Roomate Battle Shanghai v Beijing by Justlooking

Chapter 1

Jason’s life in Shanghai was pretty good, air quality issues aside. He had a good job, rented a nice apartment, and had a no strings attached relationship with a beautiful girl. The best part was that the so called girl was his roommate, Mi. A smouldering Shanghainese beauty, Mi towered over other Asian girls at 5’9’’ (1.80 mts), a good part of it comprised of her long toned legs. Her breasts were average for Chinese girls, but they could expand greatly when she was in the pangs of desire. Her naughty face hinted at great things to anyone who had the good luck of bedding her, and her long curly back hair just begged to be pulled in rough lovemaking.


Jason life got even better when they finally found a new roommate. Jason’s jaw dropped when he saw who their potential roommate was. The 23 year old light haired girl that stood in front of him that day matched Mi in the looks department. And by sheer coincidence, the girls quickly found out they shared the same birthday. But any warm feelings between them quickly evaporated as Mi noticed Jason’s admiring gaze on the new girl. Feeling a tinge of jealousy, she unconsciously tried to discourage the new girl from moving in. Amy wasn’t so thrilled about the Shanghainese girl neither. In the first time for a very long time, she felt somewhat threatened by another woman’s beauty.

Amy was from Beijing and was never shy to hide the fact. She liked what she saw in the apartment. She liked it even more when she saw the handsome guy that was included in the package. She had a long light brown smooth hair and a sexy set of legs she wasted no opportunity in flaunting, even in the coldest of winters. This gave the opportunity to people to admire the intricate flower tattoo her right leg. What she lacked in height compared to Mi (5’75’’, or 1.75 mts), she more than made up with a nice rack. While Mi’s had a playful expression, Amy’s face suggested she a wild side a lover could benefit from, and an enemy could regret knowing…

Just like when Jason met Mi, there was an instant sexual tension between the Beijinger and him, and it wasn’t long before they became intimate. It began with a conversation about the tattoo on her right leg. Amy invited him to find out if she had anymore tattoos on her body…he explored every inch of her body in the privacy of his bedroom and found out she didn’t. Jason also found out that his new roommate was just looking for the casual fuck rather than a relationship! For a few weeks Jason was able to balance his time with both women as they had different work schedules. So he would be banging one girl while the other was working, and viceversa.

However, both soon learned of the other’s sessions with Jason, and surprisingly, professed to be cool with the whole thing. After all, each had told Jason she was not looking for a relationship at all. However, after a while each girl realized she couldn’t stand the thought of the other woman fucking Jason. Before the younger woman came, Mi was quite happy to leave things casual, sure that Jason wouldn’t be able to find a girl that matched her in looks, personality and sexual skills. Now she had a sexual rival that was giving her a run for the money, and it made her feel insecure about her hold on Jason. Amy on the other hand, had never been good with sharing things, and she wasn’t going to start now. The stiff (if undeclared) competition she faced from someone who she grudgingly admitted could match her in looks and sexiness made her lust for Jason even stronger.

No slouches in the art of seduction, each girl turned up the heat in order to make Jason choose her exclusively. Slowly but surely, the ever increasing sexual tension between the two attractive ladies was noticed by the man they were competing for. The ever shorter dresses they wore for him, the backhanded compliments, the ever thinning veneer of civility between the two roommates… Jason had to break more and more arguments the two young women. On the surface, they were simple things like usage of the kitchen or position of the toothbrushes. But this being China, and all the protagonists being Chinese, it was well understood by all three that the girls were engaged in an intense but indirect war of manoeuvres, a way of fighting the Chinese have mastered in over 4000 years of history. Every little advantage was fought for in subtle ways, but in the privacy of Jason’s bedroom, they spent no small amount of time bitching and badmouthing the other. Jason secretly loved their arguments and wasted no opportunity to egg them on in their quest to sexually one up each other.

Matters finally came to a head when Amy decided that it was time to cut through the subtlety bullshit and get straight to the point on the 30th of September. The girls had unofficially settled for sleeping with Jason on alternate nights. She planned to change that. Knowing Mi was already inside Jason’s bedroom for her session that night, a completely bare Amy burst into the room, totally ignoring the nude Mi preparing for her night of naked fun with Jason.

 -“Mind if I join?”- It was phrased as a question, but Amy’s occupying of the right side of the bed made it clear she was not going to take no for an answer.

-“Tonight is my turn. You should leave”- noted Mi in a chilling warning tone. She intuitively realized their undeclared war was soon going to reach its climax.

-“We really never agreed to anything. I think Jason has the right to decide who he wants to spend the night with”-said Amy as she went for Jason’s hard manhood.

-“Well, I was here in this apartment first, and I have known him for longer. And I’m pretty sure he’ll choose me over some common tramp that came from out of town”-angry at her romantic competitor attempt to deprive her of her sexual mate, Mi furiously battled Amy for Jason’s cock. The man in dispute was intrigued by the conversation, and wanted to see where all of this would lead to.

-“Whatever bitch. If he were so happy with you, why does he come to me for sex”- As a matter of fact, Jason was quite happy with the Shanghainese girl’s sexual performance, but he just liked variety. Nevertheless, he recognized the low blow shook Mi’s self-esteem badly.

-“I told him he could see other girls. But now things have changed. I’m not sharing him anymore” – Although it was a spirited response, Amy’s earlier remark had already done a lot of damage. Jason’s cock was getting unbelievably hard as he felt the girls using their feminine assets to try to outdo the other girl. This didn’t go unnoticed by the girls.

-“Well, I’m not sharing him neither. How do we propose we solve this?”-Amy knew exactly where this would lead. As most Chinese battles, no matter how many indirect manoeuvres were executed, there had to be a physical showdown to conclusively decide matters.

-“What if I just beat you to a pulp and fuck my man in front of you?”-Mi finally voiced the idea both girls had been toying for some time already.

-“Ok ladies, I think this is getting out of hand...”-Jason had somehow willed himself out of his ecstasy when he realized he had to step in.

-“SHUT UP”-The girls were not about to be denied the chance to settle their dispute. Amy quickly redirected the conversation back to the topic at hand.

-“I see…you don’t think you can compete with me in bed, so now we turn this into a catfight where you think you can beat me…”-Amy smiled when she sprang her trap, and Mi’s shocked face was all she needed to see. The Shanghainese girl was seething in white hot fury!

“I can outfuck any Beijing whore any time! I’ll battle you any way you want, on the floor or on his bed!”

- “I’ll fight you tramp, but not today. If you feel you’re up to the task, let’s compete for his sex, and he’ll decide who’s the better lover. Then we can fight it out on Saturday”-said Amy.

Mi realized where this was going. Their common birthday was on Sunday the 5th of October. China would start celebrating its national day on the 1st of October, and it was common for people to get a "golden week" ie 7 days of paid vacation. They would fight for their mutual lover and only one girl would be celebrating her birthday with Jason. “Fine! There will no better birthday present than to rip your saggy tits off and then show you how a real woman fucks her man”. She was pissed at being totally outplayed in the psychological game by none other than a Beijinger.

-“You have that backwards bitch. I’ll show Jason how overrated Shanghai girls are. It’ll be me enjoying Jason pounding his hard cock into me while you watch” -The girls glared each other’s bare anatomy with contempt. But Amy wasn’t finished yet...

-“Let’s sweeten the deal. The loser will have to move out of the apartment”-Knowing she had been utterly outmatched this time around, Mi agreed to these terms without blinking to cut her losses. She then focused on making up for the loss of face as she sexually battled Amy over Jason that night…Unburdened by work or any distractions, the girls engaged in “threesomes” with Jason over the following 5 days. His bed became a pitched battleground, where each young lady used her feminine charms to turn Jason's attention to herself and away from her romantic rival. The Asian ladies fought over every inch of his body without a definitive conclusion. They excited him by talking about what they planned to do to the other girl when they finally got their hands on each other on Saturday. Each time one of them managed to insert herself into his cock, the other swiftly manoeuvred to dislodge her. Mouths battled for the right to his cock, while luscious lips beseeched him to choose her over her sexual adversary. In this battle, Jason was satisfied several times over, but the girls themselves could never find sexual satisfaction. They tried a lot of plots to reach orgasm without the other girl interrupting her but neither was successful in this endeavour. Their bodies just grew hungrier in lust each passing day… 

Saturday night 11:00PM…

The preparations were complete. Jason had set aside all the furniture in the living room. Confident of her victory, each girl had brought two birthday cakes to eat it with Jason, making it a total of 4 cakes. Jason didn’t know why the girls needed so much cake, but he would soon find out...

Mi was clad with a tight short red dress that barely covered her ass and left her shoulders exposed. The dress featured a lot of little holes in the middle, giving Jason the chance to peek at her black panties and the fact she was wearing no bra. For much of the week she had being trying to chip away at the advantage her sexual rival had gained in Jason’s mind. For the most part she had been able to close some of the gap by being more assertive in bed and aggressively confronting her rival in verbal battles, but she knew Jason still was privately thinking that Amy had a better chance at winning the catfight. Now it was her chance to dispel that notion.

Amy’s choice of dress was even more daring than Mi’s. It was extremely short yellow strapless dress with bigger holes all over. Through the holes, Jason could see she was wearing a white bra and panty set. Still savouring the humiliating verbal defeat she had dealt her rival last Tuesday, Amy was confident she was going to win the catfight too. She knew she had come as the more aggressive of the two, and as the one willing to do *anything* for the man in dispute. Both girls were bare footed.

-“I hope you like the farewell cake I bought you!”- Acting on a ritual the girls had agreed to perform before the fight, Amy picked up one of the cakes she had bought and threw it into the black haired beauty’s pretty face, smearing it all over her opponent’s sexy body while Mi stoically waited until her rival ran out of cake.

-“Let me treat you some cake too!”- Mi hurled her cake all over Amy’s attractive anatomy. The older woman could see her rival’s simmering fury as she was covered head to toe in cake. This ritual thus over, the girls faced each other toe to toe.

-“You should leave before I kick your ass all the way to Beijing”- Mi pushed the Beijing girl hard with both hands, making her stumble.

-“It should be YOU getting the fuck out of here before I humiliate you in front of Jason”- Amy pushed her Shanghainese opponent so hard that she landed on her butt cheeks. Mi couldn’t contain her pent up anger anymore, lunging directly into her adversary and yanking strands of brown hair. “That’s it, you going down cheap whore!”

-“Just try me Shanghai slut!”- Amy reciprocated the two handed hairpull as their bodies sensually clashed chest to chest. Their well-kept legs strained as they pulled and pushed each other around the living room. Their brown and black manes were quickly covered in white cream. Their tight dresses, made to dazzle their sexual mate rather than fighting, started sagging due to the stress. Seeing Amy cake-less brassiere pop out in the struggle, Jason’s dark-haired lover went for the obvious target and ripped through the flimsy bra, looking to scratch her antagonists’ bigger bosom. A scream from the Beijinger’s succulent lips confirmed the effectiveness of the technique.

-“So you wanna scratch tits? I’ll scratch tits!”- Amy wasted no time in bringing her long nails into play, quickly tearing up the delicate piece of cloth barely protecting the Shanghainese girl’s chest.

-“I’m right here waiting for you Beijing whore!”- Mi didn’t let the pain in her bosom discourage her from trying harder. She very much resented Amy’s bigger pair of boobs, and she wanted nothing less than to maim them. Intent in ruining each other’s weapon of seduction, the girls tried a variety of techniques to ruin her adversary’s breasts: scratching, pulling, pinching nipples…Slowly, it became clear Mi was getting the better of Beijing woman and Amy felt herself kneeling in the struggle. Unwilling to backdown in front of Jason, Amy headbutted the Shanghainese girl in the chin. Mi fell backwards into the floor, but not before she painfully scratched Amy’s tits one more time and took off her brassiere off her chest.

-“That’s it! No more miss nice girl!”-spat Amy as she grabbed the back of Mi’s dress by the thin straps and started pulling her rival like a rag doll with one hand while the other punched her on the head. Mi screeched as she scratched Amy’s perfect legs but the brown haired girl was unrelenting. Jason was surprised that the fight had quickly turned so vicious. He guessed that was to be expected. After all, the girls had been waiting the whole week to get their hands on each other. While Amy was a lovable and fun girl, he could see her becoming a savage fighter if provoked. The sweet looking Mi so far was able to match the tattooed girl on the savagery scale, but he wondered if she was going to endure until the bitter end…

Luckily for Mi, the strap of her dress broke, allowing the dark haired girl to disengage. Amy arranged her still intact dress to cover her chest, but her cake-filled nipples now showed through the holes in the dress. Mi’s red dress had a big round holes where Amy had just scratched, showing her tits covered with white cream. Amy’s usually white thighs had red marks from all the scratching Mi inflicted on her and the floor was starting to be covered in cake filling.

Releasing a warcry, Jason’s Shanghainese lover tackled Amy, sending them both crashing into the floor, where they scratched any vulnerable target that presented itself. Amy was particularly keen on scratching Mi’s round ass bloody and she succeeded in leaving her mark there. Mi on the other hand was busy leaving scars on her rival’s back. Exchanging the top position several times, Amy was able after much effort to pin down her antagonist against the floor, where she wasted no time in raining punches on the dark haired woman. Not being one who loved having anyone on top of her (Jason excluded), Mi struggled like a wild bull trying to get her adversary off her. Feeling Amy tighten her waist hold on her, Mi used Amy’s tight hold against her. She violently turned to the side, forcing Amy to turn with her as well, making the younger girl’s head hit the floor. Stunned, Amy released the waist hold and Mi immediately used her freedom to place a weak knee strike to Amy’s crotch, distracting her for the moment.

Mi then grabbed Amy’s tits from behind and used her advantageous hold to again scratch the hell out of the tattooed girl's tits. Amy tortured wailing filled the room as her exquisite chest was being ravaged. Clawing anything her nails could reach, she finally hit the jackpot when she grabbed Mi’s panties and pulled up in a wedge fashion, including her pubic hair. The girls persistently traded pain until Jason’s Beijing lover found Mi’s cxnt hole. Realizing the danger, the older woman quickly abandoned the hold before more damage was done to her.

The Chinese girls’ tiny dresses were still intact, but the back and forth had made them sag, leaving their panties and bare chest exposed. The thick layer of cake that was covering them at the start of the fight had considerably thinned by now. Noticing her rival massaging her scratched bosom, Mi could no help to gloat “Apparently that big chest is just for show!”

-“These tits can beat your tits anytime! Come to me woman to woman if you want a tit showdown!”- Amy pushed forward her chest proudly, daring the Shanghainese girl to take the challenge.

-“Fine! Let Jason witness who has the better tits!”- Mi, keeping in mind that at the end this was a sexual war over their shared lover, had an idea to turn her man even more. -“I want his cum on my tits. That will make it more significant when I finally beat your tits”

Amy implicitly agreed by coming onto the naked Jason, as did Mi. The man in question was taken aback by the request but didn’t protest. The girls knew the only reason to do this was to turn on their man even more, a nice thing Jason would remember every single time he recalled the fight with the winning girl… and each girl was confident *she* was going to be the winning girl. The girls proceeded to use their hands in a battle over his rock solid cock, while also using their other feminine assets to grind against his body. Jason knew his roommates must be really turned on by now, so to make them fight harder, he started fingering their wet pussies at the same time (the advantages of being ambidextrous). He was rewarded by familiar moans of pleasure while the two girls furiously worked on his cock. They were saying stuff like “Just imagine me using your cum on my tits to beat her” “I’m dying to drink your cum after I beat her” which they probably wouldn’t say in a more rational mental state. But they weren’t in a rational state of mind. After 6 straight days of rising sexual tension but no orgasmic release, the girls’ judgement was somewhat clouded by the need to be sexually satisfied. After he came, the girls greedily took all the semen they could get in their hands and spread it over their cake filled breasts. They slowly stood up, ready to resume their fight.

For Jason it was a weird experience. As they started charging at each other again, the Chinese ladies exclusively used their tits as a weapon to punish and harm the other’s set of breasts, totally forgoing the use of any other attack. He doubted tit fighting was very effective, but the girls understood the logic behind this kind of fighting. They knew it wasn’t enough to just physically beat the other woman: They also had to destroy her self-esteem, make her understand that even if she won the fight, she was less of a woman by losing a tit fight. Winning this womanly contest would raise her value in front of the man they were fighting for and humiliate the defeated woman. Unexpectedly, Jason’s cum did have an effect on the fight. The smell of Jason’s reenergized the girls’ bodies. The girls noticed their already excited chests expand even more and their panties becoming incredibly wet, even to the point their cxnt juices were spilling through their thighs. Their bodies were begging for a taste of their mutual lover’s dick.

The girls manoeuvred their sexy bodies so as to use their tits to hit her opponent’s tits. Moans of pain indicated one of them was able to place a particularly demeaning hit. They spared no effort in showing Jason her pair was better, firmer, sexier. When one of the girls stumbled, she quickly recovered her composure and rejoined the fray. Their boobs reddened from the stress of their struggle, but they were not intent on giving up easily... Mi’s smaller pair was able to put a pretty even fight against the brown haired girl’s boobs for a long time. Nevertheless, eventually Amy’s bigger chest proved too much. The Beijinger was able to edge her rival with a well-placed tit thrust. Sensing weakness in her rival’s chest, Amy charged again, and again, and again; each thrust drawing ever louder moans from the dark haired girl. Mi obstinately tried to withstand the assault. She willed her tits to fight back. But finally, she collapsed under the continuous onslaught, her tits unable to take it anymore.  

“What’s the matter bitch? Your tiny tits can’t match up to mine?”-despite the bravado, Amy’s boobs hadn’t come unscathed. But the important thing was that she had pitted her boobs against her sexual rival’s tits and she had won. Jason now knew her tits were superior. And she was sure to make him remember how she beat his other lover in a tit to tit contest every time she could. She was now expecting Mi to hide her head in shame, becoming a pushover in what would become a one sided fight that she’d win. She expected wrong… Yes, Mi was humiliated by having the guy they were fighting for seeing her beaten in a straight woman to woman contest. But instead of thinking of giving up, Mi decided to double down to recover her feminine honour…

From her position on the floor, Mi latched onto Amy’s right leg, biting her tattoo out of spite and extracting a pained scream from her browned haired antagonist. Shocked at the unexpected attack, Amy used her sexy legs to try to kick the Shanghainese girl away, but Mi was like a pitbull intent on tearing Amy’s legs off. Ignoring Amy’s kicks, Mi pressed her advantage by tearing and pulling down Amy’s panties. Despite the obstacle the panties now posed to her mobility, Amy was finally able to get her opponent off her right leg when her knee hit Mi’s face.

-“You wanna fight dirty? You’ll regret ever starting this!”-kicking her white panties away, Amy pounced on her opponent. Riding high on her tit fight victory, she was confident she would prevail again, proving to Jason that not only her tits were better, but also her pussy was superior. A spirited back and forth ensued, where the girls wasted no time in pulling all the pubic hair they could get their hands on and trying to damage the enemy pussy. The tone of the fight changed from extremely sensual to a frenzied back and forth. Their agonizing screams confirmed the depravity of their attacks.

Jason could not help but to appreciate all the preparations the girls had gone through for his benefit. The nasty threesomes, the cakes, fighting on the eve of their mutual birthday...It would all add up excitement to his sex life after today. But which girl would be enjoying the fruits of her labours with him?

Amy was not lacking enthusiasm in the degenerate cxnt contest, but her naked pussy put her at a disadvantage from the start. Mi’s black panties, while not the wall of China, dampened the effect of Amy’s lethal nails on her clit. Either by skill or better protection, the older girl proved better positioned at cxnt warfare. She bent her finger as a hook in order to inflict the worst damage possible. The result was instantaneous: Amy screamed and abandoned her efforts. Her hands went down her cxnt to comfort her pussy. Mi spent some time catching her breath and nursing her love hole. Seeing Jason marvel at her ravaged anatomy, hard cock in full attention, filled her with satisfaction. She was still embarrassed of losing the titfight, but at least she was going to win Jason, and at the end that was all that mattered. She would have plenty of time later to purge the humiliation her boobs suffered from Jason’s memory.

-“You should have never messed with my man”- Intending on bringing more pain to the Beijinger, Mi stood up and kicked her younger antagonist on her belly. One. Two. Three times. The kicks, though excruciating, refocused Amy’s attention off her vagina and into trying to get out of the present quagmire. Fighting through the pain, the younger woman mustered a powerful kick aimed at Mi’s feet, making her enemy crash into the floor. Amy pounced on the Shanghainese girl, grabbing her by the hair and repeatedly pounding her head into the floor.  

-“You should have never messed with ME!”- The Beijinger turned Mi’s body in a prone position and mounted her. In this position Amy pulled down Mi’s panties and started biting her already scratched ass! Mi’s outraged screams filled the room as Amy mercilessly used her teeth on her and was looking to further escalate into more cxnt mauling.

The dark haired girl could feel Amy’s wet cxnt soaking her upper back and she didn’t like it one bit. Her hands blindly looked for anything to maul in order to get the brown haired woman to desist, and luckily, she found Amy’s face –which was still biting her butt- and sank her fingers into her eye sockets! Amy forgot all about biting her opponent’s ass and covered her face, allowing Mi to dismount. Despite the obvious opportunity to keep her assault on the Beijinger, Mi was in too much pain, so she just settled for keeping a prudent distance while she recovered.  

The girls, exhausted by the savage fighting, implicitly used this break from the fighting to regroup. The only piece of clothing the girls had left now was their dresses, but were so compressed it looked like tiny belts around their waists. Their pussies had been getting wetter in the meantime, overflowing their legs with cxnt juice. The abundant amounts of cake covering their bodies at the start of the fight was almost gone, leaving thin layers of white stuff on their bodies. Mi was willing to fight to the bitter end, but she started wondering what it would take to defeat her rival for Jason. To Jason’s older lover, it seemed Amy just kept attacking like mad bulldog. Was her desire to make him her exclusive boyfriend real or just a natural consequence of her competition with Amy?

Amy on the other hand, was having second thoughts. Had she known the fight was going to get so vicious, she would have probably treaded with more care when challenging her sexual rival. She wondered if what pretty much was a casual relationship was worth all the pain she had gone through.

-“Jason, I’m not going to let this whore steal you away from me”-Catching the smell of Jason’s cum again, Mi remembered he had been the best lover she ever had. So she made her mind: She was going to have his cock tonight and finally orgasm. She would resolve all the pesky relationship questions later.

-“He was never yours tramp! Tonight I’ll feast on his cum!”-For Amy there wasn’t any doubt: it was already way too late to think of anything but winning the fight. She knew Jason was worth competing for, and over the course of the week she had resolved to make him her boyfriend after winning.

Ready for a final clash, the girls went head to head in a brutal fistfight. Rather than a rapid succession of punches, it was a slow slug, each hit packing a lot of force.

-“He belongs to me!”- Mi hit her Beijing rival in the face, snapping her head backwards. Then she proceeded to drive another punch into Amy’s boobs but the brown haired girl blocked her with her arms.

-“That’s not for you to decide!”- Amy counterattacked with a punch to her rival’s bosom, making her wobble. Pressing her advantage, Amy pummelled her dark haired rival’s chestuntil the Shanghainese evaded one hit.

-“I was here first!” – The older girl grabbed the arm that Amy was using to punch her chest and pulled her in. She then used her elbows to repeatedly bash the Beijinger’s face again.

-“It’s not my problem you can’t hold onto him” – Amy nabbed Mi in a headlock and threw backfists into Mi’s pretty face. Her dark haired rival strained and struggled as she tried to get out of the hold, being finally able to get out by turning her head and biting Amy’s tits.

-“His cum is mine”- The older girl yanked Amy’s dress and pulled her directly into her knee. Then she wrapped her arms around Amy’s head to get a better hold and kept driving her knee into her rival’s belly and side abs. Jason couldn’t help to wonder at the revisionist spin the girls had been pushing throughout the fight, because it had all started as casual no strings attached relationships with both girls. Now he had suddenly become the boyfriend of one girl, and the other girl was trying to steal him away. Jason saw Amy get out of the hold and retaliate. His Chinese lovers continued exchanging heavy punches. He was surprised so far by the viciousness Mi had shown so far. He had thought that Amy’s natural meanness and raw emotion would give her a better chance to win the fight. But there was Mi, answering her younger rival attack by attack and it seemed she wasn’t done. As a matter of fact, after a while it seemed as if Amy was being pushed back in this titanic struggle! The Beijing girl was still putting the good fight, but Mi was placing more and better punches now.

-“HE’S MINE!”- Knowing she was being outfought, Amy tried one last 3 pronged attack to overwhelm the Shanghainese girl and win the catfight. She bit her antagonists’ shoulder, then drove her own knee to punish her romantic rival’s clit and started raining side punches to her rival’s abs. Not only did Mi didn’t seem to feel any pain, by now the older girl seemed possessed. She copied Amy’s attack and the younger woman found herself in a world of pain. The girl from Beijing willed her body to continue the fighting, but her body finally crumbled after a hard cxnt knee attack. She would have fallen had not been for her Shanghainese rival grabbing her by her mane. She then continued to savagely pound Amy’s physique with impunity.

-"WRONG BEIJING TRAMP! THE GUY IS MINE!"- Deciding she had done enough, Mi contemptuously threw her younger rival to the floor. Still miffed at losing the titfight, Mi dropped her knee into Amy’s boobs, making her release a chilling scream. Crouching just besides the spent Amy, she punched her face repeatedly until she couldn’t get any meaningful response from Amy. At last, she had won this brutal catfight.

The beatdown finally being over, Mi allowed herself some moments to rest and bask on the moment. She had won, Jason was hers and she was intending to cash her victory right then. She wanted to torment her defeated rival in such a way she would always remember what she had lost today, while at the same time make Jason forget all about the other humiliations Amy had inflicted on her.

The older woman unexpectedly felt a set of toned arms hugging her from behind, lifting her up. “Happy Birthday Mi” said Jason as his dick greeted her wet pussy and his hands started massaging her boobs.

-“You’re mine now”- The Shanghainese woman purred. Jason was ready to fuck the winner right now, and Mi did want to be fucked hard. But there was a matter that needed her immediate attention. Gently brushing her man aside, she took the 2nd cake she had brought and put it next to Amy. She proceeded to sit on Amy in a schoolgirl pin and then slapped Amy until she regained consciousness. She rubbed her hands with cake and proceeded to smear her cake onto Amy’s face “How do you like my cake bitch?”

-“Get off me slut…”- Amy almost whispered as she tried to get out of this degrading treatment but her body was too weak to do anything.

-“What happened to your threats? Weren’t your tits better?”- Mi rubbed her ass on Amy’s tits to emphasize the point.

-“I hope you like my cake, because that’s all your pussy is going to taste today”- Mi proceeded to rub cake on Amy’s pussy and other parts of her ruined anatomy. “Nooo…” - The defeated girl tried to get out of the schoolgirl pin, but her feeble attempts were useless.

-“Don’t worry bitch. I’ll give you one present for your birthday”-Mi dragged her defeated rival by the hair – Amy tried to meekly struggle, but by know she was totally spent- and laid Amy’s body sideways on the sofa, tits and face facing out. Then, Mi to tied her feet and hands. The sofa was naturally going to be dirtied with cake, and it was going to pain to clean, but Mi didn’t care at this point.

This task thus finished, Mi sat on the sofa and aggressively French kissed her man, while her hands worked on his broad back and her excited bosom met his defined chest. The response she got from Jason was enthusiastic. She soon felt his hands delicately to run through her face, making a path all the way down to her side abs. There, Mi felt his tight arms embracing her as his hands went to her back. Mi slowly laid down on the sofa, her tight embrace taking Jason with her. Feeling his manhood rubbing her wet clit, Mi proceeded to turn her man 90 degrees around the tiny space until Jason was sandwiched between Amy and Mi. Understanding what Mi was doing, Jason felt a little sorry when he felt Amy’s tits grinding him, covering his back with cake filling. However, his cock had no such high minded concerns: it wanted to be inserted in the victorious pussy. So that’s what he did.

Mi released a moan of pleasure’s as Jason penetrated her and started banging her with increasing force and speed. While Jason’s had his back at Amy, Mi could see Amy directly eye to eye, and the hateful glares she was receiving from the Beijing girl just made her more excited. “Get off him tramp”-said Amy weakly. She was defeated and tired but unrepentant. “How does it feel slut?*moan* To be hot with desire for my man *moan* and knowing this is the closest you’ll ever get to him?” –taunted Mi. Amy stirred, getting hornier and hornier as her body was grinding against Jason’s back. She found it insufferable to feel his skin rubbing her skin while he was engaged in furious lovemaking with Mi. Amy hurled insults at Mi, but by now the older girl was ignoring her, busy concentrating on her orgasm until her body spasmed uncontrollably, making her fall into the floor, completely satisfied. Jason continued pounding into her until he too was satisfied.  

-"Oh Jason...this is horrible"-pouted Michiko in the sultriest voice she could muster-"You're all covered in cake. Maybe we should go to your bed and I can lick it off..."

Jason thought that was a delicious idea.