Boss Fight Triangle 3 by Justlooking9000

Still 3 left fighting

Wen Mei woke up to find herself cuddling with her lover. She smiled with satisfaction. She had recently “won” him after a vicious office catfight with her co secretary. The fight was long and arduous but she came on top at the end and enjoyed a night of sex with her lover in the office. She quickly demanded that her defeated rival be fired and for Deng to divorce his wife.

Deng was not going to do whatever Wen Mei wanted. Sure, she did beat Mao Chun and was entitled to some concessions. That said, he had always made it plain clear that he was an open relationship kind of guy and that the maximum any woman could hope from him was to give her more of his time and attention. After some haggling with his new main lover, Deng decided to spend 4 days with Wen Mei, 2 days with Mao Chun and 1 day with Lan Rong per week. His Shandong girlfriend was now duly presented as his current main squeeze to his intimate friends. No one batted an eye, because in China it was accepted that powerful and rich men had mistresses. 

Except Deng, no one was happy with that arrangement. Wen Wen had always wanted exclusivity. Lan Rong was outraged at the Shandong woman reviving an old quarrel she thought they had settled. Mao Chun was not giving up, and constantly asked for a rematch. The situation was a powder keg waiting to explode at any time, especially between his two secretaries, who still had to work together sometimes. He knew another fight was going to happen...and he was looking forward to it. He lost all his prudishness after realizing the women didn’t blame him at all for the situation. Instead, each woman tried harder to win his affections, focusing her aggression on the other two rivals for his affections, intent in proving to her man she was the better woman.

Two weeks after the fight, in the office…

“Woops silly me, I dropped the pen”said Mao Chun, crouching to pick up the pen she purposely dropped just in front of her boss. She had been spending the whole morning teasing him and she could tell he was ready for a work out. She could feel Deng’s admiring gaze as the brief miniskirt of her black minidress tightened and showed more of her fantastic legs as she crouched. Her wounds hadn’t fully healed, but the red marks on her legs didn’t dissuade her from wearing short dresses for her boss’ benefit. Then the Hunan seductress slowly got up, making sure to lean slightly forward to let her man feel her chest as she rose up.

“You should stop leaving your stuff in the house, or eventually Wen Wen will find out about your visits”warned Deng. Mao Mao had made a copy of the key to the house as soon as she knew she was going to be evicted from her boss’ house, and making a point of visiting whenever she knew Xiao Wen wasn’t around. Of course, what she didn’t know was that Lan Lan also visited him. Whenever one of his girls visited, he felt really tempted to tell her to stay, in the hope of them finding out about the other’s covert visits. How would a wife vs secretary rematch play out? Xiao Lan had vowed to avenge her defeat to the secretary, and the secretary had told him she was not afraid to tangle with Xiao Lan again. What if Wen Mei found him in bed with either Lan Lan or Mao Mao? After two catfights and promises of more to come, he wanted more. If the three young women wanted to fight it out and hold him largely blameless as he continued having sex will all the three of them, who was he to stop them?

“Oh, she’ll find out because I *WANT* her to find out”Xiao Mao was spoiling for revenge ever since she lost a savage catfight with Deng’s exgirlfriend in the company office. To add insult to injury she was working over time to deal with the wave of destruction their catfight had left behind. She had to resort to very creative explanations when the workers came in to fix the mess. “Say the word, and I’ll fight her tonight. Isn’t that what you want?”   

“Woah let’s not be too hasty. I think you girls should calm down a bit before anything happens”said Deng. Despite his secretary’s bravado, he was sure neither she or Xiao Wen were ready for another clash. 

“I’m not going to calm down”whispered Xiao Mao as she leaned in“She wants what is mine and I’m not sharing you"She then took her boss’ hand and ran it through her legs, letting him feel the scratches Xiao Wen had inflicted on her last week.“She’ll pay for what she’s done to me.”

Deng lost it at that moment, unable to control his sexual urges anymore. Fuck work; they spent an afternoon of adult fun in the office that day.


Two weeks later, Deng’s house…

“Hello lover!”exclaimed Lan Rong as she kissed her husband. She knew that today her younger rival would be doing an intensive yoga class and then go out with her girlfriends. That left her an afternoon to entertain her husband and show him why she was the best woman for him. And what better way to do so than with a nuru nuru massage. A wet, intimate, erotic massage usually done between lovers, where one party would use a gel called Nuru Nuru gel. Slippery. Tasteless, oderless. It didn’t get dry. 

Deng liked it so much that he had fitted a room just for that. Initially a small bedroom for one person, the room floor was covered with several matresses and a special plastic cover on top just for the gel. The eager lovers spent no time in showering, getting the Nuru Nuru gel ready and spreading it all over the room. A bare Xiao Lan sensually covered her body with generous amounts of Nuru gel and helped Deng get ready for the action too… 

An unsuspecting Xiao Wen was on her way back home: Her yoga class was cancelled due to a personal emergency, so she decided a morning session with her boyfriend was in order. Opening the door, she took off her clothes, staying only in her lingerie. She silently went upstairs, hoping to surprise Deng. Maybe they could do one of those nuru nuru massages he liked so much….then she heard a feminine laughter. She ran towards the massage room and opened the door…  

“WHAT THE FUCK??”screamed Wen Wen, starling Deng and Xiao Lan, who were in missionary position. Blind with rage, Xiao Wen threw herself at her naked rival in rage but was intercepted by her gelcovered lover, and they fell over. A series of unladylike insults came out of her pretty mouth as she tried to get pass Deng and get a piece of her old rival. 

“Hello to you too”Lan Lan smiked at her furious rival“You did say anytime, anywhere(Chapter 1). Here I am, ready to battle you for my man’s cock.”


“Let’s make it more interesting”interjected Deng, realizing a fight was inevitable“We haven’t had a threesome for a long time. Last time you girls were about even in skill, and I’m curious if that’s still the case. Then you girls can fight.”

“Fine. I’ve been looking for the opportunity to show Xiao Lan her lazy lovemaking won't cut it anymore”smiled Wen Wen as she removed her underwear and sensually rolled over the cushioned floor to cover her body with gel. She gave her boyfriend a sultry look while she used her finger to play with herself.  

“Oh really? I'll wipe that smile off your face when I show you how superior my bedroom skills are”replied the dark haired woman as her hands suggestively caressed her own body, emphasizing her feminine attributes. The women agreed to compete in a nuru nuru massage until one of them made Deng cum. Like their old threesomes, they could only use open palms and could only push or pull her rival. There would be no biting, scratching, back fists or hairpulling. If any of the women violated any of the rules, she would forfeit the match. After one of the girls managed to make him cum, all gloves would be off. 

Ready to fight, the women went to each side of the disputed man. It was the first time they engaged in a threesome since Lan Lan accepted Deng’s wedding proposal. 

“I’m excited to fight that Sichuan whore fight for your cock”said Wen Wen as she started hostilities by putting herself on top of her man and using her smooth back to rub herself against Deng’s big chest. She made sure to wiggle her ass on Deng’s hard dick. Lan Rong used her naked body to push Wen Wen to the side, which was not hard to do, since the nuru nuru gel was very slippery. 

“Don’t listen to her. After I beat her today, I’ll enjoy feasting on your cum dear.”Deng’s wife used her chest to stroke her man’s body from the bottom up, making sure to make a temporary stop around her husband’s cock and slowly continuing to his chest. Before she could kiss her man, Lan Lan was rudely pushed to the side. 

“She has that backwards my dear. Tonight, it’ll be me drowning in your cum”The Shandong girl started kissing Deng as she put her arms around his neck. Her slim body rose and fell as she used her wet pussy to stroke his manhood. 

“Get off my husband Shandong dog!”Xiao Lan used her body to dislodge her sexual rival, but the taller girl just get tight around Deng’s arms, unwilling to cede even an inch of her man’s body to her older foe.

“Make me Southern cunt”Despite the taller girl best efforts, Lan Lan was able to insert herself from the left side and each woman tried to kiss Deng as their wet cxunts alternatively rubbed against his dick. As he shifted his head to French kiss one or the other girl, Deng could feel his manhood being sensually rubbed by Lan’s right leg and Wen’s left leg as they tried to topple the other. They moaned and grunted as they used their hands to try to push the other away from the man in dispute while maintaining her territory.

“After I make you cum…”Lan Rong used her right palm to press against Wen’s pretty face, managing to push off after the second try. She then proceeded to greedily kiss him while she placed Deng’s manhood in between her legs, then pressed her thighs tightly and rubbed her man’s phallus with her cunt“I’ll take pleasure in beating her to a pulp” 

“Off my man!”The exgirlfriend furiously jumped over her carnal adversary, grabbing her by her stomach and pulling her off Deng. “No one wants you here cunt”Xiao Lan tried to hang on by hugging Deng, but the gel made any solid hold impossible. She was finally taken off her husband and pushed aside.

“Now, to show you how a real woman pleases her man”Xiao Wen immediately went back to the man dispute and started to give him a godly blowjob. While it was not visible from the outside, Deng moaned as he felt his Shandong lover’s tongue working its magic on him.

 “You whore! After I’m done with you, we’ll need to call an ambulance!”the black haired beauty came on top of Deng’s ex girlfriend and then wrapped her arms around the brown haired lover’s underarms. Xiao Wen tried to hold onto her lover’s legs, but she was taken off her man’s dick and pushed aside. 

“I’ll be the one drinking his cum today”with that, Lan Lan started her own blowjob. The man in dispute moaned quicker, indicating he was getting closer and closer to declaring a winner. Deng liked how his black haired lover gave a blow job too. Who gave a better blowjob? He couldn’t say. Lan Rong’s technique was subtle, slow and sensual. It indicated she had ample experience in the affairs of pleasing her man. That she understood that sometimes lovemaking required tenderness. Wen Mei’s was pure emotion. Fast. Raw. A technique fit for a young girl in the prime of her life. It spoke of impetuousness, impertinence, self confidence. Then he couldn’t help but to think of Mao Chun. Hers was a combination; her mouth was slow and sensual, yet her tongue was fast and precise. No doubt that required a lot of technique. It suggested a measured desire to please her man. A willingness to seriously understand what made her lover tick and learn how to excel at it.

“Call an ambulance? That coming from some stupid hag that couldn’t keep her man when that Hunan whore came knocking”The Shandong seductress was able to push Xiao Lan aside. She then tried to continue pleasing Deng’s manhood but the Sichuan girl was quick to regroup and the women used one hand to try to push each other, while the other was engaged in a battle for Deng’s manhood. He for his part, was feeling two hands wrapping their fingers into his cock as they pushed closer and closer into a conclusion.

“Today, I’ll show you the difference between a common whore and a real woman!”The sexual competitors locked arms as they tried to push the other away. They understood Deng was very close to climax and each wanted him inside her. 

“A real woman would never let anyone steal her man!”eventually the young seductresses went for a bearhug around Deng’s crotch. Their mounds pushed forward and were pushed back as they tried to have Deng’s cock inside them. Sometimes one of them would get tantalizingly close to insert her objective but she was pushed out in the struggle, restating the battle of his cock.

“GET LOST”Deng’s brown haired lover surprised the Sichuan beauty by leaning back then immediately throwing her sideways. The gel facilitated the push and Wen Wen used the opportunity to impale herself into Deng’s hard rod. Then she started vigorously riding him.

“Hand’s off HIM!”Lan Lan was desperate to get rival off her man. She could hear Deng moaning faster and faster and knew she better do something fast. However, Xiao Wen pushed back fiercely. She could also hear the moans and knew that if she lost control of Deng’s dick, the wife would probably finish him off and win. Just as the Sichuan beauty was about to succeed in pushing Wen Wen off, the man in dispute let out a groan of pleasure. The huge smile on the taller girl’s face told Xiao Lan all she needed to know. “Can you feel his cock twitching? Oh that’s right. You can’t feel anything because he me inside me!”

“You TRAMP!” The signal to start unrestricted hostilities now given, Xiao Lan screamed in anger and wasted no time in going after her rival’s bare chest. “Argh” the younger woman still had her man’s manhood inside her and didn’t appreciate the rough treatment her bosom was getting. Getting even, she went after her enemy’s excited tits. Deng could feel as his member slid in and out his ex’s vagina as she quarreled with Xiao Lan. 

“I’ve been looking waiting to rip your tits off for years!”Lan Rong charged forward, making both women fall on top of Deng’s crotch area. Deng didn’t know what to do, as he felt the young women sliding up and down his chest as they went after their opponent’s feminine assets. Lan Lan could feel her man’s big chest rubbing against her back as she mauled Wen Wen tits. She had been wanting to get a piece of the younger woman ever since she knew she was competing with her for her man’s dick.

“Let’s see who rips whose tits off!”Wen Mei had also been looking forward finally settling accounts with the older woman. For much and for too long, the Sichuan temptress has been a thorn in her relationship with Deng. Despite her eagerness, she found out that the gel diminished the effectiveness of her long nails. Conversely, she felt that Lan Lan’s mauling wasn’t doing too much damage to her chest neither.

“I HATE YOU SO MUCH”Seeing the tit scratching wasn’t going anywhere, Xiao Lan pushed aside her antagonist’s arms and bear hugged her. The girls went tit to tit and cunt to cunt in this intimate catball as their long nails left red scratches on the rival’s back and pulled gelled hair to get an advantage. Deng was relieved as the girls finally got off his body and into the cushioned floor. He quickly moved to one corner of the tiny room to let the women work out their issues while encouraging them to fight harder. 

“I HATE YOU MORE!” –replied the taller woman. Despite the intense exchange, the women barely moved as they rubbed and clashed. Wen Wen could feel Lan Rong’s wet pussy on her thigh and tried to place good cunt attacks with her knee unsuccessfully. If she tried to gain momentum to pace a hard blow, the wife would tighten her thighs to stop the knee action. If she instead attacked from a closer distance, she managed to hit the cunt, but the attack was so weak as to do anything at all. 

Breaking the catball off, the women glided towards opposite sides of the room, the wife ending very close to Deng. Their bodies had some of superficial scratches, especially on their chest and backs. Lan Rong took advantage of her position and leaned on her husband for comfort. Deng welcome his wife with open arms as she rubbed her back against his big chest and her hand massaged his hard cock. “This is so hot, you fighting for me”whispered Deng so that his brown haired couldn’t hear“But are you sure you can win against Xiao Wen?”

“Of course! After I win, we’ll fuck so hard you won’t be able to walk tomorrow” promised Lan Lan. 

“Then”Deng couldn’t help but to let his hands roam her naked body, much to the consternation of Xiao Wen“I guess you won’t mind if I give you a preview of what victory will be like”

 “How does it feel, knowing he is cheering for me?”taunted Xiao Lan as she maliciously smirked at the brown haired woman, daring her to do something Deng’s physical encouragement. 

“YOU cunt!” The moment the Shandong woman go after her, Lan Lan pushed Deng’s hands aside and went to meet her foe midway. A rain of slaps descended on their nubile anatomies as they collided body to body. TRAMP BITCH WHORE HAG. The blows came fast and furious. Deng saw the usually white skin of his lovers redden on impact. Successful slaps to the face were particularly grating to the women and served to animate the slapping contest. The young women also made a point of further injuring the other woman’s chest with painful slaps. High pitched screams indicating that one of them had placed a particularly hurtful blow.

Wen Wen chest was getting the worse of the brawl, so aided by the slippery nature of the gel, she pushed her rival to the side with a kick and glided away. This time Xiao Wen ended on Deng’s side of the room. Deng wasted no time in encouraging his other lover “I loved it when you fought with Mao Mao over me. Do you think you can beat Xiao Lan too?”

“Of course I can. After I win, let’s make love on top of her naked body. I cum so much harder that way”said the younger woman while rubbing her back against her man. 

“That sounds hot. I’m looking forward to it”Deng this time helped himself by massaging Wen Wen’s sore tits. It was now Wen Wen’s turn to gleefully taunt her sexual antagonist “How does it feel, knowing the guy you love prefers me?” sneered Wen Wen as she enjoyed her man’s roaming hands.

“LEAVE MY HUSBAND ALONE!”screamed the Sichuan beauty, gliding through the nuru nuru gel. Xiao Wen reluctantly abandoned her position and met her romantic rival at the centre of the room. This time the women tried punching each other like men in a bar brawl. Deng stroked his gelcovered cock as he saw his young lovers belting it out in the middle of the room. Xiao Lan punched Wen Wen’s right tit. Xiao Wen hardly recoiled as she retaliated with a backfist to the stomach. The black haired girl responded by head butting her younger enemy around the chest and then punching the side abs. Xiao Wen in turn punched her foe’s back. Looking for a more favourable position, Lan Lan raised her head and while she was at it, she launched an uppercut to Xiao Wen’s left tit. Xiao Wen then changed her focus towards the side abs. The women rested their heads on the enemy shoulders to prevent any unexpected hits to their faces. The women found out that punching wasn’t very effective due to the nuru nuru gel’s slipperiness.

Feeling tired of the exchange, Xiao Lan who broke the mutual hold and pushed the Shandong girl away as she returned to the corner where Deng was. Falling sideways on her man’s chest, she kissed him as her hands caressed his chest. Feeling his wife’s heavy breathing and quick pulse, he knew he had to spur his wife to keep on fighting. He used his fingers to stimulate her clit. Pleasure moans told him that he hit his mark. He let her enjoy the feeling for a while before muttering “Xiao Wen told me she wants to have sex on top of your body after she beats you. Are you going to let her?”

 “Really?”asked an outraged Lan Lan. Glaring back at her foe, she said “Hey Dongbei bitch! It’ll be fucking my man on top of your unconscious body tonight!”

“Come on then! I’m not afraid of a little Sichuan whore who thinks she can fight”. Like knights in a jousting tournament, the women again met at the middle of the room, but this time they didn’t clash body to body. Instead, they got close to each other and shaping their hands like claws, they hurled their arms towards the nubile flesh of the other woman. The momentum of their long nails as they found soft flesh unfailingly elicited a cry of pain and an anguished look from the stricken party. Said party would in turn would be even more determined to avenge such a desecration of her female anatomy with a strike of her own. Compared to the earlier scratching, this left deeper marks on the skin. More force was put into each strike, and it hurt more. While more effective than the punching, several of the attacks missed the mark, sometimes just grazing bare skin. Wen Wen feared she couldn’t sustain the intensity required to continue this mode of fighting, so right after she evaded an attack coming her way, she lunged ahead, pushing her opponent away. Then she slid towards the arms of her lover.

The brown haired girl let her man hands’ roam her bare body as she casted a wary glare towards her rival. Although Lan Lan wasn’t showing it, she was relieved that such a brutal contest had paused…for the moment. Even though it wasn’t said, they knew that the loser of each “round” of fighting was the woman who ended on Deng’s arms. It was because she made the conscious decision to break from the fighting first, so she could control where she ended, in this case, the welcoming arms of the man in dispute. 

Suspecting his younger lover was faltering, Deng proceeded to rekindle her fighting spirit. “Wow, it seems you’re tired. I think you need a little…encouragement to fight harder”said Deng as he gently lifted her and inserted his cock in her wet vagina. The gentle pounding seemed to remind the brown haired woman what was at stake here. Smirking at her older antagonist, she could not help but to blurt “His cock feels so nice inside me”. Lan Lan tried to contain her rage in order to regain her energy, but Xiao Wen moans of pleasure were too much for her feminine pride to bear. 

“That cock is mine and no whore will take it away from me!”screamed a scandalized Lan Rong as she moved through the room to stop this travesty. Wen Wen proceeded to meet her half way, but the gel made her slip and fall. Xiao Lan took advantage of this by holding her by the hair and pulling her to the side. Then, she banged Wen Wen’s head into the floor. Luckily for Xiao Wen, the floor was cushioned, but the head banging was annoying nonetheless. More excruciating was Lan Lan using her knees to strike her boobs. Deng winced as he saw his girlfriend wailing and recoiling from the pain.

“Not so tough now are we?”gloated the wife as she repeatedly hit the Shandong girl’s abused bosom with relish. Using her hand, Xiao Wen blindly scratched the wife’s sexy legs until she found some cunt hair. The wife’s surprised shriek told Xiao Wen that she was onto something so she concentrated all her efforts in pulling cunt hair. It wasn’t an easy task, as the nuru nuru gel made her lose her grip several times. But the effort was enough to convince the wife to back off before her rival’s nail got hold of her wet cunt. Xiao Wen was not about to let her go though, jumping at her fleeing foe like a tigress. 

The women skid on the gel as they tried to gain supremacy. First Wen Wen, then Lan Rong…the gel made any pin impossible to sustain for more than a few seconds. Like harpies, they used their nails as talons to incite further pain from her rival. In this convoluted game of queen of the hill, Xiao Wen ended behind her opponent and from her position lacerated Xiao Lan tits with impunity. Then she used her teeth to bite the wife’s neck. Although there was no sound, Deng saw Lan Lan’s face contort in pain as she was bitten. Feeling the end was near, he moved towards the fighting women to get a closer look. The wife was frantically mauling whatever she could get her hands on, but the fact remained that she was receiving more damage than was giving out. Luckily for her, they were close to one of the walls of the room. In a desperate gambit, she used her legs to propel Xiao Wen into the wall several times, each grunt coming from her antagonist encouraging to keep trying. The Sichuan woman felt her enemy’s grip gradually loosen as her anatomy clashed against the wall. 

Finally freeing herself, Xiao Lan got to her knees and turned around, looking for vengeance. Xiao Wen wasn’t so hurt she couldn’t do the same and soon as Xiao Lan turned around, she pounced at her, making both fall on Deng’s chest. The women ended resting their heads on Deng’s chest. The man in dispute reflexively used his muscular arms to hold each woman around the waist. Aware that the man they were fighting was overlooking them, each wanted to impress him in a savage contest of femininity. Deng didn’t know who started first, but the women’s hands went straight into the enemy pussy. Pain shot up as they pulled cunt hair and/or tried to go inside the delicate vaginal opening and use their fingers to inflict a lot of pain. 

The women cried in pain as their heads looked up, across Deng’s chest and down as a reaction to the pain. When they looked down, they could see Deng’s erect penis in between their vaginas. A fitting background for their sexual contest for supremacy. A prize only one of them would enjoy tonight. When they looked across their man’s chest, they could see an anguished yet determined woman, unwilling to give up the man with whom she had shared so many nights of pleasure. Although no words were exchanged, the women’s gaze told the other all she needed to know: “He is mine, and you won’t take him away from me!”. When they looked up, each woman saw her man gazing approvingly at her. He was impressed and encouraging them to fight on and beat her sexual nemesis. 

Lan Rong head butted Xiao Wen, this time using her teeth to viciously bite Xiao Wen’s right breast. Screaming in agony, the Shandong girl tried harder to damage her rival’s cunt. The weight of two women on his right arm was too much and Deng let go, letting the women fall on the cushioned floor. Lan Lan on top and Wen Wen losing her grip. Worse, Lan Rong quickly restablished her own cunt hold while Xiao Wen couldn't retaliate because her hand was too far away from Lan Lan's cunt. Xiao Wen whole body was convulsing, her long legs flying in all directions in a supreme effort to get free. A vicious knee to the cunt put an end to her struggles. Not satisfied, the black haired woman repeated the kick twice, leaving a sobbing and defeated enemy pleading “NO more! Please no more! You win”. 

Satisfied her sexual competitor was done, the black haired girl let go. Showing she had learned from her mistakes back in Thailand(Chapter 1), the older woman used Xiao Wen’s own underwear to tie her up while mocking her "What happened to your threats?" "Weren't you going to rip my tits off?" "No so tought are we?"     

Looking at her husband, she was reminded of something. Slapping the sobbing Wen Wen on the cheek, she said “so you wanted to have sex on top of me didn't you?”

“Come here lover. I’m hungry for your cock”said Lan Rong. The ecstasy of winning her man from an old rival made Xiao Lan forget all about her pain. The most important thing now was to make a statement. “I told you I was going to defend what was mine”. Deng was hers and hers alone. As she rode her man several times, using the defeated woman’s body as a mattress, Lan Lan couldn’t help but to taunt her by saying stuff like “*moan* can you feel his big cock? Oh right, you can’t, because he’s inside me!” “Oh My God! It feels so good to feel him cum inside me!” “Hoe does it feel, knowing you lost him to me, the better woman!”

After Lan Rong felt Xiao Wen had been sufficiently humiliated, she made sure to get a camera, and careful not to let any gel get into the camera, she took several photos of herself and Deng making love on top of Xiao Wen and sent all the photos to Mao Chun. 

“Tonight I just taught Wen Wen a lesson about trying to steal my man. Soon, you’ll be learning the same lesson.”

It wasn’t too long before she got a reply back. “Bring it on! I’m not afraid of you. He’ll be mine!”