Careful what you Wish For part 1 by Kitty Yong

Mixed sexfight

Flushed from our victory over the Chinese couple on Bintan, Li and I talked repeatedly about a return encounter. Our vanquished opponents and now good friends were not keen on a rematch after the beating they'd received at our hands but gave us an incredible piece of news. They'd been regulars at the Rising Phoenix Spa and Health Club in Singapore's seedy Geylang red light district where we could meet, greet and arrange to have matches with many other like-minded couples. Apparently, we were spoiled for choice - all of a sudden.

Laughing, my woman Li, and I, drew up a "wish list" of qualities we'd like in our dream opponents before we took that first trip down to the club:

i) our opponents would have to be sexy and funny, without being weird
ii) competitive with at least some skill - after all, after our first couples bout had been quite a match and we'd want at least the same from our next opponents. We liked the see-saw element of the battle. Li said it best when she said, "We could so easily have lost. They gave us an incredible match."
iii) as a subset to item ii) we wanted them to have a penchant for a creative finish... no simple tapouts would suffice us. We wouldn't expect it, and we wouldn't want it. We loved the holds we were put in, and the holds that we discovered we could come up with in the heat of battle against the China couple.
iv) OK, so we admit it... we loved the finish we had against the China couple and wanted to recapture some of the sensuality and ego-boosting glory. of that moment We loved the idea of a facials match, good long screaming submissions and even a mandatory victory pose or agreed upon humiliation ritual. Let's spice it up.
v) Blood - we were OK with it. Hey, it's a fight.
vi) I admit it - I was turned on by the idea of a cockfight with the other man. I loved the idea of a frottage match with another guy in the nude, wrestling each other to cum in front of our women.

If it was a good fight we were after, we would get one, alright.

The Spa was in a non-descript building in one of the infamous lorongs in the eastern suburb of Singapore. We were convinced Cheng and Na had given us the wrong details as we walked in after parking the Mercedes and taking the lift up to the seventh floor. At the end of a grey carpeted corridor, we entered a dark lobby to the club marked only by a couple of Chinese characters over the door for "Phoenix".

A tall alabaster skinned beauty in an emerald green cheongsam greeted us with a perfunctory smile and led us to a changing room. I was surprised at the number of pairs of shoes - both men's and women's littering the entrance. The lockers were crowded! Couples milled around in various stages of undress and greeted us at our entry with sweet smiles. They were like us, late 30somethings, 40 somethings, even the occasional couple in their 50s, drawn to this place by ... what? A love of private, sensual combat? Who knew?

We were soon in nothing but white cotton towels as were the rest of them. The same hostess who greeted us told us in sibilant Mandarin gave us a quick orientation. In many ways, this was literally a spa and health club. We could enjoy private or group massages and steam baths on the first floor and many of the rooms were quite full. There was also a darkened lounge where a bikinied Chinese singer crooned love songs from the old days as couples milled and made out and chatted with each other.

"This is where you can get to know some of our members and explore your 'interests'," our hostess said, euphemistic to the last. She explained that the second floor had private rooms where couples could retire with each other "for privacy". We were keen to explore the upstairs, but as we were new and had not paid a "membership" fee, we were not allowed to the upper chambers. Li glanced at me. We guessed that this was where the matches took place. She ushered us to a cosy alcove lit only with a flickering candle and took our drinks orders, and flitted away on the longest pair of legs I have ever seen.

As our eyes adjusted to the gloom, we began to notice the other couples around us. From across the room, another couple stood up and padded across the deep maroon carpet towards us. Introducing themselves as Say Kau and Bei Xin, they asked to join us. Li scooched over and they settled in.

Our initial conversation was a little shy and stilted. As usual the men did the talking. Like us, they were in business and had become regulars at the club. Say Kau was a bald paunchy broad-shouldered gent - heavier and taller than I - with an affable way that I liked. His woman, Bei Xin, was quite large too, heavier than my slender companion, with a large tattoo of a scorpion on her left shoulder. She had shoulder length hair dyed red brown, reminding me somewhat of Na, the lady Li and I had battled from China. The mental assessment began immediately as we eyed each other subtly, perhaps a little shy. She certainly looked like she could handle herself in a match with us, as did Say Kau. I wondered where this encounter would lead.

It took a few drinks before we were chatting like old friends though. A few more and we'd drawn side by side with each other, touching each other playfully, although the ladies towels stayed on.

They finally broached the question, "Yao da ma?" (Do you want to fight with us?). I confess my cock stood on end as Bei Xin uttered it, looking hungrily at Li.

"Yes, we're interested...." I stammered by way of reply, feeling Li tense all of a sudden next to me. I looked down under the table and realised why. The other woman had snaked a gorgeously shaped foot forward, and was stroking and teasing the inside of the arch of Li's heel with her exquisitely manicured big toe. This was a real turn on for both Li and I. The dance had begun, of course. It was both a tease as well as an invitation to intimacy of the sexiest kind. Li responded in kind, gently, twisting her own delicious foot to brush her toes against Bei Xin's own perfect arch. In the flickering of the candle flame, their glossy manicured nails glinted in a flickering show of sexual tension. I knew then and there I wanted to see these two not just fight, but put their very souls to the test.

Say Kau smiled and leaned over, "We can get a room upstairs". He explained that as we'd suspected, couples could adjourn for private wrestling matches on the second floor of the club. I nodded, and he made it happen.

After we'd paid our "membership fees", our delightful hostess appeared again and ushered us to the lift lobby. We rode a slow elevator ride in silence up to the second floor of the club and emerged into a maze of corridors, almost like a hotel. A few couples milled around in various stages of undress in their towels, smoking and chatting happily. Say Kau and Bei Xin greeted some with smiles. The hostess offered us a tour of some of the available rooms.

It was incredible - there were rooms with oil wrestling rings, jacuzzis for water matches ("very popular" the hostess assured us) and many with smaller-than-regulation wrestling/boxing rings for the more traditionally inclined. She even unveiled a room with a fully stocked mud pit. After the 20 minute walkthrough, she then ushered us into an amphitheatre of sorts that was full of couples. The smell of musk and sweat hit us strongly as we stepped in. It was a large circular room, seating about 60 people around a wrestling ring in the center. Under some garish arc lights, two Chinese women in their late 30s or early 40s were beating each other senseless as other couples in the room screamed and urged them on. It was some kind of combination handicap/titfight match. They had their arms tied behind their backs securely and tottered around on amazingly high heels. They were both attempting to floor each other using only their breasts, headbutts and kicks.

At the point we entered, it looked like one of them, with short-cropped hair and a large tattoo of an orchid snaking across her back, was on her last legs. She was trapped in a corner turnbuckle, as her long-haired opponent, flashing a gold-toothed grimace with her head down, alternately slammed her shoulders and knees into the tiring woman's belly. A man in a tuxedo, ostensibly the referee, asked the woman with short hair if she wanted to give up. Her response was to drop to her knees, presenting her head as an easy target to her opponent. With a blood-curdling yell, the assailant slammed a perfect roundhouse kick against the woman's right cheek and there was a spray of sweat and blood as the short-haired lady collapsed onto the canvas. Her tormentor tried to follow this up with more kicks but was pulled away by the referee who raised her arms in victory, and displaying her well-formed 42DDs slick with sweat and blood, as the fight was called to an end.

It was an incredible spectacle. Li fondled me as I let my towel drop, and worked me to hardness. I noticed her own nipples had hardened. All around the room there were moans as men who had been masturbating furiously over the fight in front of them were letting off their loads into partners' mouths and onto their faces and breasts. A couple nearby watched us sensuously as the woman sucked her man across his full length before he stiffened into an orgasm all over her face. As she licked her face of her man's juice, she gave me and Li a come-hither look that was unforgettable. Inviting us to try them in a match, perhaps? I nearly came at the sight of Say Kau, nude now, his towel pooled around his ankles, standing tense on tip toe, as his woman sucked him off on her knees.

"No," I cried out to him, over the din in the room, touching him on the shoulder, "Save yourself for us," He looked over, red-faced, eyes slitted and nodded. Somehow, I managed to control my own orgasm as we staggered out of the humid couples' arena. All four of us naked, we began to moan, as Bei Xin french kissed me against a wall and Li sucked Say Kau's nipples and played and massaged his cock in the corridor. Bei Xin whispered insistently in my ear as she turned her attention to my own cock, "I want you. I'm going to fight your woman for you, just like those 2 women did, OK? When I beat her, I want you to fill my pussy with your cock, do you understand, hmmmm? You like my body, don't you? I know it... I see you looking at me, hmmm?" I could only imagine what Li was telling Say Kau but I suspected it was pretty much the same. I didn't care. I was beginning to let the Rising Phoenix take hold of me. Four or five couples who clambered out of the room passed us, drenched in sweat, smiling and laughing at us enjoying each other.

Standing wordlessly nearby, our ever efficient hostess said, "Which room do you require?"

We opted for a private room with a wrestling ring and were led into Room 42. Before we entered our own chamber, we were treated to some fireworks from the neighbouring room. The door burst open and a red faced woman in her mid 40s, eyes and lips swollen from what obviously had been a good long fight emerged panting, dragging another woman by her equally matted locks. The other woman looked as though she was out for the count. Behind them their men staggered massaging their tortured, swollen cocks. The winner of the fight deposited her beaten, exhausted opponent onto her back on the floor of the corridor and pulled the cheap white cotton panties she was wearing off of her. Panting, she dangled it in front of her opponent's face, barely able to speak through her bashed up mouth, "NNNNhhh... Xiao mei! I claim your panties as the winner of our fight. Now you must take my man on your face so that all the others here can see," at this she looked at us, watching silently, "and they will know that you gave me a good fight, but I have beaten you."

Her opponent, eyes beginning to open, nodded meekly as the two men strode over her, squatted and spitting with emotion and the relief from sexual tension, discharged white hot, thick jets of jizz all over the beaten woman's face.

Say Kau and I were even harder now under the towels, and our women were gagging for each other. I held the door open and said... "Shall we?"