Secret World of Madam Poh 1 by Kitty Yong

Catfighting in Singapore 

The fact that Cheng, my one source and guide, was pacing nervously up and down that evening convinced me all the more that I was about to be seriously had. I'd met the middle-aged man in Singapore about a week after my arrival, after staking out every sleazy dive and bar that I could find in Geylang's notorious redlight district here, an aberration in the otherwise modern, squeaky clean Singapore city state.

The fact that I'm a six foot German did not help. But I'd received a tip-off about a story that, in my capacity as a reporter with the sensationalist rag Sturmer that I write for in Dusseldorf, I could not refuse.

Here, in one of the most rigid and clean cities in the world, I was assured that there existed a secret underworld where ordinary women (predominantly Chinese) secretaries, teachers, housewives and bargirls, fought private catfights for money in a thoroughly illegal gambling circuit.

Men like Cheng, whom I'd bribed almost to the limit of my daily budget from the magazine to take me to one of these fights, drove the sport catfighting scene. Otherwise unemployed, he earned his crust recruiting, cajoling and convincing women of various ages to step into the makeshift rings set up by betters in the anonymous high-rise public housing apartments around the small island. Cheng would thus take a cut of the winnings from his fighter, as well as play the pot in the hopes of earning something extra on the side.

Despite the money, and partly because of my non-existent Mandarin and his poor command of English, I could only glean this much from him about this underground female prizefight circuit. Most of the prizefights were just untrained fistfights and hair pulling affairs, the women fighting in t-shirts, swimsuits or bra and panties, rarely less than that, but on the odd occasion, one could get lucky and witness full-fledged matches between skilled women in the nude, or even fetish matches such as oil and mud wrestling or sexfighting. The pots, varied too, depending on the reputation, skill and beauty of the fighters. Some could fetch several tens of thousands of dollars, and Cheng gave me to understand that matches near the Chinese New Year Lunar always paid top dollar as punters threw their money in the hopes of making more during that auspicious, "lucky" time.

Today's bout I was told would be fairly standard. Cheng's girl, Madam Poh Lee, we were waiting for now. I'd not met her, but Cheng had known the woman, a housewife in her 40s, for about three years, and as it turned out, had been romantically involved with her, on and off. She was one of a number of women he'd been able to convince to step into the ring against others like herself.

"Aiyah, she's late," Cheng said for about the 100th time, as he glanced at his watch again. It was late evening, coming on to

about eight p.m. The fight was scheduled to go on in about half an hour, and not here, where Madam Poh lived, but a short drive away.

At last, he spied her. "AAAAH! POH LEE! What time is it? We are late already!!!"

For a woman in her 40s, Madam Poh had kept her figure well. She was about five foot five, and at about 120 lbs, a little bottom-heavy but not unpleasantly so. She wore a loud orange singlet that barely contained her sumptuous 38 Cs, and a pair of tight, butt-hugging shorts to match that were so transparent, they revealed the black thong panties she was wearing underneath. With delicious tackiness, she wore a pair of loud lime green platform soles that showed off her attractive feet, with slender toes surmounted by nails painted jet, gleaming black.

At first glance, I wondered how this woman could ever be a prize fighter with her rather medium build. But as she neared us, I took in her strong arms, wide expanse of alabaster chest, broad shoulders and strong thighs and knew that this woman could handle herself.

She spoke, too, in loud raucous Cantonese with an almost bellowing voice that gave me a little start. She chastised him for being hasty, so I understood. Seeing me, she smiled revealing some nicotined stained teeth, and a gleaming gold tooth. The smile barely transformed her face, framed in a perpetual, yet not unattractive frown surmounted by those sexy arched eyebrows that so many Chinese women have, and it suggested a long and difficult life.

Cheng had told me that she worked as a stallholder's assistant at a market selling Chinese food, and had been married three times, with four children from the various marriages before dumping her last husband and taking a succession of live-in, part-time lovers, including him.

Madam Poh indicated she'd need to drop off some plastic bags of groceries at her apartment and we trooped in silence into a narrow lift that led up to her thirteenth floor flat, more a cubby-hole by Western standards. The interior was a mess, and smelt of fish.  Clothes and underwear, which I surmised were Poh's lay draped all over. She busied herself in the kitchen as Cheng began his nervous pacing again, while I took what available seat I could find, a chair by a cracked window. A television was on, showing a raucous Cantonese

Imagine then my surprise when Madam Poh emerged from the kitchen clad only in her bra and panties. She barked a question at Cheng,

"Ley oy?" (Do you want?) Cheng froze, looked at me, mumbled, "S-sorry ah... few minutes only!" and fumbled at

his belt. Madam Poh nonchalantly went on all fours on a tumbledown couch near where I was seated, her gorgeous ass to me. Cheng, stood behind her with his buttocks bare and leaned down and began to fondle her, loosening her breasts from their chassis. I didn't know what to do, other than to sit there, dazed, as this man took this woman from behind, doggy style. Soon his grunting began to be drowned down by her groans of pleasure.

It literally was a few minutes. Cheng came, hissing and spitting, removing himself and staggering over to Poh's face, spraying his cum onto her lips, hair and nose as she murmured her approval. Seated again, as Cheng staggered away, Poh wiped her face with tissue and looked at me, saying "You want?"


We eventually clambered into a beat up Hyundai that Madam Poh drove.  Seated in the front seat with her, I saw my chance to get a few details on what it was like to be a prize fighter here in Singapore. As I spoke Cheng translated back and forth for us. I could not help staring at Madam Poh's incredible chest, smooth as cream with a beauty spot just above her ample cleavage. She still wore the same orange singlet I'd seen her in just now, and her nipples were taut, possibly from her amorous coupling with Cheng just now, or at the prospect of the fight to come, I could not tell. She caught me looking, and with a lascivious smile proffered an even better view with a knowing glance. I noticed that a fleck of cum which she'd taken from Cheng earlier was brushed into her hair. How delightfully crude, I thought. Occasionally, she stroked me and squealed a little when she detected a bulge between my legs. I was having trouble concentrating but I needed to know.

She'd been fighting for about three or four years, and she was purely in it for the money. She was reluctant to say exactly how many fights she had, "maybe about 20" and when I asked her how many she'd won, she clammed up. I asked her about the woman she'd be fighting today.

"Fucking bitch Bei Xin, zhou ni ren!" she expectorated, indicating that she thought her opponent was a whore. Cheng explained

that Poh Lee and her opponent, Bei Xin, a businessman's wife, would be battling for the third time today, and had developed something ofn a rivalry during their matches. Madam Poh had emerged victorious during their first fistfight, but in the return encounter a few months ago, Bei Xin had humiliated her. With one victory apiece, Poh wanted to stamp her authority on this woman. Cheng said he was pleased because their rivalry was sure to draw some better interest and drive up the overall pot. Madam Poh, who appeared to have little love for Cheng other than this curious business relationship, snarled as she drove through the evening traffic, "He's happy because he makes money from me. Cheng, you better give me more this time when I

beat that bitch, ha?"

We pulled up to another block of flats in the Western part of the island, that looked much like where Madam Poh lived, after a fifteen minute drive. We took another lift, this time to the eleventh floor, then down a winding corridor before stopping in front of a door where a pile of men's shoes and women's slippers and heels lay tossed. (It's customary when entering a Singapore home to leave your shoes at the door). We stepped inside a smoke-filled, dimmed lounge and were hit by a stink of sweat and cheap perfume. I counted about twenty people inside the apartment, lounging around drinking coffee and

almost of all of them smoking. Another surprise: about half of those present were women, spectators or betters I had no idea. Through the crowd, a woman's voice rose: "Ah, zhou ni ren, ni hwei lai le". (Ahhh, bitch, you've finally arrived.)

The crowd parted a little to let Madam Poh and us through, and the woman who had addressed her was to be her opponent, Bei Xin. She was built similarly to Madam Poh, sturdy, but looked to be a little younger, and smaller chested. Bei Xin's hair was streaked blonde and she had a tattoo of a dragon on her left shoulder blade. She, too, wore a t-shirt and shorts and sat with her bare feet propped up in the air, cockily pointing a toe at Madam Poh, which I learned was a truly disrespectful act.

"Remember last time I make you suck my toes?" Bei Xin said, laughing cockily at Madam Poh. "Today want to eat some more?


"Fuck you bitch! I'm going to make you suck YOUR toes before I make you suck mine," Poh Lee replied, becoming furious, and

already sweating in the humid room. Bei Xin resumed examining her fingernails nonchalantly. Another man came up to Cheng, and negotiations for the pot were underway. Poh Lee sat down at the table facing Bei Xin, staring hard, her frown promising tortures to come. Bei Xin spoke first: "So? How you want to fight today? Aiyah, doesn't matter lah, you are still going to lose. Just give up now!" she said, laughing, as some of the spectators joined in.

Furious, Madam Poh swatted Bei Xin's feet from the table and leaned across, showing off her bosom to her rival. "What's the matter?  Afraid I'll make you eat these?" Bei Xin stood up angrily, as Madam Poh rose to meet her. I thought they would fight there and then, but Cheng, and Bei Xin's fixer kept them apart, and sat them down at the table to discuss the terms of the fight.

Bei Xin refused to return Poh Lee's gaze directly, staring at her in a sidelong manner, and spoke truculently. "How? Topless fight, you want? Can..." Madam Poh nodded and immediately both fixers began to negotiate their fighter's cuts. Winner would get five thousand, loser one thousand five. A topless fight, to submission. I began to lose track though as money started changing hands, because I noticed that under the table both women were already locked in a war of wills. Both had their legs crossed and were stroking the inside of each other's calves with their plump little big toes, taunting each other, willing each other to give up and at the same time, promising each other delicious tortures in the ring if only they would meet the

other's challenge. Suggestively, and piling the mental pressure on Madam Poh, her opponent leaned forward and whispered, "Eh?" and indicated Cheng and myself, pointed at herself and made a cock-sucking action. "I'm going to take your men from you u," she said. Madam Poh cracked that cracked smile of hers, and said, "Bitch, your face is going to be covered with cum after I beat you."

There was another commotion and a dirty, bloodstained tatami was pulled into the centre of the hall. It looked as though the fight was about to start. Madam Poh clambered on top of it first and went to the further end, where she doffed her shirt and shorts to stand bare breasted, sweating, clad only in a thin black thong, with a yellow butterfly swish of fabric covering her hairy pussy. There was a rush of appreciation from the small crowd, matched only as Bei Xin clambered in wearing only her panties too, a hot red diamond g-string. Both women shook out their legs and arms a little, suggesting they'd been here before, and kept a firm eye on one another. I noticed that some of the men watching already had their hands in their shorts, or shirts off, playing with themselves and enjoying the spectacle. The females watched stoically, calling out the names of their favoured fighter. I felt Cheng next to me, shaking  me a little and returning me to the fact that this fight was actually

about to happen. "Fantastic! Five thousand dollars! Can make a lot today. Poh Lee will kill this bitch!"

I wasn't as confident as him, but kept my peace. I had a full look at Bei Xin and she looked wiry, tough, tougher some how than Madam Poh. I could not put it in words. It was something about that serene, almost cruel face. I loved the tattoo, too, suggesting a woman who knew how to get down and dirty. Plus she'd won their last bout, so she had the clear psychological advantage. Poh Lee looked just that bit slower.

My prediction was borne out as the two women raced at each other and grabbed a handful of each other's nipples, faced suddenly erupted into demonic masks of pain and fury as they tried to tear each other's tits off. They must have jockeyed like this, each trying to trip the other up, around and around almost as if dancing across the mat for a good two minutes, uttering little sharp yelps of effort and/or pain before Bei Xin's handling became too much for Madam Poh who released one of her opponent's nipple and shoved at her opponent's jaw trying to separate them. But it proved to be a fatal mistake because Bei Xin was able to wriggle behind her writhing rival and clamp down hard on Poh Lee's nipples, from behind the area around

and under Bei Xin's hands raw and red by now. Shrieking with dismay, Poh Lee could only ineffectually scrabble at her opponent's hair but from an awkward angle because she had to reach back and tug. Now, with her arms raised up and back, it was a sight  to behold Bei Xin working Madam Poh's tits with impunity. Skillfully, Bei Xin snaked a leg from behind around one of Madam Poh's lifting it off the ground with her own foot, deliberately keeping her opponent off balance and struggling to contend with her savage tit attack.

It was clear that Madam Poh was an amateur because there were, to me, a number of options out of the torture she was now in, such as going for an elbow smash into Bei Xin's exposed belly, but instead she seemed content to let her opponent work her over, too proud to let what must have been excruciating cries of pain escape her lips. Such pride, I wondered.

Finally it proved too much for Madam Poh, as she released a stentorian bellow of pain and threw herself to the mat, dragging Bei Xin down and on top of her. This appeared to only worsen her situation because her tormentor was now able to sit atop her arched back, squeeze her white thighs around Madam Poh's heaving ribs like a snake and merely continue her nipple torture.

'AIIIYAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! HAOOOOO ZHOONNGGGGG! (OHHHH, VERY PAINFUL!!!) "Madam Poh bellowed, now desperate for escape.


Madam Poh's face, hair and arms were already matted with sweat and she was being clearly humiliated. Five thousand up in smoke surely, I thought. But just then, desperation, the mother of creativity cut in, and as Bei Xin leaned forward a little too far, a sweaty breast dangled close to her opponent's face. With speed that belied her performance so far, Madam Poh twisted her face and clamped down hard with her teeth on the outstretched tender nipple.

Now it was Bei Xin's turn to wail as she let go of Madam Poh's breasts and began almost ridiculously trying to swat her attackern away from her breasts by smashing her fist into Poh Lee's face.... once! UNNUUUHHH!!!! twice "UNNUUHHHHHH!!!" thrice! FANG KAI WO!!!!! (Let me go!!!!) before the fourth smash finally dislodged Madam Poh's bleeding lips and Bei Xin's cut and lacerated left nipple from each other. Both women rolled, dazed, already tired, sweating and in very much pain. Madam Poh, who faced Cheng and I, looked a little haunted and haggard, a far cry from the aggressive woman we'd met, and shook her head to try and clear the pain.

Again, it was her rival who was quicker off the mark, sliding in suddenly, again from behind and using one hand to tug Madam Poh's right arm behind her back in a cruel hammerlock, while reaching over her opponent's left shoulder to dig under the cloth of Poh's panties and rake her down there with the obviously sharpened fingernails she'd been admiring when we arrived.

Again, the raucous bellow of pain erupted from Madam Poh, but it was almost drowned out by Bei Xin's insistent taunting in her ear.  "I'm going to make you shit yourself you fucking bitch! This is your smelly love hole that you like to expose to men, is it? I'm going to close it up for you and do all your men a favour!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Madam Poh shrieked, grimacing with the pain of this latest assault, as her free hand threshed ineffectually at thin air in front of her, her eyes wide with pain.   UGNHHH!!!AUUUGGHHHAAUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!PUUUUYAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

(I don't want this!!!!) Again, the hand in Bei Xin's hair, desperately scrabbling, clutching. This was a horribly one-sided

match, I thought. Madam Poh was getting murdered!

Now, a little showboating from Bei Xin, as she noticed that some men in front of them were jacking themselves off hard to the spectacle of their exertions, pants now dangling around their ankles. She smiled a scurrilous smile and pushed Madam Poh forward from behind, offering her hapless opponent as a target for the jizz that must surely now want to explode from some of them. Two of them, middle-agers a little less robust then some of the younger bucks watching, released themselves with a groan, standing up and splashing their hot white jets onto Madam Poh's face, groaning with ecstasy.  "MMMMMFFF!!!!!" Poh Lee shrieked as she felt a splash into one of her eyes, nose and her breasts.  "PUUUUUUUYAAAAOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" she bellowed, shaking her head, eyes closed.

Somehow, just somehow, she managed to get out of the kneeling position she was in, as Bei Xin pushed forward, then planting her stout feet firmly into the mat, she heaved backwards, sending both her and opponent rolling onto their backs. Bei Xin, completely fooled by the reversal, groaned as her head hit the mat with a thump. Madam Poh had found the wind in her sails suddenly, it seemed.

Now the hunter became the hunted. Poh Lee pulled at Bei Xin's legs grabbing them and pulling them upwards at the ankle. Reaching down, and with an almighty tug, she ripped the thong right apart leaving Bei Xin's pussy bare and up stretched towards her. Standing astride her rival with her legs hoisted in the air, Madam Poh yanked upwards while at the same time smashing her pussy into Bei Xin's. The woman on the bottom shrieked in pain!



Eyes closed, Bei Xin could only shriek loudly as again and again she felt her pussy pulled up and piledriven into by Poh Lee's cunt. By now, most of the men watching had removed their clothes and were masturbating openly, even with other women present, it was that exciting. Some must have sensed the end was near. But Poh Lee was not to be denied her own showboating. After she'd reduced Bei Xin to a gibbering mess, she reached down again and tugged at the woman by her

nipples, dragging her shrieking and dazed to her knees with the pain.  Bei Xin could only comply as she needed to lessen the pressure on her sore nipples. Then cradling Bei Xin from behind under the armpits, Poh Lee hoisted her high into the air, then genuflected as she brought her opponent down, slamming her bare crotch hard against her outstretched knee. BOOOMMM!!!!

"AUUUGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Bei Xin shrieked. "YAO SI LEEEHHH!!!" (I want to die!!!)


Bloodlust raged in Poh Lee's eyes as she hoisted Bei Xin again into the air again, her legs spread wide and high, and down again with a sharp smack against that knee. This time though, Poh Lee may have overstretched herself as the two women collapsed into a juddering heap, Poh Lee slumped on her back exhausted, choking down mouthfuls  of air, while Bei Xin wailed loudly, clutching her swollen crotch. This fight was far from over.

Despite the beating she'd just received, it was the younger, fitter and more vigorous Bei Xin who got to her knees first, shrieking, addressing no one in particular as she screamed, "YOU FUCKING BITCH! I NEED TO TEACH YOU GOOD LESSONNNN!!!!" Dragging herself on all fours, she pulled herself over to where Madam Poh lay puffing on her back, and cradled her opponent's legs in her arms, anchoring one of Poh Lee's bare feet under her own armpits for leverage, as she

tied her opponent up in a savage figure four leg hold, placing the weight of her leg on Poh Lee's outstretched ankle.

Poh Lee's eyes, swollen from crying and the effort of the fight,  widened now again, as she brayed her astonishment and pain.

"WHAA... NNNUUURRRRHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" For good measure, Bei Xin planted her foot against Poh Lee's crotch, simultaneously pulling her hapless opponent as they wrestled, digging her toes under the folds of Poh Lee's crotch, finding the soft labia and rubbing vigorously.

"OONNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" Poh Lee spat, through gritted teeth, fighting the waves of pleasure beginning to form and competing with the sharp pain of the figure four hold, spasming so hard that at times she sat upright, her abdominal muscles on fire as she fought to dislodge Bei Xin's foot from her crotch with desperate, clawing hands. Cheng, who'd been flint-faced throughout the match, was now sweating profusely, shaking his head at the beating his woman was receiving. His money was being flushed down the toilet, he must have men watching to not get carried away at this incredible erotic battle in front of him. A few more men had already given up the fight with their needs, and lurched forward to the edge of the mat, again spraying the hapless Madam Poh's face with their jizz as they came. Their leavings mingled with the sweat and blood spread over Poh Lee's face, now transformed into a masque of suffering, as she fought hard  to avoid the orgasmic scream of submission welling up in her.

"NI XING PU XING??? HA???? ZHOU NI REN?" (Do you give up, you bitch?!) Bei Xin shrieked, her voice hoarse now, as she worked the hold good.

"ENNNERRRRHHHHHH!!!" was Poh Lee's gibberish reply as she shook her head "no" over and over. Despite this, I thought,

surely now it was over.

It was. Bei Xin suddenly released her hold, and with the speed of a woman who did not appear to show any more of the effects of the beating she'd taken from her rival earlier, suddenly yanked at the tatters of Poh Lee's panties, ripping them off. Both women were completely nude now, not that it mattered to either anymore. Only the pride of one woman had a chance of walking off the mat complete.

Her opponent's pussy bare to her, and without any fight left in Poh Lee, Bei Xin drew her cruel fingernails against the soft exposed folds of Poh Lee's pussy, tearing, raking and clawing. The older woman was lashing and thrashing furiously and uselessly, losing whatever energy she had to mount a comeback. Cradling Poh Lee's right leg against her shoulder, Bei Xin leaned forward, one hand still working her opponent's pussy as she stretched Poh Lee's leg up and back against her body, so that now her right foot was resting by her cheek, as Bei Xin pinned her to the ground, legs split cruelly and her pussy being ravaged savagely.


The crowd had drawn closer, many of the men completely naked now, working their shafts up and down, poised to shoot, and moaning with pleasure, even Cheng had been overcome with this spectacle, as were a few of the women, who now lay back in their seats, fingering themselves as they watched the outcome of the fight through lidded eyes.

Poh Lee looked this way and that through lidded, swollen eyes, her body and pussy on fire, her legs feeling as if they were about to be ripped from their sockets, and she felt as if her pussy was going to explode from all the ministrations of her hated rival. But Poh Lee knew there was no way back for her, and unconsciousness was too far away from her...

"WWWWWOOOOOOOOO""" she began to bray. (I..I...IIIIII)



With a defiant scream of victory, Bei Xin flopped onto the mat next to her as the men surged forward, moaning and masturbating themselves onto the beaten Poh Lee, drenching her face, chest, belly and even her toes with their hot pent up cum. Bei Xin spied Cheng in the press and grabbed him by the cock, "YOU! YOU ARE HER MAN! COME


Crouching next to her beaten opponent, Bei Xin yanked Poh Lee cruelly by her drenched hair to face her as she screamed into her face, "THIS IS YOUR MAN!!! SEE?" With that, she worked Cheng's outstretched shaft vigorously in her other hand, jacking him off as he bucked, releasing streams of cum onto Bei Xin's face so that Poh Lee could watch them. "SEE? HE IS CUMMING ON ME BITCH! I'VE TAKEN YOUR MAN, BITCH! I'VE TAKEN YOUR MAN! YOU ARE NOTHING!"

The heat must have been too much for me because at that moment, I passed out.