Gambler's Wager by Kitty Yong 

Synopsis: Two millionaire gamblers stage a private prize bikini wrestling match between two women, both amateur wrestlers and fighters, at their villa hideaway on the Indonesian island of Bintan.  The stakes: US$100,000.

The hot May afternoon sun beat down as I stretched on my deck chair, momentarily relieved by the caress of the breeze blowing off the azure South China Sea and up the beach beyond us inland of the Indonesian island of Bintan, about 40 minutes by yacht from Singapore. Luxuriating in the heat, and stark naked, I was already beginning to burn and resolved to slap on some suntan lotion. But not before I took a long drink from my icy mug of beer on the little
table next to our deck chairs.

Beside me, my longtime business partner, best friend and all around good-guy Say Kau was doing likewise, bald as a bandicoot and already a bright pink in the sun, his belly, shoulders and face like mine dripping with sweat. Say and I had gone into business together 20 years ago, and made a killing on the import/export market. We'd bought this prime piece of land five years ago, and the sumptuous Mediterranean style villa behind us.

"Your health, my friend," I said as we clinked glasses. Say Kau smiled that satisfied smile of his and said, "Or should we drink to their health?" indicating the wrestling ring in front of us.

In the middle, two attractive Chinese women in their 30s stood, clad in skimpy bikinis, staring balefully at one another, hands on hips.

Like most rich, middle-aged Chinese businessmen in our late 40s, we are two resolute bachelors addicted to gambling. Most punters, however, bet on the horses, or the four digits, or even the English and European football matches so popular these days.

We're a little different. You see, Say Kau and I bet on the outcome of prize catfights between attractive women of our choosing. One weekend a month, for the past ten or so years, we each invite as our guest a woman to our private villa on the Indonesian island of Bintan, 40 minutes south of Singapore. We wine them, dine them, sixty nine them, and on Sunday afternoon, we put them in the ring and let them at one another. Last woman standing wins, and the loser's
sponsor pays the winner's.

Besides the thrill of pocketing large sums of money from each other, we had US$100,000 on this one-chump change to us- we also get to enjoy the company-and incredible sex, most often-with these beautiful women.

Like the two in front of us now. The woman to the left was Li Teng Hua, Say Kau's prizefighter, clad in a skimpy Japanese floral print bikini with string ties. A receptionist who moonlights as a karaoke lounge hostess, Say Kau invited her to the island after watching her win an oil wrestling tournament for the high rollers at the club during a wild member's night. She was tall, a little plump but in that sensuous way Chinese women put on weight, accentuating their curves, mostly, with broad, strong shoulders, nice arms and a great ass and legs that would not quit.

My woman was Mimi Chi, a schoolteacher whom I'd met at an intermediate aikido class. She was curious about other forms of female combat such as wrestling and boxing, and over drinks and in bed, I'd convinced her to try the sport against a woman of roughly equal prowess. Smaller and a little stockier and plumper than Teng Hua, she had a fine chest that her purple floral print bikini did little to conceal, a strong ass and powerful thighs and legs which I'd seen her use to good effect in the class.

When we compared notes and photos about our two finds, Say Kau and I were excited. Neither were particularly skilled or professional fighters. and neither specimens of fitness. Ironically, both women had tattoos on their breasts, Mimi's on her right, Teng Hua's on her left. We wondered if they would bring out the best in each other.  They would.

The first time they met was at the docks, and it was a calm, if a little too cordial greeting and introduction session between them.  They chatted politely, well as politely as expected from two women who were being paid to beat each other up in 24 hours, and exchanged the usual pleasantries about the weather and work. But below their masks, both women were quietly engaged in a game of one-upmanship.  The minute they got aboard the yacht for the ride to our villa, their demure t-shirts and bermudas came off, to be replaced by the bikinis they were now wearing. Both immediately took up opposite ends of the flying deck to sun themselves, occasionally taking a discreet look at the other.

When we got to the villa, they spent the afternoon happily splashing in the pool as if they were good friends, but even here, they were sizing each other up. As were Say Kau and I.

"You cannot hope to win with your tiny little one," he told me, laughing.

"Say Kau, when are you going to learn that size does not matter?"

I was convinced that even though Mimi was at a height and weight disadvantage, some of her knowledge of aikido and a raw, curious spirit would triumph over the somewhat more languid Teng Hua, who to me, lacked a certain something.


The fight began like no other we'd seen, with both girls going straight for the jugular, rushing and colliding into each other as they each clamped one hand on face or throat, and the other for a
handful of wet, already sweat-matted hair.

Mimi and Teng Hua pulled this way and that each trying to gain some purchase. Despite her slight height and reach advantage, Teng Hua was struggling against my woman, who was in there, and right under her reach, occasionally hitting a sweet smack to the side of Teng Hua's
jaw. I smiled as I commented to Say Kau, "You see? Size doesn't matter!" Say Kau grinned back and shot, "We shall see."

Perhaps Teng Hua had heard her sponsor's comments and decided to do something to please him, or maybe lessen the pain, because she suddenly released her grip on Mimi's hair, and pushed the latter out to elbow's length, before she swung with an almighty punch into the
soft folds of Mimi's abdomen.

"OOOOOFFF!!!" Mimi groaned as she pulled both hands to her tummy to try and ease the pain. "BIITCH!" Teng Hua shrieked, "We're going to go for a little ride!" and with that, she picked her squirming opponent up and staggered forward, carrying Mimi back first into the nearest turnbuckle. Although it was padded, even I winced as Mimi's back kissed it with a crunch, her
legs and arms jerking and flopping as she took in the pain. But Mimi barely had time to recover from this assault before she was airborne again, this time draped across Teng Hua's broad shoulders. The receptionist shook a little under the effort, but staggered back out to the middle of the ring , grunting with strain. "You (enneeehhh) know... I really (eeehhhh) HATED my teachers in school (eeenneeeh!)" And with that, she flung the school teacher to the mat hard, again forcing her to land hard with a SPLAT on her expanse of back.

"OHHHNOOOOOOO!!!! MM..MYYY BAAA...CCCKKK!!!" Mimi shrieked, as she bounced like a rag doll. I thought she wasn't looking like lasting another ten seconds let alone a full match, and began to wonder if I'd made a terrible mistake.

Whatever Teng Hua was thinking, it was not thoughts of mercy. Full of beans she slid in, forcing Mimi roughly onto her belly and kneeling over her back. In just seconds, she'd grabbed Mimi's feet and folded them back sitting on them with her haunches, as with her other hand she laced under Mimi's chin. Surely... surely not, I thought...

With a stentorian scream, Teng Hua flopped over and backwards onto her back, carrying a shrieking Mimi with her, balanced on the pivot of Teng Hua's legs, as the receptionist tugged at her opponent's chin mercilessly, stretching her back.


"NI XING PU XING AH? QUAI SHUO NEH!!!! (Do you give up? Quickly say it!)" was Teng Hua's command, her face reddened by the Bintan sun, and the draining pace of her attack on her opponent.

"MMMMMM......" Mimi shrieked, eyes closed, gritting her teeth against the pain, and what must surely be the feeling of fire snaking up and down her back and neck as her body was being folded into an angle that was not natural. But her jaw stayed resolute as she refused to give, shaking her head to indicate "no".

With a scream of frustration, the first of many that afternoon, Teng Hua released the hold contemptuously and rolled to her feet. My morale fell a bit as I saw how easily she recovered to face her opponent, as if the past four or five minutes had been a simple stroll in the park.

Say Kau clapped and applauded his girl. "Excellent siew jie! I will reward you well." As Mimi crawled to a corner, Teng Hua reached back and began to adjust the strap of her bikini. As always, we gave one another the option of stopping the bet and the fight, if we felt that it was not working out, and Say Kau did so now. But I shook my head, a little dazed, but part of me still hoping for signs that this would be a more equal fight.

Both women began to circle each other, this time Mimi a little slower than just previous. Both girls were sweating profusely, their flushed pink skin gleaming in the sunlight, reflecting a mix of sweat and the suntan lotion they'd rubbed on earlier. Teng Hua made a grab, but Mimi wasn't falling for it, and rather amateurishly backed away, stepping to the side quickly. They repeated this ritual several times before Teng Hua began to taunt her, trying the psychological method.

"AIYAH! Little girl, you better just give up, so scared to fight me."

"WO PU PAH!" (I'm NOT scared of you!) Mimi shot back. Again, they closed, but this time, Mimi found new vigour, and as she went in low under Teng Hua's flailing arms, using her height
dis-advantage, of course, she laced her arms around the receptionist's shoulders and pivoted on her exquisite bare feet, planting her left into the soft flesh of Teng Hua's Belly and pulling
her opponent back and down, monkey flipping her with a scream to the mat behind them.

"YEEESSS!" I yelled, punching the air. Teng Hua was stunned and it took a few seconds for her to realize what had just happened but again, she barely had time to react as my little woman clambered on top of her shoulders, covering her opponent's face with her pussy.  Playfully, Mimi flicked her hair as she smiled at us, "Enjoy or not, gentlemen?" Say Kau and I clapped and nodded, thoroughly aroused. Keeping Teng Hua pinned thus, Mimi dug her fingers into the
exposed flesh of the receptionist's abdomen, pinching hard as Teng Hua bellowed in pain.

"DO YOU LIKE THIS? HA? ZHOU NI REN! (YOU BITCH!)" Mimi yelled as she pinched, her high pitched voice both arousing and fierce at the same time. I was glad to hear it in song. Clearly
schoolyard tactics but they were having an effect on the bigger woman pinned underneath her as Teng Hua twisted and writhed, trying to swat Mimi's insistent hands from raking and clawing at her belly.

Smartly, Mimi pulled up short and stepped away from Teng Hua, before the latter could figure out a comeback or reversal. She'd made the point that Teng Hua was going to get a good fight as she'd promised and this round had been hers.

She signaled her opponent to get up almost imperiously with her hands, "LAI! (COME ON!) WO MEN HAO TA! (LET'S HAVE A GOOD FIGHT!)"

This made the bigger girl see red and she raced at Mimi trying to swing and punch and kick all at the same time, but the smaller girl was beginning to make her speed show where her strength lacked, as she stepped out of the way, just enough to drive her knee into the onrushing Teng Hua's ribs. "OOOFFFFF!!!"

"Ohhhh what a move, Mimi!" I called from the deck chair.  "WHAT A MOVE!" It was devastating. Teng Hua moaned almost orgasmically as she fell onto her knees, lying on her shoulders as
she clutched her side where Mimi's knee had connected.  "OHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGG...!"

Moving around behind Teng Hua ever so daintily, Mimi steadied herself then stomped a foot into her opponent's back sending her flat to the mat, with a loud shriek. Dazed, Teng Hua was unable to stop Mimi placing a foot in the small of her back and ripping off her opponent's pink floral bikini top, which she danced away with like a toy, and flung at me over the ropes, smiling. "Present for you, " she said, as I caught Teng Hua's bikini bra.

"YOUU FUCKING ...." Teng Hua shrieked as she clambered to her feet, pink size 38 C cup tits flopping, and gleaming with sweat, the tattoo on her left breast now fully visible. Mimi turned to face her, and as she did, I saw her hands reach back for the clasp of her own top. I shuddered with pleasure as I saw her purple floral top drop to the mat to reveal her sensuous bare back. Though smaller, this was one department in which she matched Teng Hua, cup for cup.

"We women should be comfortable, don't you agree?" she said sarcastically. But Teng Hua had appeared to learn from her earlier mistakes and refused to go into a mad rage, for which she'd paid so dearly. She allowed Mimi her moment, and the latter's morale at that point must have been sky high and they resumed circling, breasts bared, claws out.

Come on Mimi, don't take the foot off the gas. But her stamina must have begun to drop. Rather stupidly I thought, my fighter allowed her bigger opponent time to regain her breath. After about a minute of circling, they clashed again, again Mimi going low and getting her arms around Teng Hua's waist but this time the bigger woman was ready for her and lifted her, by her armpits and crotch, upending her and slamming Mimi hard to the mat with a yell of effort. Mimi's breasts
juddered and shivered as her short legs clawed the thin air. Mistake.

Turning around, Teng Hua flung herself to sit atop Mimi's face as she reached back and grabbed Mimi's flailing, stubby legs, securing one sexy foot under each of her armpits in a textbook facesit matchbook pin. "GOOOOD WORRRK!" Say Kau yelled, delighted that normal service had resumed. Surely now she had Mimi at her mercy, but Teng Hua was enjoying herself, rubbing her crotch, covered in its bikini briefs on her tormentor's face.

"That's right," she purred, "It feels and smells nice, right? Ni xi huan mah? (Do you like this? Hmmm?)"

Muffled yelps from below suggested that Mimi hated it. But Teng Hua was not about to stop there, bouncing up and down on Mimi's face for about three minutes, then occasionally smacking her opponent's exposed buttocks and the sensitive under thigh up stretched behind her with her hands, with tight, loud SMAXXX! As she rode Mimi's face, she enjoyed the warm wetness welling up between her legs where Mimi's nose and face were ridged into her clit.

"Hmmm??? Ni quai shuo Mimi....SMAAAACK!....Ni xi huan pu xi huan ah? SMAAACK!!!"

"MMMMMMFFFFFFFFFF" Mimi tried desperately to rock side to side, hoping to dislodge Teng Hua, but to no avail. Getting desperate, she reached up, found a handful of her opponent's hair and tugged savagely. With a shriek, Teng Hua sat up, scrabbling at Mimi's tearing hands, and slapping her face hard. Rolling onto her side coughing, Mimi, red-faced, eyes closed gulped in buckets of air, and was powerless to prevent Teng Hua sliding in from behind her into a seated position, leaning Mimi against her body and wrapping her thick powerful thighs around Mimi's ribs in a seated abdominal squeeze like I'd seldom seen. I'd dreaded this moment the second I'd seen Teng Hua on those docks in Singapore, and knew that they had the power in there to make ME submit, let alone Mimi. Teng Hua was obviously upping the stakes and going for broke, using her strength which she'd been keeping in reserve.

Cradling her opponent in a full nelson from behind, Teng Hua gritted her teeth and squeezed for all she was worth, her beautiful sexy feet laced at the ankles in Mimi's lap, knotting her opponent up in a boa-like grip.


Teng Hua's face was a mask of cruelty and strain. Still, somehow, she kept that cold serenity about her that was a perfect counterpoint to my wrestler's playfulness. She dug her nails of one hand into Mimi's hair, digging into the scalp while with the other she clawed, pawed and tugged at the exposed nipple on Mimi's right breast, where her own tattoo was.

"OHHHHHH...... HAAAOOOO ZZHOOOOONNNNGGGGGGGG!!!! (It's painful!!!!) FANG KAI WOOOOOOO!!!" Mimi shrieked, shaking her head desperately and jerking her body pitifully trying to unseat Teng Hua from her scissors.

Holding her opponent's bare nipple like a cigarette, Teng Hua tugged, cruelly, then harder, and harder...


"Ni XING PU XING AH???? QUAI DIAN!!!!" (Do you give up? Hurry up!) Teng Hua shrieked in her ear from behind. Surely, this match was over, but Mimi resolutely shook her head, whimpering and moaning... "NOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!!" as she brayed her pain out to the sky. Silently, I wondered how much she could take, as Teng Hua dug in, gave a little on the grip then gasped again shrilly as she redoubled her thigh clamp from behind. Say Kau and I had clambered by
now to the edge of the ring, and he was already playing with himself, enjoying this erotic spectacle of the semi-nude Chinese beauties sprawled before us.

"AUUUGGHHH!!" This time, the shriek of pain, but it had a different tenor! It was Teng Hua! I blinked, scarcely believing what had happened. Somehow, inside of her, Mimi had found the flexibility and the strength to plant her bare feet into the mat, and jerk backwards and upwards, slamming a shoulder against Teng Hua's jaw hard, causing a little blood to trickle from her teeth. I'd won the first blood bet, but Say Kau and I didn't care by now, absorbed by the fight. This had forced Teng Hua to lose the hold and both women lay lying side by side panting, gasping and dazed.

"GET UP! MIMI GET UP! GET HER!" I called as Say Kau exhorted his woman to do the same. But again, the bigger girl was first to the mark, rolling on top of an exhausted Mimi, lying belly
to belly and splitting her legs wide open with her own as she reached forward and cradled her opponent's head in her hands. I covered my face and groaned.

Mimi's eyes widening with horror, Teng Hua pulled the teacher's face into the cleft of her breasts, telling her opponent: "Lai! Zhi wo de ling zhi!" (Come! Eat my beautiful tits!) It was a perfect
bosom smother, and Mimi wriggled hard but ineffectually under it.  Twenty seconds. Still, Mimi was trying everything but Teng Hua would not remove the hold, humming with the pleasure of torturing another woman between her tits.

Her legs spread wide, stretching her thigh muscles, and well-pinned under Teng Hua's longer legs, the schoolteacher could do little other than flail desperately, scratching Teng Hua's bare back, and tugging at her hair when that had no discernible effect. In fact, the second move only made Teng Hua squeeze tighter, using her strong forearms and biceps to push Mimi's head deeper into the hot, moist prison of her cleavage.

"Hao zhi ma?" Teng Hua said, asking Mimi if she thought her tits were tasty, eliciting a muffled yelp of disagreement. Again, Mimi used her short legs to try and bridge out. Slowly, but surely,
she was able to lift her opponent from below, but the pressure on her shoulders and the dwindling oxygen to her brain would make it difficult.

Riding Mimi's attempt at a bridge, Teng Hua shifted her right leg and balanced the tips of the toes of her right foot on the mat as Mimi's body rose into the air, trembling with the effort. Then,
raising her right leg into the air, Teng Hua, with Mimi's face still clamped under her breasts, lowered it with a SLAM, striking Mimi at the crotch as the teacher collapsed with a muffled scream.

Realising that this move had brought some reward, Teng Hua released the bosom smother, to Mimi's and my relief, but it was short-lived.   Again, Teng Hua shifted her weight on top of the schoolteacher, raising her buttocks and pivoting on her right foot, then brought it down again in a hard smack between Mimi's thighs. This time, she  allowed Mimi to sit bolt upright as her body snapped in pain, grabbing her by the hair and asking her if it hurt.

Mimi was beyond pain, and exhaustion had already set in. She made a feeble attempt to slap at Teng Hua, but was still gasping in mouthfuls of air, and allowed herself meekly to be dragged by her hair to a standing position.

"MIMI!!!" I shrieked, trying to wake her up, and slamming the edge of the apron, "MIMI!!!" Say Kau too was yelling, but for Teng Hua to finish up with my girl.

Her next move certainly intended that she wanted to end it, as she must have been tiring, too. Indeed, both women were beginning to feel the effects of the vicious heat, and their hair was matted with sweat, and faces red with the effort and strain of this match.  Staggering a little, Teng Hua jockeyed behind Mimi and grasped her by the folds of her purple bikini shorts.

"Want to take an airplane ride?", Teng Hua barked, as Mimi could only muster a weak, "Ha... WH...?"

"UNNUUURRRRHHHHHH!!!" Lifting her opponent upwards and back over her shoulder, I groaned as Teng Hua pulled off an incredible Mongolian suplex that saw Mimi's shoulders, head and back kiss the mat behind them violently, her upstretched legs folded over her head, feet bicycling the air ineffectually. Teng Hua's sweat-gleaming body trembled with the effort as it was arched over backwards, as she pumped her thigh and leg muscles, and kept her gorgeous feet firmly planted on tiptoe to hold the move, but even now, she was imperious in her thirst for victory. She could be playful when she wanted to, too, and lifted her left leg and crossed it over her right knee while still in the suplex, almost nonchalantly, tapping her left footimpatiently, as if she was waiting for an appointment at the doctor's office as I heard her call, "Na? Ni xing pu xing ah? Quaaaiiii diaaannnn!!! (Give up??? Hurry up now!)"

"AIYAAHHHHH!!! WO PU YAO SHUO!!!!" ("NO! I'M NOT GOING TO SAY IT!) Mimi yelled back, in a keening voice full of pain from the abuse she'd taken in this match. Again, frustrated, Teng Hua released the hold as Mimi flopped groaning to the mat. Standing up, hands on hips, the receptionist gasped for breath as she prodded Mimi with her right foot. Looking at Say Kau, she said, "She cannot fight any more!"

But Say Kau and I knew the rules. Her patron said, "No money until you beat her and make her scream for mercy. Hurry up, woman!   You're costing me money."   Irritated, Teng Hua turned back to Mimi who had flopped onto her back, gasping in air. Making a slashing sign across her own throat, the bigger woman stood over her opponent and reached down. I couldn't believe what happened next...

Stooping down and grasping Mimi by her exposed nipples, Teng Hua told her, "Bitch! Time to make you scream!" and lifted the teacher by her breasts. Mimi shrieked incoherently from the pain as she was lifted a few inches off the ground thus.


Sweat or fatigue chimed in and she was released to the mat with a resounding thud. But Teng Hua would not be denied and pulled her opponent up again by her nipples, this time grabbing more of the soft exposed flesh around the nipples. By now, Mimi was hoarse from shouting and smacked inexpertly at Teng Hua's hands. Surely now it was over... NOOOO.... suddenly common sense or survival mechanismkicked in and Mimi dug her hands under her opponent's bikini briefs
and she raked and tugged and dug with her nails at Teng Hua's exposed and unprotected pussy, drawing a Herculean shriek of pain from Teng Hua.

Now it was a test of wills and strength to see who would give first, from the pain of having her nipples and breasts tortured, or having her pussy ripped open. Both women were shrieking at each other to submit now, Teng Hua bent over the suspended Mimi, their lank hair waving wildly as they brayed at each other, both hunter and hunted at the same time.

By now, both Say Kau and I had entered the ring, fondling our stiffening cocks, sensing that something, the denouement was about to happen in this exquisite match. Power and height, against speed and agility. What a stunning, beautiful contrast these two women had made. I knew that whatever the outcome of this fight, whoever was  forced to suck the other woman's toes in defeat, it would be money well-spent.

It was Teng Hua who released the hold first, shrieking, almost crying and dropping a sobbing Mimi to the mat, releasing Mimi's claws from her pussy at the same time. Mimi rolled onto her side, weeping, and clutching her sore breasts, while Teng Hua squatted and kneeled, massaging her sore cunt, face red with pain and exhaustion.

It was amazing, but both women had put each other through nearly 50 minutes of torture. None of our prize fights had ever gone this long, most ending after fifteen minutes, some not even as long as that. I had to give credit to both girls but especially to Mimi, for her incredible stamina and ability to absorb pain, and this from a woman who'd little or no formal catfight training. I wanted to cradle her in my arms and make sweet love to her, but this would have to wait.

For now, The Fight still raged.

Little did I know then that Say Kau and I were shortly about to resolve our bet. By now, Teng Hua was spitting venom, and the pain had allowed her to take to her feet, faster than Mimi who'd absorbed far more punishment. Limping over to her downed opponent, again Teng Hua dragged her to her feet. For once, "The Mouth" was silenced, and she let her right fist do the talking. Drawing it back, she let fly in a beautiful uppercut that sent Mimi literally off her feet and flat out to lie spread eagled on her belly onto the mat near Say Kau and I. Her head lolled and there was a groan to indicate that she was still conscious. Teng Hua had done enough to keep her  conscious, or maybe there was nothing left in her punch, we'd never know.

Say Kau was delighted, sensing that the match was over, clapping and yelling at Teng Hua to finish Mimi. Again I found myself trying to raise Mimi to one last effort, but even then I knew that my money was lost, and that there would be no fairytale for the petite schoolteacher.

Staggering towards the nearest turnbuckle, Teng Hua scaled it like a monkey. Even after 50 minutes, and the pain and the heat, she was still sure footed as she got to the second rope. Looking over her shoulder, she gauged the distance.

She was going high-risk.

I fell to my knees, realising what was happening.

"MIMMIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!" Teng Hua shrieked like a valkyrie as she flopped over backwards in a messy somersault aiming to land with her knees and the full weight of her body in the pit of Mimi's protected stomach. Mimi was finished and despite her untrained skill, Teng Hua could clearly manage the leap.


I blinked. Where Mimi had laid, there was only Teng Hua, lying flat out on her belly, legs and arms flopping like a marionette as they'd caught only empty mat. About two metres beside her, Mimi was slowly crawling towards her, hair limp and ragged around her face and forehead, breasts swollen and a little bloody hanging down, as they flopped loosely with her every move. Mimi strained with effort to speak, so tired she was.

Say Kau was on his knees beside me too, dazed, fascinated, crushed at what had happened. "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!" he moaned, softly as I scarcely believed this turn of events. The only question now was, did Mimi have enough to finish her opponent.

It seemed like an eternity as Mimi, without even the strength to stand up, grasped Teng Hua by her feet and folded her over, so that her ass was pointed up and her legs were over her head, her feet resting on their toes, soles upwards to the sun. I could tell Teng Hua had nothing left in the tank as she groaned in pain. Sobbing and sweat streaked, Mimi went first on one knee, then shakily stood up, swaying a little, for the first time, in quite some time in this match.

Though taller than her Teng Hua's feet were about the same size as Mimi's, a petite, exquisite size nine. I remarked on this as Mimi carefully planted her feet such that they rested on the hapless Teng Hua's overturned soles before her. I wondered what on earth Mimi had planned.

"URRRRRUUUUUUHHHHHHH!!!!!" With a hoarse yell, the small dynamo clapped her hands hard, went on tiptoe, and flexed her spine and torso backwards, catching her fall with both hands behind her as her head and hair hung low, body in a perfect, sweat glistened rainbow. I realised she had Teng Hua's feet crucified to the mat, Mimi's toes standing in a knife edge on her opponent's soles, which were pinned under the full brunt of her weight.

"TENG HUA!!!! NI SHUO!!!! NI XINNNGGGPUXINNNNGGGG AHHHHHHHH??????" Mimi shrieked, but even before she could ask  her question, Teng Hua was flopping and beating the mat with her palms, shrieking with urgency.... "GIVE UP! GIVE UP! GIVE UP! MIMIIMIMIIII!!! WO PU XING! WO PUUUUU XINNNNGG!!  AAANNNNNAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"

This was too much for Say Kau as he surged forward moaning, his rock hard dick giving up its hot, white jets onto Teng Hua's beaten face as I slid in to stand over Mimi's upstretched face, as she still stood in this exquisite toe suplex finisher.

Looking up at me, head upside down, she knew instinctively what I wanted and took my long throbbing shaft in her mouth, still framed in the hold, Teng Hua still shrieking for mercy under the finishing hold.

"Mmmmm....dahlleeennng...shllupp....are you happy with me?"

"Yes, y...eeess.... Mimi!" I gibbered as I fondled her breasts and thrust my shaft in and out in and out of her hungry mouth. Tired as she was, she kept that hold, her arms and shoulders shivering as she moaned her delight.

"I won yes? SLLLURRPPP...I beat that fucking...SHLLLLUUCCKKK... bitch yes?"

"Oh yeeess baby, you won, I'm going to cum all over your face and tits, and I want to watch her suck your pretty beautiful toes, your match-winning toes you gorgeous slut"

"MIIMIIMIIIII PLEEESSEEEEEEE YOU WIN YOU WIN WO PU XING!!! WO PU XING AAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" came Teng Hua's broken, pleading shrieks to be released from this hold.






Her hoarse shout, and final tease of her lips around my head, did it... and the jets of white hot cum flew onto her face, her mouth, neck and breasts, drenching them hungrily, "URRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHH!!!" I yelled, giving in to my hard desire that this woman had built up in me.

Both wrestlers flopped apart as Mimi slumped onto her back, laughing and crying all at the same time. Now, it was celebration time. My partner Say Kau had already ripped off Teng Hua's skimpy briefs and was inside her, her long legs up against her shoulder as she wailed and wept and shrieked with pleasure, all at the same time.

Carrying Mimi in my arms, I stood her on her feet when she was able to. After the beating she'd received, and the money she'd made for me, I couldn't bear to take her, but she wanted it... bad. Hobbling over to near Say Kau and Teng Hua were fucking, she undid the hooks of her bikini shorts and let them slide to her ankles, preferring her sweet butt to me.

"Take me now while you watch me make her suck my toes," she ordered. In a flash I was inside of her, pounding her such that I thought my cock would split her vulva so bad I wanted her.

'Teng Hua," she said. "UNNUUUHHHH!!!Y..Y...You know what UNNIHHHHH!! you must now!" and she placed her right foot on Teng Hua's face. Sobbing, Teng Hua sucked Mimi's plump toes and soles as Say Kau and I pumped into them, baking under the hot afternoon sun. Best hundred thousand I've ever earned!