him, so needless to say, all the pulling and trashing led to the skirts to ride even higher, all the way up the abdominal area.

Wen Wen was successful in breaking the flimsy strap precariously holding Mao Mao’s dress together, allowing her to pull the top down and expose the secretary’s exquisite chest. She lunged head long at her attractive foe’s naked chest and pinned her against the wall, where she proceeded to bite Mao Mao’s left tit. The secretary screamed as her younger rival bit her tit like a bulldog while her hand was busy scratching the other nipple. She desperately punched and kicked in vain, until a knee to the cxnt finally did the trick and Deng’s ex doubled in pain. Ignoring her chest pain, Xiao Mao pulled the neck of the Wen’s black dress over her head, leaving Wen Wen topless too. She then proceeded to knee her foe’s stomach ONE TWO THREE times. Xiao Wen’s feminine screams were an indication of how dangerous Mao Mao’s sexy legs were.

In her bent position, Xiao Wen grabbed an incoming knee and charged forward into the desk she and her man were having sex before being rudely interrupted by Mao Mao. The Hunan temptress’ back hit the top edge of the desk and her body rolled up onto her desk, the momentum taking her younger opponent with her. The young Chinese girls continued trading punches without hesitation on the tiny platform, trying to make her rival fall onto the floor while avoiding the same for herself. Fighting for her man on top of desk she was having sex with him a few moments ago was not on Wen Wen’s plan but she ploughed ahead. The working desk shook violently as the women trashed around. Sweat covered the oak desk, making the surface slightly slippery. There were several close calls when one of the young combatants was pushed onto the edge of the desk, but the women always managed to go back to the center of the desk. 

After a few unsuccessful attempts at throwing her foe off the table, Mao Mao decided to try a different strategy. So she fought for the top position and with difficulty, used her knees to pin down the Shandong girl’s arms. Wen Wen’s body was in a vertical position to the desk, making her head and long legs dangle off the table. Mao Mao pulled Wen Wen’s hair so that she could have a better angle to drill punches onto Wen Wen’s head. –“GET OFF ME DIRTY WHORE”Wen wen’s legs convulsed as she tried to get her hated rival off her with no avail.

Deng thought his good looking ex girlfriend was done for. It seemed as if his sexy secretary was going to seal another victory over a romantic rival in an impressive fashion. However, the wood desk was unable to keep with the stress of two sexy hellcats fighting on top of it; one of the desk’s legs broke, suddenly tipping the girls off the table and into a painful fall. The girls moaned in pain as they were trying to recover from the shock.

The girls took some time to recover from the pain. Their bodies were now all sweaty and shiny from the brutal fighting and their hair was really messy. Amazingly, their dresses barely held on, although compressed around the stomach, leaving them topless and exposing their tiny panties. Using the furniture to help themselves stand up, the young Chinese women warily glared each other as they mustered enough energy to keep on fighting.

Clashing again, younger girl threw a left handed backfist into the secretary’s pretty face but Mao Mao ducked just in time and lunged ahead, this time using her left forearm to grab around Wen’s neck and using her left hand to drill punches into the ex’s exquisite anatomy. 

Not to be outdone, the shorter girl copied her rival tactics and punched back. Sweat flew in all directions as they emphatically traded blows, the girls maintaining a precarious balance on the high heels as they punched and got punched. “No more Miss nice” “I’m going to ruin your face “No Southern bitch will beat me” “No Northern cunt will steal my man” 

“You’ll never have sex again!”Wen Wen went straight to the taller girl’s cunt clawed around the area, with the objective of taking off her panties and then fingering her cunt.

“Wanna bet?!”Xiao Mao joined the cunt fight, the women probing each other groins trying to place a winning blow. Totally concentrated in the cunt fighting, the women stopped worrying about maintaining balance and continued their cunt fingering on their knees. Wails of pain resonated through the room as the stunning beauties lay waste to her rival’s cunt.

The secretary, unable to take the punishment to her cunt any longer, tried to get away, but Wen Wen’s neck hold was iron tight. Sobbing, The Hunan seductress bent her body in a prone position, leaving her back exposed to Wen Wen who was still on her knees. The move was successful in getting Wen Wen’s finger out of her vagina, although not before the Shandong girl had a chance to curve her finger inside the Mao Mao’s cunt, amplifying the damage. Also, the older woman left her back exposed to more attacks. Seeking to increase her advantage, Wen Wen used both of her elbows to rain blows on her rival’s back. Sobbing, the secretary was in clear distress as she repeatedly pleaded for the ex girlfriend to stop ”PLEASE STOP” “NO MORE”. 

After being satisfied that all fight was gone from the secretary, the proud Shandong woman allowed herself some rest before pushing her opponent’s sexy body to the side and gingerly stood up. 

Looking at her naked prize, Wen Wen arrogantly strutted towards him, wrapped her hands around him and French kissed him. “I’ve won, and now you’re mine.” Then looking at the mess the savage fight had left around the room, she noted “The desk is broken, what are we going to do now?”

The topless victoress showed she had learned from Lan Lan’s mistakes by taking off her black dress and using it to tie the Hunan bitch’s hands to the door. No sense in giving her rival a chance to fight back when she recovered. Mao Mao tried to weakly resist but now all the fight was gone from her. Wen Wen then proceeded to engage in a long love making session with her lover, then cuddle, then more sex.

Mao Mao hurled angry insults, threats, pleaded with Deng, cried throughout the night as she witnessed the Shandong whore getting on with her man while she was unable to do anything at all. She had just recently won her boss’ affections after a wild catfight with his wife, and now was losing him in another wild catfight with his ex girlfriend. This couldn’t end like this. No, she was determined to recover from the wounds of this savage catfight and challenge Wen Wen again for Deng. And she would win next time. 

Nothing pleased Wen Wen than hearing her defeated rival pleading, crying, threatening, as she made love to the man in dispute. At long last, she had become Deng’s official lover. Not Lan Lan, not that whore secretary, but her. Although Deng wouldn’t break off all contacts with her amorous rivals immediately, she knew how to manipulate her man into eventually getting rid of them.

Unknown to her, her old rival for Deng’s affections wasn’t planning to meekly fade into history. Lan Lan had a plan to get herself back as the main protagonist in Deng’s life and beat her two rivals over his affections. And Mao Mao’s threats and insults should have clued Wen Wen that the secretary wasn’t done for just yet.