Having What it Takes by Kitty Yong

Mixed sexfight

The sleek white cutter surfed its way across the light swells of the South China Sea, on a sou'easterly track towards the Indonesian island of Bintan. In the passenger lounge of the MV Marina, the deck was full with about 30 or 40 people, mostly couples and the odd holidaying students on their way to the island for a weekend in the burning July sun. Despite the airconditioning, many were in their attire for the beach - the men in loud surf shirts and white half-chinos, the girls in midriff baring kerchief tops, and tight hot pants. A few were even in their bikini tops chatting happily about nothing in particular as they awaited the start of a good weekend.

Ah, to be young again. A cliche perhaps, but as I looked over at my partner and companion for many years, Li, I knew we were well past it. We'd never married. I'd been too busy with my successful business, and never understood why the 42-year-old Chinese beauty had stuck by me and given me much pleasure. Guess we each had something to give to each other. She had been a bored GM in one of my companies before dinner and her razor-sharp wit, plus considerable skill in my bed led me to ensure she'd never need to work a day in her life agin. She was a mid-sized 1.60cm, a shade under 50 kg, with a creamy alabaster complexion that bewitched as much as her tight rear end, pert and firm 34 Cs. Her full "fellatio lips" competed with her confident, sometimes almost angry eyes for my attention.

I remembered vaguely a time when years ago, we were like the younger ones around us - without a care in the world and very wild. We'd both aged well, I suppose, kept our health. Certainly Li had not lost her spark in bed, and ocassionally showed the odd flash of youthful impetuousity, although she was quite the diligent mature Asian lady -demure when she had to be.

Sometimes too demure, I thought staring a little wistfully at the grey floral patterned Dorothy Perkins sun dress she wore that left much of her back bare but covered her knees and perfect perfect thighs and legs honed by hours on the cycle in the gym. Sometimes I wished she would let her hair down a little more like she used to.

Where was her spunk? Hell, where was mine. In fact, I don't think I'd ever seen her lose her temper with me or anyone else - just that pursed lipped _expression and a flat tone of voice when she encountered something she didn't approve of or like. But there were undercurrents that came out when the conditions were right. Although she still had very much the figure for it, there was no way I would talk her into changing into her bikini on this boat trip among strangers over to the island these days, and yet Li loved a swim in much less, if and when we were in private. I'd booked our usual villa at the Rising Phoenix resort, with its silk curtains, gorgeous views, private pool and beach. In that place, I knew I'd see the sensual and surprising side of her.

Frankly, we needed this time away. It had been a while since we last met, and her kisses were decidedly cooler. The end of the road? Who knew? We'd had a couple of running battles about whether we were still a viable item. At 45, I was no spring chicken either although I tried as I could to work out, but a beer belly and too many late nights meant shorter and shorter times on the treadmill. This translated to a slowly dying fire between us - in bed and out. Li had often asked me, "Do we still have what it takes?" We needed something to reignite the spark in us.

As my gaze wandered, I settled enviously on another Chinese couple of about our age. He was a pale-skinned 40something fart like me, but his woman took my breath away, clad in a plain white backless kerchief top that barely encased a well-endowed pair of 36C cups, a little bit of fat around the belly - not love handles - that I liked on Li too, and those creamy white thighs and long legs that only Chinese women seem to be able to muster. As she nuzzled her man, she too was people watching, her thin tattooed eyebrows arching proudly as her eyes settled on me. Noticing me noticing her, she gave a faint smile as her slightly cruel brown eyes narrowed and gazed at me. Her legs were draped across her dozing beau's lap, clad in a pair of chunky platform slippers, one of which she dangled from a sensual foot as she watched me watching her, as if signaling me with it. Her nails were painted a gleaming black. There was something almost... crude about her. Maybe it was the tattoo of a snake that curled its way up her right thigh and into the crevice concealed by her hot pink shorts. I found myself wondering where it led. I heard the sibilant melodic tones of her conversation with her man, even across the crowded deck. It was clear that they were from China. Probably lovers like Li and I out for a dirty weekend.

"Hmmm..." i heard Li purr next to me, "Hen hao kan ma?" (Do you like looking at her?) I smiled at her one-eyebrow-cocked look at me. We had an open relationship and had even indulged in a little swinging in our younger days. "Ni ne?" I asked (And what do you think?) Li smiled wryly, casting the other woman a slightly sour glance which was ignored, and returned to reading her Chinese variety magazine. "They look like a nice couple, I suppose," she said grudgingly. We had no idea how those words would haunt us.


The villas at the Rising Phoenix resort stood on a bluff overlooking the Bintan beach and coast. Two-storeys with four bedrooms, a full lounge and entertainment center, kitchen and dining. But the real attraction was a central courtyard with a 50 m long horizon edge pool. Two villas stood at either end of the pool, which was bisected by a fixed swim-up platform with a bright blue rubber surface for tanning and lazy drinks in the middle of the pool. It could take about 4 people and marked the division of the pool between each villa.

A little hot from our journey, Li disappeared upstairs into the shower as I fixed us some mojitos and changed into a terrycloth robe and my trunks, I decided I'd shower out by the pool which looked inviting in the shimmering heat outside. I brought a plate out to the pool and did a few laps. I watched Li emerge from the living room in her robe, wearing a pair of high heel black stilettos, her incredible legs showing as she strutted to a deck chair at poolside. She looked at me, smiled as if to say, "Is this what you want to see?" and lowered her arms to let the robe slip off her shoulders. Li was her normal gorgeous self, wearing her favourite black string Gottex bikini I'd given her for her birthday some years back. She knew I liked it because it contrasted so deliciously with that skin and chest of hers, already beginning to flush a healthy pink from the glow of the afternoon sun. She kicked off her slippers and stretched out with a delicious sigh on the deck chair, and began to lather bouts of Coppertone across her languid arms, leg and feet. I had to suppress a drool as I stroked over to the edge of the pool.

When my head broke the surface, I noticed her head, sunglasses on, turned towards the other villa. I followed her gaze. The China couple we'd seen on the MV Marina had taken up residence there. This is interesting, I thought. The man was strutting alongside the edge of the pool, clutching a drink, his beer belly lolling over a disgraceful pair of tartan beach shorts. He was about my size, shaven like a bullet, and wore a Rolex. I wondered where his woman was. "Zheng Na, ni zai na li?" he bellowed suddenly, breaking the calm of the afternoon. Hmmm... what kind of neighbours would they be. Curious, I kicked off the edge and headed towards the tanning platform to get a better look, but pretending to be disinterested.

Midway to the platform I stopped, treading water. Zheng Na had emerged from the house. I caught my breath again. She was hot, to put it simply. In stark contrast to Li's black bikini, the China lady wore a skimpier white one that barely contained her lolling breasts. Her briefs were cut so deep it was obvious she was shaved. The snake tattoo terminated somewhere under that thin fold of cloth, its head resting near her mound. Incredible, I thought.

Kicking off her tarty platform soles, she dived gracefully into the pool and swam towards the platform. Deciding to be friendly, I swam up to the "ring" to see if we couldn't have a chat. I got there and clambered onto the blue rubber platform, and was joined by the lady a minute later. She flashed a sunny smile, complete with a gold tooth, fanned herself and stretched out before me on the platform. We struck up a friendly conversation. She and her man, Cheng, were from the Chinese city of Shenyang. Like Li and I, they weren't married and were celebrating a successful business trip to Thailand with this break.

Maybe it was the mojito kicking in. I couldn't take my eyes off of her, admiring the soft yet powerful curves of her body. It was clear she appreciated the attention, arching languidly and purring ocassionally, almost as if she was putting on a show for me. I wondered what her man would think of this. I also wondered what Li was thinking. Feeling myself hardening in my trunks I stammered an apology and swam back to Li. The pursed lips greeted me. I didn't say anything but thought of taking a cold shower as I stretched out next to Li, who in turn, stepped into the pool.

The heat burnished my body as I soaked up the rays for about 20 minutes or so before I heard a commotion from the middle of the pool. Li was sputtering and splashing. Worried I stood up and looked. Li was near the "ring" and was clutching the side of her head. Zheng Na was underwater on our side of the pool stroking towards our end of it. Curious I walked over to Li. "You alright?" My woman was furious. "She kicked me in the head as she was swimming past me," she called in a voice choked with anger. "Hey!" I yelled at her assailant who appeared not to notice, leaning on the edge of the pool near our villa. Irritated, I jumped into the pool to find out if Li was OK. She had a nasty red bump where she'd been struck by the China woman, who hadn't even apologized, let alone noticed or cared what had happened. "Hey!" I yelled even more loudly at her. Zheng Na turned and gave us that same look she'd given me on the boat. She lowered herself into the water and swam towards us. Behind us, I heard a splash. her man had probably heard the commotion and was coming over to investigate.

My notorious temper up, I helped Li onto the tanning platform, as she massaged her head where she'd been struck by Zheng Na. She frowned with the pain. "I was holding on to the platform then I turned around and WHAM she kicked me in the head as she was swimming past... it's so painful!" The other couple clambered into the "ring" laughing and acting cavalier. I stared at the man and told him, "Hey, your woman knocked my lady in the head."

"So," he replied truculently.

"So? She didn't even apologize to her!"

"Why must we apologize?"

I pointed at Zheng Na, "Xiao jie, you better apologize to my wife."

Zheng Na just arched back, shook her wet hair, and laughed. "Your wife not happy, does that mean she wants to fight?"

I was flabbergasted. Li was frozen, almost trembling with anger, her lips pursed, biting back angry words. Let it out, I found myself thinking, let it out, Li.

"Hey, we're civilized people. You make sure you apologize to her," I could weakly manage.

"In China, when two woman disagree, it's normal that they fight it out, friend," her man, Cheng said, grinning. "My girl here wants to fight with yours, don't you think your woman should say something - it's embarassing." I noticed that he was staring at Li in the manner I'd appreciated his woman. Despite the tension, he was still a man. Curiously, I noticed his gaze lingered on Li's feet. Li was wearing an anklet on her right ankle that called attention to her exquisite feet with their high arch, supple heels and delicious slender toes painted a fire-engine red. Did he have a foot fetish like me?

"You..." I heard Li spit... my blood was singing. This pair needed to be taught a lesson.

Perhaps to pour oil on a raging fire, Zheng Na, smiled petulantly and told her man, "Maybe he wants to fight you, Cheng. But it looks like his woman is afraid of these," and she parted her bikini top to reveal her perfectly formed breasts surmounted by a huge pair of pink-brown nipples. To add to the psychological effect, she lifted her arms and pulled up her hair, as if presenting them for inspection.

At this, Cheng stood up and looked at me, "You want to fight me? Let's settle this properly, then, if you dare. All of us. Now."

"We'll fight you." I froze. It was Li's quiet voice, beside me, not mine. She was standing up, hands on hip, facing her assailant, full of controlled anger. "We'll fight you both. People like you need to be taught a lesson." Responding to her opponent's taunting challenge, she reached back and pulled on the knot holding her top up, tossing the bikini to the platform. Her breasts were clearly smaller but higher and her dark brown nipples presented an appealing contrast to the skin surrounding them. They gleamed in the sun from the loving coat of Coppertone she'd given them.

Zheng Na smirked, stood up, and cocked her head back, pulled her top off and flung it into the pool leaving her breasts bare, hands on hips, staring at Li sidelong through slitted eyes. "So small. Xiao mao (little pussy). Are you sure you can? Hao ba! Wo men hao da!" (Fine! Let's have a good fight.)

But her man stepped between our two women, addressing me. "Wait, darling. We must decide the terms of this fight. After all, they called us uncivilized. Cannot just fight for nothing, right?"

I wanted to deck him there and then, but heard him out, barely. My mind was still afire at Li's flash of spirit. She was like a new woman next to me, body tensed, ready to let off some steam against this pair. I was... proud of her. Here we were, about to fight it out with another Chinese couple. We were all sweating, and beginning to bronze a little from the relentless heat. Sweat dripped off my chin and matted my hair as if rain were falling.

Cheng continued, smiling that same fake smile. "I mean, my woman here tells me you can't stop looking at her. That means that you think you can have her. I will be honest with you. I feel the same about your woman. I want her too. Please don't pretend otherwise."

Through gritted teeth, I answered. "You talk a lot, man. What do you want?" In answer, he pulled off his shorts to reveal his bare cock, already beginning to swell with excitement.

"It's not what I want. It's what we all four want. Satisfaction," he said. "So, to settle this, only one couple can get what they want. The women need to settle their own issue. You and I - we need a reason to fight. So, since you want my woman and I want yours, if you're man enough, you'll fight me nude till one of us makes the other cum - however we do it. Loser's woman gets fucked by the winner."

Behind him, Na laughed a witchlike cackle. "Oh, darling, that's such a good idea. I would love to see her face and her small breasts covered in your juice, darling! As for him... mmm, wo ye yao zi. (I'd also like to have something to "eat")," she said glancing at my own bulge in my trunks.

"HUAI NI REN! (Bitch!)" Again, Li's voice split the pregnant pause. She was on fire. "You'll have to fight me for his cock, do you understand?"

Na just stared at Li like she was a piece of garbage. "Of course, little girl. You dare to fight me? Do you know your man wants me? You think you can take it?"

Li shot back, "Looks like your man has had enough of yours and wants these," she said, cupping her tits and pointing them at Na. I was incredulous - this was the Li I knew and wanted and desired. My cock began to burst in my trunks, which I ripped off, to an appreciative glance from the China woman, who took in my length. I clearly was bigger and cut than her man.

"mmmm..." Na purred. "I can imagine what it's going to be like when I make her scream and suck my toes while you fuck her after we beat them both," she said, curling her beautiful long toes in anticipation at a victory she already assumed.

"This is your answer," I told Cheng.

And we began to square off, Li and Na, topless, me and Cheng, nude. I allowed myself a glance at Li. We were going to find out "if we had what it takes".

We took a few hesitant steps around each other. This fight was on. "UNUUUUUUUURRRHHHH!!!" "HEEEEEEE" Na's guttural voice and Li's higher pitched hiss cut the afternoon air as they collided in a tangle of hairpulling and leg kicking.

I ducked a punch from the Chinaman and slammed a knee into his nads, sending him down to the rubber tanning platform with a THUD. I wanted to aim a stomp, but as Li and Na rolled past they knocked me off balance and I fell against the ropes. In a flash, Cheng was on my back, tripping me up and pulling me backwards to fall onto the mat, my cock flailing. He slammed a punch in my face as he clambered atop my shoulders to pin them securely, hooking my feet under his armpits. So seated, he lifted his plump sweaty ass up and slammed it down hard, crushing my torso and slamming my back hard repeatedly as he held my squirming frame tight.

"ENNNNNNOOOOOO...OOOOOF!" I heard Li from behind me. With dismay, I realised the China girl had her cornered and she was riding a storm of punches and knee slams. "NAAA WO GE NI! (TAKE IT!)" Na shrieked, hair flying as she worked Li, who could only respond by clutching at her opponent's hair and yanking for dear life.

Not that I had time. Cheng had shifted his weight and was busying his left hand on my cock while he punched my face with his right. Still, distracted, I managed to squeeze my thighs and put some pressure on his upper torso. Under pressure, he groaned a little as he released his hold on my cock, trying to scrabble at my legs scissoring him.

"YOU THINK YOUR TITS ARE SO NICE????" Li screamed behind us. She had released her grip on Na's hair and was clawing her opponent's larger tits hard. "UNNUUUUU HAO TONG!(VERY PAINFUL!)" the Shenyang woman bellowed, trying to yank Li's hands off of her chest. Li sensed an opening and slammed her right knee into Na's crotch forcing the Chinese woman flopping backwards onto her back. Bitch that she was, she took the opportunity to rip at my hair... "OOOOOOUCH!" I yelled, as her man redoubled his punches - he'd drawn some blood from my nose and my back was screaming from the shoulder matchbook pin he had me in.

"NO! DON'T! NO!" Li shrieked, yanking Na to her shapely feet by her hair, and letting fly with an almighty right hand slap that sent sweat and a few drops of blood spraying onto Cheng and I where we struggled. "YOU BIIITCH!" Na bellowed as she countered with the same that cut Li's lip and worse, sent her sprawling to the canvas.

From where I was pinned, I had a good and unfortunate vantage to see what was happening to Li. Na strode purposefully behind Li, grabbed a fistful of Li's hair and lifted her to her knees. Lifting her opponent so that Li's legs were split open, Na stumbled forward under their combined weight and SLAMMED Li's crotch hard against the corner post of our makeshift "ring". "UNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" it was the worst sound I think I ever heard, Li screaming in obvious and severe pain. Worse was to come.. "YOU LIKE THAT HA? BITCH? YOU LIKE THAT???!" Na screamed out, as she repeated the move, this time slamming Li even harder and tossing her like a rag doll to the platform.

Suddenly, I was in trouble. Li was pretty much out of it, panting, her breasts heaving and blood trickling from a corner of her mouth framed in an "o". I could see Na's sturdy legs stagger over to me. "Come, Cheng, I help you!" she said, panting. "Eat him! Make him cum!" and Na went on all fours and set to my pulsing cock with a cruel vacuum cleaner mouth... Li and I were outgunned, and I could feel my orgasm beginning to stir. Pinned helplessly by her man, my back and torso on fire, I was at the Chinawoman's mercy as she used her mouth and hands to work my cock to hardness... "NNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOO!" I shrieked. "I'm going to have fun doing your bitch with you watching," Cheng said, looking down at me, spittle flying into my face.

"AUUUUGGGHHH!" Suddenly, there was a release of pressure from my cock as Na was flung sideways. Li, dazed as she was had flung herself against her opponent and knocked her off of us. This was all amateur, unschooled, unscripted stuff, but bizarrely part of me was enjoying the experience.

"FUCKING BITCH!" Cheng yelled and released his hold, thinking I'd be dazed just long enough for him to get over to help Na against Li. I watched in horror as I rolled massaging my back when Cheng walked over to Na, who had Li in a restraining hold, and slammed a fist hard into her belly... Li didn't even scream, she just folded over with the force of his blow.

A red mist descended on me and pain or no, I launched myself into the air and connected with the side of Cheng's head, sending the both of us sprawling towards the edge of the "ring". Unfortunately, Cheng managed to stay out of the water by hanging on to the ropes, while I ended up with my head hung underwater, my legs still scrabbling for grip on the platform. I was fucking doomed. I threshed wildly praying I wouldn't gulp in water as Cheng grabbed me by both legs, split them wide open, sending shrieking slivers of pain up and down the inside of my thighs. My cock bared to him, I could see through the water his cruel smile as he lowered his right foot on top of it and began to massage it. Again, amidst my choking and energy- and oxygen-sapping, I could feel my climax beginning to build. I was crucified. Going... under... must... not... breathe... guuuurgleeee...

A shadow flickered behind him... black... suddenly I was dropped into the water. Lungs screaming, I kicked for the surface and exploded hollering for air. Somehow, Li had broken free of Na long enough to break Cheng's hold on me. I could see, dazed, that he and Na now had her in a corner and were taken turns slamming, kicking and slapping her. One of her beautiful eyes was swollen and she was moaning in pain as they worked her over.

Exhausted by the fight and my ordeal in the water, I felt like I was in quicksand as I tried to get back in to help her. Na patrolled the edgeof the platform, kicking at my hands and stomping them everytime I tried to reach up, panting heavily, as Cheng hoisted a broken Li onto his shoulders, her spine curved across them, her sweat, blood and lotion-covered breasts flopping in the afternoon sun.


"ANOOOORH!" came Li's defiant response, as Na kicked me in the face just as I had secured a hold back into the ring.

He dropped Li roughly to the mat and staggered over to Na. "You take that bitch. I'll finish him." As Na staggered over to Li, he backed off and signalled me to get in - he wanted his ending, I guess. Grateful for a second shot, I clambered in, trying to muster everything I had left.

Maximum impact, minimum effort. I thought. We were both tired and I was a little fresher from my humiliating dip. Think! Think damn it!

He lunged at me, dick swinging. Instead of locking up with him, I let him fall onto me as I did a sidestep, tossing him over my hip so that he landed on his back, with his neck pinned under my armpit. I pinned his right thigh with mine, and - remembering what he did to me in the pool, I yanked his left leg vertical splitting him and leaving his cock open to me. I felt him buck and groan - "GOOOD BITCH! PAYBACK!" I shouted, as I began to work his shaft.

I'd had a breakthrough but Li looked like as game a fight as she'd put up, she wasn't able to last much longer against the Shenyang girl. I'll be frank, I nearly came at the sight of what was happening. Na was on her back, and had Li in a standing position, with Na's long sexy legs stretched out, her feet in the small of Li's back as she grip my girl's hands in hers and yanked for all she was worth. With every tug, she forced Li onto a delicious balletic tiptoe as Li's breasts flopped sending sweat pouring onto the platform.

"HUAI NI REN!!!!!!!!! SHOU NE!!!!!!!!! XING BU XING!!!!!" (SAY IT BITCH? GIVE?!)

"ENNNNEEEHHHH!!!" came Li's tired but defiant scream. The wind had gone out of her sails. I had to finish this bastard... if Na could finish Li...

"LIIIIIIIIIII!" I yelled encouraging my woman, willing her not to submit.

Li, for all her pain, lifted her head to look and saw me with Cheng locked up. Suddenly, she must have gained strength. I saw a flash of fight in her eyes and she pursed her lips. Incredibly, she yanked upwards at Na, and arched her back acrobatically balancing on the knife edge of Na's feet to break the hold. I could see Na's eyes widen at this turn of events and she shrieked as Li's full weight landed hard on top of her opponent's torso in a delicious SMACK of wet flesh.

I jacked the bastard Cheng off... he was bucking and threshing but ineffectively under my weight and headlock... his cock was hard but he was fighting his cum manfully, even though there were a few drops of precum beginning to squirm. I had to give it to him. His control was good. Li and I had worked so well as a team against them but they obviously had both done this before. I realised we would need something special to finish these 2 off... something....

"LIIIIIIII! Try and bring that bitch over here!!!!!! I need you!" I screamed, desparately. Li nodded as she rolled off Na, taking the chance to get her breath. Standing on wobbly legs, she grabbed a handful of the Chinawoman's hair and dragged her, falling twice near to where I had Cheng pinned.
Somehow, Na hadn't the fight to respond, and groaned as she was tugged along. If she made a revival, I didn't think Li had much left to fight. I needed Li to help me finish the fucker. If anyone would bring Cheng off, it wouldn't be me, but Li.

But she still had to finish Na and if I let Li take over while I kept Cheng pinned, his woman might have a chance to recover. We had to finish them BOTH.

Exhausted, I whispered the plan into my woman's ears as she gulped lungfuls of air and clutched her back. Her right eye was swollen and blood flowed freely from her lip. The place where Na had kicked her in the pool was an angry red swelling now. She was barely coherent, and I was worried.

Li smiled, pursed those beautiful lips again, and nodded resolutely.

"Let's ...nnnhhh...finish....nnhhhh this!" she said, probably the most beautiful words I would ever hear.

Flopping Na over onto her back, she folded her dazed opponent's incredible but tired legs, crossed her ankles and sat with her full weight on Na's feet, pinning them securely against the backs of her thighs.

"NIII KAN SI MO!!!!!" Na yelled. (WHA.. WHAT ARE YOU DOING???!)

Li shrieked her answer, "You will never have my man! Do you understand?" as she stretched out to lie on top of Na. Snaking her delicate hands around her tormentor's chin, she gave a bray of effort as she sat forward, pulling Na's head upwards in a chinlock, and arching her opponent's spine in a manner nature never intended, and placing even more weight on her pinned ankles.

"UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRHHHHHH!!!!!!" the Shenyang girl bellowed, "HAOZHONG! (PAIN!) QUI MING AH! (HELPMEEEEE!)" as her arms flailed uselessly smacking at Li's body and the blue rubber mat of the tanning platform. My plan nearly failed at the first hurdle as I nearly came at the sight of Na's massive tits flopping uselessly as they hung down from her arched body in thin air, flapping violently with her exertions and sending streams of sweat onto the tanning mat.

"NOW LI! NOW! USE YOUR FEET!" I shrieked hoarsely.

Like two boa constrictors, Li snaked her exquisite, sweaty feet with her gleaming red toenails towards Cheng's helpless cock... I could feel him thresh desperately as he realised what was happening... still keeping her opponent in the spine arch, Li wrapped Cheng's pumping red, fevered cock in the natural hollow created by the arches of her feet, and worked his shaft, using her toes like fingers, and kneading his glans with her lovely nails... i had to fight to keep my own cum in at the spectacle of my woman putting her opponent into a submission hold while she worked Cheng with her feet.

"MMMM... SHUUUN MA?" Li intoned sibilantly... (YOU LIKE THIS?) she asked, taunting Cheng as he hissed in pleasure, barely audible over Na's screams

"AWWNNOOOOO!!!" he moaned.... tensing further, trying harder to hold in his cummm... the plan was working. I'd noticed his strong foot fetish when we'd started squaring off - I'd seen it in his eyes, and I knew if somehow Li could get her feet around his cock, she would break his spirit and shoot his load.

Suddenly, Li was full of the flush of victory... I couldn't believe how beautiful she looked but this was a whole new side to her - it was if she'd done this a million times. It was as if the fight had liberated the lioness in her!

Na's eyes were slitted in pain, her body crucified in Li's finisher, helpless with no answer... but that was nothing compared to the wild-eyed look Cheng was imparting under me as Li worked him with her feet. He was easily at full extension as she teased him savagely, our panting and exhaustion from this incredible battle writ large across all 4 of our faces.

For the first time in this couple's contest, Li was now able to call out, goading and taunting Na as she kept an almighty hold on her opponent's chin to lock the cruel spine stretcher in place... "ENNNN... WEI, HUAI NI REN, NI SHUO NE! XING BU XINNNNNNNGG!!!"


"OHNNNNNNNNN.... GERRRRRR..." Na mumbled deliriously. Li cried, her voice hoarse, "OH IF YOU WON'T THEN I WILL MAKE YOU!" and she began to rock back and forth on her "seat" on Na's folded legs, jerking Na in the hold as she worked Cheng into a frenzy...






Na's hands flailed weakly as if she were conducting a choir, trying to grit her teeth against the scream to come... I knew...surely....


Her spine on the verge of snapping, Na's hands spoke better than her voice, waving up and down as if to say, "Yes"


Hearing his woman break, Cheng stiffened just as Li's toes began to tease at his wet cock tip.... with a series of earthquake-like spasm, his resistance broke too... releasing the submission clasp on Na, Li pulled the Chinawoman's equally swollen and battered face into the path of Cheng's spurts of cum. Her man hollered his orgasm as I guided his cock across Na's lips, forehead, breasts and shoulders, drenching her with streamers of his thick, hot wet juice as she groaned. Like a hose, he came, before he fell still, sobbing for breath.

I don't know how long it took us to disentagle ourselves, the four of us... it seemed like hours that we lay on that tanning platform as the sun burned us mercilessly, our moans of pain and pleasure mingling in a cacophony of emotions. Victors and vanquished.

Somehow, now that the issue had been settled, we became human again. Li reached out to Na, asking if she was OK, as Cheng and I sat up and stared at each other.

It had been an incredible fight, one we thought we'd never survive. As I lay panting and gulping in mouthfuls of air, and feeling the release of tension, I thought... as bad opponents as they had been... Cheng and Na, the couple from Shenyang had taken us to a place Li and I probably wouldn't have discovered on our own. Although we never said it as we sat around recovering, we should have thanked them.

They helped us answer the question. We have what it takes.