The Duel Room 2 by Justlooking

A trashy bride versus a slutty maid

"Don't pull out!”commanded the perspiring Xixi, kneeling in all fours as she felt her body convulse under her classmate’s powerful thrusts. The young Chinese woman felt her classmate, a hunk called Seiji with whom she had been working on a project, thrust one more time, sending a torrent of semen filling her pussy with hot white liquid before he crumbled onto the mattress.

”That was a nice study session”purred Xixi, letting her moist anatomy collapse on his muscular chest. Her hand aimlessly played with his quickly deflating manhood as she remembered how Seiji was supposed to be nothing but a little fuck toy she used whenever the mood struck her. That was the original intention anyways. But after realizing how skilled Seiji was at the art of lovemaking, she knew she wanted more. She even decided against returning to China after her semester was up to stay with him.

”My girlfriend would be pissed if she found out”heaved Seiji admiring the bare 22 year old with shoulderlong brown hair, her 1.73 m tall frame and enormous rack resting on of his chest as her long, smooth legs rubbed against his. Xixi was a fiery Chinese exchange student who had shown a hunger for his body and zero regards to his girlfriend’s sure wrath if she ever found out about her.

”Would that be so bad?”whispered Xixi in her cute Chinese accent as she licked Seiji’s ears”Maybe knowing she has competition will make her shape up”

”She’s pretty good in bed already. And she’s already suspicious of you”

It wasn’t that Seiji was unhappy with Mayumi’s lovemaking. Not, in the contrary, even after an eight months relationship that started right after Mayumi defeated a romantic rival in the duel room, Seiji had to admit he hadn’t tired of Mayumi’s exquisite body and her animalistic, desperate need for his cock. (3. The Duel Room: Nine Days)

Still, it wasn’t the same as before, when she and his former flame, Natsumi, would frantically fight over his cock. There was a certain urgent, intense edge that filled the air with sexual tension as both women drove themselves to peak sexual performance in their quest to outdo each other in bed.

He was hoping to replicate that fantastic feeling of having two women compete for his cock with Xixi. In a way it worked, since Mayumi hated Xixi guts. His girlfriend couldn’t tolerate the presence of a sexy, confident woman by Seiji’s side and it fuelled her jealousy. She already suspected Xixi of having designs on her boyfriend and responded by ramping up her zeal in the bedroom, which in turn made Xixi try harder still.

”I can do better than her”said Xixi, scoffing at Seiji’s claim of his girlfriend’s bedroom prowess.

”It’s hard to say”

”Try me. Let’s make love in your bed”insisted Xixi. Seiji pondered the proposal. He had suspected for a while that the Chinese seductress wanted to be more than fuck buddies. Xixi’s request was not an innocent one though. For a woman to make love in a taken man’s apartment was a signal that that the woman in question was hoping for more than a casual relationship. It was a declaration of war. The first step in a process that could end in a savage showdown in the duel room.

The prospect thrilled him.

”We can do it”replied Seiji, his fingers tracing the contours of her delicious anatomy”But only if you promise me it’ll be an special afternoon”

The 21 year old Mayumi couldn’t help but to smirk when she saw her reflection on the mirror, wearing a provocative white lingerie set consisting of a wedding head dress covering the length of her black hair, a pearly necklace around her neck, a tiny bra barely containing her huge rack, a pair of frilly gloves reaching almost up to her elbows, a frilly thong and semitransparent stockings that hugged her long legs, with a pair of high heels tying the outfit together. A “bride outfit” as it was colloquially known, they were getups denoting marriage motifs that were popular duel attire for women entering their third duel and on the verge of becoming a wife if they won said duel.

It wasn’t something the 1.64m tall Japanese girl would even dare to wear, but Seiji had explicitly told her he wanted to see her like this, complete with a roleplaying scenario where she fought another woman in a third duel over him. She blushed when she remembered the admiring comments from fellow female shoppers, who congratulated her on her purchase at such a young age, exhorted her to destroy the skank who was bedding her man and hoped she would win her third duel.

She cast her mind looking for a hypothetical opponent for her mock up duel, her mind immediately thinking of the Chinese slut who had been orbiting around Seiji as of late.

“Xixi”cursed Mayumi under her breath. Seiji had dismissed her concerns, but Mayumi’s feminine intuition told her the Chinese nymph would love nothing but to jump at her boyfriend’s bones the first chance she got.

The loud ring announcing someone had crossed the entrance of the apartment interrupted her thoughts. Knowing Seiji wasn’t expecting her to be in the apartment at this hour, Mayumi quickly laid on the bed, anxiously waiting for her man to open the door to the bedroom and start a debauched sexfilled afternoon.

”Take it off”whispered Seiji, pinning the Chinese Xixi against wall of living room, his eyes full of desire. Xixi has been teasing and denying for last two hours, refusing to let him know what was under that coat of hers, the only thing he could make out being the bunny ears headband on top of her short brown hair.

”No”hummed the Chinese seductress playfully, enjoying toying with him”If you want to see what’s underneath you’ll have to tear the coat off ”

Seiji quickly did, forcefully tossing the coat away before he stood in awe at the slutty French maid outfit tightly hugging Xixi’s scandalous anatomy. It consisted of a tiny top showing an abundant amount of cleavage with a black bra underneath; a freeflowing miniskirt that barely covered her buttocks, exquisitely matched with white stockings and black stilettos.

”You like?”cooed Xixi, wrapping her arms around the dumbstruck stud in the middle of the living room, planting a deep kiss in his mouth. She unbuttoned his pants, letting his quickly hardening shaft break free. Today she was going to rock his world.

”HANDS OFF MY BOYFRIEND!”shrieked Mayumi, who was wondering why Seiji was taking so long to come to the bedroom. In one instant all her suspicions about Xixi were confirmed.

Seiji, literally caught with his pants down, was initially shocked to see his Japanese girlfriend in the living room, wearing nothing but a trashy bride outfit she no doubt just bought for his benefit. He struggled to put a coherent response when the trashy bride crossed the living room in a matter of seconds.

”You skank!”said Mayumi as she slapped her romantic rival with one hand while the other tugged her medium length hair, instantly blowing away Xixi’s bunny ears”I knew you were after my man’s cock”

”What if I was?”replied the slutty French maid, tearing Mayumi’s head dress off and tugging her long, black mane in retaliation ”Seiji is due for an upgrade.”

”He doesn’t need diseased cunts like you”

”He thinks otherwise”

”Second rate bitch!”

”Worthless slut!”

Now that Mayumi was certain that Xixi was definitively trying to seduce her man, she could finally let go of all restrain and let anger take over. The insults flew back and forth, strands of light brown and black hair falling on the wooden floor as the pretty girls fighting over the Japanese boy traded slaps while their exquisite bodies rolled around the wall in a kind of vertical catball.

”I’m gonna teach you not go after taken men!”squealed Mayumi as she kneecapped her romantic adversary’s exposed mid drift, sending Xixi reeling backwards. The trashy bride kept her hairpull up, punching Xixi’s face until the slutty maid collapsed on the floor. She then alternated between trampling the fallen temptress and using her heels keep the Chinese whore down while she tore her flimsy maid top off, revealing Xixi’s barely appropriate black bra.

”Look Seiji. A cheap dress, just like her”gloated Mayumi, tossing the black top in Seiji’s direction before stomping on the wailing Xixi with her heels. The radiant Mayumi pulled Xixi’s mane, forcing her on her knees”The slut thought she could win you…ARGH”

”This isn’t over skank”heaved Xixi, wrapping one arm around her standing enemy and punching her tormentor on the crotch, drawing pleasure in Mayumi’s wail, whose knees crumbled in agony, hands between her legs. The slutty maid huffed, catching her breath until she saw Mayumi slowly getting up. Xixi quickly tackled Mayumi, sending them both crashing against the cheap sofa. She would have liked to spend more time seducing Seiji before challenging his Japanese girlfriend, but now the die was cast: The only option now was to fight and conquer.

”Fucking cow!”said Mayumi, her gloved fingers sneaking under her opponent’s bra, making the Chinese harlot moan.

”Cheap whore!”retaliated Xixi, reciprocating the sordid tit clawing as the girls rolled clumsily around the sofa.

”I’m not giving him up!”

”You’re already lost him whore!”

”Enjoy having no tits cocksucker”

”You’ll need a new set of boobs after I’m done with you!”

”Let’s see who needs a new set skank!”squealed Mayumi, pinching, stretching and twisting Xixi’s nipples with her fingers for maximum damage.

”Let go my tits you whore!”screamed Xixi, fighting through the pain as she rode on top, latching onto the slutty bride’s necklace and throwing wild slaps against Mayumi’s pretty face “You’re unworthy of wearing that bride outfit! I’ll take it off and use when I’m about to marry Seiji!”

Mayumi frantically mauled and bucked trying to get the whore off her with no avail. Weathering the rain of punches, Mayumi’s hand reached as far as she could, grabbing a piece of Xixi’s short mane and spitting directly on Xixi’s eyes.

”You dirty bitch”shrieked Xixi, stepping off the sofa, trying to clear the spit blinding her eyes.

”If you fight for a man expect to fight dirty!”said the trashy bride as she leaped into the teetering Chinese sex kitten, wrapping her toned legs around her waist and pummelling the slutty maid, who tried to keep her balance until she felt down, sending both beauties painfully crashing against the floor.

Seiji, now naked and stroking his manhood, watched stupefied as the lewd fight had progressed in violence. It was just as he was watching the third duel he had asked Mayumi to role play for him. Both topless warrioresses, their sexy underwear now messed up and barely holding onto their battered and scratched skin, were now moaning and squirming on the floor as their delicate female anatomies processed the pain.

The tired Xixi groggily stood on all fours, her gaze landing on the naked man she was fighting for. The sight of his erect manhood and lustful gaze reminded her of the stakes involved and she forced her body for one last push on the road to his bedroom. She groggily stood up, turning her back to Seiji and stomping his Japanese girlfriend repeatedly.

”A weak woman like you doesn’t deserve a place in his bed”huffed Xixi, kicking her defenceless adversary as her screams of agony got progressively weaker. Satisfied her stubborn romantic rival was beaten, Xixi allowed herself to take a breather. She looked at her prize”I promised you a special afternoon and I intend to deliver it”

”But first!”continued Xixi, tugging the squirming Japanese girlfriend by her dishevelled black mane and dragging her towards the front door”Let’s take out the trash”

Mayumi felt in a world of pain. She was losing her boyfriend to some Chinese skank but felt too exhausted to fight back. In her desperation she recalled her sister’s advice on what to do if she felt faltering against the other woman. She imagined Xixi seducing her man, riding his throbbing cock on the very bed Mayumi shared with Seiji. The very same bed she had fought so hard to win from his former girlfriend. The mental image made her furious, firing her up as she summoned one last desperate attempt to kick the other woman out of her apartment.

Mayumi released a warcry, tackling the unsuspecting Xixi from behind and sending her plunging into the floor. The tired Mayumi saw her chance, crawling towards her sexual nemesis and hammering her face with her gloved hands.

”You’ll NOT…touch…my man’s cock…again!”heaved the possessed Japanese girlfriend, emphasizing each pause with a punch to Xixi’s face.

”I’ll ruin your cunt!”shrieked the slutty maid, one hand trying to block all the hits coming her way and with the other sinking her nails into Mayumi’s pussy in a last ditch attempt to win the fight. The quickly faltering women sobbed and wailed, giving their all in one last thrust to beat their adversary.

Mayumi crumbled, tears falling from her battered face, falling to the side as the heinous cunt attack was too much to bear. Still dazzled, Xixi knew she had to end this now or risk her sexual rival rising up again. She shakily sat on the squirming Mayumi, grabbing her hair, raising her palm up and slapping the beaten Japanese girlfriend over and over again.

”Stop”sobbed Mayumi, her body refusing to keep on fighting. She was now at the Chinese bitch’s mercy”Stop”

”Say he’s mine!”blurted Xixi, pinning her beaten adversary and raising her hand to ensure compliance”Say IT!”

”He’s yours please for now argh…”managed to say Mayumi before she was met with a hay maker to the face.

”Damn right he’s mine”heaved Xixi. She winced as she got on her feet, using the wall for support. It hadn’t been easy, but she had unexpectedly won a boyfriend, and sooner than she had expected.

”This weak slut doesn’t deserve your cum”said Xixi. She realized she must look like a total mess, but noticing her naked lover admiring her, his eyes full of desire made her feel like a goddess.

”You performed magnificently. I don’t know why I ever thought couldn’t compete with Mayumi”said Seiji, embracing his battered Chinese lover”But what if Mayumi demands a duel?”

”If your EX girlfriend wants a duel, I’ll grant her one”said a jubilant Xixi as she kissed her lover”But right now, I still have to give you that special afternoon I promised you”

”As for you…”jeered the slutty maid stomping the whimpering Japanese nymph. The arrogant victress latched her fingers around the trashy bride’s tresses and tossed her out of the apartment.

”I hope I’ll never see you near my man again. If you do, I can promise you next time we’ll meet will be in the duel room”said Xixi before she closed the door.


Xixi had by all accounts won the catfight, but only an official duel could compel Mayumi’s exile. While today Xixi basked on Seiji’s adulation, there was no guarantee her recently defeated sexual rival would accept the result and move on. There was nothing to prevent the Japanese minx from trying to win her boyfriend back, either by feminine charm or violence and Xixi was well aware of that. As she celebrated her hardwon victory with Seiji in his bedroom, an uncertain future awaited her.