Wish List part 1 by Kitty Yong

Mixed sexfight buildup

Li nuzzled me on the sloop as it made its way back from idyllic Bintan to Singapore. The incredible weekend we'd had was fresh in our minds. The fight we'd had and won against the Chinese couple at the villa. I couldn't help but smile as Li pulled my hand under her briefest of skirts to feel the fishnet of the China woman's panties that she now wore to remind her of our victory. It wasn't her only souvenir.

On her beautiful ankle which she'd draped over my legs, she wore Na's gold anklet which she'd surrendered to her in the post-fight mayhem and in the grip we shared, the China woman's bikini top was safely ensconced.

"May be I will wear it for our next couple's match," she said, grinning sexily, when i asked her what she intended to do with it. We had a faraway look for much of the journey, and I felt a little, the briefest of brief, sting of jealousy. I recalled her screams of orgasmic relief as she was taken by both me and the other man as her "reward", and no doubt was remembering the taste of both of us in her gorgeous sexy mouth at the same time as she face sat Na during our victory fuck.

I'd really never seen her as energetic before. She walked with a spring in her step now. The experience of wrestling - and beating - another couple had really opened her to a new world of sensual excitement, and it was clear she wanted more.

"I wouldn't know where to find us another couple," I said, to a disappointed scowl from my woman. It was true the China couple had kind of fallen on our laps, out of heaven as it were.

I was curious, though, and probed. "Assuming we could, how would you want it to happen?"

She thought of it, her beautiful brow furrowing, "First, they would have to be Chinese only, attractive, definitely our age. I'd want to fuck them - both."

I laughed, "OK, and?"

She smacked me hard and scowled again, pouting. "I'm serious. Those two weren't particularly attractive. I'd like the man to be hung like a horse... like you, if not bigger..." My eyes widened... and she giggled.

"I'd love it if they really knew how to fight, that they'd give us a really, really good fight. Wouldn't mind a little bit of pain. They should be dirty, clever, skilful? We can tell each other what we want, what kind of stakes..." She thought some more, "Hmmm... in a ring... nude, all four of us."

"What kind of stakes?"

She thought long and hard. "Well, for starters, let's make a submission match like what we did to Zheng Na and Cheng this weekend." Oh, I remembered, and she felt my cock stiffen, with a smile. It got harder, when she added with a wink, "A good loud, long submission, just the way you like it? And after... I win, of course, I want to watch her suck you off while I suck her man off. And both of you cum on her face while she sucks my toes."

I nodded, breathless. I was keen on her wish list, too, and decided then and there to make it happen - again.

My weapon of choice was of course, the Internet. I trolled the groups and discussion forums, and put up an ad of Li and I in the buff, posing by the sea at Bintan, advertising we were looking for a match. I was frank and spelled out the wish list in full.

It was quite an adventure negotiating the flood of replies we received. Most couples seemed to think that it was some sort of code for a swinging session, and then there were the whips and chain crowd.

Dan and Terri Tan were our chosen victims, I mean, opponents, simply on the strength of an email. A simple "Hi!" greeted us, with a picture of a Chinese couple in their early 40s. They were probably our equals physically, and the reason we could tell this was the picture had Terri;s attractive blonde highlight-streaked head going down on Dan's not miniscule cock with an experienced mouth and hands. "Hung like a horse?" I intoned, as Li sat naked in my lap in front of the computer screen, stroking my own. I swear she almost drooled. I tried to rein it in, but I was there in Dan's place already, in my head. There were more delights.

"We're so glad to be able to find another like-minded couple here in Singapore. You two sound like darlings, and it's a pity we'll have to hurt you in the ring. But it's OK, we won't be long with you, and then the pleasure can start between us.. although of course as the winners of our match, we'll probably enjoy the session more than the two of you." as a row of smileys taunted us.

They were second-timers, too, like us, and spoiling for another good match. They'd beaten a Japanese couple in an oilwrestling match at a resort in Phuket and yearned to get back onto the mats again with another couple.

The cockiness continued. "We love how you want a real match and hope that you understand that when we get onto the mats we will be hurting you, but, that's part of the thrill of the fight, isn't it? Also appreciate your candour in spelling out the terms of the match but should not that be left to the decision of the winners, namely us?" More smileys.

Li and I were loving them already.

They suggested a meetup for dinner and drinks, somewhere public, where we could four explore each other more and fix up the match from there.

"PS," the email continued, "Terri sends a special message to Li, she says she's going to make Li suck her own toes before she makes her suck Terri's." A trail of smileys wandered off the page.

We both laughed out loud reading it, as Li slipped onto her knees before me, hungrily swallowing my full extended length. Talking with her mouth full she moaned, "(Shlllup)Poor Terri, her man.. is...(shrp)... just not up to your standard...well...(shirrup)... I'll make it my personal (mmrhhh) mission to let her experience you like this...mmmrrrfff...which means.... she'll... (gurf) .... be personally submitting to me. Do you like that, hmmmm? (shuuuulllup)"

"Sssss..." I could only manage, eyes slitted. She spent the next delightful, fretful teasing hour in that position telling me exactly how she wanted Terri in the ring before I flipped her onto her beautiful can and slammed her hard in her favourite doggie style until I erupted. Dutiful woman that she was, she let me lace her nose, broad forehead, lips and cheeks with a portion of my hot, thick white spunk before taking me in her throat, greedily.

Dan and I called each other and agreed, briefly, to a meet up at an al-fresco pub along the Singapore River that weekend.


I could tell Li was really into the swing of it. She'd call me eight times a day in the lead up to the meeting with Dan and Terri, asking me what I thought she should wear. Naturally, she would make up her own mind. I barely recognised her. The impromptu fight with the couple from China during our getaway to Bintan the previous weekend had awoken something in her, a passion, a fire we had been sorely lacking. It showed not just in our lovemaking each day, several times each day, but also in the way Li carried herself. She had had a hunch and stoop to her shoulders that suggested a surrender to the fact of her forties, but now she strutted about with a new found confidence. She dressed like a new born woman, too... striding around the kitchen with nothing but an apron on, while hotpants, backless dresses and kerchief tops long consigned to the back of her wardrobe appeared anew on her incredible body.

And she even started training for our match. I suppressed a smile as I watched her. She browsed Youtube for the best women's wrestling videos for pointers about holds and moves, and practiced them on our large cushions and bolsters on a judo tatami she purchased especially for the purpose in our basement gym. She hit the Power Rider with a ferocity I saw in her against the China woman, Zheng Na. She taped a print out of Dan and Terri's photo to the wall and focused on it as she worked out until she collapsed, red and sweating and breathless. She must have done a thousand laps in our pool.

Then it was more videos which she studied as she did her own pedicure and manicure, and lathered herself with potions and creams to keep her body looking like a 20-year-old.

The night before, in bed, hair tousled after another furious bout of lovemaking, she looked at me with those sexy earnest eyes with a hint of mischief in them, and asked, "What if they beat us?"

"It's a risk we'll have to take. Life wouldn't be life without a little bit of risk, no?"

Any butterflies I had evaporated when she emerged from the dressing room an hour before we drove to the River. Her rebonded hair was immaculately layered, and her body was crowned in a sheer, black, a-line dress that showed off her exquisite toned shoulders, generous cleavage and the long expanse of her alabaster thighs and legs. Her glittering black nails and shiny black Balenciagas with six inch stilleto heels completed the package. Her beautiful nipples peeped unfettered through the material, and I knew she had shaved her pussy for the ocassion. I smiled when she said, "I'm bare underneath, in case we..." and she let it trail off with a suggestive smile.

We drove in silence, each in our own thoughts, wondering.

A smiling Dan and Terri greeted us at our table beneath a breeze-swept tree by the river, lit by candlelight. We were each other's equals physically, and Terri was more breathtaking in person than her picture suggested. She wore a Elizabeth Fox sundress that revealed more than it hid. A beautiful smile complimented her obviously bra-less breasts that, I noted with some joy, were easily a couple of inches larger than Li's. There was not a hint of any lingerie beneath that dress which hiked up a pair of toned thighs and legs that terminated in beautiful shapely feet with those clean soles, perfect, high arch and slender, delicious toes that only Chinese women are genetically blessed with.

I guess all four of us sensed the irony - here was the pretense of a civil meeting between two couples whose real intent was to arrange a knockdown, drag out erotic fight against each other.

Terri spoke first, "This is awkward." And we all laughed. Li and Terri hugged warmly as Dan and I shook hands. The conversation flowed easily, and we avoided the topic for several hours as we discussed our tastes in food, music, entertainment and business. Like us, they were a self-made couple. Dan and I were equally effusive and jokey, but Li was content to let Terri take the lead in conversation, chirping happily about her own experiences when asked, and both women complimenting each other on their taste in everything from makeup to dresses.

Alcohol of course is the great social leveller. The drinks piled up into the night and faces became redder, hands began to move and touch, then stroke and feel, seats were shifted closer and we simply became more intimate. As midnight ticked over, signs began to emerge that something was happening. Li was smiling and enjoying the feel of both Dan and Terri stroking her shoulders on either side of her, while Terri had gotten comfortable enough to prop her left foot in the hollow of my lap and let me give her a foot rub as she purred with delight.

Taking a swig of my thirtieth snifter, I looked at Dan and said, "You are a lucky man."

"Why is that?" he asked, clinking glasses with me.

"Because Li is going to suck you off, and because I'm going to enjoy Terri here and know what you've been enjoying for so long." We collapsed into a heap of laughter and giggling as Li pretended to kick me in the crotch.

Still laughing, I blurted out. "I'm serious. Li and I are going to enjoy beating the two of you when we wrestle."

More fits of alcohol-fueled laughter, as Li spoke, again, some of the sexiest words I have ever heard, in a stage voice whisper to a giggling Terri. "It's true, you know."

Terri smiled, and in reply, planted a deep, sexy and long kiss on Li who did not resist, as they explored each other with their tongues.

They stopped after a minute and sat back, staring at each other, barely breathing, as Dan and I took in the spectacle.

Terri said, "I think the problem is... we all like each other too much."

She was right, I conceded, my cock beginning to move at the tension of this moment. Both couples were hot for each other, but a wrestling match meant that we would have to hurt each other and how could we move beyond this to there?

Li spoke, again surprising me. Licking her lips lightly, she said, softly: "Well, I guess we need a reason... to have a fight. So... let's find one."

Dan asked, "YOu mean, like now?"

Li answered, still staring at Terri, who was devouring her with her eyes. "Yes."

OK, I decided to be the bad guy. I leaned forward and summoned Dan to meet me over the candle. "See, all night, you've been touching my wife. And I've been touching yours. Ordinarily, I don't like that and I'm sure you don't appreciate my attentions to Terri as well. But the truth is, Terri is right. We want each other, badly. Now the question to ask is, how badly do we want each other, and... are we willing to fight each other for it?"

Dan nodded, unsmiling now, eyes a little woozy from the drink.

"Since we're in a public place, the best way is to have a little discrete challenge, to see where we stand, and to give each other a reason to ... not like each other. So that when we step onto the mats, all four of us will give each other a truly memorable match. I mean, that's why we're here, aren't we?"

"And what would that be?" Dan asked, as Terri and Li continued staring at each other.

I regarded Terri and Li's long legs intertwined. As is normal for Chinese women in an intimate setting, their slippers were off, and they had their bare feet on display for each other.

"Both our women have very attractive feet. But I wonder, if they'd be willing to see if they are skilful as well. Terri takes me, Li takes you, and the first woman to jack her man off with her feet, here and now, wins."

Terri spoke now, not looking away from Li, and extended her right foot towards Li's left, curling her slender toes and teasing the back of Li's bare ankle. "I like that idea, unless Li has any objections."

Li responded in kind by way of an answer by snaking her right foot, and rubbing the side of her high-arched instep against Terri's shapely, toned calf.

"It appears we have an agreement."

Li intoned again, almost dreamily. "Yes, but the loser surrenders her slippers to the winner and walks out of here barefoot." My cock danced at the thought, as I'm sure Dan's did.

We made ourselves comfortable as Dan and I sank back into the sofa, unzipped and brought our cocks out, while the women took their positions in front of us. Nearby other revellers chatted in the darkness, but we were about to embark on something else.

I nearly suppressed a yell as Terri's soles encased my cock and began a rhythmic undulating massage that brought it well and truly to life. I could only imagine what Dan was encountering as it was too dim to see. Pinning my tool to the edge of the couch with her right foot, Terri used the toes of her left to massage my glans. I began to sweat because she seemed to know instinctively how to do this. I heard her hiss, "Well, are you enjoying this, ha?" I heard a moan from Dan beside me and relaxed a little to know that Li was keeping him busy. This was a test of both of us - Li's footjob skills and my endurance.

Terri squeezed my cut head between her big toe and index toe and began to jerk at my penis as she used her free sole to knead it like a wad of dough being prepared for the oven. I tried to remember my breathing techniques but she was slowly but surely breaking down my defenses. I began to stiffen, and felt Dan shift beside me... we looked at each other. I could just catch a glimpse of Li's gleaming black toe nails as they busied themselves around Dan's enormous shaft.

I ran into trouble after about fifteen minutes as I forced myself to regain control when Terri began to increase the speed and intensity of her rubbing. I brushed the sweat from my forehead as Li began to push even harder.

Dan appeared to be no better off. "Gggg.." I heard him choke... I prayed that there would be a resolution on his part, but he only seemed to be able to continue.

Terri again had my swollen member pinned against the rough cotton fabric of the couch. This time, she began to pound my cockhead with the flat of her sole. I was dismayed because I had never enjoyed something like this with Li. "Weeeelllll?" she whispered, her face disguised by the darkness. I wanted badly to see the look on her face, but something told me it might push me over the edge.

Dan: "Nnnnn..."
Me: "Oh gggg..."

I felt Terri lean forward and suddenly, I knew I was finished.

She brought her face close to me, the smell of her perfume and cherry brandy teasing me. "Come on..." I saw her lips moving, taunting me with an _expressionless face as she literally hammered my cock tip with her feet, frantically... "I want to wear your wife's slippers with your cum on my toes when I walk out of here," she whispered.

"N....not...unnnhhh....going to....unuurr....happen," I fought back.

"Oh," she pouted, still keeping up her ministrations,"you mean you don't want to hold .... these?" with that, she slid the skimpy straps of her sundress off her shoulders, revealing her 36D cup breasts to me in their full glory."

I stared transfixed. She took the opportunity to do a final round of tapping to my agonised cock.

And I came. Bolts of thick, white hot cumm all over her toes, soles, some of it even spraying as far up as her beautiful thighs.

"Mmmmm..." she said, leaning back and lifting up her dripping feet covered in my glory.

I looked at Li who was stunned. We'd been beaten. Li had been unable to make Dan cum and he merely sat back, took a long pull from his bourbon and said, "Terri, you know what to do."

Dutifully, his woman went on her knees, brushing aside Li, saying, "Well, let me finish it for her, then." and busied her mouth around his shaft. After a couple of minutes, she put her man out of his own misery as I sat deflated, looking at Li, who was equally dejected. Terri lifted her head, swallowed and ... burped. Laughing, she patted Li playfully and said, "You don't know what you're missing."

Dan said, all businesslike. "I believe Li owes Terri something."

Helplessly, Li picked up her expensive Balenciagas and gave them to Terri. Terri accepted them, smiling proudly. As she did, she contemptuously placed her cum-soaked feet into the gleaming black pair, some strands of my jizz oozing from under her soles as she pretended to admire them.

"Dear," she intoned sarcastically, taunting an embarassed Li. "They feel so good on me, I think, like I told your man, I'm going to wear them out of here. Thank you!" Li watched her favourite slippers being defiled by Terri, lips pursed.

Terri, slightly drunk on her victory and the wine she had imbibed, noticed the China woman's anklet on Li's leg. "Ooh... I think after our match I'm going to help myself to that, it's beautiful."

Li pouted, and looked away, arms folded. There was no longer any pleasantness left in either of us towards Dan and Terri.

"And now," Dan said, coldly, "As I think you suggested, we have a reason to fight."

"Yes," I said, hoarsely, and took another drink.

"Please leave," Dan said, "We'll be in touch about our match."

Wordlessly, humiliated and drained, Li and I rose as Terri and Dan stared after us. She padded on her beautiful bare feet away from the table as I slouched away, to curious stares and a few giggles from the riverside revellers. We drove home in silence, showered and slept without saying a word. Terri and Dan had fulfilled our wish list in every respect. Except the match.

We were determined that when we four next met, Li and I would get our wishes.