Boss Battle Triangle 5 by Justlooking9000


" There won’t nothing touch after I’m done with YOU!"  Ideally, Xiao Mao was hoping for a one on one rematch with her boss’s ex girlfriend to avenge her defeat at the office. Originally, she had thought of the Shandong cunt as nothing but an unwelcome interloper in her romantic war with Lan Lan. It soon became clear her younger foe was no innocent doe when it came to love affairs and bedroom warfare. Having Deng’s attentions taken away from her was a bitter pill to swallow, and she intended to give the Shandong seductress a dose of her own medicine.

Barely be able to make out her two brown haired antagonists rolling around the dancing floor in the darkness, Lan Lan ran towards the fighting mass and dropped all her weight onto the brown haired sluts. As her elbow made contact with soft pale skin, she heard two distinct cries of pain, one noticeable louder than the other. Pulling the girl directly beneath her by the hair(Mao Mao), she was intending to slam her confused opponent’s head against the girl beneath both of them, but she was preempted when said girl –Wen Wen was able to grab a patch of messy black hair and pulled her down.

Sandwiched between the ex-girlfriend and the wife, Xiao Mao was slightly dazzled as they ignored her for a moment. As the other two women were hair pulling each other bald, the secretary tried pushing outwards to get out of the vicious catball. What she didn’t expect is that both of them would retaliate by biting her on both shoulders! All the while keeping their mutual hairpull. The Hunan temptress screamed like a banshee, desperately elbowing her adversaries’ excited tits until she finally was able to inflict enough pain to persuade the others to back off the hair pulling. That didn’t mean there was going to be a rest though.
The Sichuan beauty jumped back right in, grabbing the first brown mane she could get her hold on. Whose hair it was didn’t matter; as far as she was concerned, any woman with a brown hair was a fucking slut. Xiao Wen saw someone jumping at her and got all claws out, ready for the onslaught.

" You will never take Deng from me!" Taunted Lan Lan as she scratched her old romantic rival. She had already beaten her sexual antagonist two times. Once in a purely sexual contest, and the second time in a vicious nude catfight in her house. She had proven to be the better woman. And she was confident she would prove the better woman a third time.

" TAKE? HE’S MINE!"  Wen Mei had wanted a sexual rematch over the sexual war they had fought over Deng a few years back. As far as she was concerned, Deng had never said one was better than the other. She had " lost"  because she had been unwilling to stoop as low as her Sichuan rival and refused the open marriage proposal. However, now that catfighting tooth and nail over Deng was an option, she hoped she could maul her sexual rivals until they gave up on her man, and gradually persuade Deng to make the relationship exclusive.

Xiao Lan’s momentum had the young women rolling around the floor towards Xiao Mao. Seeing what was coming for her, the Hunan woman tried to get away but her sexy body became entangled in the wild mess of nails, kicks and hair. Mao Mao resolved that if it was her fate to see the fight through, she was going to give a hell of a fight.

The crowd was dumbfounded by now. Two girls having a catfight over a guy was already a somewhat rare occurrence. And that usually ended pretty quickly when one girl got the upper hand and cemented her advantage. This is the first time any of them had seen three women in such a brutal back and forth catfight. The worst part is that they couldn’t see what was really going on unless there was a brief moment of lighting. They would have used their mobile phones to light the hall, but Mr Liu had sensibly forced everyone to leave their phones and anything that looked like a camera at the lobby. There were people asking for *someone* to please get to Mr Liu and let him to turn on the damn lights. However, no one wanted to miss on the action.

Having three bodies stacked on top of each made the back and forth rolling difficult. Eventually the women settled on a delicate equilibrium, in which they separated but their bodies still laid on the ground, each woman having one hand on each of her rivals’ hair as they tried to get on their knees. " LET GO!" " YOU LET GO cunt!"  " NO WAY, I’M LEAVING BOTH OF YOU BALD!" . They knew dividing their efforts was not going to win the fight, but each feared that if she focused on one of her enemies, the one she ignored would grow too strong.  At this point of the fight, Lan Rong had lost her transparent negligee but still had her tiny g string. Wen Mei had also lost her top, and the miniskirt had rolled up all the way up to the stomach, leaving her panty exposed. Mao Mao’s had lost her panties and her negligee was barely holding on. They were for all intent and purposes, naked.

To break the impasse, Mao Mao pretended to pull hair for its own sake, but she was careful to bring all the three combatants closer and closer. Feeling they were close enough, she suddenly gave up the hair hold and pushing the other two by the back of their heads, she smashed their faces together, stunning both of her rivals. Standing up as fast as she could, she proceeded to drop her whole weight onto her stunned rivals. Wen Mei was able to get away just time, but Xiao Lan released a guttural scream as she felt all the air leaving her body.

The Shandong beauty jumped back into the fray with her claws open. Using the Sichuan beauty’s body as a mat, the brown haired beauties mauled each other mercilessly on top of the Xiao Lan’s body. Xiao Wen recalled several incidents right after she won her catfight against Mao Mao, in which the unrepentant Mao Mao still wore provocative dresses to the office and flirted with Deng right in her face. The secretary had told Deng that the Shandong seductress’ win was a fluke and she would win him back next time. Xiao Wen clearly disagreed, and Deng had to separate the love rivals several times to prevent a public scandal in the office. Tonight, she was going to show to the secretary that the office catfight was no fluke.

Lan Lan resented to being used as the background for Mao Mao’s and Wen Wen’s clawing contest and she joined by pulling and scratching whatever she could get her hands on. Coming into contact with what remained of the ex girlfriend’s blue miniskirt, she tore it to pieces, leaving her totally naked but for her panties.

Wen Wen came on top of the secretary at a 90 degree angle at the wife’s thighs in their struggle for dominance. They could feel Xiao Lan’s nails scratching their sides, but they were too busy pounding backfists into each other’s delicate bodies.  In the middle of this contest, the wife raised the upper part of her body and pulled Wen Wen down to the floor.

The black haired beauty then changed focus, now engaging in a punching brawl with the secretary, while the ex gf made a short work of Xiao Lan’s tiny panty, leaving her totally naked. A stray high heel from either the wife or the secretary slammed into the ex’s pretty face, stunning her for a while, leaving the other two sexual warriors free to focus on each other.


Lan Rong’s right hand roamed the secretary’s sultry body until she found her wet cunt and tried to pull some cunt hair or even better, maul it until the secretary submitted.

" OH NO YOU DON’T!" the secretary grabbed her wrist just in time and brought it back up. She then tilted her head and bit Xiao Lan on the upper arm.

" ARGH! Let go you cheap slut!!"  –Screamed the beautiful wife before biting the secretary’s shoulder. Soon they abandoned their hair pulls to scratch each other. Meanwhile they tried biting several parts of the upper anatomy: Neck, upper arms, shoulders, cheeks, looking for the most painful bite. Their chests were clashing nipple to nipple as their sweaty bodies exchanged the top position regularly. Their lower bodies were not idle neither, each trying to place a good knee attack on the other’s cunt. 

" Fuck"  was thinking Wen Wen as she recovered from the painful kick. She wasn’t so naïve as to think that her other two romantic rivals wouldn’t try to make another play for Deng, but she certainly wasn’t expecting a 3 way catfight in front of a crowd. As some adrenaline left her, she started feeling the effects from all the scratches and punches. She was happy to just let the wife and the secretary wear each other out while she rested. The moment one of them got the upper hand, she would sweep in and take care of the winner, reasserting her ownership over Deng. Xiao Wen got her cue when one woman established her supremacy and held the other in a reverse schoolgirl pin. She was not sure who was who but that didn’t matter. She stood up and walked towards the action.

" I guess Deng is coming with me tonight" smirked Mao Mao as she felt Lan Lan struggling underneath her, but her reverse schoolgirl pin was tight. Using her free hands, she proceeded to ravage her rival’s cunt.

" LET GO and fight me woman to woman!" Xiao Lan closed her legs, in a desperate attempt to defend her pussy. Mao Mao planned to maul the wife’s cunt. It would never again know the pleasure of Deng’s cock inside it. 

" AUCCH!" screamed the secretary as a kick hit flat on her face and a pair of hands grabbed her brown mane, taking her off her Sichuan rival. Wen Wen proceeded to repeat the maneuver but the wily secretary held onto her knee and used her teeth to tear into the ex gf’s thigh like a mad pitbull. " GET OFF MY LEG YOU WHORE"  yelled the youngest of the three women as she tried to shake Mao Mao off her leg. She used her free leg to kick the secretary off. Mao Mao could feel her face being smeared by Wen Wen’s wet cunt as she held for dear life. 

Lan Lan’s first instinct throughout the though drama was to punch something, but she kept her cool, letting the two sluts fight each other as she slowly backed away. With some luck, they’d keep each other busy while she found Deng and made her getaway. That was not to be as Mao Mao, deciding the punishment was too much, let go the leg hold and got out of range of the lethal legs.

" COME HERE AND FIGHT ME YOU HUNAN cunt!" screamed Xiao Wen as she tried to find the sneaky secretary in the darkness but Mao Mao was doing her best to keep quiet. In a few seconds the lighting would give her away but she needed any rest she could get. Luckily for her, when the next moment of lighting came, the first thing Wen Wen saw was Lan Lan standing up. Saying " Oh no! You stay down like a good little whore" , the ex gf made a beeline for the Sichuan beauty.

" I’M RIGHT HERE IF YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME!" replied the wife as she raised her fists ready to go at it again with her mortal enemy. The naked girls belted it out with everything they had but the thing is…they didn’t have much left.  The young beauties were really tired by now with all the back and forth and wouldn’t be able to sustain fighting at this level of intensity much longer. The wife went straight for a punch to the tits that shook the Shandong woman. Before she could take advantage of the punch, the ex replied with a punch to the face that sent the older girl stumbling backwards. Seeing Xiao Wen coming for her, Xiao Lan used her arm to get a hold of her enemy’s neck and punched the younger girl in the abs. The brown haired lover for her part also used one hand to scratch the wife’s tits while the other tried pulled black hair.

Heaving heavily, Mao Mao welcomed the respite as she watched the naked warriors focusing on each other. When she had started making her plans to steal her boss away from Lan Lan, she was prepared to one or two showdowns over him, but now the whole thing had gotten too crazy. Taking advantage of the next moment of light, she found Deng and as soon as she spotted him, she carefully moved towards him, with the intention to getting away.

Heaving heavily, Mao Mao welcomed the respite as she watched the naked warriors focusing on each other. When she had started making her plans to steal her boss away from Lan Lan, she was prepared to one or two showdowns over him, but now the whole thing had gotten too crazy. Taking advantage of the next moment of light, she found Deng and as soon as she spotted him, she carefully moved towards him, with the intention to getting away.

Lan Rong didn’t have time for this. While she was wasting precious energy and time slugging it out with her old rival, she was aware that the secretary was somewhere recuperating. Deciding to go for a risky maneuver, the Sichuan temptress put all the force in one surprise kick to the solar plexus. Due to their position, she would lose balance for sure, but hopefully her enemy would get most of the damage. She felt herself lose balance, but her lower leg hit something soft and wet. Wen Wen’s horrendous scream as she also lost her balance confirmed she hit the right spot. Even better, Lan Lan was able to turn around, using her younger rival to cushion her fall. She didn’t know if Wen Wen was still conscious enough to keep fighting, but she heard some people saying " She’s getting away"  " Don’t let her get away with your guy"  " That ain’t fair, fight her" . The wife scanned the room, trying to locate the secretary in vain. " Where was she?"

As everyone was focused on the ruckus, Mao Mao quickly got to Deng and whispered " Now we leave the crazy town and go home" . Finding her man not quite willing to go, she tugged his erect manhood and sweetly requested " Please?" . Fuck, he could never overrule this small brain, and the secretary knew it. So he reluctantly let Mao Mao lead him away. Some people noticed what was happening and screamed warnings to the naked women that the prize they were fighting for was being stolen away. " Godddamit these people" thought Xiao Mao. Luckily, her romantic rivals were still quite focused on each other. She heard Wen Wen screaming and someone falling over but she just kept leading her man towards the exit. " She’s getting away"  " Don’t let her get away with your guy"  " That ain’t fair, fight her" .

Then the dancehall suddenly lit up! Finally, someone had gone out and asked management to turn out the lights throughout the entire dance hall, leaving for all to see the decadent spectacle of three young sexy women fighting over a man. Lan Rong and Mao Chun blinked as their eyes took some time to adjust to the lighting change, but quickly found each other. They stood locking eyes for a moment, not sure about what to do. The crowd now could admire the young women who had been fighting in the dark. Their naked bodies were full of scratches on several places, product of the savage three way fight. Their smooth manes were all messed, and their sexy physiques shined, indicating heaving sweating.

" YOU’RE RUNNING AWAY FROM ME HUNAN BITCH?"  Suddenly, Lan Rong stood up and releasing a war cry charged towards the secretary.
" I’M NOT AFRAID OF LITTLE SICHUAN cuntS LIKE YOU"  Knowing a confrontation was unavoidable, Mao Mao went full steam head, ready to meet her foe as the crowd cheered them on.

The girls practically jumped at each other with the claws out when they got in striking distance. Clashing midair, they collapsed on the floor, falling side to side. They proceeded to punch each other with the right hand as the left tried to scratch whatever was in range. They didn’t have any energy to insult each other, but they expressed their mutual feelings by spiting on each other. The spectators were transfixed as the women slowly slugged it out, each punch seemingly ending the fight until the other woman replied with a devastating blow of her own. Each tried some cunt attack, but her hated enemy avoided the cruel nails and knees. Xiao Mao mustered enough energy to bite Lan Lan’s tit. The wife screamed as she frantically punched and tried to get the secretary off her, lowering her defenses. The brown haired woman took advantage of this oversight by placing a devastating blow to the cunt. She heard an agonizing scream and sobbing as she felt the Sichuan temptress deflating and her grip relaxing.

Relaxing her own grip, Mao Mao weakly stood on her knees. She knew she had to act quickly, as she feared Wen Wen was slowly regaining consciousness. Finding one of the ruined thongs, she didn’t care whose it was, she quickly tied Lan Lan’s hands behind her back. She was about to do the same to Wen Wen, when she realized the Shandong beauty was standing on her knees looking at her.    

They stood on their knees looking at each other, panting heavily. If the other came to her, she would fight with all her claws out, but each was unwilling to move. They knew their pride and honour required them to clash but their bodies were simply exhausted. They could hear the crowd cheering, egging them on.

Realizing that she had her boss close by, Xiao Mao slowly stood up. The Shandong woman imitated her, wary of whatever the secretary would do. The Hunan temptress turned towards her boss and smiled at him, walking behind him and resting her tits on his naked back. Her hands roamed his crotch, quickly finding his cock and massaging it. Her head rested on his shoulder as she gave a sardonic smile to her love rival.

" Are you going to let her steal you man?"  " Fight for him!"  " Come on! Rip her tits!"  " If it were me, I wouldn’t let no hoe touch my man like that!"  Wen Wen’s pride was being wounded. She simply could not lose face in front of everyone. Mao Chun for her part was hearing whistles and encouragement " stroke him harder!"  

" That’s how a real woman gets a man!" . Xiao Wen starting lurching towards the couple and everyone cheered like crazy. Xiao Mao stroked Deng faster. He tried his hardest not to release, but the secretary knew his body too well. Among the " CUM CUM CUM"  cries, Deng's manhood finally gave way,  releasing a moan of pleasure. The white liquid on his secretary’s hand cued everyone on his orgasm. The catcalls and whistles grew wild when Mao Mao licked the cum on her hand.

" YOU…SLUT!" screamed Xiao Wen, walking as fast as she could towards the couple. Mao Mao waited for her Shandong rival.

" Take THIS!" said the secretary as she tried to surprise the exgf with a hook to the face that the younger woman evaded. Xiao Wen then went straight for a bear hug. The women struggled as they tried to throw her opponent to the side.

" You..take THIS!"  Taking the initiative again, Wen Wen’s left hand grabbed Xiao Mao’s wet cunt hair and mercilessly tore it apart.

" AUCH YOU…BITCH!" exclaimed the secretary as she reciprocated the haircunt pull. The women screamed as the crowd encouraged them. " cunt"  " SLUT"  " WHORE"  the girls whispered as they sobbed from the pain. Mao Mao pulled a Mike Tyson, bitting Wen Wen’s right ear. Wen Wen abandoned the vicious cunt hair pull as she tried to get her ear free.

" LET GO!!!!" cried the ex girlfriend as she sobbed. Mao Chun obliged her, releasing the ear bite and then suddenly pushing her shaky adversary to the floor, where she proceeded to use her lethal high heels to repeatedly kick the Shandong woman on the stomach, tits and head. Xiao Wen's body was convulsing each time her body was hit by the secretary's high heels, but her body was just too tired, she was in too much pain to mount a counter attack. Xiao Mao only stopped her brutal assault on her romantic adversary when Xiao Wen stopped screaming in pain.

Satisfied the Shandong whore had enough, Mao Chun wasted no time to tie her hands and ankles off amidst the cheering and the applause from the crowd.

Quickly scanning the room, she saw that Lan Lan had just regained consciousness and was struggling to get free to no avail.

" OH NO YOU STAY DOWN!" The Hunan beauty ran towards the wife and kicked her right on the face, knocking her out again. Then tied her ankles for good measure. Finally feeling secure on her victory, she felt to her knees, exhausted.

The crowd waited expectantly for any new development, but after it was clear that neither the wife or the exgf were going to continue fighting, they cheered and clapped enthusiastically. Deng came to embrace her and help her stand on. The Hunan beauty felt people pouring cold beer all over her, congratulating her on a hard fought win. She felt Deng lifting her up and swelling in pride, she raised her fists as a prize winner boxer and let a roar out to the cheers of the crowd.


" YOU’RE MINE! YOU’RE MINE! MINE MINE MINE!" Mao Mao moaned louder and louder as Deng’s manhood pounded away with wild abandon. Feeling him getting closer and closer to orgasm, she pulled him closer for a deep kiss as she felt her vagina receive her man’s cum. After all her trials and tribulations she had proved her sexual supremacy over her hated romantic rivals. Pulling away from the kiss, Xiao Mao rested her pretty head on Deng’s broad chest.

Mao Chun had been too tired and hurt to enjoy the spoils of victory at the Halloween party. Lan Rong and Wen Mei weren’t any better. All three off them were hurt enough that someone to call some discreet doctors to make sure the combatants were ok. Mao Mao was a mess and her body was in a lot of pain, but her smile made it clear she was satisfied with the outcome of the night.  She had proven her femininity and won the admiration of not only the man in dispute but all their common acquaintances. A lot of people congratulated her over the following days on her hard won victory, especially other secretaries and mistresses, all keen in achieving what she had done. That is, becoming her boss’ official woman.

What if some other woman tried to lure her man away just as she had just done? There was always the possibility, but she doubted it. Deng’s fortune suffered significantly when Lan Rong filed for divorce, and Wen Mei’s substantial settlement in exchange for her silence on several delicate topics. Mao Chun was not too happy about her boss’ diminished fortune, but all in all, Deng still had a substantial fortune. Moreover, Deng’s father went ballistic when he got wind of what had just happened. He very clearly told his son that the next time he pulled a stunt like that, he would be disowned. Deng got the message and was doing his best to stay in the straight and narrow path of sexual fidelity. Deng was finally hers, exclusively.

Wen Mei lost a lot of face in the encounter. She had competed/fought for the same man twice and had lost both times. The brief period in which she was Deng’s main squeeze seemed like a distant dream. No group in particular encouraged her to seek a rematch, but she did get sympathy. Ironically, it was from the same group of mistresses/secretaries that were enthusiastic about Mao Chun’s victory. It didn’t escape to them that Xiao Mao and Wen Mei were the same, it was just that one succeeded in her aims while the other failed to win the man she wanted. Obviously, many preferred to see themselves as Mao Mao, but Wen Wen represented a cautionary tale of what would happen if they started a catfight over a man and lost.
Or maybe not. If she was not going to get a relationship out of this, at least she was going to get something. She talked with Deng and subtly let him know that although she still liked him a lot, he should offer some form of " consideration"  in exchange for her silence on several topics. Taking the hint, Deng wired enough money to buy Wen Mei’s cooperation. Needing a break from everything that had just transpired, Xiao Wen then went for a world trip. Away from everyone who saw the fight, specially Deng.

As Xiao Mao predicted, Lan Rong’s social standing suffered a lot. Not knowing the full story, a lot of people ill judged her on her failure to keep her man loyal and fend off her sexual rivals. She had done everything in her power to defend her turf against determined foes but that didn’t matter. What mattered was that she lost her man to a better woman. An opinionated minority, composed of several young wives/girlfriends in the swinger group encouraged her to seek a rematch. They undoubtedly wanted Lan Lan to recover keep fighting for Deng and win a new catfight against Mao Mao. That would discourage any ambitious mistress or secretary from getting any funny ideas about their chances with their husbands.

Unfortunately, the Sichuan beauty had had enough with the whole thing. Did she love Deng? Despite everything, yes. She did not rule out fighting for him again in the future. But the emotional and physical tolls had grown too costly for her taste. For now she needed to get away from everything and cool her head. She instead took the hint and divorced Deng. Deng provided her with a substantial settlement, much to Mao Mao’s chagrin.  

Hearing of the divorce, there were nervous whispering around the local swinger community. Several wives and long term girlfriends knew it was the start of a chain reaction. It was China, and successful men always attracted attention, married or not. And the swinger community had a lot of good looking and successful men.  They would no doubt soon hear about young pretty women who wanted to become the primary recipient of their husband's/boyfriends's affections. Each one of them would have a choice to make: Ignore their sexual rivals and risk being replaced, or fight tooth and nail for what was theirs.

No matter what, each member of the feminine sex in that community knew that she'd have to prove herself the better woman, or lose her man.