The Duel Room Universe by Justlooking

The background for the Duel Room series

1. What is the Duel Room universe?

First of all, I’d like to give a shout out to Mcgoll, whose The Club series was the original inspiration for the Duel Room universe. The impetus for the series was that I was tired of constantly trying to justify why two women would fight over a guy. Real life doesn’t really work like that. Women usually have inhibitions about fighting over a guy, and if they fight, they’re usually reluctant to go all in (For obvious legal, societal, moral reasons, plus that’s just plain stupid). The Duel Room frees me from all those considerations: Two women want one guy, and it’s just natural for them to fight and do horrible things to each other to win him.

Their world is pretty much like ours, except that something happened in the past that led a drastic gender imbalance. The male population declined drastically, but otherwise it’s a rich and technologically advanced world. Due to personal preferences, I tend to use mostly Asian characters, but obviously women of all races resolve their issues in duels.

In such a world, the morals of the old world went out of the window. Competition over men is intense and nasty, leading to the hyper sexualization of society. Short dresses, tight hot pants and high heels are the norm everywhere. It becomes apparent that if a woman wants to keep her man, she has to please him sexually and emotionally, or risk being replaced by one her man’s the female “friends.”  They circle like vultures, waiting for the girlfriend to slip, or a low ebb in the relationship to then make a play for the guy.

It’s also apparent that the only way a woman can find a new boyfriend is to try to steal him away from the current girlfriend, so there’s this constant tension between the girlfriend trying to keep her guy happy and potential romantic competitors looking for an opening to snatch her boyfriend away.

There’s little incentive for a woman to blame her guy for cheating, because the guy can just look for a more accommodating female friend, while the now ex-girlfriend now finds herself single and having to steal a guy from another woman if she wants male companionship. So what’s a woman to do? First, she won’t blame the guy for cheating. Instead, she’ll blame that whore for trying to tempt her man away. Second, she’ll try to show him she’s the better lover and sabotage the other woman. Third, she’ll “persuade” the other woman to stop seeing her man, violently if necessary.

What will take to make the other woman desist depends on how attached she’s to the guy. If she’s only spent a week of casual sex with him, she’s likely to back off as soon as the girlfriend confronts her. If she’s been with him longer, she might be persuaded to physically fight for him in a catfight but she might hesitate to get into a formal duel over him. Now, if she wants him exclusively and the girlfriend and her can’t come to an understanding, they might decide to duel over him. The initial penalty being exile and a communications block for a year.

That’s why it’s convenient for the girlfriend to act aggressively and confront potential romantic foes as soon as possible. Hairpulling scraps are a common tactic girlfriends/wives use against pretty women being a little too chummy with their men. The idea is not to win or to escalate to a full-blown catfight, but to send a message to the other woman. It’s usually a very effective strategy, since few women will escalate a conflict over a guy they barely know, hence nipping a potential threat in the bud.

On the other hand, it’s convenient for a woman who has met a promising male prospect to hide the affair as long as possible, so that she can get to know him better and gauge whether he’s worth duelling over. It also affords her the chance to slowly chip away at the girlfriend’s relationship and set up the foundations for a new relationship. The longer she’s been having the affair without the girlfriend’s noticing, the more likely she’s to eventually come out of hiding and challenge the girlfriend to a catfight or duel.

So if duels are the be all and end all of who gets to keep the guy, why wouldn’t women wait for duel day and fight there instead of spending so much time trying to outperform their sexual rivals in bed or trying to win his heart? Why spend so much time in trying to look prettier than the other woman and out-slut her? Why would they wear really inconvenient clothing to fight over him on duel day?

The reason is simple: The guy can decide to override the duel challenge and make a choice. Or if the duel ends up happening anyways, he can decide to go on exile with the loser. Duels happen because the man is wavering between the two women. They battle for his heart is a close-run thing and they want to tilt the emotional scales in their favour. No woman will fight a duel over a man if she feels he strongly prefers the other woman.

Therefore, a woman who decides to forsake the sexual battlefield to focus on just winning the duel risks losing the guy even if she wins the duel. The guy might be wavering between the two girls when the duel challenge is issued, but then if the gap between sexual performance, emotional bonding, beauty, slutiness, jealousy between his two lovers grows too big, he might decide to call off the duel and pick one woman.

For many a woman, such a scenario is even worse than losing an actual duel. At least with a duel loss, the loser can rationalize that she never lost his heart, just the physical confrontation over his cock. Likewise, if she refuses to duel, she can say to herself that the other woman isn’t better than her, it’s just that she wasn’t heavily invested in the guy and didn’t mind losing him.

Vice versa, losing him in the period between the duel declaration and the actual duel is an unbearable thought for many a woman. By accepting a duel challenge, the women are making a declaration that they’re heavily invested in the relationship and will do whatever it takes to win his affections. Having him then pick the other girl tells the woman in unequivocal terms that she’s better than her.

So both women are trapped in this sexual competition whether they want it or not. Most women have already internalized those lessons and will try do everything to gain the man’s favour before duel day.

2. On Duels

The lack of male companionship has led to a situation where morals have changed. Mere moral shame won’t dissuade potential sexual rivals from trying to seduce a taken man the moment they feel they have a chance with him. Society doesn’t automatically side with the girlfriend/wife against the pretender. It’s a survival of the fittest world when it comes to heterosexual relationships. Therefore, the women of the duel room universe are accustomed to violence. It doesn’t mean they have to like it, but they know that many times it’s the only way language their romantic rival will understand.

A duel is an evolution of the catfights of the old world. Back then when the women to men ratio was around one, a catfight was a useful, if double edged tool in a woman’s arsenal. Women have always known that men love to see catfights, especially if they’re to be the prize of such a catfight. It made them emotionally invested in the winner and served to make get rid of the other woman. Yet such a weapon was used as a last resort, for very few women like to have their hair pulled, or the tits scratched, or the face mauled in a violent free for all.

However, as the gender imbalance has become extreme, the traditional catfight has become rather common, a tool frequently used to impress the guy and win his affections. Such as widespread use of catfights has led to it becoming rather less effective than in the past as an instrument to dissuade a sexual competitor.

In theory, catfights outside the duel room are illegal, but as illegal as drinking under the age of 18 or jaywalking is to us. The authorities do little to stamp out the practice unless it’s a very public catfight or it leads to serious consequences. The problem with catfights is that apart from humiliating a romantic antagonist and gaining the admiration of the guy in dispute, is that there are no legal consequences. The defeated girl sometimes will decide to stop competing with the victress, but she might as well instigate another catfight to win the man back, leading to a second catfight…then a third…and a fourth.

Therefore, the government has reluctantly agreed to sanction duels, recognizing that unless there’s some sort of legal way to settle who is a man’s legitimate girlfriend, society will descend into an unending stream of catfights that will paralyse economic life. Duels solve that problem. The rules are incredibly flexible. There’re not restrictions on winning conditions, places, attire, etc. A few guidelines though:

-The more complex, the more expensive it is.

-The longer the duel is expected to be, the more expensive it is.

-The more people involved, the more expensive it is.

-The less rules the better.

The government hates to add too many rules because it knows jealous women fight dirty and bend the rules. It just doesn’t want to get into the mess of the impartiality of the referee or penalties if a duellist breaks the rules. If there’re rules/conditions, these are usually tied to impartial means and more often than not, the government supervisors have the guy in dispute enforce the rules. For instance: A guy’s climax as one of two conditions of victory, handcuffs to prevent women front using their nails in a tit fight, a timed countdown in a boxing match, one of girls kicking the other out of the ring as a condition of victory.

That said, if two women want strict rules and referees, the government can accommodate to their wishes, but it’s going to be very expensive. Therefore, the vast majority of duels have very few or no rules, leading to dirty, vicious, savage catfights.

3. The Advice

The advice is a series of recommendations the duellist’s intimates give her before duel day. Such recommendations are mostly advice on how to fight, how to pull hair, the dirtiest way to fight, what should she avoid, to to impress the guy as she duels for his love.

“The Advice” isn’t a formal set of recommendations. It’s just a tradition, bits and pieces that the duellist’s intimates have gathered from their own experience. It’s also very likely that the duellist herself already knows 99% of the information. However, the importance of the advice isn’t the content, but what it implies. It’s a type of female bonding, a way to show the woman who’s about to go through the trial of fighting over a man that she has the moral support of her friends and family.

As follows is an advice extract pulled from 8. The Duel Room: Nine Days 2.


There are many opinions as to what constitutes the womanliest way to fight over a man. Some argue that a hairpulling duel is the best, as tearing your romantic rival’s hair out is akin to destroying her as a woman in front of the guy you’re fighting for. Others argue for a variety of tit fights as the most feminine way to fight, boobs being a huge part of the allure of being a woman. We concern ourselves with our tits every day, we’re proud of them, and to lose such a contest in front of a man we covet produces nothing but deep shame. Yet others argue for an unrestrained, traditional catfight, where the man in dispute can assess who’s the better woman as a whole. Everything is on the line. It allows the guy being fought over to see who wants him more, who’ll be willing to go further, fight dirtier, take the most punishment for him. When you consulted me about the topic, I told you that I thought claiming duels are the truest way to fight over a man.

Why? I’ll start with a question. You know when a woman is at her prettiest in her man’s eyes? Three answers: When’s she’s riding his cock, when’s sucking his dick and when she’s screaming “He’s mine!” while she fights another woman over him. Claiming duels are the best because you get to do all three at the same time. 

It’s clear that you’re clear in the terrible, unforgiving logic of duel strategy. Girls who are afraid of being physical hurt shouldn’t duel at all. You should steel yourself for a terrible, poisonous conflict in which you’ll be scratched, bitten, and repeatedly hit by an adversary who hates your very existence. The solution is to scratch her worse, bit deeper and puncher harder. Never take the defensive, for girls who do so almost always end up losing the duel. You should instead fight dirtier, not concerning yourself much with your injuries and more about how you can destroy your romantic rival.   

Its going to be messy and vicious inside the duel room. As you should know by now, there’s zero chance of you coming out unscathed from a duel. Don’t focus on the pain and the damage, the pulled hair and broken skin, the sore nipples or the agonizing pain as you walk after the duel. That’s unfortunate, but ultimately you’ll heal in time. Focus on your hate for the other woman and her intrusion into your romantic life. Her insolence……as you pull and rip her formerly precious hair, whisper into her ear the thousand ways you’re going to fuck your man’s brains out after you destroy her. How he’s going to enjoy watching the video of you thrashing her into a pulp as you ride him in the bed you’ve rightfully defended…


Have you ever wondered why whenever two women enter into a physical quarrel, especially if such quarrel is over a man, the instinctive urge of every woman is to go after the other woman’s hair? Why is it that we make such an effort to rip the skank’s manes out and parade her torn off tresses for our man to see? Why is it so satisfying to hear the sound of her hair leaving her scalp?

One of the first things men notice about us is the hair: its length, style, colour. It one of the most visible features distinguishing us from other women. It allows us to peacock our potential as his bed mate. Men overwhelmingly love long hair and as such, any self-respecting woman will put a lot of effort to grow lush, long hair for her man’s sake. Your rival no doubt has long hair, which she has no doubt religiously takes cares of everyday for his pleasure. That hair increases her sexual allure. You might have the most delightful tits in the world, the longest legs, the tightest pussy, the smoothest skin. It matters not: a woman with no hair is almost always overlooked over her long-haired rival.

Your feminine instinct will tell you to go for her hair, but you might not know why we women have developed such a natural response to confronting a amorous rival. As with anything, the answer it’s easy: we want to diminish the other woman in front of him. We want to destroy her as a woman and make her repugnant to his eyes. 

You must therefore sink your nails into that slut’s scalp and then pull with all your force! Don’t just win the duel, humiliate her! Leave her bald! Dewomanize her in front of your lover’s eyes! She might recover from her other wounds, conceal her scars with make-up, but hair takes time to grow.  After she’s lost the battle over his cock, there’s no better way to remind her of her loss by making her look at the mirror and realize you’ve ruined her looks. 

She no doubt plans to do the same to you. I would advise against trying to shy away from hairpulling, especially when you’re already inside the duel room. You have already agreed to go all in for him. When she pulls your hair, so you should pull harder! If she takes one bunch of your hair, you take two! PULL PULL PULL until she becomes nothing but a shrivelled flower, a disgusting non woman not worthy of your man’s affection! Then as she lies defeated in the duel room, you’ll pick up the shredded remains of her disgusting hair and offer them to your man as a memento of your victory. A reminder of a woman who sought to keep him away from you and was defeated by the better woman.


As any woman knows instinctively, possession over her lover’s semen is of supreme importance in any fight over him. It signals your favoured status in his bed, your superiority as a lover over the other woman. Feeling his pulsating cock as he explodes into your womanhood is one of the best feelings any woman can feel, especially if by doing so you deprive your romantic rival of his sperm. 

Sure, hand jobs are nice, but they can’t hold candle to straight up drinking your man’s love juice or him ejaculating inside you. Just as the feeling of his hot liquid sliding down your wet pussy makes you hot with desire, have no doubt that the act also drives him crazy with lust. He makes you HIS, a very important concept in his mind. In his subconscious he equals coming into your pussy as you being his primary lover.

Therefore, going after the other woman’s womanhood is straight up one of the dirtiest things you can do, and should therefore be high into your list of targets. Her pussy represents a competing centre of attention, a place where your man’s sperm is wasted. No good can come out of letting her pussy enjoy his love juices. Attacking it therefore is akin invading the enemy headquarters.

Spare no effort in destroying it: sneaky nails, well places knee attacks, the devastating bite…it’s a free for all in the duel room and you shouldn’t rest until your man can clearly see you have destroyed her womanhood.  She will of course not let your nails anywhere near her vagina. You have to fight to get there. Sap her enthusiasm. Exhaust her defences. Weaken her will. Then go all out and have your man watch as you destroy the pussy he’s been cumming into!

She’s of course aware of what you want to do to her…after all, she wants to do the same to you. She’s imagined you riding his cock to ecstasy. The sight enrages her, and you can bet she’ll be willing to pay a high price for the chance to ruin you sexually. To deny you the ability to receive his cock.

I wish I could offer a better advice on how to avoid the dreadful battle, but such the nature of catfights…It’s a matter of you destroying her before she destroys you. Bear her heinous attacks on your womanhood and repay triple her insolence! Make her regret having challenged you over his cock! Even as you feel yourself passing out from the sheet pain she’s inflicting on your pussy, remember that the winner of any such contest will more often than not win the duel and the man. You own it to your happiness to grit your teeth and triumph over her. Then as she lays unconscious (Or better, barely conscious!), show your man that her heinous nails did nothing by taking his engorged dick whole and ride him on top of her beaten body.


Even as you ravage her pussy, tear her beautiful hair out and scratch her smooth skin, don’t forget to twist her titties for your pleasure and your man’s sake. I’m sure you won’t skip her cow tits: it’s just natural for your nails to be attracted to her dangling tits. The chest is highly sexual part of our bodies. We, and he, derive pleasure from our chests. But the chest is a funny thing: Exactly what makes it such an erogenous zone is precisely the reason why you should target it more. They’re a soft target all women have, we grow weak when they are pulled or scratched too hard…to say nothing of bitten. They’re the perfect target in case you need to get out of a troublesome hold or a sticky situation. No woman can ignore an attack on her boobs.

You know how your man loves titties. He grows hard just thinking of them, he dreams of you using them to please him, he…He wants to see a tit to tit clash…give him one. It of course helps that pleasing his base desires for a tit to tit clash helps you destroy your romantic rival. 

It’s inevitable she’ll target your feminine assets. After all, the fight is over your man, it’s obvious she’ll go after your beauty, especially your chest. My advice? One way or another your titties will be pulled, pinched and scratched. Don’t shy away from it, don’t defend from her nails. Instead, sink your nails into her tit flesh! If she wants to go that route, so be it! Will you cry and moan as she tears your feminine assets? Sure. However, the important bit isn’t to suppress your pain but to return the pain twice over! It’s a world of pain out there; let your man know you are more than capable of withstanding a little tit scratching and biting. Should you get the chance, try to catch her unaware and bite her for maximum effect!

So twist, pull, scratch, maul to your heart’s content! Make your attack highly visible, for there’s nothing more pleasing for your man than to see you putting your tits on the line for his sake, and even better, you jealously destroying her erogenous zones in a fit of anger. Make her scream as you battle over him! Diminish her knockers and make her cry.


Men use their fists, but we women use our nails. Sure, a catfight might involve some slapping and punching as the situation requires, but the bread and butter of any catfight are the exchange of painful nail attacks. After all, nails are just the weapons nature has given us in order to defend our place in his bed.

Dig your nails into her soft skin and graft her with wounds that will take weeks to heal. Target her face and tits. Destroy her feminine assets in front of the man you’re both fighting over. Should the occasion present itself, and it will, make a go at her wet pussy. Insert the nail deep into her cunt and then curve your finger, making sure you scratch the G spot as you inevitably pull away and rip her cunt apart. Savour her cries of pain as your man watches her rolling in agony on the floor and then pounce on her! 

As exhausting sets in, remember your teeth are an effective weapon in your arsenal of dirty tricks. Don’t be prissy about using your teeth in any fight. It’s a free for all and teeth is one of the most effective weapons in your arsenal of weapons. Minimum pressure can be used to incredibly effect late in any fight. So far I’ve told you to welcome any attacks from your adversary, but I hesitate to give the same advice with biting attacks. Biting usually signals the fight has reached its dirtiest and most dangerous stage, when she’s willing to do anything and everything to destroy you. Yet, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to avoid her attacks by that point, and the best advice I have for you is to bear it and find a suitable target for a counterattack. 


 As you know, one of the cardinal sins of any woman who wants to attract or keep a man is to forgo the use of high heels. She disadvantages herself, robbing herself a sexy, sinuous gait that men find highly arousing. It allows us to peacock and show our feminine assets in the best light. They’re essential in any competition over a man. Men LOVE high heels, and you should do anything in your power to use them to sexualize your strut. Let the pumps enhance your natural sensuality. 

But more than that, any woman worth her salt knows high heels aren’t just for show: They’re a weapon, to be used against your romantic rival. That’s why strapped stilettos are de rigueur nowadays: They stay in place even in the most savage of catfights.
The skilful use of high heels to stomp, trample, gnash your opponent’s body can mean the difference between keeping or losing your man. Learn to use them well, wasting no opportunity to dig the pointy end in your rival’s soft flesh, and if you can, extend her suffering by raking it all over her thigh. Don’t hesitate. Your adversary sure won’t, using all manner of dirty tricks to steal your man. You must fight dirtier. If you see a chance to sink your stilettos into her boobs, do it, making sure to twist! The heel for maximum effect.

Don’t despair if you struggle to keep your balance while fighting for your man’s cock while wearing heels. Catfights are meant to be fought on the floor, so you should welcome the eventual fall, where the two of you will roll around the floor like alley cats for your boyfriend’s benefit. Free from any need to stay on your feet, you’ll be able to use your heels as a powerful weapon, using them to slowly chip away at your enemy’s will to fight, little by little ruining her body and demeaning her as a woman.


Claiming duels is not just about the two women fighting over the guy, but also about the guy himself. He’s the prize, he wants to be won over, he wants you to display your jealousy to its fullest extent and see you fight for his cock. Show him you want him more than the other woman. Wear a little number that will dazzle him as you enter the duel room. March with a confident gait, step hard on the floor so he hears the sounds of your heels as step into the room. Move sinuously, like a cat, as you approach to pleasure him. Give him that “I want your cock now” look you’ve perfected over the years and whisper into his ear how much you’ve been waiting to tear that slut apart. 

Before she appears, take advantage of your time with him. Start sucking his cock in earnest, sloppily spitting your saliva on his erect member and then licking the tip of his cock with your tongue with gusto. Let your hair fall on his lap, let him feel it. As you blow his cock, make sure to roll your eyes up, try to match eyes with him. Your eyes must say “This cock is mine and she won’t take it away from me.”

It’ll be impossible to deny her access to his cock when she arrives, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fight for every inch of cock. If she wants your man, she should fight for him at every step of the way, even in a ceremonial step. She’ll no doubt squeeze her sagging body and run her disgusting tongue on his cock. You’ll clash forehead to forehead, cheek to cheek against her. As tempting as it would be, don’t be too rough on her: The ceremonial blowjob is after all a formality for his benefit, not an opportunity for you to destroy her…at least not yet. That said, a little hairpull is ok, and you don’t have to play nice with her. Make it hard for her to establish any foothold on his crotch and don’t be shy of monopolizing him.  


You will no doubt enter the room seeing her working on his cock in a desperate attempt to monopolize his attention and deny you his dick. The most natural thing is to rush in to dispute ownership of his cock, but don’t do that. Instead, look your man straight in the eye and sashay towards him in a deliberate march. Don’t even look at her: she’s nothing but trash that will soon fall under the might of your nails. As you get close to him, look him straight in the eyes and tell him -in a voice loud enough so your enemy can hear you- that you’ll destroy her and then ride his cock on her broken body.

Then kneel down, pushing the worthless whore away with your body. Strive to take possession of his cock with your mouth. Then look straight ahead, past his engorged shaft and give your rival for his heart the nastiest, most hateful staredown you can give her. Take a good last look at her face: Right in front of you is the woman who’s contesting your claim on his cock. 

Don’t hesitate. Put your tongue to work and his cock. Play rough with her. You’re allowed to use your hands to pull her hair, and use your body to gain possession of his cock, but be careful not to sink your nails on her face or body…at least not yet. I don’t want you to be disqualified for some stupid technicality. Despite the intensity of the cock sucking, reserve your energy to when you feel he’s about to explode. When you feel the time is right, surge forward, pushing her slutty body away for his dick and monopolize his cum! She will not let this stand of course, and this will be the most intense part of the ritual blowjob. Try to suck him dry but remember this is just a preamble for the duel to come.  After having done so, wait for the signal and win him back!

4. What is a Claiming Duel?

What is a claiming duel? The simple answer is that any duel in which you win by fulfilling two conditions:

1.   “Claim” ie receive the semen of the man you’re fighting over in front of your conscious antagonist. 
2.   Knock your sexual rival out after claiming.

A claiming duel is just a natural, logical progression in duel history. After all, if the root cause of a duel is the sexual tension of two upstanding ladies over a shared gentleman, it’s only logical for them to try to show him who’s the better lover at any chance they get. This could mean, indirect competition over his schedule, direct threesomes where the girls put themselves in front of him and compete over his cock. This pageantry is designed not only for the guy in question but for the other woman. To show her that she’s being outdone in the sexual and romantic battlefield. To show her that a better woman is contesting her ownership of that man’s cock. 

Claiming a man is an incredibly powerful feeling on its own, but doing it in front of a sexual rival as you fight her tooth and nail over him is something sure to be remembered, especially by the guy in question. He’s bound to unconsciously see the woman who received his cum as the better woman.

Claiming duels didn’t have official sanction when the duel regime came into being. The government just wanted a quick, decisive way to determine who gets to keep the man and who gets exiled. By their nature, claiming duels add complexity, uncertainty and lead to disputed outcomes. 

Therefore, “claiming” duels initially consisted of private agreements between the two duellists to claim the man before focussing on beating the other woman down (More like angry arguments about who the better lover was led to the women loudly asserting they would claim the man mid-duel in question to decide the issue). However, such private agreements were not recognized by the government. Officially winning meant knocking the other girl out or securing her verbal surrender.

Such unofficial agreements, by their nature, were bound to lead to problems. And they did, when a significant number of duellists got into such “gentlewomen” agreements only to have one woman claiming the man but the other officially winning the duel. Eventually one of those women, a Korean national called Minhee Park, sued the government and her love rival, Japanese Himiko Takanashi, in court. The Korean woman managed to show that there had been a claiming agreement between the two duellists, and that she herself had managed to claim the gentleman in question before she was beaten by Himiko, who then became the official winner of the duel. Using fancy legal arguments, she argued that claiming matches should be legalized and in such cases in which the result was contested, a rematch should be allowed.

The court case led to much media interest in Asia, where most of these unofficial claiming matches had happened. There were protests and petitions on both sides of the issue. Women that won the duel officially obviously didn’t want to go through another duel, and women who had managed to claim the man before losing at the hands of the other woman wanted a rematch. In the end, the case went all the way through the Supreme Court and the issue was decided in favour of forcing the government to recognize claiming duels. Additionally, all the women that could prove that a claiming match had been agreed to but lost in a contested outcome had their exiles revoked and allowed to ask for a rematch if they so wished.

A pall of consternation fell on the government and all the women who had officially won their duels in what were now called contested outcomes.  A contested outcome meant for example 1. One woman claimed the man but she had lost the physical fight; 2. One of the combatants was knocked unconscious before any claiming was performed.

The eventual policy agreed to was that in cases of contested outcomes, the belligerents were to be given a bare minimum of medical treatment and a new claiming duel to happen in a few hours’ time. The process was repeated until a conclusive win was obtained. The government eventually went through all the cases. It was an expensive, draining affair, just as the government had feared. Many lives were upturned, as some former winners lost the rematch.

Under current claiming duel regulations, the duellists must make the man climax before the actual duel. This little bit of drama isn’t only done just for pageantry’s sake, but also to prevent an over eager man from ejaculating too early into the fight. Obviously, a side effect of this ritual is to increase the anger and jealousy the combatants feel towards each other, animating the claiming duel even further. Little things like hairpulling while performing this ritual are allowed, and it only adds a further erotic touch to the already depraved rite.

The man in question is granted a small space, which is for the duration of the fight will be his dominion. He’s not allowed to leave the dominion, and should one woman establish a dominant position, she would have to go to the man’s dominion to claim him. Fighting is still allowed in the dominion, but with the proviso that the guy can do as he pleases in there, so long he can physically enforce his will. That would mean fucking a girl while she’s fighting her sexual rival, favour one girl over the other by holding one girl down, force the two girls together to force them to fight even more fiercely. 

Such freedom and authority men have over their dominion is usually used judiciously, for duels are usually the result of a man not being able to decide between which lover he favours. Should he then show a marked preference over one of the girls, the other woman is well within her rights to concede the match and depending on the evidence on the video, have her eventual exile challenged on occasion of such favouritism. Moreover, such favouritism in the duel room is more often than not taken badly by the “winner.” The reason the duel happened was the indecision of the man, and such favouritism would indicate the man knew whom he liked most but decided to force the girls to fight for his own selfish motives.
What happened to the original plaintiff? Miss Park? She and Miss Takanashi fought again in a dirty, nasty duel where possession of the man’s cock changed several times until Himiko claimed the man but Minhee won the duel, leading to a contested outcome and an automatic rematch in a few hours’ time. The Japanese woman eventually prevailed, this time managing to claim the man and win the duel, sending her Korean adversary into a second exile. 


-Some duels might incorporate the act of claiming but not be claiming duels per se. One such example is the Duel Room: East vs West, where while claiming was performed, it wasn’t a winning condition. 

-An example of a claiming duel is the Duel Room: The wedding proposal, where the winner had to both claim the man’s semen and knock the other woman out. Should only one winning condition be fulfilled, the result would have been a contested result and an automatic rematch set up in a few hours’ time. 

-The longest chain of contested duels was between two Caucasians women, one brunette and a blonde. They went through five savage duels, each time relentlessly trying to claim their mutual lover and wreck the other woman’s body. By duel three there were fears this could not keep on going much longer, as the women had barely had any medical attention. On duel 4 the blonde claimed the man and seemed to have the match on the bag when the brunette rallied and forced a fifth duel. Three hours later, the exhausted women flung their battle-weary bodies at each other for the fifth time, desperately trying to claim the man and win the duel. In the end, the brunette beauty managed the feat, becoming the man’s undisputed girlfriend.  The whole ordeal had lasted 15 hours and 5 matches. 

5. What’s a Pleito sin Tregua?

In the contest of the Duel Room universe, a “pleito sin tregua” is a loaded term, a phrase used to describe a certain type of situation or attitude that occurs in the days before duel day.  The term originally coming from Latin America, where women are widely believed to be brimming with jealousy and fiery passion. However, pleito sin tregua isn’t a phenomenon exclusive to Latino women. It’s said that pre-duels involving women of Latin-American stock are particularly nasty, a non-stop sexual war of attrition over the carnal favours of the man in dispute.

Despite the popularity of the phrase, the term is ill-defined, meaning different things to different women. A woman might not be able to give you a technical definition of what a pleito sin tregua is, but show her several pre-duel situations and she’d be easily be able to identify when a pleito sin tregua is happening, even if it wasn’t declared.

Broadly speaking, it’s a declaration of intent, a challenge to the other woman. The declarer is pretty much saying she’ll contest every drop of semen and leave nothing to her sexual rival. If the other woman wants to get any time alone with the guy in dispute, she’ll have to fight tooth and nail for that privilege. Two jealous women fight for every inch of the man’s cock and every second of his romantic attentions, no matter how exhausted, spent or hurt they are, all the way up to duel day. 

In such cases where pleito sin tregua is declared, there are two clear tendencies. One is when a new lover feels she’s hopelessly behind in the romantic competition against a long-time girlfriend and needs to “even the playing field” by showing the man she’s willing to put everything on the line for him. The declaration catches the man’s attention, who might otherwise be tempted to stay with his girlfriend and dispense with the duel. It also puts the girlfriend on notice that the stakes are real, and that the new woman won’t shy away from doing “whatever it takes” to steal her man.

The other common scenario where pleito sin tregua is declared is when there’s a rematch. This is usually the case when the women involved are the current girlfriend and an ex-girlfriend. Most likely than not, the two women had already fought once or twice,  with one woman winning the man and sending her sexual rival into exile. The loser comes back to claim her man back and will do everything in her power to regain her place in his bed. By declaring pleito sin tregua, the ex-girlfriend hopes to even the odds. Needless to say, there’s little love lost between the duellists, and most often than not the pleito sin tregua is declared out of spite and pure hatred for the other woman. 

A pleito sin tregua usually devolves in a constant cycle of violence whose aim is to break the will of the other woman before duel day and make her give up the man. It’s fair to assume that the first and second day will be full of intense back and forth fighting between two very jealous girls in front of the man they’re both trying to impress. Yet as the days pass by, it’s impossible for the battling beauties to keep sustaining this level of intensity without rest. Sometimes the would-be duellists are so spent by duel day that the duel itself ends up being an anticlimactic event.

Most pleitos sin tregua in fact don’t make it all the way to duel day. More often than not, despite the evenness of the catfights, one girl starts getting small advantages here and there over the course of the first couple of days which she then exploits to hurt her unyielding sexual rival before the man in question can separate them. Little by little one woman starts tiring faster than before, the cumulative effects of the incessant fighting grinding her physique to the ground. She realizes her romantic rival is receiving more of her man’s time and semen. She’ll try to force herself to fight harder, dirtier in order to even the score and avoid the loss of her man. Sometimes she can achieve the feat, and even turn the tables on her opponent.

The other woman isn’t a fool, however. She knows what’s happening. Wanting to keep her advantage, she’ll match her rival blow by blow, scratch by scratch, hairpull by hairpull, leading to an inexorably escalation of the fight until the other woman finally breaks. The odds favour her, but that doesn’t mean the process won’t be painful and excruciating, often necessitating the summoning of immense amounts of willpower to finish off her carnal competitor and diminish her before the man they’re fighting over. The best-case scenario for her is that her arch enemy will give up the fight before duel day, leaving her as the man’s undisputed lover.  

A truce is rarely asked for in pleitos sin treguas, as they’re seen rightly as indications o weakness. Women would rather bear it and let their nails do the talking for them, knowing any hesitancy or appeal for peace will diminish her in the eyes of her man. The man in question, already flattered the two girls are fighting like this over him, will usually try to even up the scales in subtle ways, discretely encouraging the weakening girl or tiring the stronger one with some vigorous lovemaking in the hopes his other lover gets some time to recover her will to fight. Such tactics aren’t usually too obvious and are unlikely to stretch the fighting all the way to duel day.

Once it becomes clear one woman is becoming a spent force(usually by day 3 or 4), the duel is usually called off. The “loser” realizes she’s likely to get destroyed in the duel room at this rate, not only losing the man (Which is pretty much lost by this point) but also forcing her into exile. In humiliation, she usually takes the precious little belongings that haven’t yet been ruined in the frenetic fighting and leaves the apartment abruptly, not giving the other woman the satisfaction to rub her victory on her face. 

Another option, used when both women have proven a very even match but it’s clear they can’t keep on going on like this is that the man will propose the customary one day exclusive days before duel day with each one, giving them two days to recover before duel day. This is seen as a face-saving measure and more often than not the proposal is happily accepted by the two girls, which will then prosecute their rivalry to its final conclusion in the duel room. This is however, seen by traditional Latinas as a betrayal of the pleito sin tregua concept.

In the rare cases the girls fight it all the way to duel day. By then the duel is usually desultory, but not lacking in intensity: their once fresh bodies are now full of scratches and wounds, half limping and sore from the continuous fighting, barely in any condition to fight properly. Even the mere act of standing up might be a mighty ask. Yet their spirits are unbroken, and their desire for him usually powers them onward, no matter the consequences, to an ultimate conclusion. Both started the process wanting to gain him exclusively and by that point they’ve already spent too much emotional capital and womanly pride on winning the duel to back down. And so they’ll fight, under the man’s watchful gaze until one claims him.

The winner, now having won a pleito sin tregua against the other woman will now feel very proud of herself. A pleito sin tregua is a mark of honour, proof of your zeal and fevour for your man’s attentions. She’ll make sure to brag about it, and let her man’s female friends how she won him, as a warning to them that she’s not a woman to be trifled with, and that any other woman coveting your man should be prepared to fight you to the bitterest end for his cock. 
A pleito sin tregua usually (but not exclusively or necessarily) includes several of the following: 

-The girls spend their pre-duel days in the guys apartment, living in close quarters with the woman they’re supposed to duel a week from then.

-It’s a very sexual affair, even if nails and teeth are involved. After all, the goal is to impress the guy in dispute and to deny the other woman his semen,

-Bed time tends to become the most violent time of the day as the two belligerents end up naked in the man’s bedroom trying to coax him into making love with her. This obviously leads to nasty quarrels where both girls squabble while being fucked by their shared boyfriend. Often such physical quarrels last well into the night, leaving the rivals in love throughout exhausted after hours of fighting and fucking in front of the coveted man. The guy in question can easily climax 7 times during the day as the love rivals work to hog his every drop of cum. By duel day, the guy is as spent as the girls.

-No place or time is sacred. A fight or a “competitive” threesome can happen any time, any place. Kitchen, shower, living room, balcony, working place. Any place is fair game.

-You see your man, you try to seduce him. Likewise, if you see your sexual rival charming your man, you get ready to tear her off his cock. 

-There’s no fixed division of time alone with the guy. You need to earn his cum and attention. He might designate some alone time with the winner of some sort of sordid contest he proposes, but that’s only a right the girl winning said contest can get. The loser gets nothing. You must earn his attention with your claws and sexual skills.

-There’re no implicit truces or room for compromise. It’s all or nothing. 

This partial checklist provides a hint of why pleitos sin tregua always end up being such sordid, unpleasant affairs. Despite the overwhelmingly positive impression a pleito sin tregua leaves on the man being fought over, one shouldn’t lightly declare a pleito sin tregua: the declarer might end up regretting her rashness. Therefore, most of the time, such device isn’t declared or used implicitly. Women instead save their anger and energy for duel day.