Secret World of Madam Poh 2 by Kitty Yong


(Note, although this story follows on from the events of "The Secret World of Madam Poh", it can be read standalone. Please enjoy.)

I WOKE UP in semi-darkness, surrounded by a musty smell. It took me a while to figure out where I was, as the memories of last night's events flooded back. I'd been watching the prize apartment fight between Madam Poh and Madam Bei when I blacked out, after Poh had submitted.

Now I realised where I was, back in her tacky ugly and disheveled apartment in one of Singapore's high-rise public apartments. One by one, thoughts came back to me, as awareness slowly dawned. I was still in my clothes but my wallet, camera and notebook were gone.

Immediately, I knew I was in trouble. It had cost me most of Der Sturmer's budget to get me inside the private apartment wrestling circuit in squeaky clean Singapore, to file a story, but Dieter, the editor needed pictures, without which I would lose the story and the commission. I could write the story of what I had encountered from memory but without pictures...

I slumped in the couch for a while, wondering what and who, more importantly, had brought me here. A noise came from the kitchen. I staggered over upturned furniture, strewn clothing and lingerie of the friliiest and ugliest kind, and pornographic magazines and video tapes across a dusty floor to enter an equally run down and unkempt kitchen.

In it, an attractive woman in her late 30s stood with her back to me, as she busied herself buttering toast, pouring cups of coffee and watching a pot of boiled eggs. She had shoulder length, black hair, and creamy skin, with a slender neck, and a slim, attractive figure.  She wore a white cotton shift that showed off her white g-string panties underneath, and the hem was short enough to reveal a pair of very attractive legs.

As required inside all Chinese households, her feet were bare, and she had her left leg cocked, her shapely sole resting and balanced against her equally toned right calf, a sight that I must say brought me back to full wakeness.

At the sound of my entry, she turned, regarded me with a pair of hard, but attractive brown eyes, and a ghost of a smile under a flat but not unpleasant nose. She bowed a little, and nodded for me to take a seat at the newspaper covered table in the middle of the kitchen.

I wondered if she could speak English, and answer my questions. She served me thick, strong pungent coffee and some toast. As she leaned near me, I regarded her not unattractive waist, ass and fairly sizeable breasts, hinting at a certain mischief in her that was yet to be discovered.

If I wanted to know who she was, she was not about to tell me, as she bustled out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Minutes later, she reappeared, holding up a bent and broken Madam Poh, who was clad only in a white terry cloth robe. She was visibly hobbled from the fight yesterday, her bare feet swollen and bruised, but the rest of her was as much a mess. She could not look up from the stoop she was forced into to relieve the pressure on her strained back muscles, and her hair hung like rags matting her forehead. One of her eyelids was an ugly swollen purple, and her mouth was cracked and a little bloody.  Madam Bei, her local rival in the prize fight circuit of which I'd seen last night, had truly punished her during their bout.

I helped the younger woman seat Poh at the table as best I could. Poh had nothing on under the robe, which barely clung to her shoulders and I was afforded a view of her large breasts, and pussy crowned with a thick black bush. She groaned as she eased herself into the seat, and sipped noisily at some coffee.

For a few uncomfortable moments I sat there, a guest in this stranger's house, unable to say anything. The two women mumbled in Chinese, before the younger woman spoke for the first time, in accented but good English.

"Poh Lee says she hopes that you are not uncomfortable and that you have everything that you need."

"Tell her I am sorry about what happened to her last night. And that I am sorry to have inconvenienced her by what happened to me."

"It's OK. I got a friend to drive Poh Lee, and carry you to his car.  He helped me bring you upstairs last night to this flat. We did not know what else to do. We have no idea where you stay."

I remembered the lost wallet, and camera. I figured they must have been nicked while I was out.

Poh Lee mumbled something at me, and said, 'Very pretty! Very pretty!" and pointed at the other woman who simply lowered her head.  Madam Poh slurped at some half boiled egg and with some of it draining messily down the side of her mouth, she regarded me through those swollen eyes, and laughed a hacking, coughing laugh.

"I sleep!" she bellowed, her voice and humour back after some rest, but still needing more. "You and Janet..." and she smiled, revealing a gold tooth, suggesting that I "enjoy" myself with her companion.  Janet, for I now knew her name, stood and hoisted Poh Lee up, and staggered with her back up the stairs to her bedroom, as I continued with my breakfast and struggled to take stock of what was happening.

Pictures, I'd forgotten to take pictures of the fight, which means that I would have to get an invite to another one of these matches.   I'd have to track down Cheng again, although hope faded in me that I should ever recover my wallet and camera.

I froze. From above came a low moaning sound. At first I thought that it was Poh, crying in pain, but the sigh was more one of pleasure. My curiosity got the best of me and I mounted the stairs to check on what was happening.

The door at the top of the landing was ajar and against my better judgment, i stepped in. Janet, clad only in the white g-string that I had glimpsed under her dress downstairs was kneeling between Madam Poh's plump thighs, her head busy, as she ate the older woman, slurping noisily.

Through eyes lidded with pleasure, Poh saw me and moaned louder, beckoning me to come forward. As if in unison, Janet reached backwards, her mouth still slurping at Poh's pussy, to pull her panties down offering a sopping wet gash to me.

Like a moth to the flame I stumbled forward, my pants down around my ankles even as my rock hard erection plunged deep into the younger woman's pussy from behind. Janet emitted a scream of pleasure, as I entered this woman. Poh Lee shuddered with pleasure and grabbed Janet by the head, plunging her into her gash, as I began to pump with slow, then increasingly faster strokes, harder and harder, worried that I would break her slender frame against the bed, as Janet

scrabbled with her hands, teasing and clawing at Poh Lee's tits even as she sucked and slurped at the older woman's lips.

UNNNUUUUUURRRRHHHHH!, Poh's stentorian bellow of pleasure mixed with the keen, and shriller EEEEERRRRHHHHHH of Janet each time I pumped my shaft into her.

In the end, it was Poh Lee's orgasm that helped finish me off.... "AUUUUUUUUUGGGHHHH!!! she shrieked as she finally gave in to the pressure building up inside of her, lifting her thighs to encircle and bury Janet's head between them as she hooked her feet on either of my sweat-drenched shoulders. As I thrust into Janet, my balls slapping furiously against her flanks, I twisted my head, and began to suck on the older woman's plump toes, before I began to explode,  ripping myself out of Janet, lifting her onto the bed beside the spent Madam Poh, striding forward and onto the mattress, squatting and unleashing bolts of hot, thick white cum over both these gorgeous Chinese faces, their lips open expectantly.

We collapsed in a tangle of legs and slept a deep sleep. I awoke in Janet's arms, as Poh snored beside her and began to talk.

They'd met at one of Madam Poh's fights. Janet then was a down and out hawker's assistant whose husband had left her. Poh Lee had taken care of her and given her a place to stay, as well as money, which she supplemented working as a masseuse at one of the local flesh shops. It was Poh who introduced her to the catfight circuit, and Janet had racked up quite a few matches, and was able to support herself.

As Poh aged, it became more difficult for her. Her own marital difficulties made themselves manifest, and Janet helped her through an abusive marriage and unpleasant divorce. Although they'd never fought each other, they became one another's training partners, and many a sweaty training session in private had ended in passionate lovemaking between the two mature Chinese beauties.

Janet told me Cheng had been seen leaving the fight last night with the winner Madam Bei Xin. It was likely that Cheng would not present Poh Lee any more, and without a fixer, finding a match would be difficult for someone Madam Poh's age. After 40, few fixers would risk money or effort on a wrestler like Poh.

"So," I asked, staring at the ceiling, "The only chance Poh Lee has of fighting again and earning money is if she wrestles Madam Bei... again."

Janet raised her head, her tousled hair falling across her beautiful broad forehead. 'What do you mean?"

I suddenly realised what I had to do. I needed back in to the circuit. Two, I needed photos. Three, I didn't know why but I felt

that I owed these two women something. Janet for her kindness and because I really liked her. And Poh because she'd taken in a strange foreigner without knowing me, even after sustaining a terrible beating.

Four: I would have to become Madam Poh's fixer and trainer, since nobody else would do the job.

And five: I would have to arrange, with Janet's help, a rematch between Madam Poh and Madam Bei.

It was a long shot. And it was going to be rough. Which is the only way I liked it. Dieter would not be amused. Fuck him.


The next day, while Madam Poh recuperated at her apartment, Janet and I walked arm-in-arm into the Rising Phoenix Foot Reflexology Spa, a garish establishment on the outskirts of Singapore city. There was the usual gaggle of China-born "tourists" - women on a social visit pass from cities like Dalian and Shanghai, but here to earn money selling their bodies. Janet informed me that Madam Bei owned the shop, and I figured if you are looking for a lion, where else do you look but the lion's den?

While I was in a fresh change of clothes courtesy of Janet, the woman herself looked absolutely sexy, her figure revealed in its maximum glory in a skimpy midriff-baring tube top, and a pair of white hot pants, no panties, she assured me with a grin, and a pair of chunky platform soles that showed off her exquisite feet. In the time I'd known her, I wondered what kind of fighter she was like. I didn't know I was about to find out.

In the gloom of the parlour, Madam Bei was seated, clad in a lacy black singlet and white three quarter pants, her bare feet propped up on one of the massage chairs, surrounded by a gaggle of Chinese women, her employees no doubt, all slurping on Chinese tea. I noticed with some glee bruises here and there on her face, shoulders and thighs, courtesy of Madam Poh. But she was nowhere near as damaged from the bout as the woman she'd beaten two nights ago, and she had the attitude to match.

She looked us up and down, then cracked a smile in recognition, as she nodded at her workers to leave us in private. I'd learned enough Chinese from Janet in bed to know roughly what she was saying.

"What are you doing with this white man? Ha, Janet? Want to work for me, is it?"

Janet kept an even level tone. "This man has a proposal for you.  Please hear him out, Madam Bei."

As I spoke in English, Janet translated for me. "I propose a rematch, between you and Madam Poh, to submission with no time limit. The winner will receive $100,000, the loser will receive nothing. In addition," I said, as I reached into a bag I was carrying, and pulled out a gleaming black strap-on dildo, "The winner will victory fuck the winner in front of the guests."

Bei Xin was a cool customer, I had to hand it to her. She leaned back and twiddled a foot at me, a sign of great disrespect in Chinese culture. "You want me to wrestle that bitch again? But I've already beaten her. What's more, I've taken her man from her."

I glanced at Janet. And took off my clothes, until I stood, all six foot of me, bare for Madam Bei's instructions, my cock hanging like a pendant. Despite herself, I caught her eyes widen just a fraction at the size of my member, unadorned and menacing. "And if you beat her, you get me, as your personal slave."

Bei Xin's eyes narrowed, and she looked at Janet. "I get what this is about... you LIKE this slut girlfriend of Poh Lee's, ha?" and laughed a bellowing, ugly laugh. "I like the nerve of you two, coming in here and daring to give me orders on behalf of that fucking loser bitch." Her voice became venomous. "I beat her! I made her eat me, and then I ate her man!"

Janet spoke up, "Poh Lee just wants a rematch, Madam Bei. She still thinks she can beat you."

Bei Xin stood up, spit flying as she brought her wide eyed face in Janet's, "BITCH! SHE THINKS SHE CAN BEAT ME? YOU CAN'T EVEN BEAT ONE OF MY GIRLS, LET ALONE ME."

And Janet saved the day, by saying, coldly, "Let us see." As she kicked off her platforms, and pulled off her blouse and shorts to

stand bare naked beside me, her chest heaving in anger. "I'll fight one of your girls now. If I beat her, any one you pick, you fight Madam Poh. After all, if as you say that you have beaten her, it should be easy for you to beat her again."

Bei Xin was livid, and flushed red with anger. She stammered a reply before screaming at the top of her voice, "BOBO! GUO LAI!" At her command, a tall, bespectacled Chinese woman of about her mid-30s entered the room, clad in a short black skirt and a matching black bikini top, with thick soled black slippers. She glanced at Janet and I in the nude, idly, through a pair of cruel eyes.

"BOBO! I WANT YOU TO TEACH THIS BITCH A LESSON!" her boss screamed at her. In a flash, Bobo was in bare feet and her birthday suit on the red carpet of the room, claws out, and crouched facing and circling Janet, who responded in kind, as the other masseuses piled in and began to cheer on their colleague. Money immediately began to change hands between the women and they squealed instructions to Bobo.

My heart was in my mouth taking in the lanky, tanned girl who was about to fight with Janet. Janet easily came up only to her

shoulders, and the other girl was toned and fit-looking, her finger and toe nails painted a gleaming white. What worried me were the rough-and-tough looking tattoos, gang symbols and taoist prayers adorning her back, breasts, the cleft of her buttocks, over her pussy and on both ankles. That Bei Xin had called this woman was a sign she knew how to fight. I wondered if my gamble had failed before even the first die was rolled.

It didn't help when Bobo strode in suddenly, grabbed a fistful of Janet's hair and bent her forward as she slammed a knee into Janet's exposed tummy, eliciting cries of cheers from the other girls watching. Janet went down on one knee, dazed, as Bobo spun around with a HAIIIIYAAAHHHH and caught her full on the side of the head with a spin kick that sent Janet sprawling onto her ass. As her aggressor tried to follow up with a stomp kick to her barebelly however, Janet dodged and slammed a fist between those tanned thighs of Bobo.

Now it was the taller girl's turn to drop to her knee, stunned that the older woman could mount such a comeback. Bellowing a harsh scream of rage that nearly drowned out the exhortations of Bobo's friends,  Janet strode quickly around her dazed opponent, reached forward grabbing both of Bobo's hands and yanked backwards, pulling them back in a criss cross manner from over and behind Bobo's head, so that Bobo was literally choking herself with her own arms, while Janet used her superb right foot for leverage while planting it in the small of her opponent's back.

The confidence I'd seen in Bobo had evaporated and now the younger, tattooed wrestler had a haunted look in her face, as the standing choke hold bit and her back began to stretch as Janet pulled with a stentorian scream.

After a few moments, Janet released the hold. Bobo slumped choking to the mat, but quickly recovered to her feet as again they began to circle. This time Bobo began to utter curses in Cantonese as they squared off. This put her supporters in full voice again.

Again, the younger girl tried to strike first, lunging to grab at the smaller woman's head, but Janet ducked under, and danced past so that she ended up behind the bigger girl, her arms encircled around her waist. With a HUUUURRRRR of effort, she hoisted Bobo, arms flailing in to the air, as she used her fingers to yank at the soft folds of flesh between Bobo's thighs, spreading, teasing and clawing them as the bigger girl shrieked in pain. Grunting and squealing with the effort, Janet staggered forward still carrying Bobo and sent her pussy and ass crashing against the hard rosewood table where Madam

Bei had been seated when we entered. Flesh and wood met with a crunch and a wail of anguish from Bobo as Janet let her opponent drop to the floor with a crash.

"THIS IS ALL YOU'VE GOT? HA, MADAM BEI!!!????" Janet shrieked at her as the blood lust filled her eyes. My woman then hoisted one end of the table, her breasts flushed pink, glistening with sweat as she dragged it to aim one leg over the prone Bobo's crotch.

Too dazed to move, Bobo was sobbing for mercy. "YOU WANT TO HURT ME , I'LL MAKE SURE YOU NEVER HURT ANY OTHER WOMAN AGAIN!!!!!! SLLUUUUUUTTTT!!!!!" Janet shrieked as she released the table, the weight of it driving the leg like a spike and impaling Bobo by the pussy. Women shoved Janet, the winner aside, screaming in unison with the beaten Bobo as they struggled to lift the table off of her.

I rushed to Janet's side and caught her as I felt her go limp in my arms, exhausted from the battle. Ashen-faced, Madam Bei nodded. "This time, I'll KILL Poh Lee." and spat a wad at Bobo, disgusted with her woman for making her lose face.

Round One to Poh, Janet and I.


The fight was set for two weeks from today, and Bei Xin insisted it be held at the Rising Phoenix, for obvious reasons, business, pride, home advantage and otherwise.

Now, that left us 14 days to get Madam Poh in fighting shape. Even now, she was lighting up a cigarette as she stood, stark naked in front of Janet and I. She was easily several kilos overweight, and besides the smoking and drinking she did copiously, it was clear her diet was too greasy. Exercise was a foreign idea too, even though there was gym equipment, jump rope and many other useful training equipment all over her apartment.

With two weeks there was not much that we could do, other than to acclimatise Poh Lee to the sort of abuse she was likely to take against Madam Bei. So I pretended I knew what I was doing and made a programme up. There was a jogging track and a swimming pool near her home, and I decided to take full advantage of these. An early morning jog, followed by some laps and aquarobic and wrestling training in the pool. This would be followed by some skip rope and weights before lunch. The whole of the afternoon was devoted to wrestling and fighting technique, with Janet as her training partner. There would be a run in the evenings, followed by a steam bath and calisthenics before bed.

Poh groaned at the punishing schedule and the first couple of days were really rough. She could barely finish a kilometre without sitting down, and had to be helped in the pool after barely her second lap. We chose the wading pool for our water exercises, and some weight and wrestling training. A number of housewives watched curiously as the two bikini-clad women their age proceeded to hoist and throw each other about in the pool as a giant foreign man watched.

One became so curious that she joined us in the water. After she got over her incredulity that Poh fought other women for money, she too joined in with gusto, and we had a much needed additional training partner. The new housewife, Madam Wong, was so good and possessed of the raw strength and talent of women her age, she was able to suplex Poh Lee a number of times in a water grapple, before humiliated by her embarassment, Poh finally nailed her with a beauty of a flip, as both women disappeared under the water and emerged sputtering, laughing and embracing.

Back at the apartment, the women stripped off their clothes, as we went to work on the weights. Poh was drenched in sweat within minutes as her naked body gleamed and glistened as she worked the skip rope slowly and cumbersomely at first, then with more confidence. The weights proved too much for her and she vomited a couple of times from the effort. Watching Janet squatting next to her, lovingly massaging Madam Poh's back and arms as the latter struggled to work at the weights, made me hard as a rock, and Poh noticed and smiled.

Lunch was a quiet affair of simple gruel, meat and vegetables, prepared by Janet. Both women sat naked at the table, chatting in Chinese in hushed tones. Under the table, I could see Poh Lee using one of her feet to stroke Janet at the ankle, while the other simply ate nonplussed. I squirmed at this most erotic of spectacles, wondering about it and its meaning. I'd seen Poh and Bei play footsie in this manner under the table. Again, Madam Poh caught me watching.

"What does it mean? When you Chinese ladies play with each other using your feet? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?"

Madam Poh smiled that gleaming toothy smile, "For we Chinese, foot is dirtiest part but also sexiest part of woman so we try to keep it clean and pretty. If two Chinese woman play with foot means, ask other woman, do you like to fight me? If she respond and play with my foot, too, means, Yes. That's why you see when Chinese girl fight, loser must suck winner's toes."

Being a serious serious foot fetishist I nearly burst there and then, but kept my peace.

I noticed that Janet was quiet, and flushed a little, and not much interested in her food.

Madam Poh suddenly cupped her breasts, looked at me, and smiled, "White man, you want me? You can take me now."

Suddenly, Janet was beside Poh Lee, a handful of hair in her hand, "This is my man! He fight for you to be able to have pride again! You want him, you must fight me for him! You beat me, make me suck your toes, then only you can take my man from me! UNDERSTAND????!!!"

Madam Poh reached up and slapped Janet hard, leaving a red welt across her face. The woman was strong, I'll give her that. I knew Janet was trying to bring out the fighting spirit in her.

"Finish your food ladies," I muttered, as Janet took her seat. "Then, we fight." I noticed a rustle under the table. Both women ate their food wordlessly, but under the table, there was a frantic activity as both women used their beautifully manicured and pampered feet and plump, long toes to stroke, claw and twist at one another.


ANOOOOOAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! I was stunned by the spectacle in front of me. Sweating, huffing and puffing, a nude Madam Poh had hoisted a flailing Janet into the air and was preparing to slam her onto the mat after about half an hour of exhausting, to and fro sparring. For their training, the older woman had overstepped the boundaries, perhaps because of their altercation at lunch. Neither woman was expected to hurt or gash or cut the other, as we needed Poh Lee in tip top condition. I was dismayed that Madam Poh was burning up much needed strength with aggressive power slams and draining scissor


So far, from what I'd seen, her fight style was all one of bluster.  There was no subtlety and she definitely was not a technical

wrestler. Such skills were needed if she was to defeat Madam Bei Xin, and I was yelling at her to do so now. Her conqueror some nights ago had beaten her through good wrestling, and would last much more than the 30 minutes she had taken to gain the upper hand against a tired Janet who yesterday had fought for her friend's shot at a rematch.

But Janet was anything, if not wily. Wriggling like a monkey, she managed to slip from Madam Poh's grasp and drop downwards towards the mat, lacing her legs around the older woman's sweat matted head and pulling and flipping her down to the bare, sopping wet blue judo tatami that we'd set up in the living room of Madam Poh's flat.

The mat was soaked because the fans were off, the windows closed and curtains drawn under the harsh flourescent lighting. The place was a fucking sauna, and would add more aerobic impact to the training.

Into a puddle of their mingled sweat, Madam Poh found herself splashed, groaning and dazed as Janet swiftly put her into a facesit, swept forward, grabbed Poh Lee's thighs and tucked them under her armpits, forcing her opponent into a perfect matchbook pin. Leaning backwards, Janet went to work on Poh Lee's upturned and exposed pussy.

Within moments, the taller, older woman who had been going to slam Janet, was slapping the mat in pain and submission. "PU XINNNNGG AHHHHH!!! "she shrieked. I had watched the proceedings, beating my meat hard, and this was too much for me.

Janet flopped off her, panting, her head upturned to take my load on her beautiful mature face, the cream mingling with rivulets of sweat pouring from her forehead and down her cheeks and nose. After I gathered up my strength, I shook my head... we still had a long way to go.

That evening in the tub, after Madam Poh had clambered out, Janet nestled me between her breasts and whispered, "It won't happen overnight."

We needed a miracle. One afternoon, as Poh Lee and Janet wrestled on the tatami, the door bell rang. It was Madam Wong, the housewife from the pool who'd been fascinated by what we were doing. She begged to be allowed to watch, and if possible, train and spar with Madam Poh, with whom she'd already had some sessions in the water.

I thought it would not be a problem, and in fact, a change of sparring partner, especially a weaker, untrained one, might do Poh's battered confidence some good.

Wong was about Poh's age, shorter and more buxom, with an enormous pair of 38D jugs, a tummy but tough, muscular legs. She was clad in a spaghetti strap singlet, and a pair of cotton shorts, and had left her Japanese flip flops at the door. From what I could see, she had come prepared, which is to say, she wore nothing underneath.

As I returned to the tatami after locking up, she was already nude and exchanging pleasantries with the two other ladies on the mat. She offered to wrestle Poh Lee for a while, as Janet stopped to take a break, grab some water.

In a flash, Poh and Wong locked up, and Poh threw her new sparring partner to the mat. As she moved to grab a handful of Wong's brown and gold streaked hairdo, Wong let out with an almighty left that connected with Poh's cheek. Stunned, Madam Poh slumped to the side blinking at Madam Wong, who smiled a little too sinister for my liking. A fight was in the offing with the newcomer.

Madam Poh made a grab for Wong's enormous tits, clawing and raking the flesh around her large dark aereolas, but Wong responded with a hand to Poh Lee's thick, bushy pussy, teasing and tearing at the hair there as both of them shrieked in pain. I made to stop the two, but Janet stopped me with a hand, wanting to see where this was going.

Poh seemed more taken aback that a rank newcomer should fight so well, but was in too much pain to recognise it and do something about it. In desperation, she slapped her opponent hard, sending the latter's huge tits flopping left and right with each blow to her face.

This stirred something in the newcomer, for she flung her full weight onto Madam Poh, forcing her onto her back and pinioning her face, mouth and nostrils between those enormous breasts. Madam Poh scrabbled in vain, frantically trying to tear at Madam Wong's face from her weakened position but to no avail. Within seconds, she was

pounding the mat in submission... SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP.

But Wong was not done. Lifting herself up, she went into a schoolgirl straddle, pinning Poh's shoulders under her knees as she planted her face, ignoring Madam Poh's muffled cries and further frantic slaps of submission. I wanted to intervene but Janet grabbed me roughly and shook her head. I didn't understand.

Meanwhile, Poh Lee had had enough and began to buck violently, once, twice and thrice arching her back to unseat Wong. Third time lucky as Wong spilled to the mat beside her. As Poh Lee came up, Wong tried again with a punch to the face, but this time Poh Lee caught her arm, leaned in and hoisted the other woman onto her shoulders before slamming backwards to the mat with a stentorian bellow. "ANUUURRRRHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"

I thought that she would surely follow up with yet another energy sapping power move, like a slam or stomp, but instead, Poh Lee opted to play it careful and got behind her opponent, dragging her by the hair and trapping her neck between her thick thighs, as she worked Wong's nipples again.

"FOR A NEWBIE, YOU SURE KNOW HOW TO FIGHT!" Poh Lee yelled, angry and frustrated. "TELL ME THE TRUTH! WHAT DO YOU WANT!!!???!!!"

Squirming this way and that, Wong fought to escape from Poh Lee's neck scissors and would not answer.

Unhooking her legs, Poh Lee backed off onto her haunches then stood crouched in the middle of the ring. A little too fast after having taken such punishment, Wong recovered, and began to circle.

Good girl, Poh Lee. Like I'd taught her, let the opponent do the walking. Conserve energy, watch wait and be patient.

"SEUY AH LEI!!!" (GO AND DIE!!!") Wong hissed, suddenly full of venom, and made a lunge at Poh Lee, but her kick found empty air as Poh Lee danced aside and caught the foot at the ankle.

"GET HER!" Janet yelled. Poh Lee dragged Wong hopping, keeping her demoralisingly off balance as she toyed with her opponent before yanking Wong towards her and slamming her foot hard into Wong's bare shaven pussy. Wong howled in pain and dropped to all fours, sobbing as she tried to massage the pain away, but cleverly, Poh Lee stepped behind her and yanked at the hand she was using, tugging it until it protruded from through the cleft of her legs where her buttocks began.

Then using her other arm to tug at Wong's other arm, Poh Lee squealed as she lifted the newcomer into the air, the weight of her body threatening to snap both her arm in such a precarious position, wieghed down by the full mass of her body as Poh Lee carried her.

"NOOOOO!!! PUYAAAAOOOOOOO!OOO!!!" Wong shrieked, but the scream was cut off as Poh Lee let her tumble to the mat like a rag doll.  Reaching down, Poh Lee dug her hands into Wong's clit and lifted her again, the fingers clawing and tearing at her opponent's already stretched sugar walls.


"PUYAAAOOOOOOOO! WO PUYAOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" came Wong's almost broken

but defiant bellow.


"NNNNNOOOOOOOO....EEERHHHHH!!!!!!" This time, Poh Lee used her fingers to grasp Wong by the labia and yank her threshing and screaming into the air, stretching and torturing those delicate folds. I'd never seen Poh Lee so confident and vibrant. It was this sort of form that would surely give her victory against Bei Xin.


"WO PU XING!!!! NO MORE PLEAAAASEEEEEE!!!!" Wong shrieked as she slapped the mat while still being lifted in this most cruel of ways.

"THOUGHT SO!" Poh Lee shouted as she dropped Wong to the mat and planted a foot in victory on the other's shuddering and heaving chest and raised her arms in victory, smiling at us.

"This one is not who she claims to be," Poh Lee said. "I'm going to have to get it out of her. Ha? Xiao mao? (Little one.)"

The defeated Mrs Wong shook her head, wide eyed in fear. "No! She'll kill me!"


Wong was sobbing great jerking sobs now. "Y-y-yessss! She told me to beat you up so that you won't be able to fight her next week."


Hours later, at the Rising Phoenix, a battered and bleeding Wong stumbled or rather waddled naked and sobbing in pain, her hands tied behind her back and a gleaming black dildo inserted into her anus and fainted in front of her boss. To the dildo was tied a note in Chinese script, which Bei Xin read grimly:

"Darling Bei Xin,

My other one is reserved for you.

See you next week. Let's have a good fight.


Poh Lee."


The remaining days of training sailed by with Poh Lee suddenly full of spirit and verve. Janet had purchased me a camera and my first act was to sneak a picture of Madam Bei, which I had blown up, showing her ugly, scowling beauty in all its glory and taunting Poh Lee as she battled against Janet on the tatami and tortured her whenever she wanted to give up during physical training.

Poh began to last longer on the mats against Janet, and was using a finer mix of skill and technique in addition to her aggression. Some of the bouts were exquisite affairs, Poh's bassy screams mingled with Janet's emotional cries of pain and joy. She still hadn't managed to make Janet submit to her, although there were some close calls, and ultimately, Janet was still able to beat her. Poh had lost a lot of flab, and some tone and colour was beginning to show in her.

On Day 11, though. That changed. The fight had gone on much longer than usual, and I was sweating on the couch watching them go at it as the steam rose and swirled around the room from the effort and sweat of their bodies, and the unforgiving tropical heat.

Neither were able to stand and had slapped each other into a standstill. I was rock hard from wanting to see a conclusion, but it was like they were working my cock hard between their lips, holding just as I was about to cum through the very action of fighting.

Janet swung with a drunken scream of exhaustion at where she thought Poh Lee's head would be but found only empty air. Poh Lee had missed the punch by inches. Dragging Janet back upright because she was too tired to do so herself, Poh Lee shrieked, "NOW YOU BITCH! YOU ARE FINALLY GOING TO BE BEATEN!" and with that she flung her legs upwards, lacing her thighs around Janet's neck and twisting herself over to rest on her arms on the mat, so that Janet's head was dragged

down and pinned under her, while the rest of her body was trapped helplessly. Through exhaustion lidded eyes, Poh Lee crawled towards me, eyes on my throbbing shaft, as she dragged Janet behind her who had to crawl on her knees to keep up. Nearing my shaft, Poh Lee grabbed it and looked at me through sex-starved, hungry eyes and asked me one of the sexiest questions I've ever been asked. 'Ask your woman if she submits to me?"

I touched Janet on the shoulder. "DO YOU GIVE UP???!!!!"

SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP "YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Janet shrieked, beaten finally by Poh Lee, as the latter lowered her head onto my cock, my lover's head still trapped between her thighs, and ate me until I could feel my swollen head against the back of her throat.

NURRRRHHHH!!!! I moaned, hungrily, digging into her oily sweaty hair as she worked me.

"SCHLEEEPPPPP!!!!! This one, " Poh Lee moaned greedily as she sucked, "is because I beat your woman. The next one is going to be because I'm going to make you want me. And the others after that are because I'm going to share you with her and because I want fuck both of you together in my bed tonight."

I came, hard, thick jets of jism built up from watching and masturbating over these two beautiful women torturing each other

physically and sexually for two hours on the mat before me, wrestling OVER me... it was too much. I came so hard, I buried Poh Lee's face, and some of my shoot splashed onto Janet's bare buttocks.

And yet, I was hard instantly again because I had to watch Janet, that proud beautiful face that had given me so many hours of joy and exquisite torture, accept Poh Lee's conquering foot on it, and endure the sight of my love's tongue humbly accepting her defeat by flicking and coating each and every one of Poh Lee's toes with her saliva.

And I had to watch her yearning, jealous face as I took Poh Lee doggie style against the couch, listening to the older woman's

screams as I watched beautiful Janet wet herself helplessly watching Poh Lee claim her prize as again, my shaft swelled and exploded inside of Poh Lee.

Finally, after Poh Lee had claimed me, she and Janet worked me expertly, just as she'd promised, in her bed, both women expertly pleasing and doubling my pleasure with their Chinese sex tricks and skills as I came and came and came and came....