The Duel Room 1 by Justlooking

Nine day buildup to the contest

Reading Instructions by JL9000

Note: In case it wasn’t clear, the text after the highlighted text represents emails between the mentors and the women.

The text in between the three dots conveys the actual action.


Intro Mayumi

“Wait. You accepted? Why?”

“The bitch challenged me. I wasn’t going to chicken out in front of him. You have to help me”said the beautiful Mayumi Suzuki

“Yes”deadpanned Kaori“My advice is that you withdraw from the duel. You’re 20 for goodness sake! 4 months ago you weren’t even of legal age to duel!”

“I can’t do that. I’m tired of being the side chick.”

“Look. I know what you’re thinking. You think he’s the love of your life, that you won’t meet someone as good as him if you let him go. I was 20 once too. I thought the same. I bought into the whole one cock for one pussy rubbish. The world doesn’t work like that anymore. I realized that going through several vicious duels over guys when I was 21 wasn’t worth it”

“But you DID fight over your guy when you were 21…”

“Fine, whatever. Then let’s wait until you’re 21 too”

“NO! I won’t tolerate that “girlfriend” getting in between him and me any longer.”

“Ok sweety. Look at me and tell me the truth”said Kaori in the most serious tone she could muster“If push comes to shove, will you fight her in what is pretty much a no rules catfight for this Seiji guy? I’m sure you’ve watched the videos on the internet. The whole thing is ALWAYS messy and bloody.”

“If she won’t back down, I won’t back down neither. I won’t give him up”

“And backing down means…”

“It means she stops seeing Seiji so I can be his girlfriend”

“This is not how any of this works”

“I’m not sharing him!”

“You know what happens if you lose right?”

“I won’t lose, because you’re going to coach me on how to win”

Kaori sighed as she looked at her blackhaired sister. She was no longer the innocent little girl she knew. She was now a young woman with her own sexual desires. There’s no denying that the 164cm tall Mayumi was pretty and would keep getting prettier as she grew older. A pretty face, long legs, and a mammoth set of tits would make sure she commanded a lot of male attention for the next 30 years at least. The regrettable part is that she’d have to share that attention with other females. There was simply not enough dick to go around.

Kaori could talk until she was blue in the face about the pointlessness of engaging in such a high stakes game over a guy, just as her seniors had done when she was 21. Her younger self regrettably ignored that wise advice. Deep down, she knew that hammering at the compromise message was probably pointless. Mayumi was eventually going to duel over a guy at some point in her life. If not this guy, then another guy. Win or lose, shouldn’t it be better for Mayumi to know what it is to fight and duel over a man when she’s young? Kaori just hoped it wouldn’t be too hard to put her sister’s life back together if she lost the duel.

“Fine. If you’re so dead set in fighting over him, I’ll help you”

Day 0

Kaori: The government hates duels and fighting in general, but they can’t do anything about it. If there were no duels, female on female violence would spike at scary levels. Women would fight an endless series of private catfights and rematches with no proper doctors around, revenge beatings, assaults, gangs of women fighting, outright murdering the other woman, etc. That’s what would happen if they got rid of duels in a society where there’s 5 women for every man available. Female jealousy is a hell of a drug. Duels break the cycle of violence by exiling the loser for one year, which is does a lot to cool down passions and for the most part prevent an endless series of rematches over the same guy. Almost all women at one point in their lives issue or accept a challenge in the heat of the moment, but 70% of duels never happen. The government provides many opportunities for the contenders to calm down and withdraw, then encourages everyone to come to an agreement. All the duel traditions that have developed over the years are designed not only to win a man’s heart, but also to help you decide if you really want to go through with it. Either you realize this guy isn’t worth fighting for and withdraw or you end up in the duel room, wearing nothing but high heels and a bikini and brutally catfight over his cock.

Chiemi: The first thing you should know about a duel, it’s that it isn’t simply about the moment you girls come to blows in the duel room. You girls are already fighting over him. From now to the day you duel, she’ll try her hardest to win his affections, and you should do the same. The usual girlfriend stuff won’t be enough. I mean, really step it up, because your boyfriend is being shown an alternative version of his future, with her as his girlfriend. And he’s going to compare that future against the future in which you’re still his girlfriend. You need to show Seiji that you are prettier, sexier, better in bed than the side chick. You must win the fight over his heart as well as the physical duel over him.

Kaori: Well, if you do intend to fight over this guy, it was good you accepted the challenge on the spot. You never want to show hesitation in front of him. You want to show him you’re willing to do anything for him and that you want him more. It is crucial to make him more emotionally invested in you. You need to make him wonder why he’s with his clearly inferior girlfriend when he could be with you. And he wants to be with you because you’re much better than her as a lover, as a woman and as a fighter. If you forfeit the romantic battlefield for the sake the physical duel, you risk losing the guy even if you win the duel. And if he misses the loser enough, he’ll find a way to be with her; duel laws be damned.

Chiemi: Even with the duel itself, you must understand that it isn’t a strictly fighting match. It’s a weird combination of erotic performance and no rules catfight. There’s no way that wearing skimpy clothes, stockings and high heels is conducive to a practical fight. Duels developed the way they did because the end purpose is to woo the man being fought over. When two women duel, it’s because they feel he’s wavering between the two of them, so they want to sway his heart. All these traditions around duels is to make the man more invested in the contenders and the eventual outcome. It doesn’t always work that way, but in many cases, the man being fought over does end up more loyal to the winner and less inclined to look for variety outside the relationship. At least that’s the common belief. You could say that the two women works toward the same objective of making their mutual lover accept the result of the duel, but only one can reap the benefits of all that hard work.

Day 1

Kaori: First thing you should do is to take the fight to his girlfriend. Next time he comes, tell him you want to live with him. You have to make the fight over him a 24/7 affair. He’ll say he’s be worried about you two girls clashing if you three live together. That’s one of the many lies he’ll tell you in order to live with his conscience. You see, he wants you to fight for his affections; he wishes to see you girls arguing in front of him over who’s should fuck him that night, he is elated you girls are going to fight for his cock wearing nothing but skimpy lingerie and obscene high heels while he watches. He just doesn’t want to be the one pushing for that, because then his morals will tell him he’s a bad guy. However, if you tell him you want him to see you compete with his girlfriend, if you girls on your own volition have a scrap over who gets to fuck him, that’s a different matter. He’s guiltless, it wasn’t his fault two crazy girls decided to fight over his cock. That’s a massive ego boost for him too. The way to winning his affections is not paying attention to the stuff he says in order not to feel like a horrible person, but paying attention to his baser instincts and satisfying them. Don’t listen to his words reproaching you for picking a fight; look at how hard he fucks you after the fight. I can assure you, his dick will be diamond hard.

“yes yes YES!”moaned Mayumi, her hands grabbing the sheets as she felt Seiji’s tongue making her climax. She let a final YES as a wave of pleasure washed over her supple young body. She saw Seiji moving on top of her to kiss her.

“Have you considered? I mean me living with you”heaved the sweaty Mayumi, resuming the conversation they had been having before they had started making love. He had initially said no, but the young temptress knew better than to argue the refusal right away. Instead she distracted him with sex to improve his mood. Now sated, she hoped his resistance to the idea had softened. As many women before her, she had found out that talking with her guy while they were both naked increased the chances of bending him to her will.

“Can’t you wait 10 days?”asked Seiji, implying that he thought Mayumi would win. Or that’s how Mayumi chose to interpret it“I don’t want you girls getting into a fight or constantly getting into arguments before the duel”

“But that’s exactly what I want”pouted the young temptress, her enormous tits rubbing against his chest. She could see Seiji looking at her askance“I want to get into an argument over your cock. I want to fight for your cock. I want you to see us side by side and see how much better I’m than your mediocre girlfriend.”

Mayumi could not help but to notice Seiji’s manhood growing even stiffer as she talked about fighting for him. She could see his initial resistance was quickly crumbling. Kaori’s advice of framing everything on terms of him and his cock was working. She could see hesitation in his eyes. She went for the kill.

“I’m a big girl you know? You don’t need to protect me from her. I can totally defend myself if she starts trouble…”

“What kind of trouble?”

“I don’t know…say we’re having sex…and your worthless girlfriend tries to interrupt us…”cooed Mayumi, ramping up the seductive tone and caressing his shaft“then I’ll have no choice…but to defend my right…to have your cock…and trust me…I’m a girl…who defends her rights…vigorously”

“I don’t know…”said Seiji hesitantly. Mayumi sensed him growing stiffer still, no doubt looking for an excuse to say yes without feeling bad with himself. It was something Kaori had warned about. The young Japanese beauty pressed the issue.
“Is it that you’re afraid for her?”
“Pardon me?”
“That you want to protect her because you know…she isn’t as womanly as me?”replied Mayumi. She had a whole speech Kaori had told memorize. One of the “killer arguments” that would convince him of her proposal“That she won’t fight for you like I do?”
“No that isn’t it…”
“If she’s not willing to fight for you, then does she even deserve to be your girlfriend?”panted Mayumi, keenly aware of Seiji’s hard shaft poking her womanhood. She watched him still doubting but she kept on going, little by little overcoming his resistance to the idea of his two girls fighting tooth and nail in his apartment.

Mayumi smiled when Seiji ended up saying yes to her proposal. She stood up from the bed to prepare her belongings. She couldn’t keep that secondrate skank waiting.


Mayumi’s text to Kaori: I did it! Seiji is thrilled that I’m coming to his place. The moment I said I wanted him to see us compete over him he was eating from the palm of my hand.

Kaori replied: Good. But remember this is the first step. There’s no way his girlfriend will give him up easily. She’ll fight tooth and nail to defend her territory. Don’t forget to come to me so we can train you for the big day.

Day 2

Kaori: The girlfriend will try to challenge you the moment you arrive to his house. She’ll try to intimidate you in front of the guy. Don’t let her. If she pushes you, push back harder. Try to stake your claim to Seiji’s bed. The girlfriend will oppose your claim since she’s the one usually sleeping in that bedroom. It’s very likely you’ll very likely get to share his bed 50/50 with the girlfriend. Whatever you do, hog as much of the man’s time as possible. You want him spending time with YOU, not her. Don’t forget to dress to impress. I mean, be a slut. Miniskirts, lingerie, bikinis, tight shirts, go all in. You have immense tits. Shove them into his face. Show as much cleavage as possibly.

Chiemi: It’s very likely that your romantic rival will persuade your boyfriend to cohabitate with you guys, and she’ll probably try take your rightful place as his sleeping partner. Don’t fret about it. What you can DO is to show your boyfriend you won’t cede any inch of his cock willingly. In almost all the cases, there’s a 50/50 split for his bedtime, since guys want to appear impartial. Yes, I know you’ll go from having his undivided night time attentions to sharing him and it sucks, but that’s just the way it is. Show him you won’t tolerate that interloper invading your apartment and will do whatever it takes to kick her out.

It’s your house. “Welcome” her by saying you’re glad she’s there so that your man can finally compare you side by side and realize you’re the better woman. Challenge her femininity. Wear your sexiest clothes. Don’t be a prude. Between you and her, you have to be the bigger whore. Even if she’s one aspect in which she’s physically “superior” to you, like the size of her boobs, show you’re proud of your body. And you should be, your melons are ridiculously huge. There’s a reason he’s fucking you. Your confidence in your appearance will impress the guy.

Mayumi was sitting on the sofa in Seiji’s house. He had helped her bring her belongings but had to run for his last day of work before the nineday long holiday he had specifically requested for the occasion. While she waited, she put her stuff in his room and changed to a form fitting tank top and incredibly brief shorts that exposed half her ass to the wind. Her head perked up when she heard a set of keys opening the doorknob.

She was on Seiji like a dog happy to see its owner come home. She was less enthused when she saw the young brunette beauty standing behind him, sporting a tight short sleeve shirt that showed a generous amount of cleavage and a very short miniskirt.

“Oh sorry we didn’t tell you I was coming to live in. It was kind of a sudden decision”said Mayumi cattily.

“No worries. My boyfriend told me about you moving when we were shopping for some lingerie. If anything, I’m sorry we were late, he just couldn’t keep his hands off me in the changing room…if you know what I mean”gloated Natsumi.

Seiji noted the tone between the girls grew progressively more hostile the longer their conversation continued.

“Well, I hope that I don’t inconvenience you, apart from showing Seiji how much better I’m than you”

“Oh. I rather want you to be here”replied Natsumi crossing her arms as she put herself between Seiji and Mayumi“That way my boyfriend can compare us side by side and see that I’m obviously the better woman before you leave after 8 days”

“We’ll see about that. If your lovemaking was any good, maybe your boyfriend wouldn’t be banging me day in and day out”said the blackhaired beauty, closing the gap between them, making their massive chests clash and locking eyes with her.

“Every guy nowadays looks for a little variety”replied Natsumi, pushing back at the interloper’s attempt at intimidation. It was true, but Seiji’s infidelity was still deeply offensive to Natsumi’s womanly pride regardless“If your lovemaking was any good, you would be his girlfriend. And I think we all know who’s the girlfriend and who’s the side chick”

“Which I think is a mistake”jeered Mayumi “You see, I think Seiji deserves much better girlfriend than the one he has right now”

“And that’s you I presume”mocked the taller seductress acidly, her nose almost touching Mayumi’s“Don’t you think he’s already made his choice? Since you’ve been already chasing him for months and you’re still an occasional fuck. While I…I live here with him, riding his cock night in and night out.”

“Well, about that…I’m already living here aren’t I?”

“Oh I heard all about it…you wouldn’t stop begging him to let you in…thinking you can compete with me. I say…I welcome the competition. If you think you’re better than me in bed…prove it. You’ll find I’m a…very competitive person.”

“So am I. At least we agree that this is the best way to let Seiji decide who’s the better lover. Me living here will also help me familiarize myself with the place before I settle here…permanently.”

“I see you guys have two rooms, so I’ve helped myself to Seiji’s room”continued Mayumi.

“I don’t think that’s how it works”countered Natsumi“I’m pretty sure it’s the girlfriend, not his call girl, who is supposed to sleep with his bedroom.”

“Well, I’ll soon be his girlfriend”retorted Mayumi venomously “What do you think Seiji?”

“I’ve talked with my man about that”jeered Natsumi“If his bed is the battlefield you want to choose to battle over his cock, I won’t shy away from that contest. I’d rather you fight me there, your love making skills against mine. I do want him to see through all the bullshit you’ve been spewing about being a better fuck. So I told him I’m ok with splitting his bedroom time between us.”

Mayumi blinked, stepping back as she didn’t know what hit her. She lost her composure. Kaori had told her that girlfriends tend to argue the point strenuously, and use such a strident refusal to her advantage. She had played with several scenarios in her head, all of them involving fierce arguments over who should stay in Seiji’s bed. Now Seiji’s girlfriend was giving it to her just like that. She didn’t know how to reply. She had gotten what she wanted but somehow it felt like a defeat.

“Now, if we’re done”continued Natsumi as she walked away from the dumbstruck challenger. She knew she had bested her sexual rival in this battle of wits “I should go to my boyfriend’s bedroom to put my new underwear on for tonight.”

Natsumi’s text to Chiemi: That whore came to my apartment today. I used the plan I told you about and she was speechless! She looked silly and we all knew it. Seiji said he was stoked to see my little performance. I just had round two with him and I can tell he’s super horny. Fuck, I can see his dick growing hard again and he just cummed a minute ago. I won’t let her kick me out of his bed without a fight! Talk to you later.

Chiemi replied: That was a brilliant idea! Turning what is usually a girlfriend’s loss into a victory. The outcome was the same, but it was you stealing the initiative, your idea, and it made you sound totally unafraid of that wench. All and all you did well. Remember, keep confronting your boyfriend’s side chick. You gotta show him you will fight tooth and nail for him. Remember to swing by so I can coach you on the actual duel.

Day 3

Chiemi: Once she’s in your house, it’ll be hyper charged sexual contest over your boyfriend. Never forget that you’re now living with a tramp who spends every waking second thinking about stealing your man. Your body is your best weapon. Excite him. One up that slut. If she does two rounds with him, you do three. If she gives him a nice blow job, give him a nicer one. If she wears a fancy set of lingerie for his benefit, counter her with your own whorish lingerie. Show Seiji you won’t fall behind in the sex race. If that hussy insists on escalating the situation, don’t afraid to show your claws! You also must show your sexual rival that you’re a grown woman confident of her sexual skills. Monopolize his cock! Leave the door open and let her hear you making love to your man! If she sees you having sex with him, don’t stop. Stare at her as you proudly ride him.

Kaori: Sex Sex Sex! That’s the key. Remember that apart from the guy in question, you’re also living with your sexual competitor. Challenge her for his cock. What I mean, entice him to have sex with you rather than her. You want his dick permanently attached to your pussy. Ride him bareback! Let your man cum inside you. Drink all of his jizz. Don’t let a single drop go to waste and tell him how good it feels to have all his cum inside you. If you hear her having sex with your man, you should try to interrupt them, even if it comes to blows. If she pushes you around, push back. Always escalate. Especially if your guy is seeing you confronting her. Don’t worry, the guy will probably stop you girls from fighting and be impressed by how much you want his dick. But whatever you do, if she challenges you sexually, don’t back down.

The hostilities and cattiness started from day 2. Natsumi made sure to squeal louder than usual when she rode her boyfriend that night. As her mentor had recommended, she left the door open for Mayumi’s benefit. Mayumi did not back down from this subtle challenge. She came in with a sexy black lingerie set and stockings and looked on as Seiji was restlessly banging Natsumi. The older girl gave her sexual rival a death stare as her tits jiggled violently from the pounding her boyfriend was giving her. Having satisfied her man properly, the haughty girlfriend then stood up, her heaving chest clashing against her opponent’s bra and told Mayumi to fuck off. Mayumi said “Make me” as she pushed back with her tits. Natsumi hesitated for a moment until she remembered her cousin’ words. She slapped that cock hungry whore and a soon the girls were pulling hair until Seiji stepped in and separated the girls.

Day three was Mayumi’s chance for payback. She too left the door open as she made love with Seiji, only to see sexual antagonist come in wearing a sexy corset, stockings and garter belt combo. The romantic rivals had a tense argument as Seiji was hammering his cock inside Mayumi. The climax came when a naked Mayumi, semen streaming down her inner thighs told her love rival to “leave or else,” to which Seiji’s girlfriend replied by grabbing Seiji and making out with him! Mayumi was outraged at the lack of respect! It was her night with Seiji! Seeing red, the naked young girl pounced on the insolent girlfriend. The two got their claws out, Natsumi going after Mayumi’s tits while Mayumi ripped apart the sexy corset Natsumi was wearing until Seiji separated them.

Day 4

While the man they were competing over had decided to split his nights evenly between the girls, day time was open season. They had to fight for access to his cock, and fight they did. Wearing nothing but their sexiest underwear, the sex kittens prowled the apartment like lionesses looking for the right moment to strike. If they saw him lounging around, each tried to entice him to a good fucking session. Considering how small the apartment was, that meant they could notice when her sexual rival was seducing the man in dispute. The inevitable confrontation would occur when one of them would try to interrupt the other midcoitus and have her way with Seiji. That invariably resulted in angry arguments that degenerated into shouting matches as neither Mayumi or Natsumi would back down; especially if Seiji was looking at them, erect cock in hand. Soon the staredown would become a shoving match, then progress into a free for all that lasted several minutes until Seiji pulled them apart. He’d always stop their little tussles at some point, so they just kept ramping up the tension, pushing a little harder each time, safe in the knowledge their mutual lover would stop them from going too far.

For his part, Seiji was grinning at the outright hostility these two girls were showed each other since day 1. He hated to admit it, but he really enjoyed having these wellendowed girls arguing 24/7 over his cock. He loved their physical altercations and the increased sexual drive as the girls were actively trying to one up each other in bed. He was guilty of fuelling their conflict by playing the “Can you believe what she told me about you?” game and seeing offended girl storm out and ask her sexual rival point blank if that was true. To which the challenged girl would invariably respond with a variation of “Yes bitch, I told my man that, wanna argue about it?” and another round of screaming and shoving would ensue. The sexual tension was driving him crazy.

He wondered what would the next five days bring…

Day 5

The growing antagonism between the sexual competitors did not let up. If anything, each young lady did her best to add fuel to the fire, ignoring Seiji’s pleas for calm and peace. Pleas that ran hollower and hollower the harder his dick got. He was enjoying having them fighting for his cock and the girls knew it. Neither young beauty saw any need to play nice, considering one’s romantic success meant depriving the other of her happiness. By now the nature of their quarrels changed: There was no pretending to be tough women ready to take it to the floor at the slightest provocation anymore. After 3 days of constant clashes and intensifying sexual rivalry over Seiji, they really wanted to get their nails into each other. They didn’t want Seiji to come in and give them a facesaving excuse to stop fighting.

“I’m warning you tramp”threatened Mayumi angrily“Next time you interrupt me making love with my man I’ll claw your tits out”

“You think I’m a afraid of a whore like you?”replied Natsumi contemptuously“Try clawing my tits and we’ll see who ends up titless.”

Seiji drank his beer as he leisurely watched the two beautiful girls arguing over him again. They had been arguing for some time already, and he loved the spectacle of their magnificent tits jerking up and down as they made threatening gestures and pushed each other around. He tuned out whatever was being said as he focuses his brain power on his lovers’ bosoms repeatedly clashing against each other, their furious faces just millimetres apart. Then Natsumi splashed Mayumi with the cold beer she had at hand. Beer dripped from Mayumi’s wet lingerie as Seiji watched the situation go from “ok” to “critical” in 2 seconds. Having beer at hand too, Mayumi “calmly” raised her arm above Natsumi and poured the contents on her. Soon, beer was flowing on Natsumi’s face down to her tits, wetting her erotic underwear.

A second later the girls were screeching and howling as they pulled hair and fought on the wet floor. Seiji watched this highly erotic spectacle unfold as he struggled to summon enough will to separate these soaked wild cats in wet lingerie rolling on the floor. When he did separate them, he could not help to notice that the scratch marks were deeper, the damage was greater, the girls showed more resistance to being separated than in their previous brawls.

Seiji could see things were starting to get out of hand. He should have been worried, but if anything, he was looking forward to what was to come.

Mayumi texted Kaori: I’d really love for Seiji to stop preventing us from fighting so I can teach that common harlot a lesson. Tonight he told me that seeing me in my wet lingerie rolling around the floor as I was beating that skank was the hottest thing ever. And I believe him, because even after cumming three times I never saw his dick soften. Spending four days so far in here has made me sure that I’m winning the war for his affections. I can feel it in the way he looks at me. I can feel in our love making. He’s losing interest in her. That bitch just can’t understand she’s being out classed by a better woman.

Kaori replied: That’s the spirit. Never back down. It’s encouraging to know you’re winning the war over his affections. Keep fighting hard for him! On the other hand, don’t go overboard…yet. You don’t want to mess her so badly she’s too hurt to fight on duel day. Wait until duel day to unleash all your rage.

Natsumi texted Chiemi: I’ve noticed that Seiji’s affection for me has not diminished, just grown further. It’s clear that the skank was just a passing distraction and he’s always preferred me over her. Now that he can compare us side by side, he can’t help but to see I’m clearly the superior lover. I’m tired of her challenging me when I’m pleasing my man. As you said, Seiji has been separating us whenever we pull hair, but I wish he hadn’t today; I was totally winning our little scrap. I can’t wait to sink my nails in that whore in the duel room.

Chiemi replied: You’re doing well. Never forget you’re the legitimate girlfriend, and she’s just a pretender. I know the feeling of wanting to fight her right now, but hold your anger for duel day. Then make her regret the day she decided to start an affair with your man! Seiji’s cock is yours!

Day 6

Chiemi: It’s very likely that Seiji will at some point propose a threesome, or it might happen “organically”. Outwardly agree but hog him all to yourself. Do not let that woman get close to him. Let your man know you’re jealous and won’t share him willingly. If you have to get “physical” prevent her from walking all over you, so be it. Don’t be afraid of a little hairpulling and rolling around the sheets to make your point. Let her know you won’t pushed out of his bed.

Kaori: There’s the possibility the man you’re fighting over will ask for a threesome. Agree…but don’t agree. What I mean is that you’ll join him in the threesome, but never allow your sexual rival to have a piece of his cock. If you can, make him cum inside you. I don’t need to tell you how gratifying is to feel your lover’s hot white liquid pouring out your pussy. It’s one of the hottest feelings ever, doubly so if that skank watches helplessly as you take his cum in. The girlfriend will obviously try to do the same, so there’s no doubt going to be a clash over who gets his cum inside her.

The “threesome” their mentors had warned about materialized on day six. Mayumi was enjoying a relaxing make out session with Seiji while they were sitting on the sofa, drinking beer and watching TV. She was clad only in a pink thong while her man had already taken off his boxers and was caressing her tits every now and then.

“You’re not welcome”said Mayumi as she saw her topless sexual rival come, beer in hand and sitting to her lover’s left side.

“Watch me care”came Natsumi’s catty reply. She had seen her boyfriend and her romantic competitor cosying up in the sofa and decided to make an issue of such a disagreeable sight. The 21yearold beauty licked her man’s ear and eagerly tongued him in front of Mayumi. Her hand went down to reach for Seiji’s erect cock…only to find Mayumi’s hand already in there.

“I warned you several times about interrupting me when I’m with my man”jeered Mayumi, giving her sexual adversary an angry stare while her hand was battling Natsumi’s over Seiji’s cock. She felt Seiji’s mouth turn to her and she kissed him. He reached down her pussy and started fingering her, but Mayumi could not help to notice Natsumi was receiving the same treatment.

“Talk is…cheap. I hope…you can…back up…your words…with actions”countered the excited Natsumi as she kissed her boyfriend’s neck and rubbed her large tits on his body while subtly taking off her panties.“Ouch!”

Mayumi had just scratched Natsumi’s hand while she was distracting Seiji with her kisses. She gloated“How was…that…for action?”

“Fine. Have it your way”spat Natsumi. Then without warning she forcefully pushed Mayumi’s hand off Seiji’s manhood and in a swift motion mounted the guy in dispute. Just what Seiji needed after being teased by Mayumi for some time already. He dutifully started thrusting his moist manhood inside his girlfriend’s cunt while they made out.

“YOU TRAMP!”cursed Mayumi, incensed at being upstaged. This was the moment of truth her mentor was telling her about. Push back or be pushed out. Had it been the first day, she would have hesitated, but having had 4 days of increasingly tense moments she was more than eager to push back. Pulling her own panties down, she prepared for carnal battle!

“Two can play the same game!”said the totally naked Mayumi as she used her whole body to tackle her sexual rival off Seiji’s cock. The younger beauty was pleased when she saw Natsumi comically fall onto the carpeted floor. Seeing brunette temptress getting on all fours, she kicked her on the midsection, sending Natsumi crouching in a fetal position. Mayumi turned to the expecting Seiji and quickly pulled him down with her, letting him fuck her missionary style on the sofa.

Natsumi wasn’t going to back down! A minute after her boyfriend started fucking her sexual adversary, she gently wrapped her arm around her man’s neck and led his head upwards, kissing him to divert his gaze and then throw a fist in Mayumi’s tender right boob. Seiji was too distracted to note the younger seductress’ shriek. Then, as she disentangled his manhood from Mayumi’s cunt, Natsumi increased the foul play up a notch by using the heel of her bare feet to step on her sexual rival’s crotch. Her romantic rival thus disposed of for the moment, Natsumi then brought her boyfriend down to the floor with her, fucking him reverse cowgirl.

Mayumi took some seconds to recover, and when she did, she was outraged at the blow below the belt! (Conveniently forgetting her a role in ratcheting up the tensions) and decided the gloves were off! She got on her feet, and coming from behind, she sank her nails on Natsumi’s enlarged boobs, using the hold to lift her off Seiji.

“Let me go of me shank!”demanded Natsumi as her arms moved backwards to scratch at anything in reach of her nails.

“As you wish!”spat the younger seductress, taking advantage of an opening in between her romantic competitor’s thighs to knee her from behind. Natsumi howled, bringing her hands down her crotch, only for Mayumi to kick her off on the butt and sending her crashing down the other side of the living room.

“You better not disturb me anymore while I fuck your boyfriend”warned the younger beauty as she got on all four and presented her ass to the man in dispute. Said man was horny and about to burst by then. He cared nothing for which girl he fucked. He needed release! He started pounding Mayumi doggy style.

The raging Natsumi stood up and went looking for payback. She quickly went to Mayumi’s side and dropped her butt on top of her. Mayumi let out a screech as her tits violently clashed against the floor. Then the brunette raised her legs, resting the heels of her feet on Seiji’s shoulders and letting him penetrate her welcoming cunt. Mayumi tried to wiggle and squirm to no avail, the weight of two people fucking on top of her proving too much to overcome.

“Can you feel it wench? My man is about to cum inside me!”taunted Natsumi as she felt Seiji picking up the pace, eventually letting out a satisfied moan as he ejaculated his load inside his girlfriend and then dropped to the side, sweaty and gratified. The moment he did so, Mayumi got up on all fours, dismounted Natsumi off her back and leapt on top of her love rival. The girls screamed cunt WHORE BITCH HE’S MINE PIG as they rolled back and forth, leaving a trail of white semen coming out of Natsumi’s cunt on the floor.

It took some time for Seiji to muster enough willpower to get up and separate the warring women. He hadn’t paid attention to what happened after he orgasmed, but he found them sinking their nails on each other’s excited tits. The catfight seemed to have been about even when he separated them, but they all knew Natsumi had won the threesome.

Natsumi texted Chiemi: The threesome happened. The bitch fought me over his cock but I fought back and made him cum inside me. You must have seen her look of defeat in her face. We kept fighting, and I was winning the fight. I was scratching her tits until my boyfriend separated us. Seiji thinks that if he hadn’t interrupted us I would have beaten her badly. He’s so “pleased” with me tonight I’m afraid I won’t be able to walk tomorrow.

Chiemi replied: Way to go girl! Making him cum inside you in the threesome was quite an achievement. That’s showing ownership of your man’s cock. I bet that just relieving the moment you girls had a “threesome” with him makes him hard. And every time he relives that moment, it’s you receiving his cum. That cunt must be desperate. She’s tried every trick of the book to win your boyfriend’s affections and you’ve bested her every time. By now your man must know that you’re simply the better woman, and you beating her to a pulp in the duel room will confirm that.

Mayumi texted Kaori: I was pleasing my man when that slut came looking for trouble. As you said, I stood my ground and we fought while we tried to fuck Seiji. I was about to make him cum inside me until she cheated. I’m so angry! We kept on fighting and I was starting to win the fight when Seiji separated us. He thought I was totally winning and promises to make love extra hard tomorrow.

Kaori replied: Don’t sweat it. The important thing is that you showed your man you were willing to fight back. The only fight that matters is the one inside the duel room. I’m proud of you. You’ve shown yourself a true woman when coming to fighting for your man. Don’t sweat the threesome. Considering how badly you’re beating her at the romantic contest, there’s no way Seiji isn’t secretly rooting for you in the duel.

Day 7

Kaori: Yes, I know flimsy underwear plus high heels isn’t the most practical of fighting attires. Your tits will jiggle like crazy. Worse, you’ll have no protection against the other girl’s nails. The tiny panty will barely stop her fingers from reaching your pussy. And that’s assuming you keep your panties in the fight, which I doubt. Just be thankful you’re not wearing a thong that barely covers your crotch. It’s hard to maintain balance in 5inch heels when you’re fighting tooth and nail over a guy. To be honest, this attire is way more appropriate for sex than for fighting. It’s a huge pain the ass to fight like that, but it’s totally worth it over the long run. Moreover, your romantic rival is going to wear something similar, so she’s going to have the same problems. Don’t let the girlfriend outdo you in the presentation department.

Kaori: If everything goes according to custom, your man will spend one day with one of you and the next with the other. It’s last meeting he’ll will have alone with either of you before one of you leaves his life. Of course, we all know she’s the one leaving, and you’re staying by his side. His heart is already yours, the duel will just formalize that fact. On the duel room, it’s customary to let the girl who didn’t spend the last day with the man in dispute to enter first. That’s to give her one last chance to talk to the guy before the duel. If that girl happens to be you, you must have sex with him. That not only makes him excited to see you fight, but as a reminder of what’s at stake in the fight. And yes, it’s also a final “fuck you” to the girlfriend.

“Oh God…oh god…ahhhh”grunted Seiji as he felt Mayumi’s magical tongue massaging his manhood with delightful skill. He tried to focus on her soft black hair grazing his thighs to no avail…

“I’m coming…ahhh”Sighed Seiji as he felt himself climaxing straight into Mayumi’s greedy mouth. He heaved as he felt her dropping a mix of his semen plus her saliva on top of his sensitive penis and sucking the liquid back up…only to drop it again on his still erect dick…rinse and repeat several times. It was a very pleasant sensation.

“A true woman won’t let anyone else take her man away from her”gargled Mayumi as she stood on her knees, some of the combined white liquid delightfully rolling down her chin and falling on top of her huge chest.

“She’s very serious about fighting to the finish the day after tomorrow”warned Seiji as he admired Mayumi’s outfit. The young temptress looked stunning in her black bra, panty and laced high heels set. He could not keep his eyes off her large tits, which unfortunately (fortunately?) bounced with every move she made. He was looking forward seeing these two attractive young females, clad in nothing but obscene outfits designed for the only purpose to get a sexual response out of him.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. That little slut needs to be taught a lesson, and the lesson is that you’re mine”She locked lips with him“I look forward to showing you I’m not the better woman at sex, but the better woman at fighting”

“That outfit isn’t going to protect you against her nails”objected Seiji as Mayumi kissed his neck and absentmindly stroked his flaccid manhood.

“It’s not about protecting myself…it’s about destroying her…tearing her tits apart…pulling her hair off…messing that face of hers…then to top it all, depriving her of her man in a duel. That’s what sets a true woman apart from little girls.”

“What about your panties”continued Seiji, noticing that a simple pull would undo the panties. To demonstrate his point, he pulled the knot, leaving her pussy exposed“Natsumi told me she was totally going to go after your pussy”

“Well…if she goes after my cunt…I go after hers…let’s see who ends up crying”cooed Mayumi as she hugged her man.

“I’m sick and tired of that cunt getting in between us. In two days she and me will settle matters once and for all. I know it’ll be vicious and bloody tomorrow, but I don’t care. I want you to see us fight it out, woman to woman, until one of us can’t keep going. Only then you’ll know who wants you more. That, of course, is me.”

“I see my description has turned you had again…”noted Mayumi as she bit her lip“And I think… I need something…long…and hard…inside me”

Mayumi texted Kaori: I spent the day with my boyfriend today. He is so certain of my victory, he’s already made reservations for us to go to Mt Fuji in one month’s time. That should tell you whom he favours. I already won his love. The day after tomorrow I’ll win his cock. That cunt doesn’t stand a chance! I’ve already made plans with him to watch the video of me beating his exgirlfriend to a pulp. Yes, I know you’ll tell me not to be overconfident. I promise I’ll meet you tomorrow for our final training round.

Day 8

Chiemi: I know what you’re thinking. You’ll practically fight naked. That slutty outfit he’s going to see you fight in as you battle that tramp is meant more to impress him with your sheer sexuality than to help you fight. The duel is not just a fight, it’s also an erotic show for his benefit…and yours. Later on, when you guys are having troubles in your relationship; show him the video of you, in lingerie and high heels, beating your sexual rival to a pulp in a duel over his cock. Trust me, the video will do wonders for your relationship. Remember, she’s in a similar attire; whatever she can do to you, you can do to her. Show the man you want that you’re not afraid of putting your tits on the line for him. He’ll be in the room seeing you girls brutally fight over him, so give him a good show.

Chiemi: On your last day with your boyfriend, you want to relax and tease your man about the upcoming duel. Tell him how excited you’re to finally fight for his cock for real, and how you intend to mop the floor with that cunt for the audacity of sleeping with your man. If you’re the girl who spends the day before duel with him, don’t tire yourself out with nonstop sex. They’ll be plenty of that after you win the duel. Excite him by revealing the tiny attire you bought for the occasion. Tell him all the horrible things you’ll do to your love rival.

“How do I look”asked Natsumi, but one look at Seiji’s face told him all she needed to know. She had chosen her outfit well. It was a similar outfit to Mayumi’s but navy blue.

“I thought I was tired from all the sex this week…but I don’t know anymore”said Seiji honestly as the his hardening shaft underneath his boxers became obvious.

“Can you imagine it dear?”asked Natsumi rhetorically as she hugged him“Me duelling for your cock on this?”

“Don’t tease me woman. I’ll die from the excitement before tomorrow”said Seiji as he lifted his girlfriend up and put her on the bed. He then laid to her side and started making out with her. Natsumi sneaked her hand inside his boxers and started stroking his manhood.

“If you’re this worked up about the duel already, what will you when you’re actually inside the room…seeing me fighting that man stealer…my body against hers…tit against tit…”

“Go on…”said Seiji, finding his boxers magically gone and Natsumi’s delicate hand using his pre cum to smooth her caresses. He had been somewhat conflicted when his girlfriend had issued the duel challenge, his heart wavering between his conscience and the sheer sexiness of watching these twocock hungry nymphs go at it over his cock. As he watched how…eager…this two were to please him…to fight for him…to jealously claim him…the more and more he favoured the idea of having them have their final showdown in the duel room over trying to somehow keep them both by his side. He was ready to accept the winner of the coming showdown as his official girlfriend. After all, she would have shown herself the better woman, the most desirous of his cock, her love stronger than that of the other woman…

Seiji thought he had arrived at those thoughts alone, by his own volition, unaware he had been led to such a conclusion by the duel process. Each little escalation, each scrap, each provocative insult, each declaration to fight for him to the bitter end, each day these two minxes spent in his apartment trying to win his heart…these were all meant to make him welcome an outcome that he wouldn’t have accepted a month ago he wouldn’t.

Before he wondered what had led to his change of heart, Natsumi’s sweet voice interrupted his thoughts…

“Us rolling on the floor…me on top of her…then she on top of me…like this!”said the young brunette beauty as she hopped on top of her boyfriend, unaware of Seiji’s musings “Us violently shaking our legs trying to dismount the other…then engage in a fist fight….can you see it? This bra is so inadequate…my tits will jiggle…all over the place…as I hit her again…and again…unleashing my rage…”

“Remember that day I fought her your cum? I scratched her tits badly…I’m going to do worse tomorrow…I’m going to make her howl!”

“Aren’t you afraid of her retaliating?”asked Seiji amidst heaving breathing “It’s not like your underwear offers you much protection”

“I care not for what the little slut wants to do. I dress to please you, and I hope you find me desirable as I fight for your cock. I’m not afraid…whatever she dares to do to me…I’ll return to her ten times…”cooed Natsumi. She could swear she could feel his manhood grow a little harder as she said that.

“What happens if she does…”teased Seiji as he put her fingers on the knot holding his girlfriend’s panty together and pulled it, making the underwear fall on the bed“This! And then does….”he continued as he fingered his girlfriend“this!”

“I’ll…retaliate…of course…”heaved Natsumi as she mounted her man’s cock and pulled him on top of her, missionary position“That will only make me fight harder for your cock!”

Seiji’s manhood thrust at a rapid rate as Natsumi continuing enumerating all the things she would do to Mayumi. None of them very nice. Soon, he could not hold out any longer, the last remark “making her cunt unfit for sex” putting him over the edge. He ejaculated his load, then fell to the side.

“This”said Natsumi as she squeezed her boyfriend’s moist dick“belongs to the winner. And the winner will be me.”

Natsumi then stopped her monologue to lick her boyfriend’s manhood clean.

Natsumi to Chiemi: I want to thank you for the practice session we had yesterday. It really boosted my confidence. My boyfriend is very impressed with me. He says there’s no way I’ll lose to that cock hungry whore. He’s so confident in my victory he’s already bought us tickets to go to Okinawa next month. There’s no doubt about it. For all that skank’s ploys, the slutty outfits, the inferior love making…she could never take Seiji’s affections from me. I’m very excited about the duel. I’m sure I’ll beat that bitch. We agreed to watch the video of my victory that very night.

Day 9

Kaori: Remember one thing. Almost all duels happen between evenly matched women. That’s because no woman will issue or accept a challenge if she thinks the odds are stacked against her. For a duel to happen both women have to agree. Therefore, they both think they have a good chance of winning. I bet the girlfriend did some research before challenging you and she thinks she can beat you. On the other hand, you accepted her challenge because you had also done some research on the girlfriend and think you can beat her. That probably means that the odds for you winning are close to 50/50. It’ll be a very hard fought and bitter fight. Her tits, cunt and face should be your priority. Ruin her as a woman! Let the doctors worry about putting her back together after you rip her limb by limb in the duel room. Your love life is riding on this duel. Make her regret she challenged you to a duel for a man! Don’t give her any quarter! If you feel yourself faltering, I want you to imagine that bitch mounting your lover’s cock. That’s what’ll happen if you lose.

Chiemi: The room’s walls are made out of plasticlike material. Hard enough to withstand all the stress of two women fighting over a man but not hard enough that your enemy banging your head against the floor or the wall will do too much damage apart from some dizziness. I’ll disabuse you of the notion that you’ll be able to beat that skank easily. Very few duels end up in an easy win. In most cases, it’s a brutal and drawn out affair because the girls are fighting over a man. In the duel room you’ll do unspeakable things to each other. Embrace your inner cavewoman and savage her! Don’t ever think you’re going too far. I’ve heard of cases of women sinking their heels into their enemy’s eye socket and ripping ears off, but even then, and trough worse stuff, the doctors have been able to heal the duellists like the duel had never happened. Go after her tits or cunt. Sink your thumbs on her eyes. Use your teeth. Remember we women have nails for a reason. And that reason is to scratch any slut who comes onto our man! Don’t stop hitting her until the victory buzz sounds. She’ll fight dirty and you should fight dirtier. Have no remorse, for it’s the supervisors’ job to ensure your safety. You job is to win your man, whatever the cost! Be prepared because these affairs are very very nasty. Remember all the times she’s gotten into your face, slept with your man, all the angry arguments. Let all of that fuel your hate! That man is yours!


“Hello handsome”cooed Mayumi in her duelling attire, her magnificent knockers bouncing as she entered the room and excitedly buried her tongue in her soontobe boyfriend’s mouth. She felt his manhood go hard almost instantly“I see you’re happy to see me. No wonder, I know that slut can be such a boring lay”

She decided to go for it. She pulled Seiji down to the floor with her, with her at the bottom and him on all fours, above her but not on top. Mayumi then started caressing his hardened manhood; slowly at first, picking up the pace as more precum moistened his dick. She revelled on the power she had over him. How hard he had gotten the moment she came in. The fact that she could provoke such excitement in him with her body. The power her hands had to take him to the highest peaks of pleasure. So did his hands on her body, awakening inside her a rousing passion as they kissed and fingered each other. He cummed on her rosy tits, staining her semitransparent bra, but she did not care. She on the other hand, stopped him just short of making her climax: she had been advised to stop short of orgasm in order to use the bubbling excitement against her romantic rival

“I hope you enjoyed the last time you’ll ever see my boyfriend”said Natsumi, her minuscule attire showcasing all her feminine beauty. She had watched the lewd spectacle from the oneway mirror in her pre fight room with a mixture of jealousy, hatred and excitement. She played with herself, turning herself on just before the door finally open. After holding back her rage for nine days, she could finally obliterate the cock hungry skank fucking her man!

“He’s not your boyfriend anymore”countered Mayumi as she stood up, her happy tone quickly turning venomous“You’ve already lost his heart, and soon you’ll lose his cock.”

“I’ve played along with this farce because I didn’t want to get arrested for sending you to the hospital before duel day”retorted Natsumi returning the venomous tone, noticing that Seiji was walking to his corner “But today I’ll claw you so badly you’ll never be a woman again!”

“See his fantastic cum flowing through my tits? This is going to be all mine”taunted the shorter beauty, proudly pointing at the while liquid streaming from her chest down to her belly“Tonight I feast on his cock!”

The girls rushed towards each other as soon as the alarm sounded and engaged each other in a furious slapfest for the first few minutes of the encounter. It was forceful back and forth, their heels making sounds against the floor as they advanced or retreated among the hail of slaps. Their jugs jiggled furiously as the tiny bras were wholly inadequate to contain the massiveness of their balloons.

This was it. After nine days of arguments, threats, insults and confrontations they were duelling for real. There were no restrictions. The man they were sharing would not stop them until one was conclusively beaten. Whatever horrible thing they did to their sexual rival was legal. The duel’s result would decide their romantic lives. Their little girly spats were just minor battles. This was the showdown that would decide the war.

Mayumi grabbed a big chunk of Natsumi’s brunette hair with one hand and started raining haymakers into her face. The Natsumi blocked the first few punches as she was pushed against the wall but she soon claimed her own piece of Mayumi’s long black hair and used her hatred to power her fists. Soon, the plastic walls were reverberating as the belligerents traded violent backfists.

Natsumi sank her heel deep into the exposed flesh of Mayumi’s left foot. Mayumi lost focus as she backed away. A distraction that Natsumi used to get off the wall.

“Seiji’s MINE!”Natsumi kicked Mayumi twice on the midsection, making the younger eye candy to bend over, then she continued her attack by using her elbows to hit her sexual rival’s back. Natsumi followed throwing another haymaker only for the younger woman to hit her chin with a headbutt.

Seeing her tormentor reeling backwards, Mayumi sneaked her hands under Natsumi’s armpits and pulled her brunette hair from behind, forcing the taller beauty’s head to turn upwards while she used her body weight to push Natsumi against the wall again. Mayumi then bit down her romantic antagonist’s massive tits, tearing the flimsy bra like it was paper. She had promised her man she’d ruin his girlfriend’s boobs and she was planning to do just that.

Natsumi’s alluring eyes started shedding tears despite herself, yet she wasn’tt going to be outdone fighting dirty department. Her hands felt her way around Mayumi’s sensual body and sank her nails into her rival’s excited melons. Mayumi was not the only one who had promised Seiji the destruction of her sexual rival’s tits. If anything, Natsumi was even more motivated, since she was jealous of Mayumi’s larger knockers. Mayumi’s flimsy bra soon felt to the floor, leaving her topless.

The man they were fighting over watched transfixed as he saw his girlfriend’s back against the wall. His lovers were hardly moving, but the fighting was definitively fierce. If anything, this was way more intense than the scraps they had in his apartment. He saw Natsumi taking advantage of the extra support the wall gave her to kick her shorter rival with impunity. Mayumi tried to back out of range of her rival’s long legs while maintaining her bite on Natsumi’s hurting left tit to no avail.

Mayumi then decided to get closer instead, weathering Natsumi’s onslaught of kicks to dig her left hand into Natsumi’s pussy, her panties a trivial line of defence Mayumi easily overcame. That kicked the fight into high gear as a frantic Natsumi kneed Mayumi’s midsection over and over, making the shorter girl’s body jolt with each kick. The taller girl was sobbing and howling like crazy but even then she did not quit kicking and scratching her sworn enemy. She blindly kicked Mayumi’s cunt, finally breaking the savage stalemate.

Seiji’s girlfriend fell ass on the floor, her tears running through her blushing cheeks as her hands rubbed her pussy to mitigate the pain she felt. Mayumi was no better, sobbing as she massaged her massive yet bruised boobs.

“YOU FUCKING cunt!”shrieked Mayumi, rage overcoming her at seeing her perfect breasts ruined. Natsumi was consumed by a similar fury when she saw the bite marks her sexual rival had left on her left boob. That wench will pay for that! Mayumi pounced on the sitting girlfriend and soon enough the two inexperienced girls were rolling in a vicious catball.

Seiji watched excitedly as the topless women rolled on the floor in a wild catball that left a trail sweat and hair whenever it passed. Each girl sinking her sharp nails into the other’s soft skin to draw the appropriate amount of retribution, only her enemy’s blood would satisfy her bloodlust!

Mayumi sought to dominate her romantic rival but initially she couldn’t muster anything more than fleeting moments of control before Natsumi reversed positions with her. If one of the sex kittens was trapped under the other’s thighs, she used the excellent method of pulling the other’s dishevelled hair and clawing her jiggling tits that hanged like fresh meat to break free. Just as Seiji had warned, somewhere in between the flimsy panties were discarded in the struggle. Each naked lady was giving as good as she got, the hesitant girls Seiji had known a month ago now tigresses fighting for territory.

Seiji was in disbelief at the change he was seeing in his girlfriend. Ten days ago, she seemed almost ready to withdraw her challenge the second after she had issued it. Ever since that day, she had grown increasingly belligerent. The hesitation was gone, she had no shame in proudly showing off her almost naked body and fight her sexual rival to the finish for him. She was going to defend her place in his bed to the bitter end. Her devotion to him made him lover her all the more.

The change in the woman who wanted to displace his girlfriend was no less dramatic. When he first slept with Mayumi, she seemed almost ashamed to be the side chick. She too, seemed hesitant of accepting the duel. Between then and now his blackhaired lover had grown confident in her femininity. She made it clear the only resolution to this love triangle that would satisfy her was the annihilation of her romantic foe. She would not back down on this point, no matter the consequences. And he too felt she was worthy of his love.
His heart a hodgepodge of conflicting loyalties, he was almost thankful the girls had decided to take the decision of his hands.

It was clear they could not keep fighting at that level of intensity forever, and after the first frantic minutes the catball started losing momentum ever so gradually. It wasn’t obvious at the beginning, when the girl at the bottom could still easily muster a burst of energy to overcome the girl on top, but as they passed the 15 minutes mark of nonstop fighting, it became harder and harder to rally the strength to keep fighting at such a frenetic pace. Suddenly, the leadership of the savage catball changed hands at a slower pace as tenuous pins became schoolgirl and reverse schoolgirl pins. Which was very bad for the girl at the bottom since she was at a disadvantage.

Seiji noticed the waning dynamism of the fight, every change in the top position now dramatically improving the odds of the girl on top to win the duel. Especially after 25 minutes of fighting, they were bound to be reaching the limits of their stamina. First it would seem Mayumi would win only for Natsumi to gather enough strength to get on top and punish her sexual rival while Mayumi uselessly tried to bridge and buck her rival and vice versa.

“A SLUT…LIKE YOU…IS NOT…GOOD ENOUGH…FOR HIM!”said the perspiring Mayumi, breathing heavily as she managed to pin her rival in love once again. The shorter beauty was quickly running out of steam and she wanted to wrap up the fight quickly. There’s no telling how long he could keep going like this. Mayumi raised her right arm and started raining punch after punch on Natsumi’s pretty face.

Natsumi squirmed and wiggled mightily as she received this punishment. She was exhausted from the nonstop fighting and was having trouble to muster enough strength to dislodge her enemy in this endless battle for the top. She needed to turn things around or she’d be soon overwhelmed and lose Seiji in the process. Mustering just enough energy, she lifted her upper body just as her younger rival was preparing to punch her again and gouged Mayumi’s eyes!

Mayumi howled as she instinctively dug her nails into Natsumi’s wrists to relieve the pressure on her eyelids but quickly realized she had to give up the schoolgirl pin or be left blind. Free from what could have been certain defeat, the brunette temptress inhaled air as fast as her lungs could take it as she got on all fours.

“Now who’s…not good enough…for him bitch?”heaved Natsumi with the smuggest tone she could muster. She quickly set her eyes on her insolent enemy, who was groaning and sobbing; her hands covering her face as she rolled on the floor while her open legs left her crotch exposed. Natsumi had promised her man to make Mayumi’s cunt unfit for sex…now it was the time to fulfil that promise. She quickly mounted her sexual rival in a reverse schoolgirl pin and trained her nails on her pussy“You’ll never have sex again!”

The younger beauty realized horrified what her love rival was planning as she felt Natsumi’s nails grazing her thighs. She stirred her legs to avoid her enemy’s cruel nails to no avail as she felt a foreign object invading her love hole. In desperation, she lifted her legs upwards at the last second and trapped Natsumi’s head between her inner thighs, pulling the taller woman forward as the she lowered her legs. Seiji’s mistress saw Natsumi’s pussy just a few centimetres away from her face: It was an inviting target and she welcomed the chance to sink her own nails into her enemy’s cunt. That skank would never again be in any shape to receive her man’s cock!

The catball suddenly exploded in a frenzy again as each sexual rival realized the imminent danger she was in, trapped in this 69, her own pussy at the mercy of her opponent’s nails and teeth. Natsumi’s pussy erupted in pain as she felt Mayumi crooking her fingers to inflict maximum damage. She kept fanatically fingering and biting in a desperate bid to destroy her enemy’s pussy, before Mayumi was able to complete the gruesome task first.

The younger girl felt she was pushed aside and she saw from her blurry vision that Natsumi was laying sideways clutching her sore cunt.

“What? Can dish out…but can’t…take in…like a…real woman?”heaved Mayumi, allowing herself to taunt her love rival, but she was thankful the heinous cunt destruction was over.

“You fucking…slut…you’ll pay…for this…”puffed Natsumi.

“Don’t be…mad…it’s not…like you…were gonna…fuck Seiji anymore”taunted the blackhaired temptress, forcing herself to exhale those words as she used the wall to push herself up.

“Fuck you…I’ll have…his cock!”countered Natsumi as she desperately tried to stand on her own legs despite the pain coming from her much abused cunt.

“I can…fight for him…all day…whore”

“I won’t…give him up…skank”

Mayumi stood up only for her legs to collapse and send her back down. She panicked as she realized that she could probably not keep fighting if she couldn’t stand up.

Natsumi didn’t say anything at all. She was concentrating in ignoring the pain; using the wall for support as she forced her shaky legs to stand up. She felt exhausted. There was no way she could keep going like this much longer. She had to throw all caution to the wind and wrap this up now or she’d lose her boyfriend to that whore. She launched her shapely leg forward, kicking Mayumi from the side, sending her head rebounding against the wall.

Mayumi moved forward and sank her teeth in Natsumi’s leg in a hail mary to win the fight. Natsumi howled in pain, fanatically punching and kicking her romantic rival regardless the mounting costs of this grim war of attrition. She sensed that if she ever stopped the relentless assault, she’d lose her boyfriend.
Mayumi’s battered body kept being cruelly propelled into to the wall like a rag doll only to rebound and being met with Natsumi’s incoming leg again. Mayumi played her last card by digging her nails again in Natsumi’s wrecked cunt. It was a desperate struggle, the girls were fading fast and each could feel they would collapse at any moment.

Natsumi thought of her boyfriend. No, she couldn’t give him up. She had to fight. That cock was hers. She was the only woman with a right to his cum. The only one who could sleep in his bed.

Mayumi try to stay the course as her head was yoyoing between Natsumi’s punches and the wall. She knew his heart was hers. She couldn’t lose after fighting so hard to win him. She imagined her sexual rival riding her man’s cock and knew she could never allow that to happen.

Seiji watched the bloodbath with a mixture of horror and excitement. Natsumi legs gave way, her tits grinding against the wall as she slowly fell to her knees, signalling a Mayumi victory. But suddenly the older girl clinched Mayumi and raised her arm, hitting the younger Mayumi on the face. Then again. And again. Mayumi seemed unable to respond to the attacks and Seiji settled for his girlfriend’s victory. Then Mayumi abruptly sunk her teeth on Natsumi’s shoulder and started punching back, forcing Natsumi to continue the unforgiving fist fight as she bit Mayumi’s shoulder too.
Seiji was gobsmacked as the half dead girls blindly threw punch after punch with zero regards to the consequences. After a minute of this ultimate battle of attrition the punching stopped, both girls dropping to the ground almost at the same time.

The buzz sounded indicating the end of hostilities, and Seiji quickly approached the fallen girls. A girl had won. But whom? Both girls seemed unconscious and pretty beaten, the area around them a mess of hair and sweat. He hesitated as the medics came in to attend to the girls. Then one of the girls groggily used her hands for support, and then raised her arms in victory. She was covered in scratches all over her naked body and presented a sorry sight. She didn’t look like a victress at all but a victim of vicious assault. But she didn’t care.

Mayumi had won her man.


Mayumi texted Kaori: I want to thank you so much for all the advice and training you’ve given me through these nine days. I don’t I could have won without your help. The doctors tell me I’ll need to stay in the hospital for three weeks, but the healing process will take one month and a half. They said it was particularly nasty duel. It seems Seiji and me will have to postpone our trip to Mt Fuji. He’s going to visit me every day until I can get home. I can see it in his eyes. He’s head over heels me. He said he always knew I was going to win, but didn’t expect it to be such a nail biting event. I didn’t tell him, but I was really afraid I was going to lose. The skank just kept kicking and punching me despite me throwing all I had at her. I was fading fast but I thought about Seiji. That was MY man, MY cock, MY place in his bed. I imagined her riding my man’s cock, and that gave me enough energy to keep fighting until she was beaten.

He’s bummed because the doctors said we’d have to wait three weeks to have sex, but in the meantime, I’ve giving him a helping hand whenever we’re alone…if you know what I mean. I can’t wait to be able to ride that huge cock of his when I’m out of here. I fought hard for it and I deserve to enjoy the rewards.

Thank you.


The End