The Duel Room 3 by Justlooking

The two fight again

Xixi’s Apartment

XiXi’s roommate Nayoung was chilling in her apartment when she heard her cell phone ring.

”That’s weird,” thought Nayoung, looking at the caller ID. ”Shouldn’t she be too busy fucking that guy?”

”Nayoung, I need you to go to my room *moan* and bring me all my stuff!”said a frantic Xixi as soon as Nayoung answered the call”The sluttiest dresses, the whoriest lingerie, *moan* my birth control pills, everything!”

”What? Why?”asked Nayoung. Xixi only spoke to her in Mandarin if it was something important”What’s going on? I thought you weren’t going to move to his place just yet? “

”His bimbo girlfriend caught us we fought all over his apartment furniture is a mess, she scratched me pretty badly but I did worse to her I kicked her out…I took her man”explained the moaning Xixi. Nayoung could hear the distinct sound of dick pounding wet pussy in the background as well as a female voice in the background yelling angrily in Japanese.

”Wait are you fucking him right now?”


”Couldn’t you wait to call me?”

”No time. You need to bring my stuff as soon as possible”heaved Xixi trying to get enough air to talk and fuck at the same time”The girlfriend came back don’t know how”

”Are you screwing him in front of her?!!!”

”No we closed the bedroom door”squealed Xixi”She’s telling me to open the door and fight her woman to woman “

”What are you gonna do?”

”I won him fair and square *moan* I won’t leave his apartment *moan* I’ll fight for him tooth and nail *moan* hurry Nayoung I’m *moan* in enemy territory *moan* fighting for his *moan* cock I need “weapons” *moan* to win this war”

”Ok, do NOT open that door until I arrive!”

”Not sure Seiji’s asking *moan* me what I’m going *moan* to do I don’t want him *moan* to see me afraid of her oh god oh god oh god “moaned Xixi, her trembling hand dropping the phone on the mattress. Forgetting her roommate, the Chinese sex kitten screamed Seiji’s name, pleading him to go faster, harder, deeper even as she was quivered from the pleasure.

Collapsing on her back, Xixi let her recently won man continue pumping his cock until he exploded into her moist, pulsating cunt. Seeing Seiji tumbling placidly into the mattress, the sweatdrenched seductress shakily got on her knees, locking lips with her tired lover. 

They looked at the bedroom door.

”What are you going to do about Mayumi?”panted Seiji.

”Your cock was…massive…Let me catch…my breath…but after that…I’m going to dress up ”purred Xixi pointing to the torn remains of her maid costume” then I’m going to ask her to leave and never come back”

”Mayumi will never do that”

”Then it’s your lucky day”whispered Xixi in her charming Chinese accent”because you’ll get to see me catfight a second time over your cock

Seiji’s Apartment

”Wait!”interrupted Kaori”If you were kicked buttnaked out of the apartment, how did you get back in”

”Kaori!”yelled Mayumi”Not important!”

”Right. How about you come to my place?”proposed Kaori through the video message application. Despite her first cavalier remark, Kaori had been nothing but transfixed in the riveting tale her sister had just told her. It was supposed to be a romantic afternoon when a young Japanese woman, clad in a trashy bride outfit, surprised her man and role played a little sexual fantasy for him. It instead turned into a sleazy nonhold barred catfight when a Chinese whore dressed in a slutty French uniform came looking for her boyfriend’s cock.

”NO!”exclaimed Mayumi, her violent excitement letting Kaori partially see the remains of white lingerie still hugging her bruised skin”I’m not leaving my boyfriend with that cock hungry whore!”

According to a distraught Mayumi, it was a wild and lewd affair, where the girls sank their nails deep into each other womanly assets and attacked her opponent’s most intimate parts. Kaori knew her sister wasn’t exaggerating because she could clearly see Mayumi’s normally pretty face and pale skin mangled with deep red marks and obvious signs of physical violence. Although her sister fought like a lioness defending her turf, the Chinese hyena seems to have gotten the better of her.

”What is the Chinese bitch doing right now?”

”The skank is fucking my boyfriend in the bedroom”hissed Mayumi, her lithe body trembling in white hot anger. As if to taunt her sister, Kaori heard a loud, feminine, moan coming from the bedroom.

”What are you planning to do when she opens the door?”

”First thing I’ll do is to pull her hair and drag her out my man’s cock!”

Kaori nodded in agreement. That was a reasonable course of action. A year ago she would have reproached her sister for such rashness, but Mayumi had earned the right to be taken seriously as a grown, adult woman, capable of making her own decisions when she fought, and won, her first duel over a man.

”Then I’m going to challenge her to a duel. You need to help me fill the paperwork”

”Wait what? Isn’t it a little premature to be talking about a duel? Mum worried sick last time when you…”Kaori stopped talking when she saw her sister suddenly tense up, her gaze fixed on the direction of the bedroom.

”Shit, the door is opening”said Mayumi as she stood up, forgetting to hang up.

”Mayumi wait!”said Kaori before she saw her sister turn around and walk towards the bedroom.

”Leave my apartment right now and never come back again”demanded Mayumi, pushing her bare chest against her sexual rival. She was clad only in her white panties, stockings and heels.

”This is not your apartment and he’s not your man anymore”replied Xixi, just as topless as Mayumi, sporting only her torn maid miniskirt, stockings and black high heels.

Kaori eyes stayed glued to the screen as her sister was engaged in a venomous argument with her romantic antagonist, the dialogue becoming more and more heated until finally the Chinese temptress couldn’t take the insults anymore and slapped Mayumi!

Mayumi retaliated in kind and soon the two topless beauties were trashing about the hallway and then into the living room in high heels, mixing their vigorous mauling and hair pulling with crass language about the other’s reproductive organs and ability to please Seiji. Kaori strained her eyeballs so that she didn’t miss any detail of the fracas, cheering when she saw her sister shredding the Chinese whore’s miniskirt and thong with her teeth, wincing when she saw Xixi sneak her hand against Mayumi’s barely defended pussy. The combatants whirled and rolled around the floor, wildly pulling and ripping off hair as they dug their nails into the other’s already muchabused skin for 15 minutes until the exhaustion forced an unwelcome stalemate. Seiji separated the reluctant wild cats as soon as it became clear that fight wasn’t going anywhere.

”I’m done with the little high school girl games!”huffed Xixi as she struggled to stand up on her feet”Let’s decide this in the duel room like real women”

”That’s my line bitch”heaved Mayumi, feeling her boyfriend’s cock grinding against her ass as he restrained her”If you want my man you’ll have to win him in a duel”

As exciting as the lurid spectacle folding in front of her eyes was, Kaori quickly disengaged from the video call. She needed to start getting the paperwork ready for Mayumi’s second duel.

Duel Day

Mayumi’s pulse shot up when she stepped into the duel room, wearing a flimsy blueish bra, thong and high heels set. The sheer top barely contained her fat melons, which bobbed up and down as she sashayed towards her excited boyfriend. She looked approvingly at the small 2×2 ring, which was especially designed to encourage relentless, constant, direct body contact between her and the Chinese hussy. Just the way she wanted it. That skank would have nowhere to run as she pummelled her tits into oblivion.

”What do you think?”cooed Mayumi, stepping into the ring, grinding her protruding nipples against her naked boyfriend. His rising shaft all she needed to know about the effect she was having on him”I’ve been dying to kick that Chinese dog out of our apartment”

While Mayumi was having her way with him, Seiji couldn’t help but to recall how tumultuous the last week had been. While the girls had always disliked each other, now that their sexual contest burst into the open their actions became very “in your face.” Rules of civilized behavior were tossed out of the window as the sexy succubuses gave free rein to their baser instincts; their primal need to outperform her sexual rival dictating their every action and reaction. The temperature inside his apartment became decidedly frosty, the only source of warmth being the vigorous lovemaking sessions where the two sex kittens competed to show Seiji she was the better lover. There were lots of arguments, insults and racial slurs tossed around the tiny apartment that did nothing but to generate much anger between the two sexy vixens vying for his cock. Several times Seiji had to intervene when the young beauties got physical, as young women are wont to do when passions ran high and the pressure became intolerable.

”I hope you’ve already packed your bags”said stunning Xixi as she approached the couple from the other side of the room, wearing a black bunny suit that was a size too small matched with a pair of black high heels. Seiji could not help to gaze at the Chinese minx’s undulating boobs, which were barely stopped short of popping out on their own accord by a thin white strap hanging around Xixi’s neck, while two black straps held the rest of the bunny suit together”Last week I took your man, today I’ll run you out of Tokyo”

While the girls were busy taunting and hurling insults across the boxing ring, Seiji quickly reviewed the rules. It’d be a foxy boxing match in which pretty much everything was allowed, making Seiji nothing more than a token referee. The only rules he had to enforce were to separate the feuding belligerents when the round ended or was one was knocked down, count to 10 and act as shared towel boy.

The fight started as soon as Seiji finished helping the girls put on their boxing gloves.

Round One

The young combatants bolted from their sides as soon as the bell rang, running straight into each other’s personal space in a flurry of blows. It was a hardfought bout, neither combatant managing to establish dominance despite the obvious effort they put into harming each other. The flimsy tight tops were unable to stop their massive tits from bouncing wildly as they violently traded jabs, offering a tantalizing visual target that both girls went after. Neither the Japanese Mayumi nor the Chinese Xixi tried to defend themselves, rather focusing their energy in attacking each other’s chest and face.  Near the end of the round Japanese girlfriend wrapped her arms around the Chinese upstart and the girls traded body shots until Seiji separated the reluctant belligerents.

Round Two

Still fresh and eager to tangle, the second round started just as the first round did, but now it was becoming obvious that Xixi’s height and longer reach gave her a small advantage, helping her to connect the first punch whenever the girls ran into each other. Still, Mayumi seemed impervious to pain. While Xixi seemed to put out more hits, Mayumi managed to corner the Chinese nymph several times throughout the round. Again, Seiji had trouble separating the girls

When Seiji went to Xixi’s corner she gave him a big sloppy kiss. Still fresh and confident in ultimate victory, the Chinese charmer asked Seiji to throw a bucket on water on her, wetting her hair and bunny suit, giving her an incredibly sexy appearance. Mayumi jealously watched her the Chinese bimbo slutting it up and hogging Seiji’s attention, so she also asked to be showered with a bucket of water, leaving both girls soaked wet.

Round Three

The drenched beauties went all out again, neither shrinking from the fight as they flailed their arms in a frenzy, but Xixi’s longer reach was starting to influence the fight. Xixi took advantage of a missed jab to drive into the Japanese girlfriend and trap her into a corner, unloading an onslaught of hits into the Japanese girlfriend’s face. Mayumi’s head swayed violently from side to side, sweat and water dripping violently from her wet hair as Xixi filled her face with leather. It was not enough for the Chinese man stealer, who proceeded to crouch and bite! Mayumi’s left tit, snapping the inadequate fabric barely holding Mayumi’s knockers in place and completely exposing her boobs. The young Japanese bombshell screeched at this desecration of her prized assets, instantly grappling the crouching Chinese aggressor and kneecapping her. The Mayumi continued attacking, now sinking her heel on Xixi’s feet, sending her tormentor wobbling backwards.

The girls were about the go at it again when the bell rang, ending the round. The girls heaved, reluctantly going back to their own corners. The girls loudly traded accusations of underhandedness as Seiji dried them up.

”You want to fight dirty whore?”yelled Xixi from her corner”I can be a dirty bitch too”

”You started it with the dirty tricks you cheap slut”retorted Mayumi”Let’s see who can be dirtier.

Round Four

The angry girls eagerly left their corners, ready to pick up where they left off last time.  It was clear the mood had changed, as the jealous sex kittens mixed traditional boxing jabs with blows below the belt. Xixi raised her arm to block an incoming hit only for the Japanese vixen to wrap her nemesis in a hold and dig her white teeth on Xixi’s bouncing right boob. Mayumi, ignoring Xixi’s frantic attempts to free her tits from Mayumi’s teeth, pulled and twisted the flimsy material until the white strap broke off, exposing Xixi’s huge melons to the open.

Xixi screeched like a banshee at the heinous attack but didn’t back down, chomping Mayumi’s shoulder and repeatedly targeting her gut until the Japanese girlfriend collapsed on her knees. She stomped the fallen Japanese girlfriend twice before Seiji managed to step in and drive her away. Mayumi was getting up by count of 6 but then the bell rang, ending the round

Round Five

For the first time since the match started the now topless girls started to show signs of exhaustion, breathing heavily as they warily stepped from their respective sides. But as soon as the perspiring eye candies got close they clinched and the fight got really dirty. Having no recourse to clawing, the battling sex kittens compensated with teeth and knee strikes, gloved fists seeking tit flesh with relish. The Japanese girlfriend fought ferociously for most of the round, stubbornly matching her sexual rival blow by blow in this incessant exchange of body blows until Xixi managed to uppercut Mayumi, sending the Japanese beauty crashing on the floor like a sack of potatoes.

Seiji counted 1 2 3 4 5  

Mayumi clumsily got up but her Chinese tormentor pounced on her right away. Xixi unloaded everything she got on the dazed Japanese girlfriend until Mayumi was down again, then sank her heel in Mayumi’s left boob before Seiji intervened.

Seiji counted again, Mayumi barely getting up by count 8 only for Xixi to pounced like a vulture and knocking the punchdrunk Japanese girl again. Seiji counted to 9 before the bell rang.

”Guess who’s going to be celebrating in bed tonight with your exboyfriend”taunted Xixi, as the groggy Mayumi pitifully crawled to her corner.

”She’s almost done”gloated Xixi when Seiji came to her corner ”Had I known your girlfriend was such a weakling, I’d have asked for a duel earlier”

Mayumi was in trouble and she knew it. Seiji came to her corner offering water, which she drank copiously. As he dried her perspiration away, Mayumi wrapped her sweaty arms around his neck and kissed him, moaning and helping herself with a dose of her boyfriend’s dick inside her cunt to remind herself of the stakes.

”This isn’t over”murmured Mayumi, ignoring Xixi’s loud complaints as she rocked her body against Seiji’s cock”Even if they have to carry me in a stretcher, I’ll fight to the bitter end for you”

Round Six

A seething Xixi came out of her corner, wanting to punish her sexual rival for making a play for Seiji’s cock. She was met by a resurgent Mayumi, who seemed to have gotten a second wind. Xixi’s height advantage, which would have given her an edge in a traditional, regulated boxing match, evaporated as the fight became mostly tackling, clinching, biting, kneeing and grinding the other girl down. It was inevitable that in this everything goes environment the fight got very dirty indeed, but by the middle of the round it was clear Mayumi was getting the better of her Chinese antagonist, knocking her down with an underhanded cunt strike.

Xixi got up by the count of 7 and managed to fight evenly for a while until Mayumi cornered her and unloaded an onslaught of punches targeting Xixi’s jiggling boobs and pretty face, occasionally digging her heel into her hated rival’s thighs. Xixi was on the ropes when the bell rang, saving the battered girl from Mayumi’s wrath.

”I guess the only place you’ll be sleeping tonight is in a hospital bed. Alone”taunted Mayumi, leaving her helpless, almost knocked out nemesis hanging by the ropes.

”I need your cock inside me now”heaved Xixi when Seiji approached her. She didn’t wait for an answer, pushing the fabric of her bunny suit sideways and impaling her pussy into Seiji’s erect cock. The Chinese temptress moaned, closing her eyes to feel the fullness of his manhood. This was what she was fighting for. These were the stakes. She couldn’t give Seiji up.

Round Seven

The punchdrunk beauties were staggering and stumbling on their heels as they maneuvered around the ring. Seiji was sure the two young women couldn’t keep fighting like this for much longer, yet the sluggish, haggard girls refused to back down, seeking each other with relish. The fight acquired a desperate tone, by now mostly consisting of grappling and leaning on to each other and then hammering each other until one buckled under the torrent of hits. 

It was taking longer and longer for the topless beauties to recover after being knocked down, at times only starting to rise by count nine. Yet the standing woman was hardly better, usually leaning on Seiji, pressing her bruised tits against his back for support as he counted. Then the tired combatants would warily stalk each other around the ring, conserving their energy until they were pretty much touching nipples, and only then renewing hostilities.

Round Eight

Round eight was a repetition of round seven. Seiji was one edge, each well directed jab seeming to presage the end for one of belligerents, each count adding to the drama by raising the hopes of the girl left standing that her obstinate opponent would stay down for good. But that was not to be. Seiji counted 8 times that round, 5 times for Xixi and 3 three for Mayumi.

”Come on Mayumi”whispered Seiji, letting her sit on his lap. Instead of drying her up, he gently thrust his cock inside her, fingering to his clit to raise her flagging morale”Are you going to let Xixi take me away from you? Are giving up on me just like that?”

”No!”moaned the Japanese girlfriend, closing her eyes to get a better feel of his throbbing cock inside her”You’re mine and mine alone. She won’t have you”

”Xixi, remember your promise”cooed Seiji, repeating same process with the Chinese bombshell”My bed is waiting for you if you win. Should I assume you’ll be on my bed tonight or should I expect Mayumi?”

”Of course I’ll be with you tonight…”purred Xixi, stirring back to life ”It’ll be me sucking your cock and receiving your cum tonight”

Round Nine

It was clear to Seiji that the warrioresses were spent, yet neither woman would give an inch, nor shrink from the fight. By now they pretty much clinched into each other with one arm and started thumping into each other with total abandon in a slow, yet brutal war of attrition.
There was no thought about strategy or tactics, just sheer will to outlast her romantic rival.

The dazed Xixi tried to keep herself conscious. She knew the Japanese girlfriend was faltering. She raised her fist and drilled into Mayumi’s face with terrible force. The Japanese girl reeled backwards, seemingly ready to collapse at any moment. Xixi saw her chance, following the wobbling Japanese temptress to seal the deal when a sharp pain stopped her on her tracks.

Mayumi had seen her sexual rival coming for the kill and threw a desperate uppercut that sent the Chinese whore tethering backwards until she finally fell, her toned legs unwilling to support her weight anymore. In her confused state, Mayumi leaned on her boyfriend’s naked physique for support. She was vaguely aware Seiji was counting but she was focused on staying on her feet.

Suddenly the battered Japanese beauty felt Seiji raising her arm.

”You won Mayumi. Xixi is out”said Seiji, the victory buzz confirming his assessment

”You surely don’t mean unconscious right?”asked Mayumi, victory serving as a reinvigorating tonic to her otherwise battleweary body.

”Nope. She’s very much conscious but really hurting”replied Seiji. His assessment was confirmed by Xixi’s agonising wailing as she writhed on the floor.

”Good”purred Mayumi, feeling her gloves loosening their grip around her wrists. The vengeful girlfriend ripped Xixi’s torn bunny suit off like a vulture tearing off flesh off a dead animal. The beaten Chinese vixen squirmed, uselessly trying to hold on what remained of her dress. She resisted her fate, but Mayumi’s heeled kicking coaxed her into one of the corners, where the Japanese girlfriend used the shredded remains of her slutty attire to tie her up to a corner post.

”No please, you won”pleaded Xixi, seeing Seiji sitting on chair next to her and knowing what was about to happen ”I don’t want to see this”

”You should have thought of that before trying to steal a take man”replied Mayumi as she sat on her boyfriend’s lap and let him slide his hard cock inside her wet pussy. She pulled Xixi’s hair”Don’t look away”

”Seiji please ”begged Xixi before Mayumi slapped her.

”Shut up you skank!”moaned Mayumi feeling his fingers stimulating her clit”Say after me Seiji is yours SAY IT!”

”Seiji is yours let me go”sobbed Xixi.

”Say I’m a better woman than you’ll ever be your cunt is not fit for his cock ”

”Mayumi is a better woman than I’ll ever be my cunt isn’t fit for your cock ”

Mayumi kept forcing the vulnerable Chinese beauty to repeat humiliating assertion after humiliating assertion, using her nails and heels to coax the beaten Chinese seductress to play along until Seiji finally exploded inside her pussy.


Mayumi spent 2 days in hospital. Her sexual rival was exiled out of Tokyo for at least a year. Kaori, her mum and friends threw a big party over her victory. She was once again, sole recipient of Seiji’s affections, her pussy the only one with the right to receive his cum. In a period of 9 months, the sultry Japanese girlfriend had won two duels over him, a somewhat remarkable achievement for a girl so young.

Mayumi opened the closet and looked at the torn remains of the bridal outfit she had worn two weeks ago. A fine memento, alongside other trophies she had won fighting Natsumi and Xixi. Something to wear when she wanted to thrill his boyfriend with retellings of her previous fights over him.

Yet that spoilt bridal outfit was no longer suitable for duelling. It didn’t escape Mayumi’s attention that the next time she fought over Seiji she’d have the right to wear a bridal outfit in the duel room. Should she win said third duel and stay with Seiji a total of two years, she’d automatically become his wife at the young age of 23.

The young Mayumi closed the wardrobe.  She needed to go back to the store to buy a new bride outfit. Just in case.